Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 03


Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter three in the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapters 1 and 2 before reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


I never made it with my second secretary. She didn’t last very long at my office. She was younger than my first. She had just graduated from high school a month before and had just turned eighteen years old.

She was very beautiful and now that I look back on it, I’m sure that I let her innocent beauty sway my reasoning in hiring her. I was reverting back to younger women in my thoughts anyway now that I was over 30. The young 16 and 17-years old girls that I had back when I was just 18 were being reviewed in my memory.

I remembered how some were still virgins but pleaded with me to make them into a woman. Much to my dislike, they always bled some and I did not like to hurt them that way.

I had learned from my older lady sex education teacher who took my virginity to threat my women right. It has always been my first desires in have sex with women is give my ladies as much pleasure to their cunts as my mouth and pecker as I could achieve.

Now looking back to my early years in my office, I was becoming a dirty old man much too soon in my life. But after the great fun I had with inexperienced, young Julia, I so much wanted another fresh young untrained girl to teach how to fuck.

After Julia, I wanted more of the same. I know now that in my rush and lust to hire this latest lovely young thing, I neglected to realize just how inexperienced she really was.

Anyway, her name was Trixie. Even her name threw me off as I somehow thought that this kind of a name might mean she was hot to trot and a good fuck. But oh, how very wrong I was.

I gave her just over one week before I started into my first little talk about sexual things with her. I was very eager to get right down to business. I didn’t want waste any time getting into the panties of her fresh young cunt.

It was at the end of the workday and she was just about to go home for the day. She was sitting in her chair in front of my desk and we had just finished some dictation.

As I had almost always been with women that I wanted sexually, I was very bold and forward in talking to them about sexual things.

When I was young and always on the make for some hot pussy, I would go out to dances. There I would pick a likely young woman to dance with me. I only made a couple of swings around the dance floor before I had asked her if she wanted to be fucked. If she said no then I would leave her there on the dance floor and just go get another wall flower.

Yes, I have always been most forward about fucking and sex with the girls and ladies. Sure, I got slapped a lot by being this bold in my words with them but I really got a lot of great fucking too!

I learned early in life that a lot of ladies who went out stag or with other females to bars, dances and such just wanted what most men want and that is to find some guy to fuck their brains out.

Well, in my office I was not much different in talking to women than when I was on the dance floor. I was bold, blunt and probably too forward but still honest in communicating with women. Remember, this was long before there was such a thing called sexual harassment between a boss and his female employees.

So before my new hot little young secretary got up to leave my office late that day, I blurted out,

“Trixie are you a virgin or do you like to fuck?”

She was almost stunned speechless at my boldness but finally answered me,

“That’s none of your business. I don’t talk about such things with men that I don’t really know.”

I edged her on further and said,

“Come on you can tell me. As beautiful as you are, Trixie you surely have made love with a boyfriend or maybe some lucky older man like me. You have such a fine figure with really big attractive breast. I bet the boys are standing in line to get a chance to get in your panties.”

That made her hung her head in embarrassment but she finally said very timidly,

“Yes I am still a virgin and I am proud of it. I want to save myself for my wedding night.”

Well if little miss goody-two-shoes was going to play that game like this, then I had to change my tactics. I decided to go all out in talking dirty mouth to her. If she balked and did not bahis firmaları like what and how I said it; then she could just leave my office or even quit. I thought so be it then and went on to her.

I asked her, “Do you masturbate? Don’t you ever get so horny that you have to play with yourself?”

Trixie set up real tall and defiantly looked me straight in the eyes and said,

“No I have never masturbated; I do not play with myself. I am a woman who does not do those naughty things that bad girls do. I’m a good girl and I’m saving myself for the man I will marry someday.”

I just knew that she was lying about masturbating, as everyone did it. I was not so sure about her being still a virgin though. By the tone of her voice, I wanted to tell her that I did not believe her not masturbating but though better of it.

I continued my questioning, “Do you go out with boys?”

She said, “I don’t go out with boys very often. Most of them when we are necking, try to touch my breasts or try to put their hands up under my dress. I like to neck and cuddle with a boy but I think that’s as far as we should go.”

