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Self lockedHard to decide where to begin. Not something I would have thought I’d be sharing…Here goes, so bear with me. About 6 months ago, I bought a chastity cage to lock up my oft and well used cock. Why? Well, here was my thought process. As a habitual, chronic, prolific, serial masturbator and self admitted sex and porn addict, I originally thought I could start gaining some control over that part of my existence. I thought if I locked up my member and set a schedule for release, I could gradually wean myself off trying to cum a dozen times a day. That’s been my routine since puberty- wake up, jack off…take a shower, jack off… go to work, go find a place to jack off… lunch? Cruise around looking for a big breasted girl game for a quick hand job or blow job… stuck in traffic? Jack off…. you get the idea.My life now at middle age had become more a scheduling process to achieve work, family and life balance by working around my need for constant orgasm. Maybe this is the ticket. Additionally, I thought if I reduced my daily ejaculations, when I did get to cum, I’d have the gushers I remembered from my teen years. So, plan in place, I ordered a steel cage device and waited patiently for it to arrive.A few days later, I get home to find a package waiting. My wife said “ you’ve got a package. I started to open it thinking it was for me, then realized it was yours”. My heart almost skipped…” ok..thanks honey”Did she see what it was? Will I need to explain? Fortunately, it was still mostly sealed up so my alarm subsided. Why should I care, right? We’ve been married 25 years. What secrets? Well, I’ve tried hard to hide this side from my spouse. I’ll admit, she’s not stupid and probably has some idea… the porn over the years, the wacky ideas brought to the bedroom had to come from somewhere, there were signs. But it was probably our own military style “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.Now dinner has passed and I’ve been rock hard since getting my new device just thinking about it. This is already going the opposite direction I planned. I retire to my study/man cave/dressing room- I’m fortunate to have been able to balance my two lives and thus build some wealth allowing for each of us to have our own private space in our large home- but I’m getting off base here…I quickly unwrap my prize. I examine and immediately start to attempt installation. Now this thing is the biggest I could find, knowing my balls are about the size of chicken eggs and my cock, though no monster BBC like we’ve all seen, is about 6.5 inches around and about the same in length. A girl I was banging joked that I was Joe square cock. So I look at this thing and realize my half hard member just isn’t going in there, but the harder I try to lose my erection, the harder it gets. I grab an ice cold bottle of water from my den fridge and put it right on my cock and balls. In minutes, I’ve shrunk it down, but now my huge balls are high and tight posing another issue. No to bore you with details, but this thing took me tying up my balls, pulling them down, lubing everything up, stuffing my cock in the cage. Now, with the third and fourth hands I just don’t have, after 20 minutes I managed to get it all pulled together and locked. It fucking wore me out, just getting it on!I was pleased to find it was invisible under my slacks and I proceeded with my evening. As bed time approached, I started to fear a conversation again if my wife got a bit frisky and discovered my cold rolled steel secret. I Feigned an upset stomach and an early bedtime. By this time, it’s been on for a couple hours and as I think about it, I get hard in my confines. It’s not painful, as I read it would be. On the contrary, I find myself trying to get as hard as I can. The cage itself is 3” long an 1.5” across. There is no where to go but the pressure bulges my tool out all the little gaps and the head is jamming itself into the end like Dino trying to poke his head through the top of Fred Flintstones car! ( sorry, could resist the Gen X reference). It’s about the most exhilarating feeling I can remember. In addition, my balls are tight and round and feel like racquet balls in my hands as I feel them undulating. Again, this was not my planned experience here. This is doing nothing but making me even hornier.I tell my wife I’m going to watch some tv until my stomach settles a bit and I retreat back to my den. I open my PC and immediately jump to caged cock porn, focused on females teasing their captive husbands in their cages. This is odd for me, because I’ve been the Dom in every sexual relationship and rarely even let the woman have a say in our games. I enjoy nothing more than tying up a sub and working over her tits for hours, building my hard on, not caring if she enjoys it or