Sarah’s Story Ch. 09


It all seemed rather strange in our house after the visit to Jack and Moira’s orgy. Mum and Dad both seemed rather embarrassed despite my best efforts to assure them they had every right to enjoy themselves, and me too for that matter.

I took some consolation by visiting my best friend Janice at her flat in town. I told her in graphic detail of the night we had. The poor girl was made so horny by my story that she started masturbating in front of me with a thick candle that she had on the table in the living room. Of course this got me all heated and I just had to play with her lovely fluid tits while she banged herself and I finished the story. She had cum several times by the time I reached the bit about my dad fucking me in the bum as I sat on Bishop David’s thick cock she was near catatonic.

Watching her masturbate and recalling the events had me all worked up too so I let her lazily stroke my hair while I borrowed her candle for my own relief.

Once we had clamed down and recovered somewhat we chatted while we finished off the wine we had hardly touched. She wondered idly what it would be like if her own family were inclined to incest as mine so obviously were. She mused about the size of her nineteen year old brother’s cock and what it would be like to have her own father’s prick buried deep inside her pussy while her mother sucked on her nipples.

“Why don’t we find out?” I chuckled.

“Hell, what do you mean, ‘find out’?” She asked.

“Well I can’t imagine it would be too hard to seduce a nineteen year old boy. He’d probably shag anything that stayed still long enough.” I laughed. “You parents might be a tougher challenge, though.”

“Tell me you’re joking, Sarah.” She said looking quite worried.

“No, seriously, Jan. I wouldn’t mind having some nineteen year old cock up me and well one thing might just lead to another.”

By the time we had finished off the wine Janice had all but agreed to a date next Wednesday when her parents were out and her brother was in all alone. It helped that I had wormed two fingers into her sopping hole and had her well on her way to another screaming orgasm, but a promise was a promise after all.

I had to change my knickers twice the following Wednesday before I went out as they had become some damp with my sexual anticipation. In the end I took a spare pair just in case.

I arrived at Janice’s parents place just before midday as arranged. She had told her folks that she was coming back to sort some clothes out to take to her flat so that they could use her room again if they wanted to. Her brother was due back from college early afternoon that gave us plenty of time to set our trap.

“Are you all set to get some brother cock?” I asked her as we messed around in her old bedroom.

“Sarah, really, you make it sound so sordid.” She retorted in mock affront.

“It is.” I replied, “Fancy wanting to seduce your own brother.” I laughed.

“Let me remind you,” she replied, “that this is all your idea young lady.”

We were still giggling when we heard the front door slam shut.

“That’s my subtle brother.” Said Janice.

“Quick,” I said, “strip down to your bra and knickers and let him know we’re here.”

As planned we undressed down to our bra, knickers and for a little added spice some sheer hold up stockings.

“Hi Tim,” Janice shouted down the stairs, “I’m in my bedroom with Sarah sorting out some clothes just in case you thought there were burglars in the house.”

There was silence for a moment then Tim shouted a perfunctory, “Oh, all right.” Back up again.

We gave Tim some time to settle down and while we did so I set up some silly errors on Janice’s old computer that would prevent it from working properly. A few minutes later and we were all set.

Janice shouted down the stairs, “Tim, my computer’s not working. Can you come up here and fix it please?”

Again there was a moment’s pause before the answer sailed up the stairs, “Later, I’m busy.”

Jan and I looked at each other. We hadn’t expected that.

“Oh, go on Tim, pretty please. We’re going out later and I need access to my facepage. Love ya forever.” Jan tried again.

“It’s face BOOK, dummy.” And we heard him thumping up the stairs. “You should have paid more attention in IT class then you could fix … .”

He voice tailed off as he stomped into the room and bareback studios porno he was faced with two little angels in their underwear.

“Oops, you should have said.” He stammered.

“Oh, don’t be so girly, Tim.” Janice replied trying to hide a big grin. “You’ve seen us in bikinis before.”

“Yeah, bit different from being half naked in your underwear. I’ll come back.”

“No, don’t be so silly. We were just trying on some clothes. Just fix the computer then you can go and be embarrassed downstairs.” Jan jibed.

Tim shrugged and turned to walk out the door. Emergency action time, I felt.

I ran over to Tim and grabbed his arm, pulling him back into the room.

“Oh Tim, we’re sorry, aren’t we Jan?” I shot a glance at Janice and she said she was too. “Please come and fix Jan’s computer and we’ll love you forever, promise.” I soothed squeezing his arm and ushering him towards the chair.

I think Tim has always had a bit of a soft spot for me because he smiled and went red the allowed himself to be led to the desk chair and sit down. I knelt down beside him and rested my lower arm along his thigh. I felt his body tense slightly as I made contact.

Tim started clattering away at the keyboard, probably to try and distract himself from my obvious proximity and I pretended to watch what he was doing for a minute or so. I just hoped the errors that I set up weren’t to easy for him to fix otherwise he’d be out of the room before we had time to warm up.

After a minute or so I pretended to get bored watching and looked up at Jan who had perched herself provocatively on the edge of the desk. One leg was up on the desk top while the other dangled to the floor subtly showing some crotch. She supported her weight on one arm that made her lean forward slightly and her small breasts press out on her bra.

