Sally life part 1

Sally life part 1It all started after Sally’s parents got accident and died instantly, Sally, a 17 year old had no one but Madam Sinclair the helper. She was living there and relied heavily on Sally’s Parents to get by. After about a month since they buried them they were struggling financial and madam did odd jobs there and there. One friday they went shopping and when they on the queue, a male voice came from nowhere. ‘Nice daughter you having there Mam, how old is she. Said Mr Palmer and her wife said ‘she looks naughty to me, i hope you not sparing the rod. Why are you not in school dear,’Oh no, she isn’t my daughter, her parents died few weeks ago. I am still looking for her relatives and i do not believe in corporal punishment, she did not go to school because she is sick, so she said.She does not look sick to me, are you playing truant young lady. Oh hun she wouldn’t sit down for a week if she was under your care, said Mrs Palmer.Sally open her mouth for the first urfa escort time, i was a bit sick earlier on mam; i feel much better now. ‘ dear i see what you were saying, seems like we have a naughty girl here, i was the headmaster for so many years young lady and therefore do not take kind to c***dren skipping school, you could be rubbing a very sore bottoms now young lady. Said Mr Palmer a bit angry out of nowhere.Look no further for someone to take good care of her mam, i am Jane Palmer and these is my husband Jake. As you see we are older and having no one to send for errands and we could really do with a young lady like’Sally! MADAM Sincler quickly respond, she was all smiley and happy now. I know people in high places and these could be arranged quickly, said Jake. And rest assured, she will be well fed and disciplined in no time, playing truant will be the last thing on your mind young lady, believe you me he added.Isn’t that great Sally, looks like you escort urfa got yourself new parents, said Madam Sinclair. ‘Oh please Madam, i dont think its a good idea and i will look for a part time job to help around’, thats Sally.Enough!!! Said Mr Palmer, you will do no such. It seems you dont like school, he looks at his wife Jane i cant remember where my cane is, it seems its going to do a lot of talking with young Sally. ‘I still remember it very well where it is Darling, or rather where they are i am going to take them out and polish them so Sally could find them ready. She too directs her words to Jane ‘dont worry dear, you going to have a nice time with us and if you behave well and do as you are told Daddy here wont sting you. But if not,phew’Here is my card, please ring for me and we will take it from there. Turn around please dear, let daddy see those naughty bottoms i am goimg to deal with. Sally turn around and felt his hands on her bottoms, Jane our urfa escort bayan dear daughter here is going to not sit down comfortable for most of the time. These is so tempting, particularly on a naughty girl we have here.’Oh, are you going to cane her there. That must not be properly, said Madam Sinclair. ‘Where did you think he was going to cane her, on hands. C’mon mam, that isnt proper. If you went to good schools you could know that its only effective on bottoms. It makes a girl behave properly, my husband was headmaster and therefore he knows how to raise c***dren. Dont worry, said Jane.Thats our queue, see you in near future Sally. ‘Are you going to bahave ey’ yes sir said Sally tearfully. You know i went to Mr Palmer’s school when growing up, that man really knows how to cane. His six of the best is really six of the best, u only cry with the first two strokes. Nd he hold no back, once your skirt is up and knickers down you sting like hell. Thats the shop assistant ‘He canes on the bare, asked Sally now in tears. Didnt he mentioned it, replies the shop assistant. ‘I am afraid he only cane bare bottoms, no other way. Dont cry now girlie, at least wait for sore burning bottoms then you can cry.

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