Sera Ch. 13



Once away from Kitten and in my room, I downed the rest of the whiskey, about a half pint I figured, enough to keep my parasite in the driver’s seat. Leaning against my kitchenette counter, I remembered how it wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t even like the taste of alcohol. Less than five minutes later, I was in the shower with a cold beer and other things on my mind.

“Oh my fuck, you used Martina and Lacey every which way but Sunday.”

“I figured I’d let them do Sunday with each other.”

“I couldn’t believe Kitten.”

“Why? She’s just like we are.”

“I know, that’s what I couldn’t believe.”

Look, you might wanna start thinking about that. What you used to see as extreme is pretty realistic for us, given our sex drive and what we like.”

“What you like.”

“You liked watching her get ganged as much as I did.”

“Fuck… I hope she’s okay with it once she sobers up.”

“I got a feeling she will be one way or another.”

“How’s that?”

“Just a hunch. You know, she’s more mine than yours when she’s drinking.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Not at all. If both you and Kitten quit drinking, you and all your almighty morals and inhibitions would be back in charge, same as her. Neither of you would know what to do with each other because the real attraction is between me and your other cousin. See?”

” … Yes…”

“In fact, you two would probably never even see each other again over what happened at the hotel.”

” … So, what’s your fuckin’ point?” I asked myself.

“Nothing, I’m just saying.”

“Well, I’m just saying, shut up.”

“What’s your problem? Thanks to me, we got both Mum and Kitten dealt with. I’d think you’d be happy, but if you’re just gonna bitch about it, allow me to point out that it took me less than twelve hours to do it after it took you… how many days to do exactly nothing?”

“If you think either Mum or Kitten are dealt with, you’d best think again.”

“Tell me it isn’t two giant strides in the right direction,” my parasite challenged in reply. “Furthermore, I’ve satisfied Ashleigh’s demands. Kitten is now aware of her nature, and now our long lost and mysterious aunt no longer has any excuse for keeping us in the dark about what she knows. If I were you, I’d be expecting another family meeting soon.”

” … I’ll give you that.”

“Damned right.”

“Just keep in mind that sometimes giant strides come at a cost,” I grimly reminded. “In particular, I’m wondering how long it’ll be before Kitten finds out how she got kick-started, then puts two and two together to figure out how it could have happened to me.”

“Let Ashleigh explain it.”

“That won’t change her reaction.”

“Look, you need to accept that sometimes there’s just nothing you can do and have some faith that you’ll be able to deal and that things will work out. Trust me, alright?”

“Can we just go to bed?” I wearily sighed.

“I wanna stay in here a little longer. So nice and warm.”

“Just till the beer’s gone, then bed.”


I said no more about it, thinking instead of a new and uncertain future with Kitten. The four of us. Six, if you count Mum. Good god.

This was more or less the thought in mind when I distractedly walked into my bedroom after I’d dried off, towel wrapped around my waist and screaming, “Baaaaaa-fuuuuuckk!!” when I was greeted by the unexpected sight of Kitten in my bed. Stanley the cat, who’d been curled up between her tits as she pet him, bolted in a frenzied panic as she jumped a foot and screamed in return. This is when I realized that, in fact, it wasn’t Kitten, but Sheila, causing me to yell again.

“What the fuck!?” I begged when we were done, holding on to the doorframe as she lay with her hand covering her eyes, chest heaving with the fright I’d given her.

Once she was over it, she explained in a patient, level voice, “I thought I’d surprise you.”

“Wh- Well, how’d you even get in?” I demanded, trying to catch my breath.

“I picked the lock and, oh my god, you’re as paranoid as your mother!”

“Picked-? … Jesus, what do you mean you picked my lock? Who… who does that?”

“I do. And how else was I going to get in after you locked it?”

At this, she removed her hand from her eyes and looked at me as though I ought to know better. Sitting up, the sheets fell away to reveal the low cut, skimpy white lace nightie she wore. ‘She looked awesome’ was a blinding understatement, even with her black eye, but to break into my apartment? Really?

“O-kay,” I allowed as she reached for a glass of white wine on my nightstand. “So, what’s happening?”

“Nothing, I just thought we’d hang out and talk about the meeting. Where’ve you been anyway?”

Dropping to a seat on the foot of the bed with my back to her, I wondered what Kitten would think if she knew about this little visit as I rubbed my eyes and replied, “Out proving a point. What’s been going on here? Apart from you breaking into my apartment, I mean.”

“Oh, stop it, I didn’t even snoop around. I like you, remember? (Giggle!)”

