Sex Education – My Daughter!


Sex Education – My Daughter!This story is a spin off from my series “My Son’s Secret Desire”. Please visit my profile for the earlier stories. Here is a link to the introduction Leigh Darby: pulled into her garage after another day as Principal of the local high school. She really enjoyed her job but even more so recently when she had seduced young Tony. It had been way too long since the mature principal had any sex at all. When she had let go with young boy it was the best sex she had ever had!Since that first time she had managed to fuck the boy two more times. Each was better than the first. However, she also knew that Tony was fucking Shannon West, his sexy teen girlfriend Samantha and a mystery older woman who apparently had trained him to be an excellent lover!Clearly the young man could fuck as much as he wanted and when he wanted but unfortunately the same could not be said for Leigh. Tonight she was particularly horny but her only relief was going to be her vibrator.She walked in the house and expected to find Stella working on her homework but she was not at the kitchen table. Leigh walked up the stairs and then she heard a moan. The moan was not a sick moan but a moan of pleasure and it came from Stella’s room.Leigh walked towards the door and then heard a male voice; “Come on baby! Let me fuck you!”Leigh looked in the room to see her teen daughter with her new boyfriend, John. He was behind her and had her top up and was playing with her tits and pussy. Leigh was shocked at the sight but then even more shocked as her hand started to rub her own pussy! John was a good looking young guy and Leigh would love to fuck him!”Come on Stella give some loving! My fucking cock is going to burst from your teasing!” He moaned as his hands pushed into Stella’s pants”I can’t! I’m a virgin! Besides I’m not on the pill and I’m not going to get pregnant!” She protested”Stella I have to have some relief! Please suck my cock!” He groaned as he pulled her on the bedLeigh watched the two teens kissed and touched but the gasped when she saw the huge cock come out of John’s pants! The k** was hung like a horse! Her mouth watered at the thought of sucking that wonderful cock!”That’s it baby just kiss and lick it!” John moaned as He pushed the young girls face into his lapLeigh watched her daughter start to lick and kiss the large cock. She could tell that Stella did not know what to do. Leigh wanted so badly to push her aside and show her how to service a big dick.”Open your mouth and suck it!” John groaned”I don’t know….” Stella started to say but John grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouthLeigh watched and rubbed her pussy as her daughter tried to suck cock for the first time. She watched Stella’s feeble attempts and she was just as frustrated as John was by her daughter’s lack of experience.”Come on baby canlı bahis just relax!” John said with frustration”I can’t do it!” Stella said with her own frustrationSomething broke in Leigh and she found herself standing by her daughter’s bed. The two teens stared up at her with shock on their faces.”Mom!” Stella said in surprise as John looked shocked at the sudden appearance of his girlfriend’s mother”It looks like tonight’s homework is sex education. I did not know that oral sex was part of the curriculum. Perhaps you both could use some tutoring!” She said with a sexy tone in her voiceBoth of young teens just looked at the sexy woman with their mouths open.”That one huge cock you have there John! I can see why a first time cocksucker like Stella would have a problem. Let me show her how to do this.” Leigh said as she crawled on the bed and Stella stood behind her and watchedLeigh kissed the tip of the cock and could taste the pre-cum on her lips. She held it up and admired the wonderful fuck stick. She then licked from the balls to the head with a slow sexy motion that made the boy groan with torment. Then she opened her mouth and slid her lips over his shaft with a slow torturous speed.”Ohhhh Fuck!” John groaned as she slowly pumped his dick with her mouth as her tongue rubbed along the shaftLeigh let the cock slip from her lips and looked at John who was in heaven. She reached and pulled Stella to the bed. She looked her daughter in the eyes and she wanted her daughter to feel like she did at this very minute.”He has a really big cock but you can do this! Just relax and use your mouth in all kinds of ways. Here lick along the bottom of the shaft!” Leigh said and watched her daughter’s tongue licked the shaft”Now just tickle this little spot just below the head with the tip of your tongue!” She said and watched Stella do as toldJohn was jerking and Leigh knew the poor boy was about to blow his cum.”Ok back off! He is getting really excited! You are doing so good! Your boyfriend needs to cum. Since this is your first time I think it would good for you to swallow his sperm.” She said as she looked into Stella’s terrified eyes”You need to learn to swallow and really is big turn on for guys. Besides it really is sexually stimulating to feel your lover’s cock jerking in your mouth! Trust mommy!” Leigh saidStella wrapped her lips around John’s cock and started pumping. John was past the point of no return and he moaned as his cock started spraying cum into the girl’s mouth as her mom cheered her on.Stella felt the cock in her mouth shooting stream after stream of seamen. The taste was surprisingly good to her. Then she swallowed and felt the first gulp if the man juice go into her stomach. Her pussy was on fire! Her mom was right this was so fucking sexy!John dropped back on the bed as he smiled with post orgasm euphoria that can only come from great sex.”You did do well! bahis siteleri I’m so proud of my little girl!” Leigh said”That was fun!” Stella said as she smiled with remnants