not, then deciding where my load will be ümraniye escort deposited. Same with my internet porn- huge udders, big asses, bdsm and all three is what gets me off, not the switched role. But now? I’m entranced watching these guys and their orgasms being controlled.As I peruse the tease/denial videos, my cock is ready to explode in my cage. Still, it’s not painful but anticipatory. I’ve been subconsciously manipulating my cock and balls, with the cage on, keeping my cock rock hard, bulging. I really start manipulating my balls, squeezing, pulling , shaking them, I’m gyrating in my chair, flopping my heavy cock encased in steal, touching and rubbing what I can reach. As the protagonist in my video, when his mistress stops his tease, I do too… this goes on for an hour, my cock harder my the minute. I switch to some big tit BDSM, some really rough stuff with skewers and nails. As I wast h this poor waifs tits get destroyed, I’m frantically trying to stimulate my encased tool. Now resigned that this may be working, and I won’t cum, I sense I’m even harder.I go back to bed, my raging hard on subsides, I fall to sleep. It must be a couple hours later and I awaken to a stiffened member again. I casually in my twilight sleep start manipulating my package, again feeling the gloriously increasing pressure and arousal. I’m never going to get any sleep like this, I think to myself. It’s been at least months since I’ve gone this long without cumming. That usually only happens if I’m down for the count with the flu or something. It’s 330 am and by 6am, that will mark 24 hours with no cum, no masturbation. Thinking about it, I now feel the ache in my swollen balls and the strain of my cock against steel is now becoming almost fatiguing, but I’m enjoying it immensely.Somehow, I resist the urge to unlock myself and jack off or, fuck my wifes ass as I watch her sleep next to me. I fight it off till morning.Now, in the shower, I’m soaping up and again, I get another raging hard on. Against my own wishes and plan, I’m using the wash cloth to try to jack off through the cage to no avail. I now dress for work and head out, the heavy steel now quite noticeable to me as I walk to my office. I think to myself, I thought this was suppose to quash my impulsive urges but now, I’m fixated on it even more.Somehow, I manage to get through the day. Somewhere around lunch time, I just decided to focus and worked on through till I look at the clock and see it’s almost 5:30. I instinctively reach down and adjust my package, realizing my cock is soft and flaccid, but my balls still hard, from and seemingly bigger than ever. I notice now that ache, but I’m not uncomfortable. The attention seems to arouse a bit, but at 36 hours of not ejaculating, I’m thinking I might be getting over the first hurdle.I head down to the parking garage to get the car and head home. Two cars down is a car with the hood up and I see a familiar woman looking intently. She is familiar because I see her each day, but we don’t work together, I’ve just seen her from afar. As I approach, I see she is probably mid to late 40s, attractive face and under a cute beret, I see she has gorgeous platinum hair- not gray hair, but that sexy platinum certain women can carry off and still look sexy and young. Nice. Her long ponytail flips around and her head turns quickly to my footsteps. I can see her body, she’s wearing a long black wool coat to fend off the 40f cold snap and wind we have those week.“Need some help?” I ask. “ I guess…I don’t know…it’s just dead” she replied. “Maybe a jump start?…or I could call a tow truck for you?…want me to take a look?” “I guess so” she replied “ it’s brand new, no idea why it won’t do anything”I take a quick look, I try the Key and realize it’s not dead, it just cranks. Hmmm…no gas? No. Full. Hmmm. Well it’s going to take something more than can be done here.“Well, it’s not going anywhere tonight” I tell her “ you should call roadside”.“Yes, I guess so.” She said dejectedly. “ you think they’ll take me home too?I said” maybe, but do you want a ride in a greasy tow truck?” She laughed, “ um no…and not with a greasy two truck driver either” she joked.Of course, I offer to to wait with her for the truck and drop her at home. She agrees and thanks me for helping her. It’s cold , so we retreat to my Truck to wait. As she gets in, she removes the heavy coat. “ it never gets cold here so I’m not used to this heavy coat. I can’t sit it” . “ I don’t know how people who have to bundle up in winter get around wearing a cocoon!”I take the coat and toss it on the back seat and help her in the passenger side. I now see there is a body under all that wool, and it’s amazing. She is about 5’5” I’m guessing without her heels on. Probably 140 ish kadıköy escort lbs, with a plump wide ass in a hugging grey skirt. Up top…oh my word…guess what. I