She went on to say, “I’ve even been out with a couple of guys who took out their penises in front of me and want me to play with their growing erection. They want me to kiss and suck on their penises. Why can’t you men just be contented to kiss my lips and cuddle?”

I replied, “How could that be so bad Trixie? I mean about some guy who wants you to use your cute, warm, wet, mouth and suck his cock.”

“I suppose that means,” I told her, “That you have never had the grand feeling in your sweet cunt of having a man’s tongue licking you down there between your legs.”

“Oh my word no!” she said, all in a gasp.

“You know Trixie, neither action would take away your virginity,” I said. “It would be a lot of fun for you and give you great pleasure. If you started out having a little sex this way your virginity would still be intact for your wedding night.”

Then I went for broke and asked her, “Have you ever seen an older man’s cock, not just some teenage boy’s small prick? But one like mine that is over nine-inches long, that almost a foot of hard pecker, young lady. I want you to show you a real man’s cock, the one I have here right between my legs.”

I paused for a moment and then continued, “How about if I drop my pants and masturbate right now in front of you? Do you want me do that? Do you want to see my cock shoot out a big load white good tasting cum from my nuts?”

“You can just sit there and be my audience and watch me masturbate. I will not touch you or do anything to you,” I assured her.

Trixie sat there in stunned silence with her head slightly hanging down. I thought good, at the least she contemplating the idea and getting up to leave yet in all a huff.

Maybe, she was just shy and had never had someone talk so dirty to her before. Then I stood up and showed her the tent that I was growing in my trousers. I took a hold of my hardening cock and said to her, “Oh Trixie, it would be so hot to jack off before such a lovely glorious young woman as you.”

She was looking at my groin and me playing with my cock through my pants and was silent for more than a half minute. But, then after making the decision in her mind, she looked me straight in my eyes and very shyly and ever so quietly, as so I could barely hear her say, “Oh, yes Michael, show me your big penis.” I thought, now I was finally was getting somewhere.

So, I pulled down my zippered fly down and took out my still partly flaccid cock which was growing stiff fast. I dropped my pants and boxers all the way to the floor then stepped out of them. I was now standing there with a rapidly hardening shaft.

Trixie said, “Oh my, I have got to see that thing of yours better. You are much bigger than boyfriend had. Oh my word the size of that end on your peter”

She then got up from her chair and came around to my side of the desk and leaned up against it to get a better look at my groin area. I sat down again and spit a big gob of saliva on my palm. I spread my spit all up and down my hard shaft. My spittle blended readily with the pre-cum that was flowing from the tip.

Being the exhibitionist I was and displaying my cock to this fresh virgin young girl all clothed, caused my cock to become fully erect with just a few strokes. All my nine-inches now full hard.

I squeezed my ball sack, held them out for her review, and said, “Oh Trixie see my big nuts, they’re full of so much cum,” I groaned out, “Ohhhh, it turns me on so much to have my cock and balls out in front of you Trixie dear,” I said.

“You are such a lovely sexy young woman. I can’t believe that young men your age are not just fighting to take you out.”

All she did was stare at my now very hard cock, “Oh my, oh my, Michael! Yours is the first truly big grown up man’s penis I have ever seen. It’s so big around and so long. How do your girlfriends ever get it inside of them? Do all men’s penises kaçak iddaa get as big as yours?”

“I’ve only seen my two boyfriends from high school that pulled out their small ones they were not anywhere as big as yours is. Then there was the several times I have seen my dad as he got out of the shower. Of course, he was not erect then but I do not think that he had one capable of your size either.”

Trixie went on, “Just a couple of months ago, I was over at my cousin Louise’s house and we got to see something really neat and really sexy. We were peeking into her folk’s bedroom through their partially open doorway. My aunt and uncle were naked on their bed, doing some kind of sex act. Uncle was kneeling over my aunt’s big breasts and she had her mouth open.”

“My uncle was handling and masturbating his penis. He was rubbing up and down on his erection kind of like you are doing now boss. Then he started to ejaculate out his semen all over my aunt’s face and into her mouth. That was so exciting to see him do that with his hard penis.”

