Room Mates Pt. 05


“So after a passable three course meal and enough wine to make me frisky he took me back to his place and fucked me with all the finesse of a jackrabbit! The idiot talked all through dinner about how well travelled he thought he was but had no clue where the clitoris was. Had to nip into McDonalds on the way home for a cheeseburger and a wank in the bathroom! “

Sammie almost choked on her cappuccino and glanced nervously around her, hoping no-one had heard her.

Judging by the scowl on the face of the woman at the table next to them mopping milk foam of her son’s face it was too late. Sammie was grateful to the waitress for dropping a neat pile of napkins on her table for diverting attention. Sophia was obviously on a roll.

“It’s just outrageous Sammie really, we spend hours plucking, waxing, primping and flossing for these dickheads and not only can’t they make an effort in the wooing but most of them aren’t even average at the fucking! I had a Brazilian for god’s sake! That shit hurts… I expect at least two decent orgasms in return for that kind of effort!”

Sammie nodded, Sophia didn’t really need the encouragement.

“They just make me sick! I’m just glad I wasn’t wearing my best underwear. That would have been a total waste! I mean, honest to god Sammie, if you could have seen this guy! Good looking, built, cock like a racehorse… “

Sammie coughed again and caught the waitress’s eye. She grinned and Sammie shrugged apologetically. Even after all these years, Sophia hadn’t changed. Straight talking didn’t even start to cover it.

“Anyway, enough about Mr Shit Fuck. Tell me everything about you and your trip to Seductionville. What happened? Please tell me he rocked your world! If I’m not getting any I sure as shit hope you are!”

Sammie glanced at the waitress again and although her back was turned as she wiped a nearby table, she just knew she was listening.

“Soph… you really are nosy!”


“And I’m not sure I want to talk about it. Not yet.”

“Oh come on! Friends share! I gave you all of my best tips and you can’t even slip me a few details! I haven’t even asked you who he is… I just want to know that my friend is getting her shag on!”

Sammie laughed as Sophia pouted and leant forward,

“I’ll share this… Whilst he hasn’t really touched me yet, he has already given me the best orgasms of my life and I’m certain he knows where the clitoris is!”

Sophia slammed her palms onto the table and shrieked,

“Fuckin’ A! Finally!”

The waitress was most certainly hovering…

“Although Sammie, I have to ask… Why hasn’t he touched you yet?”

“We’re taking it slow Soph. It’s nice… It’s better than nice actually.”

“Slow? Nice? Rather you than me. Did you blindfold him like I suggested?”

Sammie nodded and Sophia frowned,

“Are you sure this guy isn’t gay Sammie? Because if you did that he should have been pounding you into the mattress within minutes!”

Sammie rolled her eyes, “I love you Soph but you really so think like a man sometimes. Just because we haven’t had sex yet doesn’t mean he’s gay. We’ve done… things!”

“You need to do everything!! Shag him! Find out what he’s made of!”

Sammie thought of Jake, naked on her bed licking her juices of her vibrator as his hard cock throbbed between them. She knew what he was made of…

“Maybe he’s shy?”

The waitress obviously couldn’t contain herself any longer and leant forward offering her thoughts. Sophia laughed and gestured for her to take a seat which güvenilir bahis to Sammie’s chagrin, she did.

“He’s not shy.”

Sophia cocked her head at Sammie,

“She’s the shy one. I’m Sophia. This is Sammie.”

“Helen. Nice to meet you. So what are you going to do about Not-so-shy guy?”

Sammie looked at Sophia who just grinned and sipped her latte. Turning to Helen she shrugged.

“Well if I can offer a suggestion. Have you considered really wicked lingerie?”

Sammie took in her reflection and laughed. From the neck up she looked the same but from the neck down… damn!

Sophia and Helen both thought that Jake was shy and needed a prod and Sammie couldn’t bring herself to tell them the truth, that they were playing a drawn out game of seduction. So when Helen had suggested playing dress up and Sophia’s eyes had lit up Sammie just went along.

Truthfully she was glad to have a hand to play and taking in her reflection she was certain Jake would enjoy it.

The royal blue of the satin underwear complimented her pale skin and the high cut panties made her legs look longer. She turned to admire the way the bra held her breasts and made them seem even larger than normal.

