Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 05

Big Tits

It is raining outside the gymnasium on a Friday evening. Timmy (19 yrs.) is a handsome sandy-blonde competitive wrestler. He stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. His girlfriend never leaves his side. This out-of-town meet is the first time she’ll miss a wrestling match. She dropped him off in the parking lot and drove away in her car. The athlete bus is already parked and the other wrestlers have gone inside the gym.

Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “Gents” magazine “sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She’s been watching Timmy and followed him to this wrestling meet. She loves his devotion to his girlfriend, but tried to send him a text message. She was blocked and couldn’t get her nude photos to him either.

She sits in her 4-door, black Mazda, sports car. The wind-shield wipers clear the falling rain from the front window. She watched Timmy kiss his girlfriend and then jog into the gymnasium. His sport bag is over his right shoulder. It’s the first time he’s been alone during a wrestling competition.

Kerri wears a pink tank-top and her huge nipples look like they’re going to pop through the fabric. Her own sandy-blonde hair falls to the shoulders. She also wears tight blue jeans.

She whispers, “Finally, a chance to get him into my car.”

Outside the gymnasium. The rain has stopped and the wrestling bahis firmaları meet is over. Timmy walks out wearing jeans and a college sport coat. He pulls out his iPhone and looks at it. He stops on the sidewalk and then looks around. His girlfriend hasn’t shown up to get him yet.

Kerri’s sport car pulls right in front of Timmy. The driver window rolls down.

She says, “Hi Timmy. I’m Kerri and congratulations on winning your match.”

Timmy looks around and smiles. He walks over to her car and Kerri’s massive tits come into view. His eyes grow big when he sees those incredible nipples.

He replies, “Hi Kerri. Thanks, it was a good wrestling match.”

She smiles, “Get in before it rains again.”

He nervously says, “I-I can’t. My girlfriend is picking me, uh…, up.”

“Then, let’s wait for her. The door is open” she says.

He answers, “I guess it won’t hurt to wait.” He stumbles as he steps around her car.

It is raining heavily in the off-campus parking lot. Kerri’s sport car is parked and that rain hits those dark windows. Timmy’s sport bag sits on the passenger front seat. His iPhone sits on top of that bag and it lights up with alerts.

Timmy sits in the back-seat that is covered in black fur. His shirt is off and both his jeans and boxer shorts are pulled down to his kaçak iddaa ankles. Kerri still has her jeans on, but her tank top is off. She leans over his body and has been devouring his 7-inch cock. His left hand squeezes her right nipple and his other hand rests on her blonde head.

He moans, “Ohh… Fuck… Mmm… My girlfriend’s… Waiting… Waiting… Fuck.!”

Her left hand grips his stiff shaft and the tongue furiously licks his cock-head.

He says, “Oh, fuckk… My Gu-girlfriend… Sh-she’s… Waiting… Feels so good.!”

She lifts off of his cock, “She can wait.” Her lips cover his cock-head and tongue licks forcefully.

“Fuck… Okay… She can wait… Mmm… Fuck.!” he replies.

Her head bobs up and down as his feet kick the passenger back seat.

He screams, “Fuck.! You’re making me cum.! Cum.!!”

Her lips lock around his cock-head and he explodes, “Gu-Gu-Guuuuuuuuuhh.! Guuuuuhh.! Guuuuuhh.!!”

She swallows.

20 minutes later. The downpour of rain hits the dark windows. Timmy’s iPhone keeps lighting up with alerts.

The naked bodies of Kerri and Timmy are on the back seat. She is laying on her back with the knees bent up and spread open. He is leaning in between those legs. His right hand and elbow press against the black fur on the upper back seat. His left kaçak bahis hand grips the seat near her waist.

His cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He moves up his knees which lifts her legs as her feet touch his buttocks. Timmy is thrusting aggressively.

She responds, “Gawd… Uhhh… Gawd… Uhhh… Uhhhh… Oh, Gawd… Right… Uhhh… There.!”

Timmy looks at her tits as they flop after each thrust.

He says, “Those… fucking titties.!”

“Timmy… T-Timmy… Gawd… Uh-Uhhhh… Uhhhh… Uhh-Gawd… Gawd.!!” she replies.

He looks down at his shaft pushing in and pulling out. He picks up the pace.

She screams, “Uhh-Uh-Gawd-Tim-Timmy-Uhhh-Uhh-Timmy.!!”

He stops and slowly pulls out and then pushes in. They both breathe hard.

She whispers, “Your girlfriend’s waiting Timmy.”

He smiles, “I know. She can wait. Fuck, I love you tits.”

“Me too” she replies and they both laugh.

He starts thrusting again as they both look down at his shaft.

She says, “Gawd… Timmy… You’re so… Uh-Uhhh… Uhhh… Fu-Fucking… Hot… Uhhhh.!!”

His cock pushes inside one more time and he stops.

Timmy explodes, “Gu-Guuuuuuuuuuhh.! Guuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuhh.! Uuuhh.! Fuck.!!”

He leans forward and his left hand grips her right tit. He begins sucking on her huge nipple.

His cock pulls out.

She whispers, “I followed you for months.”

He lifts off of her nipple, “Fuck, you lucked out. My girlfriend is so fucking clingy.”

They both kiss each other deeply.

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