Sex With A Handsome Stranger


Sex With A Handsome StrangerI had just spent a very frustrating six months with a man that was not a good fit for me. By the time I was ready to start dating again, I was so sexually frustrated that I didn’t feel I was able to be disciplined enough to date someone without hopping in bed with them before I knew if we were a good fit. I also felt like my youth was running out and I wanted to have fun while I can.So, I decided to go against my character and just have a fling while I was looking for Mr. Right. After only a month on xHamster, I came across his picture and was mesmerized. I read his profile several times and downloaded the pictures. I felt like I had seen him before somewhere. I sent him an invite and was happy when he accepted. After flirting a few times online, I felt like he was just what I was looking for, so I suggested that we meet. My intention was to have a purely physical relationship with him, no strings attached. I have no patience for poor lovers, bad hygiene or selfish men, so I asked to meet at Bentleys because I wanted to “try him out” before I let him come to my house. Unfortunately, Bentlys was closed on the day we were going to meet. I’m a good judge of character and I was horny as hell, so I gave him my address and told him to meet me there. I asked him to come in, go upstairs and to just start massaging me without saying a word. I was nervous because we’d never met in person and I knew almost nothing about him. He could be a serial killer, a thief or a brute….or even worse, a bad lover.I was so excited while getting ready for him. I’ve always fantasized about having sex with a stranger. I went thru my ritual to prepare my body and mind for sex. I bathed with perfumed soaps and oils three times and soaked in the hot tub letting the hot, scented water envelope me. I stood naked before the mirror while drying off and pictured in my mind what I was about to do. Just thinking about it had me wet with anticipation. I stepped into my black lace panties with a see-through back and began setting out my toys, restraints and lubes on my bedside table. Since I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, I didn’t have to pretend to be coy or conservative. I decided to let my freak flag fly and do everything I wanted to with him. I lay there in anticipation waiting for him to arrive picturing all the things I wanted to do to him. I prefer black men, but have always been curious about Latin men. I was thrilled to learn he was Afro-Cuban and was excited to learn more about his culture. Little did I know that Latin lovers are passionate and creative in bed. I find myself wondering if all Latino men are, or it’s just him.I heard my dog barking and tensed with excitement and fear as I heard him walking up the stairs. My pussy was wet with anticipation and my heart was beating a million miles a minute as the door opened. He said “Hello?” and I didn’t answer because I didn’t want to ruin this spontaneous moment with talk. As requested, he undressed and sat on the bed and began massaging my back. His strong, masculine hands felt wonderful as he expertly massaged the kinks out of my body. My profile is filled with videos of men eating pussy and ass because it is my favorite thing by far. A woman can tell if a man is going to be a good lover by his kisses; especially kisses down below. I got on my hands and knees and put ass in the air and told him I wanted him to lick my pussy and ass. Without hesitation, he began expertly licking me. Within moments of his starting to eat van escort me, I knew that he was going to be an amazing lover. He ate me like a pro while thrusting his fingers inside my pussy. I pulled a glass anal dildo out of my drawer, dipped it in the coconut oil for lubricant and asked him to alternate fingers in my pussy with a dildo in my ass. The two things together are almost always guaranteed to make me climax. I quickly felt my orgasm building deep inside me until it exploded like a fire bomb. I screamed out with passion and joy as my body trembled with pleasure. The hip hop music cascaded over me as I recovered from an amazing first orgasm.I finally took a moment to look at him and my breath caught as I looked at his sweet face, beautiful body and enormous erection. I had seen naked pictures of him online, but he was so much more impressive in real life. I hate small penis’s and was thrilled to see that he was enormous and hard as stone. I couldn’t wait to feel him thrusting deep and hard inside me. I lay back on the bed and guided his cock inside my tight, pink, wet pussy and began to ride him hard and fast. My body trembled with excitement as I felt him thrust inside me with passion. I was very impressed with his stamina as we drove each other to greater and greater heights. I remember thinking that if he were mine, I would never want to get out of bed again. After over an hour of loving, we took a brief rest. We intertwined our arms and legs to get as close as possible together and cuddled for several minutes. Even though I was winded, I began to get excited again with his masculine body wrapped around me. So, I took his hard cock in my hands and stroked it with fascination and lust. I leaned over and flicked my tongue across the head of his cock and he moaned with pleasure. I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it inside my mouth as I sucked and stroked him with abandon. I loved feeling him grow hard in my mouth while I went all the way down to the base of his cock and back. He groaned and I could feel his body start to tremble with excitement as I sucked harder and faster. Once he was fully erect again, I stood up on the side of the bed and bent over it with my legs spread ready for him. He stood behind me and thrust his hard, black cock inside me with one stroke. It took me a moment to adjust to something so large inside me since my pussy is so tight. It felt wonderful being filled completely while he held my hips guiding them onto his hard shaft. I had already come, but I knew with a little help I could easily come again with his talented techniques. I asked him to put his finger inside my ass while he fucked my pussy because I love double penetration almost as much as I love oral sex. While he was thrusting inside me, he started circling my rosebud and pushed his finger inside my ass in sync with his cock penetrating my pussy. Within a couple minutes, my body exploded and I shattered into a second orgasm while he thrust inside me starting his own orgasm. Afterwards, we cuddle together like an old married couple. I feel like we’re strong magnets drawn to each other and I can’t get close enough to him no matter how hard we try. I look at the clock and I see that over 3 hours has already passed. After relaxing for a few minutes, even though my pussy and ass are throbbing, I’m wet and craving more of his good loving. I reach into my bedside drawer and pull out my restraints and connect them to his wrists diyarbakır escort and ankles and ask him to lie on his back. I love the way he looks with his wrists bound to his