Ryan and Hayley


Plot teaser: Jake shot Steven a look as Ryan left the room, and he leaned over to talk to him, too quietly for Ryan to overhear. “Serious, man… without knowing it was her, he’d so tap that,” he speculated, cockily.

*The following is a description of characters. I tried to edit in the descriptions to the story, but if you’d like to read them anyway, here they are. Otherwise, feel free to skip the note and continue to the story.

Meet Ryan Formatto, age 20. He’s just completed his freshman year of college and is coming home for the summer. His school is in a warmer climate, so he’s tanned a bit earlier than anyone else. His skin of southern Italian descent starts off a little more olive colored than most, but it’s been enhanced already by the California sun. Back home, the people are just starting to shed their winter and spring skins for a nice coat of summer. He has dark hair that borders between wavy and curly and his eyes are a light coffee color, hazel in certain lights. He’s a relatively light hearted person, though he’s quick to become emotional when defending those he loves or is close to. He is of average height and build, but has shed few pounds on his meager college diet.

Hayley Formatto – similar skin, though paler (naturally) with very dark naturally wavy hair that falls to mid-back. Eyes are green, taking after their father. Just under two years younger than her brother (18), she’s entering her senior year of high school after this summer. She’s been relatively sheltered as the only daughter and youngest child of the family. She’s dated and had sex, but it was vanilla and done more for the sake of doing it than because of some strong passion. She’s well-liked, but regarded at school as quiet and well-behaved (nothing exciting). She tends to fade into the background, despite her stunning facial structure and excellent figure (a relatively new development in the last year or so). At home, though, she’s louder and more spontaneous. She has a friendly rivalry with her brother, but they tend to laugh about it, especially since he moved away. She’s petite, but her figure is well-proportioned to her height, making a smooth hourglass with barely a pooch above her bikini bottoms.

Steven (a tall, leanly muscled – blonde hair and blue eyes) and Jake (shorter and a little rounder, but more stocky than anything else; broad shouldered with brown hair and eyes).*

Ryan and Hayley


It was a relatively quiet Sunday around the Formatto household. The parents of the family were taking their yearly long weekend off for Memorial Day and would be gone until late Monday night. At about 11:30, Ryan awoke half-hungover from a night of fun with his friends, Steven and Jake. The three were close as could be in high school, but lost touch a bit during that first year away. Friday and Saturday night had been about catching up socially; today they would catch up more personally, with a baseball watching session at Ryan’s house.

Ryan moseyed slowly down to the kitchen, yawning on the way, stretching a bit, his long, tan, olive-toned arms nearly brushing the ceiling. The cold kitchen tiles sent a bit of a shiver up his toes, through his sole, to his heel, up his calf, to his hip, and finally up through his chest and head. He shook in place for a second, scratching a hand through his mess of black bed head, then tried to adjust his “morning wood” so it was out of view of his sister, in case she was around. He kind of hoped she was, because he hadn’t much of a chance to catch up with her, either.

“Morning,” Hayley called over her shoulder into the kitchen. She was sitting – or rather lounging – on the couch in the family room, watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model, clad in a cami, pj shorts, and her favorite bunny slippers, the same black hair as her brother tumbling down her back. She didn’t look into the kitchen, but turned her head slightly to speak to Ryan. “You were out late last night,” The smugness was evident in her tone, though it was more playful than anything, “How’s the hangover?”

“Oh, it’s just wonderful!” Ryan replied with all the sarcastic cheer he could muster. “It’s fun for the whole family,” he added, the pep stopping after the “for”, deflating the statement. He poured himself a glass of orange juice and sat down with Hayley on the couch, shifting her legs out of the way to sit and then replacing them on his lap. “Still got those slippers, huh?” He looked to the silly-looking slippers with the fangs sticking out of the dulling red mouths, “I didn’t think they’d survive my first year!”

Hayley gave him an incredulous look, “Are you kidding? The great killer bunny slippers? Never gonna let these go.” To emphasize, she kicked her feet around a bit, jostling him, but not enough to spill his drink. “What about Steven and Jake? Not dead from alcohol poisoning, I hope.” Now she was just making conversation – attempting to politely kill time until she went out to a matinee movie with her friends.

“Hey, watch the OJ!” he warned, playfully smacking her ankles, his coffee-colored bursa escort eyes dancing, “If you get out of line with these things, I’ll just tie ’em up!” he added, chuckling. He rolled his eyes at the mention of his friends. “Yeah, they’re alive. Barely. They’re coming over to watch the game at twelve, so they should be here soon. What are you up to today?”

