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It was Sunday night, around 10ish. I was about to step into the bathroom before I heard some moaning noises. I turned around and noticed my parents bedroom door was cracked a bit. I peeked through with one eye. There laid my mother. She was propped up against the headboard of the bed with a lot of pillows underneath her. She had her legs spread wide open in the air. It made a v shape. She was fingering herself with a light purple vibrator. I was so hard at the moment. I was thinking to myself, “Man I have never been this hard in my lifetime.” She must have reached her climax because she began to get really loud. Then her whole body started shaking and she began to scream.

“Oh my gosh, yes, yes, fuck yeah!”

After she was done and calmed down, she pulled the vibrator out. Cum, sweat, and pussy fluid slung out in a gooey string and landed on her hairy bush. She did have a lot of hair on pussy, which doesn’t bother me. I love both hairy and bald pussies. She stuck the vibrator in her mouth and sucked all of her remaining fluids off of it. I was so turned on, but I left after she put her vibrator away in fear of her catching me. I went down stairs into the basement where my room was. I was so horny that you know I would masterbate, which I did. The next morning my dad woke me up for school. I ate, showered, and got dressed. It was around 7:00a.m. By this time my dad had already gone to work. My mom, sister, and I all got into the car. She dropped my sister off at the middle school, she then turned around and exited the parking lot. She was going the opposite way of the high school.

“Mom what are you doing, where are you going?”

“Home…I figured I’d let you stay home today.”

Puzzled I was, but I was glad that I didn’t have to go to school. I did want to know why she was letting me stay home so I asked. “Mom why are you letting me stay home?”

“Because son, I have something very important to teach you.”

My mind was going crazy at this point wondering what it was she wanted to teach me. When we got home she told me to go to my room and take all of my clothes off but leave my boxers on. After I’m done she said for me to meet her in her room. I was so baffled but I did it anyways. It was around 7:45a.m. I was only wearing my boxers. I headed upstairs fake taxi porno and to my moms door. I opened the door and walked in. My mom was sitting against the headboard of the bed with her housecoat on.

“Come over Matt and sit in front of me.”

I did as she said and sat on my knees in front of her. I was waiting for her to speak again. She had a strange smile on her face. She then undid the belt of her housecoat and pulled it apart. She was now exposing her naked self to me. Her tits were good size. They are 34 D to be exact. I know this from looking at the tag on her bra one time when it was hanging up after being washed.

She then spoke, “These are boobs Matt.” She cupped both of her tits as she said this.

“Do you like them?”


“Here, touch them…”

“Go on its okay, touch them.”

I stuck out my hands and cupped my hands over them.

“Do you like them, do you like how they feel?”

“Yeah, they’re nice and soft.”

She giggled and said, “I know hunny, why don’t you give them a little squeeze.”

I clenched my hands and palmed both tits in my hands. This felt even better.

“Would you like to taste them? Go ahead and suck on this nipple.”

I sucked on her right nipple for about five seconds before she instructed me to bit the nipple a bit.

“Oh yeah!”

She guided my other hand to her left tit and squeezed our hands together on the tit. She then stopped me altogether. She spread her legs apart.

“Here, look down here. This is a pussy Matt.”

I already knew what it was and I sure did know I loved it. She placed her fingers at the opening and pulled her pussy lips apart.

“Here is the clit.”

She guided me through all of the different parts of the pussy. After she was done she took my hand placed my pointer finger on her pussy.

“Go ahead and push it in.”

So I did so and I stuck up as far as I could.

“Go ahead and add another finger in there.”

Now my pointer and middle finger was in her clit. She told me to move them up down so I did.

“Go a little bit faster hunny.”

I was now moving my fingers in and out of her clit pretty fast.

“Yes that’s it baby, finger fuck my clit!”

I have never in family stroke porno my life heard my mother talk this way accept for when she was mad at me for doing something bad. I fingered my mom for a good five minutes and then she told me stop and lie on my back. I did so and now I was laying across the length of the bed. She raised up and got on her knees. She pulled down my boxers and took them off. She threw them to the floor. She grabbed my dick and started to play with and massage it. I was almost fully hard.