“Oh boy.”

“Like I said, I just wanted youporn porno to hang out and chat. And… maybe some sex?”

“Just because Ashleigh told Mum and Kitten that was okay doesn’t totally mean it’s okay, y’know.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it was okay before she said that. Hell, if Kathy can have you, I sure as hell can. I still can’t believe what a hypocritical bitch she’s being.”

“How do you feel about Kitten?”

“You mean since the fight, or the meeting?” Sheila asked.

I turned around, putting my feet up to sit Indian style on the bed as I answered, “Both. You two seemed to get pretty friendly.”

“Don’t mistake that for anything it isn’t, kid. I’m a sexual deviant and so is she, that’s it. As for the fight, I won.”

“She told me you said you’d make me forget all about her.”

” … Uh, well I kinda did say that,” she admitted with a quiet, sorry smile of deceptive innocence. “I was only trying to get her going,”

“Well… I’m getting closer to her. Quite close, actually.”

“Oh. Mind sharing?”

“She’d probably get mad.”

“No way! You’re not gonna tell me?”

“You know there’s this thing between me and her, Sheila. It’s serious.”

“But- Okay, I can’t understand how you can be so serious about that little freak, but yes, I know you two have a thing. That doesn’t mean you can’t tell me, does it?”

“I’d feel like I was telling tales out of school.”

“I’ve told you about my exploits,” she pointed out.

“Look, this is pretty crazy stuff, she probably wouldn’t wa-“

“Oooh, if it’s crazy, you have to tell me,” she said, getting out from under the covers.

She was grinning as she crawled towards me, the hem of her nightie as short as the neckline was low. She stopped on her knees in front of me so I could look right down the top of it, then gave me a kiss.

“Tell me.”

“Sheila, c’mon, I-“


“Oh my god, this won’t change my-“


She hardened me in seconds, chuckling at the sudden tent pole under the towel. I tried to stop her hand, but it was too late.

“Ohh, yesss,” she breathed, gripping my now throbbing meat and pulling the towel away with her other hand.

I didn’t even try to stop her from going down on me. She licked and sucked, not like she did during the meeting, but in a quicker, lighter fashion that was meant to tease, promising more upon co-operation. Being in a position to personally vouch for what more was available, I decided to co-operate.



Gina was there waiting for me, but that was no surprise. Standing just inside my foyer, I recalled how Stevie had told her to forget the events in the library and to go wait for me in my apartment. She was asleep on my couch, still dressed only in her bra and panties and looked quite peaceful, staying that way as I tread quietly to my kitchenette. Mr. Sparkles intercepted me there with a mewl that I quieted with a bowl of milk and a petting.

Making myself a stiff drink, I grabbed him and headed for my balcony with a careful eye on Gina until I slipped out the crack I made with the sliding door behind the floor length drapes. Soon settled in with my chair tipped, feet on the railing and Mr. Sparkles in my lap, I was alone in the fog with my thoughts.

At first, they whirled in my head, disjointed facts, data chips of claims and experiences that had no connection until, one by one, they started to touch down, forming an overall picture I could get my senses around.

The first bit of mental data that I got plugged in was the fact that this parasite that Stevie had told me about was no joke and no hoax. It was every bit as real as the events at the hotel that proved it so, and that I had it. All Burchells had it.

The next data I had to plug in was that there were two people inside of me. This, I had trouble with, especially the fact that, as I sat there, this parasite was the one in charge, the actual ‘I’ that I speak of here. It was confusing, frightening, yet I knew it was true on some instinctual level that I’d been feeling since that orgasm that Auntie Ashleigh and I had shared…

“OMG…” I hissed in the fog. “That’s when it… started. I felt different ever since then.”

My jaw sagged as I zeroed my parasitic ability down to that event, remembering how I swooned when I looked into her eyes.

“It was her. Auntie Ashleigh and that orgasm.”

“This is crazy,” I whispered in reply.

“You know it isn’t.”

“I… I wish I could talk to Daddy right now.”

” … Daddy would never understand.”

My thoughts began to whirl again before that different quality in myself, the parasite that Auntie Ashleigh had awakened, brought order again with a confidence and understanding born of me, but which I never knew I possessed.

“Things have changed. This is what Auntie Ashleigh meant when she said we face a crossroads.”

“Thanks to her.”

“No. You know better than that. You weren’t happy in Langley and you didn’t see that changing. Now you know why you weren’t happy, why you were so different in all your little ways… Now you know zenci porno who Sheila really was.”