Hayley glanced at the clock, and stretched slightly, her petite frame making none of the threats her brother’s arms made to the ceiling, tucking her cami up under her breasts in place of a bra as she stood up. “Actually, I’m catching a movie at 12:30, so I have to go take a shower.” She turned to go to the staircase and paused, turning back, her green eyes narrowed though she still smiled, “You left me some hot water, right?” She accused, jokingly.

Ryan held his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart and squinted at the space between them. “About that much, Hayl,” he informed her before she climbed the stairs. Just a few minutes later, once the water was on, Steven and Jake arrived in just as good (or bad) a condition as Ryan. They groaned hellos and sat down, Steven – tall, with lean swimmer’s muscle and typical all-American blonde hair and blue eyes – sitting next to Ryan on the couch, and Jake – thicker, more solidly built with broad shoulders and dark hair and eyes – sprawled over the arms and cushion of the love seat next to it. They shot the shit for a few minutes, discussing nothing of major import.

“How’s the family?” Steven asked out of obligation, not interest.

“Fine as always, I guess,” Ryan shrugged, indifferent.

“What about Hayley? She around?” Jake chimed in, politely.

“Yeah, she’s upstairs in the shower, then she’s heading out so we’ll have the house to ourselves for the whole game.”

Hayley rushed through her shower, and as soon as she was out was blow drying her hair back into its usual loose waves. She put on her regular makeup – she didn’t used to wear any, but lately she found a little dark eyeliner, gold shadow, and mascara could go a long way – and, wrapped in a towel, hopped over to her room to change. She was excited to go out with her friends – they’d just gone shopping for summer clothes, and they were going to show them off by hanging around the square after the movie.

She slipped on the black demicup she’d just purchased, admiring the way it enhanced her pleasantly sizable cleavage, and then let the soft fabric of the loose bronze tank slide over her. She’d taken to the common summer trend of other girls at her school: treating their bras as bikinis that could show a bit under a loose top. She wriggled to fit into her minishorts, nearly hidden under her tank while she stood. Finally she slipped on her gold gladiators and grabbed her old leather satchel, glancing at herself in the mirror. She smiled, feeling a swell of success: she managed to look like a California model – a little bohemian, a little vintage, and with a relaxed sex appeal that was growing on her. Slipping her aqua raybans over her eyes, she nearly skipped downstairs, popping into the living room briefly. “I’m going out,” she informed Ryan, pausing to endure the inevitable interrogation.

The game had started promptly when Hayley entered the living room and spoke, so Ryan did the one thing she hated most: he held his hand up, asking her to wait, pretending he was ignoring the last thing she said until the pitch was delivered. Not breaking his gaze on the game, he asked her the particulars – where was she going, with whom, when would she be back, etc. He took notice of her clothes, realizing her style had matured a bit since he’d been gone. “You look nice,” he said, plainly but sincerely.

“Yeah, definitely,” Steve added.

Jake nodded in agreement. “Our little girl is all grown up.”

True, the two guests at the house had been like relatives to Hayley and Ryan. There was something in their eyes, though, that was a bit unsettling to Ryan. They were traveling up and down his sister’s body a little too intently for his liking, so he called their attention back to the instant replay in a divided effort: half to get their eyes off his little sister and half to increase her mild annoyance.

Annoyed at his immature behavior, Hayley rolled her eyes and stepped in front of the TV, to the perturbance of the boys, though Jake and Steve seemed to be somewhat entertained by her childish rivalry as well. In a loud, mocking voice she answered her brothers questions, adding “Don’t forget you have to replenish the liquor cabinet before mom and dad get home.” She looked at him pointedly, crossing her arms under her chest for a few moments until she was sure he got the message. Putting on a sweeter face, she turned to Jake and Steve, “And thanks,” she added, gratefully, before turning on her heel and making her way out of the house.

“Well isn’t she a bit of a brat?” Ryan observed, half playfully.

“Aw, no she’s just being a little sister,” Steven shrugged.

“Not so little anymore,” Jake’s comment was partially bursa escort bayan under his breath, but Ryan shot him a disapproving glance that Jake caught from the corner of his eye. He elected not to turn, though, and kept his head fixated on the game. After a minute of silence, Steven chimed back in.

“Yeah, that body’s not little anymore, man,” he agreed, “Better watch out before she gets the chance to break too many hearts…or get hers broken!”

Ryan put his hands to his ears, imitating “hear no evil”. He didn’t intend on getting brotherly advice from his only child friends.