I pretended to examine her underwear.

“That’s a nice bra and panties, Jan.” I started. “I don’t think I’ve seen them before.”

She seemed startled but then collected herself. “Oh,I’ve had them some time. I just put them on for your benefit today, darling.” She laughed.

I felt Tim cringe a bit when we started talking about ladies underwear so I decided to capitalise on his embarrassment. Reaching up I slipped two fingers inside the cup of Jan’s bra. My fingers grazed her nipple and I felt it go instantly hard and I swear I heard a little intake of breath and smiled.

“Nice material; so silky,” I mused, “and it pushes your tiny tits right up too.”

“Hey, easy there, they’re not that small miss melons.” She retorted laughing.

I let my fingers drift down to her knickers and eased two fingers just inside the waistband at the front. The look on Jan’s face was a picture. I think she thought I was going to finger her then and there. Although i would have loved to this was all about teasing Tim, not making hinm cum in his pants.

I ran the material between my fingers and ever so accidentally pulled up a little bit. I thought Jan was going to leap off the desk but the sudden movement got Tim’s attention. I didn’t look at him directly but I could tell he was looking straight at his sister’s crotch and the rather nice little camel toe I had given her. I also made sure that my other arm rubbed carelessly against Tim’s leg and my hand gently stroked his inner thigh just above his knee.

“Mmm, that material is very soft and silky, Jan,” I said, “and the cut really suits you. Do you shave or trim?”

That did it for her. If she’d been drinking Tim and I would have been soaked. As it was she started coughing to cover her laughing and ended up practically choking. After a minutes of gasping and spluttering she managed to get some words out.

“I think I need to go to the bathroom. Wait here, I won’t be long.”

As she left she made some very rude signs at me, I can’t imagine what I’d done. But no time for that, Tim had to be seduced and I had very little time.

“I don’t know what’s the matter with your sister?” I said to Tim to try and break the ice. I also shifted my balance on my knees which, oh dear, meant sliding my hand up Tim’s leg. I pretended to lose my balance and reach out to stop myself and …

“Oh, sorry Tim. Oh Tim, what have you got in your trousers? Gosh, Tim is that really you?”

“Don’t, Sarah.” He said trying to recoil but I kept my hand where czech amatör porno it was gently feeling the shape of his erection through his trousers.

“My, my Tim, you’ve kept that secret. It’s huuuge. Was that from looking at your sexy sister?”

“Don’t be disgusting, Sarah, and leave it alone.” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“You mean you don’t find your sister sexy? Not even a little bit? I mean I do and I’m a girl. What do you think of that, Tim? Do you like the thought of me getting turned on by looking at your sister? I can only assume that nice big thing in your trousers is for me then, eh?”

“No, it just happened, that’s all.” Protested Tim.

“Oh go on, Jan is probably in the loo now with her hand inside her knickers rubbing herself, thinking about seeing that big hard knob of yours. I bet that turns you on, eh, Tim, thinking of your big sister stroking her slipperly wet slit?”

“No, no,” protested Tim.

“Aw, go on, let me have a little peak. I’ll show you mine if your show me yours, Tim.” I teased, laughing. Then more seriously I added, “I’ll tell Jan you get hard ons but looking at her in her underwear.”

Tim didn’t answer but I could tell that he’d given in, well just a little bit anyway.

I made a move to get to his zipper. He made a weak attempt to stop me but I persisted and got his flies open and reached inside.

“Ooh, Tim, it is big isn’t it?” I said as I fished inside his underpants. “Gosh Tim, it’s too big to get through here, I’ll have to undo your belt.”

He sighed a big sigh but I could tell he was enjoying my attentions. I undid his belt and with a big of scrabbling managed to get his big young tool out in the open. It was big stiff and throbbing and I could hardly get my hand around it but I tried anyway. I slowly started to stroke my fist up and down the straining shaft. He groaned.

“My god, Tim. How have you kept this secret from me for so long; it’s magnificent.” I cooed in true awe.

“Oooh, Sarah, that’s enough now. Jan will be coming back any minute now.” He moaned.

“Aw, she’ll be ages and I haven’t even started yet. God, Tim, you’re leaking already.” I gasped as a big drop of clear sticky liquid formed at the slit at the top of his big rod. I licked my lips.

“Has anyone sucked your cock, Tim? I mean properly given you a blow job?”

“What!?” He sounded alarmed now. “I haven’t really had a proper girl friend, you know …”

“Well hang on to your hat, Timothy.” I smiled and leaned forward running my tongue from the base to the tip and taking in that lovely big drop of clear cum at the top.

I heard him groan deeply above me as my mouth closed around the crown of his cock and started its slow descent down his shaft. I felt his hands automatically clamp around my head as I started to give him the first blowjob of his short life. I felt him hit the back of my throat and was about to start back up again when I found that my movement was impeded by a firm suggestion of his hands.