If the panties weren’t crotchless and the bra wasn’t peephole the set would be something she’d wear often. As it was she’d only be wearing it for tonight and hopefully not for long.

Tying up the matching knee length robe she left her room and found Rosie and Jake laughing in the kitchen. Leaning against the worktop with his arms folded Jake grinned when he saw her. Rosie was diligently loading the dishwasher, her back to Sammie.

Taking a deep breath, Sammie untied the robe and flashed him, her eyes holding his as he stared at her. From across the room Sammie saw his jaw slacken and his breath hitch and revelled in the effect she had on him. Grinning she cocked her hip and beckoned him with her finger and glanced down to stare obviously as his crotch. Jake choked and Rosie stood and closed the dishwasher door as Sammie dashed off to Jake’s room.

Covering her mouth with her hand she muffled her laughter at her own daring and re-robed herself, wondering what he’d do next.

Within seconds he opened the door and had her pinned to the wall, his denim covered cock already hardening and pressed against her stomach. He took her mouth and filled it with his tongue, his hands opening her robe and teasing her bare nipples. Sammie mewled as he lifted her leg and pressed his erection against her bare pussy, the worn denim rubbing her clit and sobbed as he squeezed her breasts in his palms.


Pulling back slightly, Jake gazed down at her, his pupils dilated and his breathing heavy. Sammie felt the blush creep up her neck and nervously pulled the edges of the robe over her body. Unhappy with that, Jake caught her wrists in his and held her hands over her head, kissing her lavishly as he pinned her to the wall.

“No way Sammie! You flashed me that beautiful body. The least you can do now is let me look at you.”

For what seemed like an eternity, Jake stared at her, his free hand tracing her skin. Desperately Sammie rubbed against his erection pleading with him for more.

“Baby… you’re killing me! Here you are all gift wrapped and my sister is down the hall taking a shower. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were teasing me!”

His grin showed he was joking but the mention of Rosie quelled Sammie’s desire. Sliding her leg down his, she looked up at him and tired to pull her wrists free. türkçe bahis Shaking his head, Jake pulled his t shirt from his body and pressed against her, the hair on his chest abrading her nipples. She squeaked as he gripped her thigh and rocked against her core, kissing her as he dry humped her, his fingers sliding around to squeeze her ass.

Groaning Jake stroked up to her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers.

“Can you keep quiet baby? I need to taste you.”

Sammie sobbed as Jake sucked her nipple into his mouth, his lips firm as he flicked her with his tongue. Down the hall, they could hear the shower running and the off key Taylor Swift song Rosie was butchering and she felt him smile against her skin.

“Look at me Sammie. Watch me suck your tits.”

Staring down she held his eyes as he grazed her breast with his teeth, gently nipping her before sucking the visible flesh into his mouth. His tongue fluttered against her as he devoured her and she couldn’t contain the moan of pleasure as he bit down.

Jake gently covered her mouth with his hand and turned his attention of her other breast, licking her nipple before catching it between his teeth and pulling. Trapped between his body and the wall, Sammie shook as he increased the suction and pulled him closer with her thigh. Releasing her with a slow lick Jake replaced his hand with his mouth and kissed a path to her ear,

“Your tits are perfect baby. I want to suck on them until you cum. Feel you wet my cock as I play with your nipples.”

Sammie mumbled incoherently as he licked the shell of her ear,

“I’ll squeeze them together and suck on both titties until you’re begging me to stop. But I won’t stop Sammie. I won’t stop until you are screaming my name…”

Sliding his hand down her trembling stomach Jake cupped her bare pussy and slid his fingers through her wetness,

“Fuck Sammie! You’re so wet! You like that idea huh?”

Nodding wildly she hissed as his fingers found her clit and rubbed circles over the sensitive flesh,

“You have no idea how badly I want to bury my cock inside your sweet body baby. To fill you up and make you mine…”

He slowly pushed a finger inside of her and she yelped, causing them both to still. Down the hall Rosie was still proclaiming that they were never ever getting back together and Jake laughed before kissing Sammie and adding a second finger to her dripping pussy. He thrust deeply before withdrawing and coating her clit with the moisture, sending her into spasms before repeating the motion.