“Protective, Steve?” Jake raised an eyebrow, joking. “I bet you wouldn’t mind breaking her heart, would you?” He jabbed his foot over the arm of the loveseat, kicking Steven in the arm.

“Nah, man, I’d rather break her!” Steve responded, with a ‘ha-I’ve-got-a-comeback’ attitude.

Jake laughed at him, “That has to be the worst pun I’ve ever heard,” his raucous laughter simmered down to a chuckle. “Not that I’d argue,” he added, conspiratorially, smirking.

Ryan threw his hands up in a shrug and pointed to himself. They saw him. And ignored him.

“I mean, man,” Jake kept going. “When she put her hands under her chest like that… Where did that rack come from?”

Ryan was about to speak, but Steve cut him off. “Well, no more baggy clothes for Hayley. And damn am I glad about it. Ry, I’m gonna be at your house a lot before we go back in August!”

“Guys, shut the fuck up. That’s my little sister,” he reminded them, annoyed, “Don’t talk about her that way…at least not in front of me. I mean, I’m glad for her that she’s grown into herself and all, but seriously, I don’t need to hear it!” He huffed a bit and left the room, feigning that it was just to go get a drink, but secretly fuming. He could hear them giggling like boy scouts still in the other room.

Jake shot his friend a look as Ryan left the room, and he leaned over to talk to him, too quietly for Ryan to overhear. “Serious, man… without knowing it was her, he’d so tap that,” he speculated, cockily.

“Please,” Steven scoffed, “Tap it like a keg and drink it all up,” he offered his fist for a pound, nodding like a fool.

Jake looked at him, incredulously. “…No. No, man, seriously, you are not funny.” He pushed Steven’s hand away, then paused. “Wait…. I have an idea…”

“Oh, come on!” Steve argued, “I’m at least a little bit funny! Right?”

“Absolutely not, Steve. Not even close to being remotely close. But listen I have an idea. We can-” Before Jake could finish the thought, Ryan reentered the living room, bottle of beer in hand.

“We can what?” Ryan asked, calmed down a bit.

Jake began to cover, but fumbled over the words. “We, um, uh, we can watch – watch, uh, the rest of the game, then maybe go back to my place and have some people over.”

Steven nodded in false agreement, winking over at his friend.

“Sounds good,” Ryan nodded.

Steven looked at Ryan’s beer, “Thanks for getting us one,” he observed, sarcastically.

“No problem,” Ryan replied, coldly.

“Come on, Jake – let’s go get one ourselves.” Steven rose and passed Jake, who followed him to the kitchen. “So, what’s your idea?!” Steven asked eagerly.

Jake explained, conspiratorially. One drunken Ryan plus one compliant Hayley equals – “Kapow! Incest, man. Fucking hot shit right there. He’d never live that down. Plus… yknow…” he waggled his eyebrows, but Steven didn’t seem to be getting it. “Us, you dumbass. We can fuck her.”

“But how do we get her to-“

“Simple; we cut her off on her way in – double team her so to speak-” he grinned, wolfishly, “-work a little flirtation magic, convince her to be a little adventurous with us… we’d just need a blindfold so she wouldn’t see Ryan and a gag so she couldn’t let him know once she heard him.” He made it sound so simple.

“Yes.” Steven agreed, simply. “Let’s do it when she gets back from wherever she is. We’ll get Ryan reeealll liquored up right now for the next few hours.”

Jake nodded in agreement and they went back into the living room, arms burdened with beer and booze.

“Um, I have to replace that. Go easy.”

“Don’t worry, man,” Jake clapped his friend on the shoulder.

“Yeah,” Steven continued. “We feel bad about what we said about Hayley. The drinks are on us. You have at it, okay?”

Ryan was a bit taken aback, but saw nothing terribly odd in what was being proposed, so he agreed and they began drinking. And Ryan, at least, began drinking heavily.

Two and a half hours later, Steven raised another cup to the others, “Oppa!”

Jake laughed, and raised a glass as well, sure it was the same third cup he’d yet to finish, as he refilled Ryan’s cup yet again. He looked at his friend, bemused, “Man, you are so wasted,” he chuckled, draining his cup as he heard a car pulling into the driveway. He glanced at Steven, and they shared a mischievous look, “Be right back, Ry, we have a surprise for you.” They escort bursa both stood, jogging out of the house to find Hayley climbing out of her car. She smiled at them, naively trusting.