feel it. I’d almost forgotten, but my cock is now straining against the steel once again.She has these incredible udders, easily DDD-E cup. Though constrained by a bra, with a 4 inch wide strap in back showing through her thin black sweater, they hang past her waist as she bends slightly to get in. I fight the urge to “accidentally “ touch them as I help her in.I now climb into the drivers seat and look over at her as I do. She is situating herself in the seat and I see the nipples poking through, rock hard no doubt due to their sudden exposure to the cold wind when she took off the coat. I’m even harder now and realize I feel something slightly wet. I realize I’m hard and leaking pre-cum, probably due to the unnatural build up of semen my body is trying to unload without my usual assistance. I now stammer for small talk. “ so, where do you work in the building?”…”what do you do?”… “are you from around here”?. That kind of drivel.We share pleasantries and Qand A for a while and the tow truck arrives. She jumps out to greet and direct. When she closed the door, I immediately start to work my caged cock through my trousers. It’s like steel wrapped in steel. She is a goddess, I think to myself. I need to have her!She gets back in. The 5 minutes in the cold did its magic and the thumb size nipples are back at attention, jutting out and pointing down at her shapely thighs, almost touching them. My cock twitches and I feel my balls squirming in their tight steel band. She catches me staring. Reactively, she crosses her arms. Like a dope, I say “ wow, it sure is cold out there”. She starts to blush and says “ well, that was embarrassing” I pretend to not know what she means, but we both know.“Well, lets get you home. Where to?” I ask. She gives me directions. It’s on my way, only 10-15 minutes away. We drive there mostly in silence, just the music on the radio. A few casual observations are made by us both” did you see they built a new bike path” … “ it’s supposed to warm up next week” . That kind of banter. We pull up to her house, a cute little town house in an upscale area. I get out to help her down and get her coat. As she tries to step on the running board in her heels, she slips. I catch her as she puts her hands out behind her to catch her fall. As she does, she falls into me, her hand firmly into my crotch. There is no doubt she felt it… the cage. She stands up and looks at me quizzically for a second as I get her coat. She says nothing, but is thinking something. I say goodbye and she reaches out to hug me in thanks. As she does, she deftly pulls me tight to her. She again looks up at me with a questioning look in her eyes. “ something wrong?” I ask. “ oh no, not at all…umm…uhh… are you carrying a gun? She says, somewhat concerned. “No, of course not- why would you ask? “ though I know why…“ I just thought I felt a gun in your pants when I hugged you. It made me nervous that I let you drive me home. I mean, I don’t know you, it just kind of scared me for a minute, I guess” she explained.” Well goodnight and thank you so much” she said. She started to walk to the door, her wide hips and round ass making the wool coat dance magically. She stopped and turned around.“I don’t believe you. I think you have a gun. I don’t care if you do, it’s just weird you’d hide it like that. What gives here??” She insisted. Now I’m embarrassed. What do I tell her? Hell, nothing, I just rescued her- she’s safe, I don’t owe her any explanation. “ Come on, tell me, why the gun?” She asks but this time with a smirk, not fear or surprise. I say” it’s not a gun.” and chuckle. “OK… you know how you got embarrassed when you got back in the truck?” I ask. She blushes and pulls her coat tight, says “yes”. Quietly and sheepishly.“Well, kind of a similar…exposure… so to speak” I say. I then say “ I’ll tell you, but I’m freezing my ass off out here. Can we get in the truck again?”She again looks alarmed, but then says “ let’s go inside. I need a hot drink and you’d probably like one too”. This is getting interesting. I follow her to the door.Inside, she invites me to sit at the breakfast counter while she puts on some coffee. She takes off the coat and hat, kicks off her shoes and returns. She is shorter than I thought , which makes her ample features even more appealing. Now she says “ ok, times up. What’s the story?” She is smiling. I start to talk, then stop… I decide I’ll just say it. “ it’s a chastity cage.”She blinks. “ a what? What’s that mean?” She asks seeming to be annoyed by this unexpected answer. I start to explain what it is and then, I digress into WHY it is. She stands bostancı escort with her mouth open, eyes wide. The coffee finished but she is now leaning on the counter, transfixed on my words. Her huge juggs are resting comfortably on the cold granite. I don’t know if I’m this hard because