of his cum dripping from her faceThe three laid in the bed together but it was not long before John being the young guy that he was started touching the mother and daughter. His hands quickly found two very wet and aroused pussies. It was amazing to him to be rubbing the clits of two women at the same time. Both mother and daughter jerked as the boy fingered them.Leigh watched the giant cock stood proudly at attention.”Look mom he is already hard again!” Stella said with amazement”Yes baby young guys can recover really fast! You need to remember that. In the future you should suck his dick off before you fuck. That way he will not cum as fast when you need to get off on his dick. The best orgasms are when you have cock deep in you.” Leigh said”Maybe you mom should teach you how to fuck too.” John said as a joke but was hoping that he would get some pussy”Mom would you! I have been wanting too but well it is kind of intimidating!” Stella saidLeigh smiled as she looked at the cock that was so big. She wanted to get fucked so bad.”Are you saying I can fuck your boyfriend?” Leigh asked as Stella eagerly shook her head yes”Alright we can both fuck him but he has to cum in my pussy. He will have to wait until we get you on the pill. Now show you about fucking guys that have big dicks!” Leigh said as straddled the boy”My pussy is really wet so I’m ready. If you are not have your lover lick your pussy or make sure you have some lube!” Leigh said as Stella watched her mom position the cock at the entrance to her pussyLeigh felt the big head of the boy cock pop into her pussy. Her cunt lips tightened on the cock as she lowered herself on the boy.”Mm mm that’s a wonderful cock! It is really stretching my pussy! You can have too baby. Sit on his face and have him eat you!” Leigh moaned as she started to ride the cockStella lowered her pussy on to John’s face. She felt his tongue push into her pussy and wiggle. Suddenly she jerked with a powerful orgasm!”Mama! Oh mama! Ohhhh fuck!” She groaned as she pushed her sloppy pussy on his faceLeigh was listening to her daughter cum but she only heard it through the fog of her own orgasm as her pussy gripped the large cock. Her body convulsed as she rode the big cock. In her mind she was thinking how much she needed to fuck boy cocks and here she was riding one.Stella was just recovering from the most intense orgasm she ever had and she watched her mom cumming in John’s cock. John was moaning in her pussy as he was getting fucked by her mom. She really wanted to know what felt like to have a cock in her cunt.”Mom can I fuck him too?” She asked”Yes baby! It will hurt a little but then it will feel so good! Are you ready?” Leigh asked as her daughter shook her head güvenilir bahis yesLeigh pulled off of John as Stella pulled off his face. Leigh could see the girl juice her daughter had smeared on his face as she had ridden him to a cum.”Stella put your head down and stick your butt up in the air. This is called Dogie style! His cock will be able to go deeper this way! John get behind her! Now you be easy on her! She is a virgin!” Leigh said but she felt a perverse excitement at watching her daughter get fucked for the first timeLeigh positioned the cock head against her daughter’s opening. She looked John in the eye and with a nod of approval watched at the head entered Stella.”Ohhhhh…..” Stella moaned as Leigh grinned”Are you ok?” John asked concerned that he might be hurting her”It’s ok! She is feeling pleasure! Push more in!” Leigh said excitedly as she held Stella’s assLeigh watched several inches of the cock slide into her daughter. This so fucking sexy! Then he pulled back to stroke deeper but his cock slipped out. Stella groaned with disappointment but Leigh grabbed the monster cock and guided it back to her opening. John had his eyes shut but his hands gripped her sexy young ass. Leigh watched as he pushed hard.Stella jerked as she felt her hymen torn by the big cock. Then she only felt that sliding in and out of her. Never had she imagined the indescribable pleasure of a cock fucking her. Leigh could see the smear if virgin blood in the Vick and knew her daughter was now a woman…a woman getting fucked by a big cock.John then felt Leigh’s mouth on his as she drenched kissed the man fucking her daughter. Her hand was rubbing his ass and she was encouraging him to fuck harder. Stella was gripping the covers on the bed as the intensity of pleasure increased as the boy fucked harder.Leigh listened to slapping sound of the two bodies as the teens now fucked with total abandon. She could tell that the boy was getting close. Then Stella arched her back and started shaking as her body orgasmed on her first cock ever!”Don’t cum in her! That is for my pussy!” Leigh said”Yes….ahhhh shit!” John said as he pulled out and lay in his backLeigh immediately mounted the boy and rode him just as hard as he had been Stella”Cum for me you stud! Give me your nasty cum!” Leigh said as she pumped his cock”Ohhhh fuck!!!!” Was all he could say as his cock shot a large amount if cum into the mature pussyLeigh’s body greeted the sperm with a flood of pussy juice as her orgasm matched cock inside her. She collapsed next two the boy. When she looked over Stella and John were kissing happily. Leigh could feel the sperm dripping from her happy pussy.”So did you two have fun with the sex education homework?” Leigh asked with a giggleBoth teens laughed and hugged Leigh.”Thanks Mom! You’re the best!” Stella said as she kissed her momThe end?(A word from the Author: I hope enjoyed a spin off from the series. My intention is to follow this perverted family as I see many possibilities with a sister. Dad and dad’s GF. If you liked please give a thumbs up. As always I love to read your comments and messages.)

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