Sex with my friend’s girlfriend


Sex with my friend’s girlfriendThis is a true story about an experience I had with my friend’s on again, off again girlfriend back when we were finishing high school. They were on a break when this happened, but truthfully, she was a terrible girlfriend and cheated on him multiple times and fucked around a lot after their relationship truly ended. She’s the first slut I had the pleasure to be friends with.…We were on the couch in her parent’s basement watching a movie when she put her hand on top of mine and pushed it onto her breast. Even though the two of us were close and she’d been flirtatious with me, it caught me completely off guard. She was my friend’s longstanding on again-off again girlfriend after all. Our eyes met and I could see how pleased she looked when she told me “I wanted to see what you’d do”, as she pressed her back up against me.I looked down over her shoulder and saw my hand on her breast, and I realized there was no way I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. I grabbed the waist of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her breasts, exposing the cute black bra she was wearing. The move caught her by surprise, and she just watched as I put my hands on the exposed skin of her breasts. I told her “Your tits look fucking awesome” as I gave them a squeeze, before I moved my hands back to her shirt and told her to lift her arms. She did as I asked and off came her shirt, and before she could press back up against me my hands found the clasp of her bra and unhooked it. As soon as it sprung loose, I pulled it off her, not wanting to give her a moment to reconsider, and then finally bahis siteleri grabbed her bare tits. She was a b-cup, but her breasts felt full and incredibly soft in my hands as I felt her up. I was kind of surprised that she hadn’t said a thing after saying she wanted to see what I’d do, but she was smiling and her body was relaxed against mine. As I groped, I felt her nipples stiffen under my hand, and my fingers found them instinctively. I teased them gently until they were as stiff as they’d get, then slid out from behind her. She looked up at me as I lowered my head down to her breasts and took one of her nipples into my mouth, then moaned softly as I sucked on her tit. I watched her face as I worked on her, taking in her closed eyes and how she bit her lip ever so seductively. She looked really into it, and it made me wonder how wet she was getting. I started to undo her jeans, meaning to get my hand down her pants, but she grabbed my hand, preventing me from going further. I didn’t want to break the mood, so I improvised, telling her I just wanted to see her body, to see what she looked like in her thong, and I felt her hands let go of mine, giving me permission. Not wasting a moment, I worked her pants off, and then took her body in greedily. She was a small girl, thin but curvy, and looked delightful with only her thong on, and she was definitely pleased that I was enjoying the sight of her. I took a final look, and then went back to sucking and feeling her tits up, working on her for a few minutes before she reached out towards me, and pulled my face towards her, wanting to kiss.To canlı bahis be honest, I wasn’t that interested. It was one thing to get to fool around with her, but kissing her added emotions and the idea felt like I was really betraying my friend, even if they weren’t currently together. For a moment we were just looking at each other, and I was sure she could feel my reluctance. And then the greatest thing I’ve ever heard “If you kiss me you can touch my pussy”. I moved in and kissed her as my hand slipped down the front of her thong, and I found myself surprised at how easy it to remove myself emotionally. We were kissing, but the only thing I was thinking of was my fingers slipping up inside her tight wet cunt. She gave it up easily, her legs spreading slightly to accommodate my fingers, and I was in heaven. I pulled away slightly, to tell her how wet she was. She smiled, asking me “if I liked that” and I kissed her back hard and started pulling her panties off. I don’t think she wanted them off initially, but our lips were locked and it was done in an instant. When I broke off the kiss I desperately told her “I need to see your pussy. I need to see it now!”, and pushed her back on the couch, then spreading her legs wide open towards me. She was surprised and looked a bit embarrassed given how exposed she was, but she didn’t try and close them. She watched me as I reached in and spread her pussy wide open, exposing her clit, before I slipped two of my fingers back up inside her tight wetness. I finger fucked her for a bit, and before long she was moaning pleasantly, her eyes closed güvenilir bahis in pleasure. Her attention diverted, I undid my pants with my other hand and slipped out of them, pulling my rock hard dick out of my boxers in the process. A moment later I pulled fingers out of her, and then penetrated her with my cock. She gasped in surprise, so I leant in and kissed her, giving her no opportunity to object to the dick sliding in and out of her. A few seconds into the kiss and I felt her body relax, giving in to how the pleasure I was giving her. Subdued, I pulled away from the kiss and took in how awesome she looked with her tits swaying to the rhythm of my thrusting cock. Looking down further I watched her pussy take in my dick again and again and again, each thrust brining me closer to what I wanted. I looked down at her and asked her “Do you want me to cum?” and she smiled and nodded, then told me to make sure I pulled out. When I finally built up to the point I couldn’t take anymore, I was only too happy to oblige her, pulling my dick out of her and cumming on her face. I’m pretty sure she’d thought I’d do it on her tits (that’s where guys normally did it with her) but to her credit after the initial surprise, she took it without flinching. It was a good cumshot, with big thick bursts that exploded over her nose and cheeks before dribbling down her chin, and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight.The next two weeks were a great time in my life. Most nights I’d end up at her place, and she’d blow me or I’d fuck her, and I’d cum in her face every fucking time. I don’t know why it was such a satisfying end, but I couldn’t get enough of it. And then one night it was all over. All my friends got together, and there she was my buddy, holding hands. They were back together, and that was the end of my sexual jackpot with her.

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