Sex Studio Secrets #11: Aisha Amused-3

Sex Studio Secrets #11: Aisha Amused-3Aisha grabs her chance for a second travel to seventh heaven in terms of awesome orgasms with meAisha will be with me for a full week for her corporal correction and some more lessons in loveAisha will be very obedient and as open as she can be in answering any intimate interrogationsI like her sudden change from being a blonde beauty bad babe into a submissive slave sweetheartI love her looks from the pink blush at her cheeks to the red blush of her burning bottom cheeksShe suddenly seems to love me for the lovely lessons she got in erotic extasy, even in humiliationShe is willing to open up both her body and mind for much more of me for the rest of our warm weekHow about making me orgasm in your mouth without using your hands? I am sure you can do that!Hot challenge, my Master! I never needed to do that before, but I am very dedicated to serve youAisha if you succeed in sucking my seeds into your throat, I will start a second sexy set for youAisha I took you once from first all the way up to seventh heaven, surely you like a second travelAisha earns güvenilir bahis siteleri herself a second set of seven orgasms in a row, this time by slapping her hot bottomAisha has her hands at her back and looks up to me with her pretty blue eyes as she munches my memberAisha has a lot of professional experience as a dancer but not yet in this type of pervy pole-dancingI explode enormously in her upper opening on offer, so I offer her to bend across my lap as a rewardI first give my standard repertoire for spanking towards an orgasm of a dozen slaps, next caressingShe still has a very wet snatch I notice after the first set of six spanks left and six at right bumShe comes into first heaven after only three sexy sets so I next propose her the most proper position How about another set, sweet slave? Lay down along my legs face down and your legs around my hipsHow hot my Master! I will be completely exposed and open now for you at both my most private parts!Aisha instinctively senses my intention as she puts her pussy over my hard-on so her clit feels itAisha offers mobilbahis a very sexy sight so wide open with wet sexily swollen love-lips caressing my manhoodAisha runs up the stairs to third heaven with my mighty swollen sword up her horny sexy sheathAisha’s sexy snatch seems to search for proper penile penetration while I alternate from left to rightAlso Aisha’s sphincter easily gives way when I press it with one thumb in teasing both her holy holesI pull her towards me after a few dozen sets so my member slides into her sheath at ease for fuckingI continue to spank her butt in a slow steady rythm which she answers by pushing her hips back at meShe grabs my feet to push herself towards me meeting my meat, while I keep beating her redhot bottomShe soon starts to sigh again indicating she is taking the steps of her second stairway to hot heavenHow hot to be banged at my bums and in my hole at the same time my masterly Master, I come again!How about the same thing again, but now in your butt, beautiful baby? – Yes please, Professor Peter!Aisha awesomely comes very mobilbahis giriş fast for the third time, after only one set of my dozen spanks of her bumsAisha tries to get back her breath as I grab her to turn her over and around for frontside pole probeAisha feels her hot hormones raging to make her eggs ready to meet my sperm shower in her cervixAisha can read my mind by now as she immediately starts to bang my bent banana as best as she canAisha comes fast as soon as I offer her clit the tip of my index to land at after every big bumpI send her off for fifth time by spanking her cheeks by both hands as she has hers round my neckI suck her hard nipples while she keeps riding me and she orgasms once more while I bite at themShe is so close to seventh heaven again, so I do not allow her to rest, I only keep her still shortlyShe feels how I enter her anal canal by two fingers to massage my member from inside her holiest holeHow hot to make us come together by this tasty treat, let my tasty twat milk your member my Master!How about making me a baby? I feel my hormones are working at top-speed to release an egg for us twoAisha’s cervix kisses the top of my manhood at every bounce till it gets the sperm shower we all wantAisha moves from my arms into the arms of Morpheus, cloth-pins at her pussy to keep all sperm insideAgain an acrostichonof four times “AISHA”

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