Sex with FTM

Sex with FTMI was traveling and decided to go on craigslist to see if I could have some adventures while out of town. I saw this ad that really intrigued me, “FTM Seeks Men for NSA Good Times”. The description defined this as a male to female trans person, a man with a pussy. I am pretty liberal and down for some adventures so I thought why not, worst comes to worst, I’ll just wind up alone in my hotel room after saying thanks but no thanks. We emailed back and forth and decided to meet up in my room, watch some porn, have a few drinks and just see konya escort where it led.When he gets there, he looks like any other dude. After some small talk and beers, we settle in to watch some porn. Stripped down to our underwear, it was obvious that he didn’t have a package much to my relief. I reached over and stroked his leg while i began to slowly jerk my hard rod as we watches two chicks suck and fuck each other with a huge dildo. his hand slipped into his underwear and he spread his legs slightly. he was jerking too. i wanted to konya escort bayan watch him. i took off my underwear and he followed. he has this huge clit! his pussy was trimmed so close and his lips swollen. he was dripping. i watched as he rubbed his clit. i reached over and slipped a finger into his slit, it was soaked. i spread his legs and began to lick his little nub. it was so hot. very little foreplay and here i was eating this cunt and sucking this big clit. my tongue flickered across is clit and i stuck it into his wet hole. escort konya he was buking his hips and pumping his clit into my mouth. i ate and sucked while jerking my cock and tugging my balls.when it was my turn, he swallowed my cock. i fucked his mouth pumping until i was balls deep. i licked my head, sucked me down into his throat. he stopped, stood up, braced himself against the bed and offered me his pussy. as i entered from behind, guys, this was the wettest, hottest cunt i have ever fucked. he squeezed my cock and told me to fuck him hard. no womb to beat so i could ram this pussy hard. pumped and he squeezed and thrusted into me. he came so hard and the contractions of his cunt milked a huge load of my jizz deep inside of him.when it was over, he showered and left. what a trip

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