“I love how needy you are baby. How badly you want this…” He sucked her bottom lip and flicked her clit, “I love that shy sweet Sammie would wear such sexy underwear and flash me in the kitchen…” Jake stroked her tongue with his own and pushed three fingers inside of her, groaning as she clamped down, “I love how tight you are, I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around my cock.”

Outside the singing stopped and they heard the shower turn off. Sammie was still clenching Jake’s fingers but everything else stopped. Sammie’s eyes widened as the sound of Rosie’s footsteps echoed down the hallway and she caught her breath. Jake slid his fingers from her pussy and ran them over his lips, sucking the taste of her into his mouth,

“If my sister wasn’t here right now Sammie…”

Aroused beyond measure and desperate to cum, Sammie winked at him,

“She’s going to take at least five minutes to get dressed Jake. Surely you can do something interesting in five minutes!”

Jake barked güvenilir bahis siteleri out a laugh and pinched her nipple causing her to whimper,

“You’re so wet Sammie I doubt it’ll take 60 seconds!”

Grinning Sammie widened her legs and blew him a kiss,

“Times a’wasting Jake… or are you just a big talker? I never thought you were cocky but now I’m not so sure!”

Laughing he shook his head,

“You know what happens when you say bad words Sammie… Hold on baby.”

Jake covered her mouth and thrust three fingers inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. As promised, within 60 seconds Sammie was coming apart, spasming around his fingers and shaking.

If his hands weren’t holding her upright she would have slid to the floor in a puddle of joy and happily stayed there. And if his mouth hadn’t captured her yelps Rosie would have walked in on the pair of them.

Jake slid his fingers from her body and released her wrists, sliding his arm around her waist and holding her close as he kissed her gently. Sammie wrapped her arms around his neck and shivered as the aftershocks of his touch left her body.

“Do you still think I’m cocky Sammie?”

Smiling she shook her head, and slid her hands down to his ass pulling him close eliciting a groan as his erection dug into her stomach,

“I never did Jake but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“And you were desperate?”

Sammie opened her mouth to respond but Rosie’s voice beat her to it,


Stepping back Jake pulled on his t shirt and opened the door, hiding Sammie from view.

“It’s called a mobile for a reason dickhead! It’s portable. It’s your office.”

Jake took the phone as Rosie turned away

“Honestly Jake, do I look like your secretary?!”

Grinning Jake closed the door and took the call, watching Sammie as she preened under his gaze. Rosie would be going out soon and she’d get Jake alone. Not that being pinned to the wall hadn’t been fantastic because it had but she couldn’t wait to be pinned to his bed… beneath his hot hard naked body. She shivered in anticipation and almost missed the change in him.

He sat on the edge of his bed and held his head in his hand,

“Tonight? Really? Can’t someone else go?”

Whoever was on the other end of the call wasn’t relenting and Sammie felt her plans for the evening evaporate,

“What time is my flight? Okay. No, no, I understand. Thanks.”

Ending the call Jake threw the handset on the bed and sighed. Gazing up at Sammie’s partially clothed body he swallowed and held his hands out to her. Pulling her close and pressing a kiss to her stomach Jake spoke,

“I have to fly to fucking Germany! Tonight! Now. I’m so sorry Sammie. I wanted spend the night inside you not in some fucking airplane.”

Sammie stroked his hair and took a deep breath. She wanted to cry with frustration but held it back. After all, she wasn’t the one left unsated.

Pulling back, Sammie retied her robe for the final time and turned towards the door,

“It’s okay Jake. There will be other nights… If you still want to that is.”

He was off the bed and on her in seconds, his hands gripping the robe and stroking her skin, his mouth hot against her neck,

“I want! I will always want! Don’t doubt that fact for a fucking second Sammie!”

She smiled sadly and Jake cupped her face in his hands, kissing her deeply, lots of passion, lots of tongue,

“I am not finished with you yet baby, not by a long shot. Believe that!”

Sammie nodded and opened the door, glancing out to check Rosie’s door was closed. Stepping out into the hall she turned back,


Jake grinned broadly,

“Baby… I am fucking praying for rain!”

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