ankles with a 1 foot strap in between them. Once he lays down on his back, I straddle my pussy over his face and begin to ride his talented tongue. I shudder with anticipation as I lean down and take his cock into my mouth. We suck, kiss and caress each other for a long time while he’s restrained. I reach down and fondle his balls while sucking hard on his beautiful, black cock. I can feel his tongue caressing my pussy and ass and pushing inside me like it was a penis. He slips his finger into my ass while sucking on my clit and I silently thank God that I met him. He sure learns what I like quickly. I can tell we’re getting closer to coming again, so I unlock his restraints and shift positions to ride his hips to prolong the pleasure. My tight pussy grips his huge cock as I ride him, my muscles milking him with each stroke. I ask him what he wants to do next and he asks me to lay on my side with my legs tucked up to my chest. He positions himself behind me, grabs onto my hips for leverage and plunges deep inside me. This position feels wonderful as it makes my tight pussy even tighter. I can feel each stroke more keenly because I’m not spread wide open. After several minutes, he guides me so that I’m lying face down with my legs tightly closed. He lays behind me and uses his feet to guide my legs exactly where he wants them. For some reason, I find his confidence in maneuvering my body where he wants it so arousing. I love it when he takes control and takes his pleasure from me. With my legs firmly pressed together, it must feel so tight for him as he guides himself inside me. He reaches down and kisses my ears as I buck my hips and clench my tight pussy in pleasure. I love the way he makes me feel like the most desirable woman in the world. After a long time, I can tell he needs a break, so I ask to switch position again. We move across my room to an arm-less chair next to my stereo. I have 90’s hip hop music blaring so that the neighbors won’t hear us. He sits down on the chair and puts his legs together. I straddle his hips and lower myself down onto his ever-hard cock. I sigh with pleasure as I feel his thick, rigid cock fill me completely. I press my large, white breasts into his face and he begins to suckle my pink nipples. I love watching the joy on his face as he licks and caresses my ample breasts. I passionately kiss his face and neck as I rock my big hips back and forth in rhythm with the loud music. I’m feeling horny as hell and agressive. I want to fuck him in a way he’ll never forget. I grab the back of the chair and stand up slightly on my legs to give me the control I need as I violently thrust my hips into him. He must really like this because he begins to moan loudly as he grabs my ass and helps me thrust harder and harder onto him. I can tell this is going to be one of our favorite positions in the future. As I rock hard back and forth the chair is banging into the wall behind us in sync with the music. I am literally fucking his brains out and I can only imagine what the neighbors must be thinking. He looks at me with such adoration and passion. I feel a connection inside me that I haven’t felt in such a long time. Is it my imagination, or did he just whisper “I love you…”? I’m not sure he realizes he’s doing it, so I pretend that ısparta escort I didn’t hear him.After several minutes of riding him hard and fast, I stand up and we move back to the bed. I hug and kiss him and look at him with awe thinking about how amazing we are together in bed. We haven’t spoken more than 10 words to each other yet we are totally in sync with each other physically. I rub his hard cock as I wonder at his ability to maintain an erection for 5 hours of hard sex. I stroke his glistening cock with coconut oil and then add some oil to my tight pink rosebud. Next, I take the restraints and put them on my wrists and ankles, after all turnabout is fair play. I get on my hands and knees and he expertly guides his cock towards my tight ass. Although I’m excited as hell, I’m nervous because I’m not sure that something so big will fit inside me. I don’t know this man, yet I already know that I can trust him not to hurt me. I slowly back up on his cock and immediately feel pain shoot up my spine. I mentally try to relax as I slowly push backwards on his cock until I’ve got his entire shaft inside me. I love the feeling of his big cock inside me as he slowly pushes deeper inside me and begins to rock his hips back and forth. The chains binding my hands jingle beneath me as I bend down and widen my stance so he can have better access.He starts talking dirty to me which is something that I really love. I ask him to talk in Spanish to hear what it sounds like. Never in my entire life have I heard anything sexier than this man talking dirtier than he’s ever spoken before. I can feel his cock stiffen even harder as he tells me how much he loves fucking every part of me. His dirty Spanish words cast a spell which bewitches me body and soul. In the weeks since we met, I’ve had many dreams where he’s whispering in Spanish all the things he wants to do to my body and I wake up aching for his touch and my pussy soaking wet. I encourage him to talk dirtier and dirtier as I ride his cock. He leans over and begins kissing my neck and ears while fondling my breasts. My ears are a major erogenous zone so my nipples begin to harden and I start to ride his thick cock harder and faster. While talking dirty, he reaches around and caresses my clit and continues kissing my ears. Our breathing is rapid and deep as we rock in syncopation faster and faster. I reach between our legs and fondle his balls as he thrusts forward. My ass is stretched bigger than it has ever been and the pleasure is indescribable. I start rocking back harder and harder as I feel an orgasm quickly building inside me. I can tell he is close as well by his moaning and fast breathing. I clench my tight pussy muscles around him and fondle my clit to help push me over the edge. My fourth orgasm is by far the strongest. The combination of his talking dirty in Spanish and pushing inside my ass brings me to an explosive orgasm. As I scream at the top of my lungs in pleasure as I feel his cum shoot deep inside my ass. He throws his head back and deeply moans in climax. Our bodies tremble with spent passion as we collapse onto the bed. We lay panting on the bed and look at each other with wonder at how compatible we are in bed. It’s as if we’ve been making love for years and know what the other wants instinctively. I ask him to lay his head on my breasts and we lie intertwined as I stroke his hair and face. I feel so completely and totally satisfied like never before. I glance at the clock one last time and see that it’s been 6 hours since he first came into my bedroom and began massaging my shoulders. After only 1 day together, I can already tell that this is no ordinary affair and this could blossom into something wonderful if we give it a chance. As good as we were together in bed, we were 10x better out of bed.

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