It wasn’ty a violent jesture, that wasn’t in Tim. But it was a firm suggestion and i suppose he reasoned that I had only taken around a third of his cock into my mouth up to that point and I really ought to have it all. I braced myself and relaxed my throat, breathing through my nose as I let him ease himself into that confinement.

He help me there for a minute enjoying the tightness of my throat around his rampant member. Thankfully his hands around my ears relaxed a little and I was able to slide back up off his cock. It left my spit running liberally down the shaft and pooling on his swollen ball sack.

“Wow, Tim, that was a bit enthusiastic.” I spluttered.

“Oh, sorry Sarah, I didn’t mean to hurt or anything.” he gasped, breathing almost as hard as me.

“It’s fine Tim, but some girls might find that a bit intimidating,” I managed before taking his slick cock back deep into my mouth, this time going at my own pace and depth. I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to start thinking about the time or Jan coming back.

In fact I could see Jan peaking in the doorway, her hand covering he mouth in mock surprise. I could tell it was only mock surprise as from where she was she couldn’t see the size of his cock. I continued my blow job with renewed vigour and making much noise knowing Jan was creaming herself watching us.

“Oh fuck, Sarah, czech bitch porno this is fantastic.” Gasped Tim raising his hips to meet my downward movement.

I slipped my mouth off his cock and started licking up from his balls to the crown then swirling my tongue around the head.

“Think you’ll get to like having you cock sucked, then Tim?” I asked looking up into his crimson face.

“What the fuck’s going on!” Screamed Jan entering the room and over-acting just a little bit.

“I’m sucking your brother’s rather nice cock.” I explained reasonably.

Tim tried to get up but I pushed him back down again.

“I can see that, you little slut but …” Jan calmed down her voice a little and marched into the room, “holy fuck, it’s fucking huuuge.”

“I said that.” I said, smiling and running my hand up and down the dripping shaft. “Come have a closer look.”

Jan came up to stand next to Tim and fell to her knees.

“My god, Tim,” she purred, “what have you been hiding from me all these years.”

Tim didn’t say anything. I think he was still too shocked. Janice, as if in a dream, started reaching out with her right hand. Then Tim said something.

“Jan, what do you think you’re doing? I’m your brother.” He tried to protest.

“Mmm, brother with a lovely biiig cock.” She murmured as her fingers curled around the shaft above mine.

I let my hand slip away and contented myself with massaging his big dangling ball sack as Jan examined her prize with the awe of a antiques expert who had just found a rare porcelain statuette.

“Oh my god, Jan, what are you doing?” Mumbled Tim, his face a picture of anxiety.

“She’s just stroking your lovely big cock, Tim.” I answered for her. “Tell me honestly that having your big sis pulling your lovely stiff prick isn’t a massive turn on.”

“But it’s so, so, so wrong.” Stammered Tim.

“I think your hard on is telling its own story, Tim.” I soothed.

I reached up and slipped my hand around the back of Jan’s neck and pulled her gently forward. She flashed a look at me that said ‘should I dare’.

“Go on, Jan. Suck your brother’s nice thick cock into your mouth. Taste him. Taste your brother’s prick.” I urged pulling her down some more.

She moaned some but she wasn’t resisting. Tim was looking down in horror as his big sister’s mouth closed around the head of his large, slick erection.

She started slowly, lapping around the tip with her tongue, letting her saliva coat the shiny head and run down the shaft. Her lips closed around it and she slowly pushed her mouth down to about two thirds the length of his shaft. I knew she had got to the same part I did with the head just reaching the back of her mouth. She repeated the process several times while Tim groaned out his pleasure above her. Then on the last movement downwards she pause for a second then took him down her throat. Man, she was good at this.

I looked up at Tim’s look of agony and ecstasy and knew he wasn’t far off. As Jan pulled back off his cock I once again wrapped my fist around his shaft and started pumping him into his sister’s mouth.

“He’s going to cum, Jan. Your brother is going to spurt off into your mouth.” I whispered in her ear.

She moaned loudly and I knew how much pleasure this was giving her. Any other time I would have pushed my hand down her panties and given her what she needed but one step at a time, I thought.

“Tim, it’s okay. Your sister wants it. She wants you to pump your hot cum deep into her mouth. She wants to taste you.” I urged. “You want to too, don’t you? You want your big sister to taste your hot spunk splashing into her mouth from your big throbbing cock, don’t you?”

I rapidly jerked my fist up and down his pole as Jan sucked and licked at the top half buried in her mouth. I felt Tim stiffen, then he roared like a lion as he bum raised up off the chair as he tried to bury his cock deeper in his sister’s mouth. His hand went behind her head to hold her in place as he exploded.

I saw Jan struggling to swallow as jet after jet of hot cum shot into her sucking mouth. Streams of his white sperm ran down his cock shaft and over my fingers making them slip around on his pole.

His jerking hips slowed and he started to relax back onto the chair. Jan continued to lave his long shaft with her mouth and tongue lapping up any residual cum. Eventually she sat back on her haunches licking her lips with a big satisfied grin on her face.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it Tim? I ventured.

Then I looked back down at this prick and my eyes bulged a little. He was still as rigid as when we started. “Oh my” I thought. “We’re not finished yet.”

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