Sex on the beach- with a couple

Sex on the beach- with a coupleMy wife and I purposely booked a trip to the Caribbean on a deserted stretch of beach. We were told by many friends we could find a place to ourselves. We have both been working hard for the last two years and we needed some time alone together.The posh hotel was everything we had been told; a tub in the bathroom, a shower that opened to the outside, excellent dining and miles of lonely beach.We got right up the first day and right after breakfast we hurried down the beach. After a walk of at least two miles we stopped and set down our things.Jennifer (my wife) quickly stripped off everything and strutted to the water’s edge. I stared at her tight ass as she played in the water. She’s 36 years old and incredibly pretty. She has long dark hair, firm, big tits with a large areola, and a muscular body.I’m 38 and also in good shape. I swim every day and lift about three times a week. I’m 6’2” and 185lbs.Jenny came back to the towel and ran on some tanning lotion in front of me. I just stared at her body and it turned her on. Soon she was taking me in her mouth. I came quickly as I looked around at eh beautiful setting; white sand, turquoise water and my wife.I finished the job of rubbing on oil and then went down to please her. She rolled over and I gave her one of the best lickings since our honeymoon.I rolled on my back and Jenny went back into the waterAS she came back out of the water it seemed something was wrong; she was staring past me, she had a troubled look on her face.AS I turned to see what she was looking at, I noticed a young couple walking towards us. They were carrying a cooler and had blankets.Much to our surprise, they spread out their blanket close to ours. Jennifer kept looking at them“Hi” the girl said, I’m Lisa”“Uh Hi, I’m Jennifer, this is my husband Derek”“I’m Thomas”They spread out their blanket and proceeded to disrobeI must admit, I was looking forward to seeing Lisa naked. She is short, about 5’4”. Blonde and medium sized firm tits.Thomas is about 5’9” 165 lbs and very lean. He appeared to have a slender, long dickLisa didn’t shave her pussy like Jenny, she is trimmed, What a beautiful sightJennifer and I were still in a state of shock having this couple barely older than 18 setting up camp next to usThomas brought out some cold beers and offered them, we acceptedJenny returned the favor and gave us guys beers and wind coolers for the girlsI found myself starting at Lisa, I hadn’t seen a girl this young naked in some timeThomas jumped up, grabbed a Frisbee and grabbed Jenny by the hand“come on”She got up and they tossed the Frisbee to each otherAS they played, they wandered further awayIt was difficult to see them, I had been enjoying watching my wife’s tits bouncing as she lunged for the objectI was now able to focus on LisaShe illegal bahis noticed my attention and came over to our blanket with some lotion“Could you rub this on me”I rubbed it on her back and stared at her tiny ass. It is firm and beautifulShe turned over and I spread some on her stomach and legs“You can rub it all over me, I don’t want to burn”What the hell, I rubbed it on her incredible tits, medium sized, nipples the size of an eraser, and no sagWhen I was done she sat up. She slowly rubbed some more lotion on her hands and then to my surprise she grabbed my dick and started rubbing the oil inWow………………….. I couldn’t believe this young girl was rubbing my dick, and doing a good jobI squirted in her hand in no timeI quickly looked around to make sure Jennifer hadn’t seen me, Lisa just giggled and smiled at meAbout 20 minutes later Jenny and Thomas returned. Jenny looked different but not upset or anythingWe had some more drinks and shared lunch. What a different experience being nude with a beautiful young coupleJenny and I gasped as Lisa began to stroke and then suck ThomasI looked at Jennifer and she just shrugged.Thomas has a long dick that is very slender. Lisa is quite accomplished at sucking and he was hard instantly. They looked at us and smileLisa moved around and Thomas began licking her beautiful young pussy, she moaned. I looked at her tiny pussy being penetrated by his tongue and I got hard Jennifer noticed my hardness and gave me a look. “What am I supposed to do”Thomas and Lisa were now in a full fuck and we watched them.Jennifer grabbed my hand and moved it down to her pussy. I stroked her as we watched this young gorgeous couple doing itThomas arched his back and they both moaned loudly. We could see him jerking as he came inside her. Jenny was coming also, a three way orgasmLisa and Thomas rolled off of each other and took a sip of beer/wineI was staring at them with a hard dick and Jenny was still panting, Lisa and Thomas smiledJenny looked at my hard dick and got into position to suck me. What an incredible feeling as my wife sucked me while this couple watchedI quickly got close and my breathing grew louder. I thought both Lisa and Thomas were re-positioning to get a better look. That got me even more excited and I exploded in Jenny’s mouthI thought I would launch her head as I came for at least 20 seconds“Wow” I saidThomas and Lisa grinned“We weren’t sure how you would feel about our experiences” Lisa giggled“We have never done anything like this” Jenny said. “I’ve never been naked in front of a stranger before”The rest of the day was uneventful. We didn’t spend much more time, the sun is very hot. We agreed to meet again the next dayTuesday morning I thought Jenny was in more of a hurry than I as we got our cooler ready and headed to the same youwin güvenilir mi spot on the beach. After about 30 minutes, Lisa and Thomas joined us. I looked