Sailing, Sun and Sex – Part 2


Sailing, Sun and Sex – Part 2As we approach Spartakhori we prepare ‘Adios’ for arrival. I start the engine, we furl the sails, put the fenders out and secure the stern lines.”OK Suzy?” I ask.”Yes OK but a little apprehensive about meeting your friends.” I smile. “No problems my sweet. they really are lovely people. So relax, you’ll be fine.”Our age difference, 15 years, bothers her a little when first meeting any of my friends, but to date they have all taken to her instantly. Swinging into the bay we swing around, go astern onto the quay and with the help of my friends, Rick and Jenny we’re soon secure.”Better than usual Mark!” He says. “Must be your quality crew!””Sod off” I laughingly retort.”Well charmed I’m sure!” he replies and we all laugh. They both come aboard, intros are made and true to form they ask what the hell a lovely girl sees in an old fart like me. We all laugh, Rick produces a cool bottle of Pinot Grigio, the ice is broken bursa escort and she visibly relaxes.A second bottle rapidly disappears and Suzy looks comfortable, chatting with Jenny like old friends. Brilliant.After playing catch up it’s time for a quick nap and freshen up for dinner on the beach at the taverna.We crash for an hour and soon it’s seven thirty, time to dress and go aboard their boat for a quick slurp before dinner.The evening passes quickly with lots of laughter and banter and an excellent sea food dinner, washed down with copious quantities of good wine as the sun sinks below the horizon in a beautiful crimson blaze.After goodnight hugs and kisses, well not the boys of course, we head back to ‘Adios’ a wee bit merry. A state which usually makes Suzy amorous, and tonight’s no exception.After pouring a bedtime scotch we snuggle together in the cockpit. Her hand strokes my thigh moving up into the leg of my shorts and she bursa escort bayan starts nibbling my neck. After a briefly stroking and squeezing my cock she leaps up and disappears below. ‘WTF!’ I think.She calls up from the saloon. “Get your arse down here MD. I need screwing. Now!” How romantic is that!Needing no second bidding I dive below, securing the hatch behind me. I’m just in time to glimpse her gorgeous naked derriere disappearing into our cabin and just can’t get my kit off quickly enough as my cock hardens in anticipation.She’s lying back on our large double bunk, legs wide open, knees up with her hot glistening cunt perfectly positioned for me, standing, to slip my throbbing cock deep inside her while putting her legs over my shoulders.She groans as I push in deep and hard and we start to move together in a gentle rhythm. I look down into her lust filled eyes, grab her wrists and pull her into me.The pace increases as we escort bursa become more and more aroused and intense. She puts my hands on her smooth, firm tits to pluck at her hard nipples while one of hers darts down to her pulsing clit to excite herself further as the other goes around my waist to control the pace of our fucking. It is divine, so hot, so sensual.My cock plunges in and out of her hot, creamy twat which grips it hard. I can feel her muscles pulsing, gripping and milking me and as the pace becomes frantic she starts to call out for me to fuck her hot cunt harder and harder.With one last thrust my cum surges through my balls and up my shaft as her cunt grips it tight. I feel her juices gushing past it as we orgasm together, my hot cum shooting deep inside as her juices squirt on past my cock and out over her thighs. We both call out, it’s just so amazingly good. Finally we stop, my legs give way and I tumble forward on top of her. “Fucking hell MD!” You gasp. “We won’t last a week if we keep this up!”We both fall about laughing, snuggle up and collapse in a happy, totally exhausted state falling asleep in each others arms.TBC. Copyright Protected.

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