I didn’t want to answer to that.

“And let’s not forget Stevie. He’s ours and we’re going to have him, no matter what. I say we team up with him, but I want to hear the rest of what he knows, ’cause I know he’s still holding stuff back.”

“But, what are we going to do about Gina?” I fretted.

“Well… let’s not forget a certain latent charisma.”

“We should get him to help us with her, or maybe Auntie Ashleigh or Auntie Kathleen.”

“Maybe. Then again, maybe we should just deal with our own business. Wouldn’t you say that Gina is our own business?”

“Well, yeah. But what about Daddy and… everything?”

“Trust me.”



“And so,” I sighed, closing the story for my wide eyed audience, “there they are, licking my cum off each other’s face while I’m trying to stand straight, cause it was one of those real good ones, ya know?”


“I look off to my right and the rest of them are still taking turns at kitten, banging the shit out of her and she’s wailing to beat the band, just loving it and keeping me totally hard. A couple minutes later, I’ve got everyone closed up and I’m getting her up off the table, dressed and back to her senses so we can get the fuck outta there.”

She was quiet for a bit, but finally said, “Oh, wow. Oh my god… Has Kathy ever done anything like this?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Oh my god. Um… tell me more about this ability.”

“Sheila, c’mon, it’s late.”

“What are you doing tomorrow that you need your rest so badly?” she teased.

“Oh, god, I just went through all this with Kitten and-“

So, go through it again with me!”

“But I just wanna go to bed. Just suck me and let me go to bed, okay?”

“Nope. You tell me what I wanna know, then I suck you.

” … Wait till I get a beer,” I dismally gave in.

“No, I’ll get it for you,” she said, bounding off the bed with a smile and the energy of any teen. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

She returned with two beer, one for each of us and handed me one before getting settled on the bed across from me, sitting Indian style.

“No panties, Aunt Sheila?” I asked, checking out the moist and ready pussy my cock ached for.

She smiled teasingly and answered, “You’re a big boy, I’m sure you can take it.”

I sighed, gave her a smile and began relating to her what I knew of the parasite, telling her everything I told kitten with the extra content of being kick started by sex with Mum included but, as with Kitten’s version, subtracting the part about how Mum had killed Marie. It wasn’t too detailed, given the hour, but it was enough to inform her of what was going on with the rest of her family, particularly at the family meeting we’d just had. When I finished, she was silent for a while, probably adding it all up to her own experiences before she finally spoke.

“I wonder why I can’t do it,” she asked herself as much as me.

“I don’t know, but you’re also invulnerable to it.”

“I wasn’t when I was a kid. Those memories of the things she made us do are partly responsible for the questions I began asking, the reason I ended up at that nursing home in Saint John looking for answers from Mum.”

“Don’t ask me,” I told her, holding up my hands, “It’s like I told Kitten, I don’t have all the answers, just a head start on getting them. Now that Kitten’s been brought up to speed, I imagine Ashleigh will be filling us in where she can.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this stuff before?”

“Because telling you this down in the cave, or while ambling about the house wasn’t exactly the private setting I’d have preferred.

“I suppose. Did you tell Kitten about you and your Mum getting down each other’s pants?”

“Fuck, no.”

“You should have, she’d probably enjoy hearing about it.”

“She’ll figure it out sooner or later anyway.”

“Well, she’ll still want details. I want details.”

“I know you do,” I said with a smile.

“Tell me something.”

“Sheila,” I groaned.

“Tell meeee!”

“(Sigh!) … We once had a sixty-nine in front of our landlord in order to pay the rent.”

“Ooooh… I’d love to see you two getting dirty with one another. Does she suck cock like me?”

“Don’t ever tell her I told you, but you’re better.”

She loved this and gave me a wet, affectionate kiss, grabbing my cock again to show her gratitude.

“But yeah, she’s damned good.”

“I bet she just loves all that cum you spill all over those bit fuckin’ titties, huh?”

I laughed a little, looking away as she brought up something else.

“As I’ve said, I’ve been aware of this attraction between you and Kitten, and I understand how you say it’s reinforced through this parasite, but there’s something you should know about her.”

“What’s that?”

“She’s like me. More than she’d care to admit. No matter her innocence, it’s just a matter of time for her, and your little romp at the hotel proves it.”

I couldn’t reply to this, knowing it was true, accepting the fact that I xhamster porno was going to end up with a woman who would have no inhibitions or limitations. Of course, while my parasite was in charge, it was a lot easier to accept things like that, wasn’t it? As long as he was in charge, I’d be encouraging it.