forward to them disrobing again, I liked Lisa’ young body.Tuesday played out much like Monday. We shared some drinks and then Jennifer and Thomas played Frisbee and eventually they were out of sightI looked over at Lisa and she was smiling“What don’t we skip the lotion and go straight to the good stuff” she said with a smileI couldn’t believe I heard this“Yeah”She came over to my blanket and curled up right next to me. I ran my hands all over her pert body. Every inch of her body was tanned and hard. Not an ounce of fat. I played with her nipples, they are firm and medium sized. I could feel her chest heaving. I then moved my hand down to her pussy and slid in a finger.Her we were, in the middle of the day, exploring each other“You haven’t shaved” I said“Yeah, Thomas still wants a little mystery. What do you think”“You have a beautiful pussy, you might want to show it off”She smiledShe moved off of me, onto the blanket and spread for me. I looked at her perfect little pussy with just wisps of hair surrounding it. She smiled even moreI moved in between her legs and positioned for some good lickingI blew on her lips and she moaned. I parted her lips and gently licked them. She moaned. I ran my tongue around her lips and grazed her clitoris, she squirmedI kept up my best lick job until I could feel her grab my head and pull it in. She arched her back and began bucking, I kept licking. She almost screamed and lurched as she came. She was heavingShe pushed me away and I looked at her panting in the sunShe eventually slowed down and a big grin formed on her face She rolled over and spread her legs; she looked at meI moved in with my hard dick and entered her quicklyWhat a tight pussy. I pulled her up on all fours and reached up to caress her perfect tits.I looked down at her tight ass as I thrust in her.“Wow, you’re big”I grinnedI couldn’t believe I was doing a 19 year old girl and she is this beautifulI tried to make it last, you know, thinking about benign things, but I didn’t lastSoon I grew inside her and she moaned again, that made me harderI could feel myself getting close and my dick growing As I exploded, Lisa screamed and arched her back; We came togetherI just held myself inside her. For once I didn’t want the moment to endWE both rolled onto the blanket and pantedLisa grabbed a cooler and handed me a beerAbout 30 minutes later, Jenny and Thomas returnedWe left again, vowing to meet again on WednesdayWednesday played out the same way. We were sharing drinks. This time Thomas and Jenny didn’t leave together to play FrisbeeLisa started flirting with Thomas and they soon began fucking perabet again in front of usI looked at Jennifer and she smiledI moved in between her legs to warm her upI tried to give Jenny the same quality licking I had given Lisa the day before; soon she was ready for penetrationShe laid back and I mover inJenny has a beautiful body and a killer pussy. She now keeps it shaved. I stated at it as I moved in with my dickI’m fortunate to have a large package. I’ve never measured it but judging by the locker rooms, I’m bigger than anyone I know. The advantage is I don’t have to work at sex very hard. Jennifer has always enjoyed big orgasmsWe found ourselves looking over at Lisa and Thomas as they were making noise. They were both coming and we watched. That sight made us excited and I came inside Jennifer as she screamed with a loud orgasmI just lay on top of Jenny for a while and then I rolled off. Jenny got me a beerI looked a Jenny’ pussy oozing come and then looked over at Lisa’s“I have something I have to tell you Jennifer” Lisa saidMy body tightened“I had sex with your husband while you were with Thomas”I was horrified“Oh I figured you did” Jenny said with a smile“That’s okay, Thomas and I did also”I looked at her with total shock“Oh come on Derek, you think I would leave you with a young hot girl like her, naked and nothing happens. Your package is too big to resist.“Your husband is huge” Lisa said“How big is that thing” Thomas said“I don’t know”“Stand up- let us have a good look” Thomas said“That’s okay”“Go ahead honey, show it off” I couldn’t believe Jenny was saying thisI stood up for everyone to get a good lookI was surprised as Thomas was as interested as LisaJenny took my dick in her hand and held it up“Come closer and get a good look” she saidLisa and Thomas moved in“May I” Lisa said“Sure”Lisa moved in and took me in her mouth. I couldn’t believe Jenny was okay with this. Lisa stroked me and stopped sometimes just to look at me“See Thomas”“Yes, you weren’t k**ding”He moved even closer and she slid my dick in his mouthI let him suck a while and then moved back into Lisa’s mouthAfter about a minute I was growing and I knew I was getting closeI looked around and my wife was sucking Thomas. She looked at me“I prefer his size when I’m sucking, but when I get fucked I want the big thing”I came buckets in Lisa’s mouth and my come spilled out of her mouthRight about then Thomas was groaning and arching his member into JenniferWe all had another quick drink and then called it a dayAs Jenny and I walked back we talked about this couple“When did you and Thomas do it first”“Oh the first day. I had to have this young stud. He comes quickly but then he’s ready to go again in 5 minutes. I’ve never done it so many times“How was Lisa”“ I have to admit- my fantasy has been fulfilledWe spent the rest of the week doing it in the bright sun on the beach. Nothing short of incredibleAs we said our goodbyes, Lisa and Thomas would not share emails or phone numbers“We want to remain anonymous” Lisa said“That’s fine, thanks for the memories” Jennifer said

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