“Does this feel good Matt?”

I sighed from enjoyment and said, “Yes…..ehhh…yes it does mommy.”

“Well this will feel even better! What about to do to you now is called a blow job.”

She engorged the head of dick in her mouth. She sucked only my head for a little bit while my dick fully stiffened. After I was completely hard she took my whole dick in her mouth and moved up and down very fast. It felt so good! Every once in awhile she would release her mouth and spit on my dick. Then she would rub my cock some and then put her mouth back on it. This lasted for quite awhile. When she did stop, she got up. She sat back down on me slowly. She grabbed my dick with one hand and positioned my dick into her pussy. Once she took my whole dick inside of her she sat on me for a little bit.

She put both hands on my chest and said, “Here’s what sex is like!”

She moved up and down on me violently as I humped back.

“Yes! That’s it baby, fuck mommy’s wet pussy!

The way she was speaking to me really turned me on and caused me to just fuck her harder.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh yes! Mommy’s gonna cum, mommy’s gonna cum, ohhhh mommy’s c-c-c-c-cuuummmming!”

She came all over my dick. I could feel the warm liquid sitting on my dick. She sat up and stood up. Her cum was all over me. She turned around and told me not to move. She got on her hands knees and was positioned over top of me. Her ass was right in my face. She instructed me to suck and lick her asshole and pussy while she sucked my dick. We did this for quite some time.

“Emmmm, my pussy tastes so good off your hard cock. How does my ass and pussy taste?”

“Good, very good mommy!”

“It is good isn’t it! That was called the sixty-nine position female agent porno son.”

She moved up and told me to sit up and get on my knees. She was on her hands knees with her ass facing me. I was just on me knees and my upper body standing. She guided my dick into her asshole. It did take a little big longer to get in, instead of pussy due to it being a tight hole. It was however pretty easy to get in because my dick was so lubed from her sucking it. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pounded away at her ass.

“Oh fuck yes, give to me baby…Oh yesssss, that’s what mommy needs, fuck my ass…ohhhhhh yeeeeah fuck mommy’s ass!”

I was finally starting to feel the urge to cum, but my mom’s orders prolonged it.

“Oh baby, take your hand and slap…yeeeeeah…my fucking…ehhhhhh…ass!

I slapped her ass but not as hard as I could which would probably explain what she says next.

“Oh you have to slap it much harder then that! Slap it as hard as you can hunny.

So I slapped my mother’s ass as hard as could and continued to fuck her. This sequence went on for a very good five minutes. Her right cheek by this time was extremely red.

“M-m-m-mom I’m about to cum.”

“Ehhhh, hold on baby.”

She then got up and turned around grabbing my dick. She began to stroke it as hard and fast as she could.

“Yeah baby, are you gonna cum for mommy? Are you, are you? Answer me!”

“Ahhhh, yes mommy. I’m going to cum!”

“Good, cum in my fucking mouth!”


I let the biggest load of cum ever. It shot all over my mom’s face, hair and most of it in her mouth.

“Oh yes baby, yes! I love cum on my face. It tastes so fucking good!”

She then sucked me off till all the cum was gone.

“That’s sex hun, how do you like it?”

“I love it mommy”

“I would imagine you do. Come on, lets go take a shower before your sister gets home from school.”

We took a shower together. Cleaned my body off and I cleaned her off. We got out of the shower and dressed right before my sister got home.

Before my sister opened the door my mother said, “Anytime you want that cock of yours sucked or you wanna fuck, just come to momma.”

She then smiled at me and we brought our lips together. We kissed passionately and she placed her tongue in my mouth. We then heard the lock of the door turn. We broke apart and then the door opened. My mom greeted my sister as I went back down to my room. Today not only did I learn all the aspects of sex, but I learned that I could have my mom anytime I want!

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