They motioned to her to come into the house, laughing. Standing just outside the door, they enjoyed the view immensely. With each landing of her sandal clad foot, they traced her from toe to tits and back again. Her body was paler than her tanned brother, but still a tad darker than theirs: healthy looking, lively. They alternated views between her lower half and upper half. Legs. Hips. Chest. Lips. Eyes. Then back down again. Then back up again. Whether it was an alcoholic exaggeration or just the newness of her look neither Steve nor Jake could figure out, but she looked a goddess as she walked closer to them. They had to have her. They were going to have her. “Come on,” Steve encouraged, grinning, beckoning her toward the house.

“Geez, someone’s an eager beaver,” Hayley teased, a little smugly, enjoying their attention. She wasn’t used to having her brother’s friends ever pay any attention to her, and the fact that she was getting it while Ryan wasn’t only inflated her ego. “Where to?” She asked.

They steered her away from the living room. Ryan was slouched in a chair anyway, not paying much attention to what was around him. He heard what he assumed was his sister’s car pull up, and he knew his friends went to greet her. It had been a few minutes, but he thought little of it. He still concentrated on the game in front of him, despite the score being as blurry as a mirage.

Meanwhile, Jake and Steven began to play their parts. They were barely tipsy, even, but played up as drunk. “Hayl,” Jake said repeatedly. “Let’s play a game. We’ll take this here scarf-” he held up the silky thing, pulled from a coat in the entryway, “-and put it over your eyes, then you have to guess who you’re kissing!” Jake laughed that typical drunken laugh, broken and stuttering, half spitting even.

Steve, wide-eyed and obvious, having consumed a bit more than Jake, joined in. “Yeah, Hayley, come on. It’ll be fun. Just like spin the bottle!”

As they led her to the weightroom, Hayley raised her eyebrows, amused. Boys were so odd when they were happy drunks… She rolled her eyes, still grinning. “Once. Ok?” She acquiesced, sitting on the weight bench, calmly.

Steve made sure to fumble and laugh as he tied the scarf around her eyes, sharing a look of triumph with Jake. They stepped back, deciding which of them would go, while Hayley sat patiently, twiddling her thumbs. Finally, Steven leaned in to her, placing his lips on hers, and she gave him a chaste peck before pulling back. “Jake?” She guessed, not caring.

“Wrong!” Jake announced, laughing, and wheedled to her, taking her hands and stroking them, gently, “C’mon Hail…. that wasn’t a kiss! Seriously, girl, you are too uptight….” he held her hands, massaging them, and she ignored his comments. “Here, I’ll help you relax, ok? You’re hands are getting in the way, they’re tensing you up!” He persuaded, careful to be gentle as he pulled her arms behind her.

Hayley sighed, allowing them their fun. “One more kiss, ok? You need to go back to be with Ryan.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jake dismissed her words, signaling to Steven, who pulled Hayley’s wrists back behind her, gently. “C’mere-” he pulled her forward, a little less gently, kissing her.

Surprised, Hayley opened her mouth to protest and found herself attacked by Jake’s alcohol-tinted tongue. She moved to pull away, but he put a hand on the back of her head to keep her there, so she accepted the kiss, waiting for him to be done.

Finally, he pulled away. “Ok then.”

Steven bit his lips while watching the kiss. “Jealous,” he said, moving around.

Jake was still busy convincing Haley what she was too tense. “Just relax, girl. Hands at your sides,” he smoothed them down again, then released them as he settled them onto the bench. He motioned for Steve to go behind her. Behind her, under the bench, was a roll of white athletic wrap tape. Steve reached down hesitantly and grabbed it. Jake again smoothed Hayley’s arms, this time pointing them towards her back again. He nodded quickly to his kneeling friend who seized Hayley’s tiny wrists in his hands and crossed them before starting to wrap them in the white tape.

Hayley laughed nervously, “You know you are,” she attempted to joke to Steven at his comment on jealousy, telling her body to calm down, that it wasn’t a dire situation, that she could easily get away from a couple a drunk guys. Once she felt her wrists being taped together, she shifted, nervously. “You got your kiss,” she pointed out, edgily, “You can stop now.”

One more? Pleeease?” Jake begged, pitifully, and Hayley rolled her eyes beneath the blindfold.

“I thought I already kissed you?” She argued.

“But not me,” Steven pointed out, done wrapping her wrists securely. He crudely high fived Jake as he stepped in and they switched places. He bent over Hayley and ran his hand up her leg, down her leg, her tiny shorts so very inviting. Closing his eyes, he pulled her hair back just a bit to tilt her face up to him and lunged forward, crashing his lips onto her and spreading his alcohol covered tongue all over hers.

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