“Have you two had sex yet?”

“No. And…”

“And what?”

“I feel like I gotta be careful with you until that happens. It’d be like letting her down if things went too far between us before she and I get the chance.”

“Sooo… out of respect for her, you’re waiting to fuck her first, then her mother?”

“I don’t mean it to sound like th-“

Her laughter cut me off. I sighed, rolled my eyes with a smile and waited for her to stop before saying, “I know it’s fucked, but this is a fucked up family. When the holes turn square, it sooner or later becomes pointless to keep using the round peg, no matter what you end up fucking with it.”

“How profound.”


“No, I’m serious, it is. But look, don’t worry about it, okay? I’m not offended, just impatient, especially now that Ashleigh told them about us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, you were at the meeting; what part of ‘open season on Steven’ did you not understand?”

I grabbed her crotch and squeezed gently, making her inhale with a pleasured sound as her eyes closed.

“Yeah, Mum likes that too.”

“Ohhh… yesss…”

“I’ve been rethinking a few things lately,” I told her, “my sex life being one of them.”


“Kitten will end up being my wife- I know that even if my other side won’t accept it- yet that didn’t stop either one of us from enjoying what happened last night.”

“Uff-f- Oh!”

“And, since I’ve already fucked my own mother, I sure as hell have no problem fucking you, other than the one that it creates between Kitten and I.”

“Ooooh! Squi- squeeze mu-! … Uhh-hh!”

“So, while Ashleigh declares open season on me, just know that, from my perspective, it’s open season on all four of you as well.”

“Oooh, fuuuck!”

Suddenly slipping two fingers up inside her, my thumb began rubbing her erected clitoris while I said, “So, rest assured that I will fuck you, but in my own time.”

She came, both her little hands on my forearm as she bucked and moaned. The strange, submissive expression in her eyes was unexpected, though I’d have been surprised if I’d seen anything else in them right then. It was in keeping with the rest of her expression when I forced her down on me.



I woke up in my bed again, this time remembering how I got there. Gina had roused me from sleep out on the balcony as the sky began lightening up in the east. We both sleepily went inside, curling up with one another without a word.

Lying there in the morning, the next thing I remembered was the strange heritage that had been explained and proven to me in the hotel lounge. Then I remembered my so-called behaviour there. These memories ushered in a notation of how distressingly sober I was along with the most awful suspicions of how Daddy would look at me if he knew what I’d done.

“Oh my god,” I said aloud in shock, waking Gina.

“Mmmm… mornin’ slutty…”

I couldn’t answer, but managed a pasted smile, closing my eyes so as not to accidently catch her in my Jedi spell.

“Your breath is horrible,” she informed me, yawning afterward. “Where were you last night, anyway?”

Turning on my back, I sighed, “Out with Stevie.”

” … Out?” she asked with that old concern in her tone, my mind shrilling behind my calm eyelids.

“To a bar.”

“Really?” she asked doubtfully. “He’s not even old enough to get in, is he?”

“He’s got a fake ID. Smutty?”


“Umm… did you enjoy our game of pool last night?”

“Yes. Did you?”

“Uh huh. Who won?”

” … I don’t remember. Actually, I don’t remember coming back here, either.”

“You had a lot to drink,” I misinformed.

“Yeah… I must have.”

“We both did.”

Minutes later, standing in the bathroom, I gaped at the used up looking mess that was me. I was ashamed, yet awestruck that I’d sunk to such a depth, miffy moistening at the memory of how it felt when they pulled my pants down and away. Noticing a large clot of dried cum in my hair, my eyes widened as I wondered how Gina missed it in bed. I stripped out of my rumpled clothing, grimacing about the loss of my top and panties as miffy got wetter, and got into the shower before Gina could wake up and smell the sex.

As soon as I stepped under the hot spray, it activated a layer of filth, turning it to a slimy film under my hands that eventually washed away. I was so ashamed of myself when I masturbated to the memory of Kenny pushing his cock into my mouth, actually flushing in the shower while trying to keep my vocals down during my orgasm.

And I had no idea what I was going to say to Gina. I had no idea how I’d ever even eat breakfast with her, let alone converse with her. My trip to the bathroom had been a reason to get away from her so I could try to deal in the small comfort of privacy, but I knew I’d need more time than what I could possibly take in the shower. Regardless of this, every single grooming operation I could think of had been carefully and thoroughly carried out before I left that bathroom, and my reward was Gina’s absence.

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