im telling her this story or, because I’m viewing the grandeur of her mammoth breasts that I just lucked into in a parking garage! I finish my readers digest of the whole story. She is speechless, she turns and gets the coffee pot and two mugs. She fills the cups and blurts out “ let me see it!”Now normally, this is like the ultimate porn movie where the girl is begging to see your cock, but I’m kind of shocked. I say cautiously “ um… really… like, show you….” “Yes. I want to see it.” She insisted.I undiplomatic, lower my pants, and there it is in its polished stainless glory, my cock so hard I’m afraid it will stretch the steel bars of its confines, my huge balls a reddish purple. She gasps, then grins. She walks around to my side, without a word, reaches for the cage, wraps her hand around, studying… my precum now on her palm, she looks up, holds up the palm and says, giggling, “ I don’t think your plan is working!”She goes on to say “ I’ve never heard anything like this. I’m stunned. But I’m also kinda digging it” … “ isn’t that weird” she asks.“So where’s the key? Show it to me?”. I look at her and say “ what, were negotiating her?” I chide. “ I already showed you one thing now you want another?” I say smirking. “ let me see those big boobs and I’ll show you the key”.“Um… I don’t think so… but if we are negotiating, wait here.” She walks into the other room and I zip up.She returns now changed into a T-shirt and sweats. I immediately see the bra is no longer with us. I’m now a foot away from these amazing sagging udders stretching out her pink t shirt, thick nipples now pointing southeast and southwest , respectively. I feel my cafe monster stir once again. “Ok, this is close as you get to see them. Now show me the key” she says, with an evil grin. I am so mesmerized I now oblige without question. She takes it, looks at it, studies it. Then, she reaches down, unzips me again. She pulls my trousers and briefs down to my knees. She gets on her knees and I arch my head back just at the thought this is happening. She looks at the barrel lock and key, studies for a second then puts the key in. Then she stops. “ so, I’m this close to letting you out and you’re not stopping me?” What was all that bunk about self control, reducing impulses, all that? Aren’t you going to stop me?” She teased.I chuckle and say” if you were me right now, what would YOU do?”As I antipate my impending blow job and imaging the mess I’m going to make spraying her pink t shirt covered tits in 2 days of built up spunk. I’m imagining what its going to be like gripping those radio knob nipples as she slurps my cock.She then takes my shoes off, helps me pull off my pants. She takes my hand and says “ come with me”. I eagerly oblige. We walk to the bedroom, her round ass wobbling in her sweats and her big boobs swaying. This is going to be the best sex ever!She has me lay on the bed. She walk to the door, closes it. But then, behind the door, she opens a mirror on the wall. I can see in the dimly lit room, it’s a wall safe. She spins the dial and opens it. She then very animatedly holds up the key, tosses it inside and closes the door with a definitive latching clunk. I’m now speechless but grinning at how this game is progressing. She comes back over.“So, I’d like to think we are friends. You helped me, now I’m helping you” she explained. “ that key is now locked up safe and sound. I’m going to help you achieve your goals.” She said. “ as a friend, I’m sure you trust my judgement, right?I looked at her incredulously. I said “ ok, I get it. But fun is over. Just give me my key and I’ll head out”.She said “ ,I don’t think so. You’re not leaving with the key. You have two choices. You can dress and hit the road now… or, I’ll let you play with my big boobs for 15 minutes first. I’ll even let you suckle ONE of them “ she purred and giggled. “ I want that cock ready to explode when I send you home to the little mrs.”“ when you get home, will you tell her I own your cock now?” she laughed.“So, what will it be? Tits or the truck?” She asked provocatively.I stammered a bit, and then proceeded to finally touch one of her prizes. She moaned in delight as I fondled and teased her heavy breast. I pulled up the shirt and instantly latched on to the closest nipple, suckling it voraciously. I have one hand on my caged cock as I suckle, hoping to somehow cum in this cage. Just then, “ times up! You used your 15 minutes for today” she instructed.While I’m still in shock at the turn of event , she insisted I dress and move along. “ ok, hon, I’ll see you at the office building tomorrow. I’ll come and find you” She said “ I’ll let you know when you can get your second helping” she winked and shuffled me out the door, locking it behind me.This will be a long night…To be continued

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