Sex with girlfriends best friend.


Sex with girlfriends best friend.My girlfriend and I usually invited another couple over to drink with us on Saturday nights. Their names are Don and Abby. One Saturday night in particular, we were drinking shots of tequila, and Jamie (my girlfriend) within maybe an hour of drinking had already drank too much, and told everyone good night, then went to bed. Not 10 mins later, Don was passed out. And just Abby and I remained. We started to laugh at the “light weights”, even though we were feeling no pain ourselves. It was weird, she was laughing and giggling, and kept grabbing my arm. Her and I really never had a conversation between just to two of us before. And here we were, drinking, laughing, having a great time. Now, she was wearing a very low cut, red blouse, and has very large breasts. The whole time we were talking, I kept eye contact with her. If she looked away for a second, I was sneaking a peek at the cleavage. This went on for about an hour, until I asked her if she smoked pot. She said “no”, but didn’t mind if I did, so we went and sat on my basement stairs so I could.As soon as I sit down, she sits right next to me, and kind of falls over in my lap. I look down and one of the beautiful titties has fallen out. Instantly my cock started to get hard. She looked up at me, and must have caught my gaze, and then realized what I was looking at. She said “Oops, get back in there”, and then stuffed the massive breast back in her shirt. canlı bahis She sat up and said “did you like what you saw?” To which I replied, “Oh yes”. Then she says”well you might as well see the other one too then”, and pulled her shirt all the way off! Wow! They were magnificent! She grabbed them both and started squeezing them together. My dick was hard as a rock now, and I wanted her. I stood up, and told her “it’s not fair to tease girl”. She replied, “who’s teasing”. So, without hesitating I grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her body up against mine. My tongue went straight to her neck, slowly licking from her collar bone, all the way up behind her ear. Every few inches gently sucking as I licked. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. They felt so wonderful, so big and soft. As I played with them, we started kissing. I kissed her very slow, biting her bottom lip just a little, before slowly sliding my tongue in her mouth. It was so passionate, we were both extremely turned on. As we kissed, she reached her hand down to my pants, and felt my bulge. She was rubbing through the outside of my pants, reaching all the way beneath my balls, and slowly rubbing all the way up to the tip. I thought I was going to explode right then in my pants, but she stopped just before I came (luckily)and told me to pull my pants off. I told her, “you first”, and helped her get them down. She sat back on the stairs totally naked with her bahis siteleri legs spread. I sat a couple stairs down from her to get a good vantage point. Once again, I started to lick. This time, I started at her ankle, making small circles in the part just below where it dips in, and went up. Up her calf, my hand just above my head, leading the way, slowly caressing as I kissed her legs. I spent a long time, sucking her inner thighs, licking from one end to another. I passed her pussy, going up her pelvis to her stomach. I kissed her belly button on my my way to those huge breasts. I squeezed her chubby belly as sucked and nibbled on her erect nipples. Then after one more kiss on her lips, it was back down to her cunt. By now, she was dripping wet. I kissed all around her pussy before spreading it apart with my fingers to make room for my tongue. I licked up and down the sides of her labia lips while one hand still roamed free to grab her tits, or squeeze that sexy belly. Finally I tasted her wet, pink, pussy, gently sliding my tongue between her lips. She moaned softly “Oh yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop”. Her snatch tasted so wonderful, I began to wonder about her ass. Using both my hands on her legs, I pushed them back, and spread them wide. I now had a full view of her tight little ass hole. I dove down face first in her pussy, and sucked hard on her clit for a few moments and then, d**g my tongue down her dripping wet slit to her güvenilir bahis asshole. She clinched up a little when I first licked it, unsure if she liked it or not. Then I slid my tongue in and out, and back up to her clit. I kept circling her clit, then slowly dragging my tongue back to her ass, slide my tongue in, then slowly back up to her clit.She was ready to cum, and wanted me inside her. She said”Fuck me, slam my pussy with that big dick” So I did, I rubbed my dick on her clit a little to lube it up, and then slid it in. I thank it was five pumps before she started to moan loudly, she screamed”oh my god, wait, wait..” And just as she said that I slammed my cock in her as deep and hard as I could, and she started to cum. Uhhhh, she let a long deep moan, and her pussy started splashing me with her juices, Uhhh she moaned, every pump from my cock making another squirt. I squeezed her breasts, and just kept fucking her harder and deeper. Her moans turned into long grunts as I kept pushing the juices out. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled out my throbbing cock and let loose my cum, spraying far past her on the stairs, and covering her stomach and breasts. I just let my dick drop and lay on her as I leaned back, catching my breath. My dick, smearing around in both of our cum for a minute. We both stood up and kissed, and then got dressed. We go back into the kitchen, pour another drink, and her husband wakes up. He gets another wind, and starts drinking with us for another 3 hours. Her and I kept sneaking looks the whole time until they left. Her and I had many more times which I’ll write about if anyone asks. If you got this far, thanks for reading!

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