She continued, “That was the first and only time ever that I had ever seen a man’s penis shoot out his semen. He really ejected a lot from his penis all over her. But his penis wasn’t anywhere as large as yours Michael.”

“No, not very many guys are as big as I am,’ I said. You sweet young thing you are very privileged to see one as big as mine.” I told her. “Go ahead and touch it, it won’t bite you.”

I stood back up and pushed my now super hard cock right up to her. She pulled away from me and said, “No, no I can’t, it might lead to other things. You promised that I only had to watch.” I backed away from her.

She asked me, “Michael does it felt good to touch yourself like that? I get a funny feeling watching you masturbating. Oh my, your thingy looks like it’s about ready to explode. The end is a dark purple now. Are you ready to shoot out your semen?”

“Oh yes, yes, it feels so very good,” I told her. “Trixie, you could have the same good feelings and pleasure if you would masturbate for me right now. All you’ve got to do is pull your panties aside and finger you pussy to feel this good. You can do that to yourself, and still maintain your hymen for your future husband to take. You do still have a cherry, don’t you girl?”

She just changed and changed the subject by asking me as I was slowly stroking my cock, “Michael is that white stuff coming out your pee hole your semen?”

I replied, “No, that isn’t semen, its pre-cum. You will know what semen looks like in just a little bit. I am just about ready to shoot out of my cock a lot of pearly white cream semen, as you call it. You will know it when I cum and I scream out from the sheer pleasure of it and ejaculate out big ropes of my cum all over the place.”

Trixie asked, “What is pre-cum?”

I answered, “Oh my sweet innocent young girl, pre-cum is my natural lubricant. It makes my cock very slick and slippery. It needs to be slippery to slip in a tight young pussy such as I’m sure you have Trixie. My pre-cum slicks up your pussy walls so my big cock wouldn’t hurt you when I push it in and out of you.”

“You know Trixie you make lubricant too in your vagina. I’ll bet you that your pussy is very wet and dripping and making your panties damp right now. I bet your pussy juices taste really good too.”

I said, “If I can not fuck you girl, then can I lick your sweet young cunt to see what you taste like. Pull up your skirt dear. Let me see the crotch of your panties. I just know that you watching me is making you wet and runny.”

This statement about me licking her pussy and how wet she was getting with her pussy secretions moved her quite a bit from what I next saw and heard her do.

Trixie shut her eyes and moaned just loud enough for me to hear her and then bit down on her lip slightly. She threw her head backwards and closed her eyes. Then she shuddered lightly and opened her eyes. I was almost sure that this hot little young lady had just climaxed without even touching herself.

God I have just got to get in this super hot cunt to find out if she is telling the truth about still being a virgin. I’ll bet her cunt is so very tight and will feel so good wrapped around my hard cock. Nevertheless, she still gave no response to my statements about how wet she was getting. Trixie just continued to lock her eyes on my cock.

I was getting close to cumming so I pulled several Kleenex out of the box on my desk. Then I felt my cum leave my balls and start up my shaft. I yelled out, “Oh my god I am cumming, oh fuck me, ohhhhh fuckkkkkk meeeeeee.” I jammed the tissues over the end of my cock and I pumped a huge load of cum into them.

Then I opened my hand and showed Trixie my nice gooey white cum on the tissues and asked, “Don’t you want some of this?”

She put her hand to her mouth and said in a muffled voice, “Oh my, my, I have to go now.” She then rushed out of my office with no more comments.

In her hurry to leave me, she left my office door open. kaçak bahis As I was cleaning myself up and stuffing my cock back in my boxers and doing up my pants, I noticed that she was just standing and looking down at her desk.

She looked like she was trying to decide something and then she turned and went down the hall to the women’s restroom. I timed her; she was in there twenty minutes. A long time just to pee I thought. Was she masturbating in there? Good if she was, I thought, maybe she would come around yet.

Not a thing was said between us for the next two days about my little show that I put on for her. But, then on Friday afternoon, when everybody was going home for the day, Trixie came into my office and shut the door. She just burst out and said, “Michael I want to see you masturbate that big penis of your again. And, this time I want you to take all of your clothes off. I have never seen a totally naked man before, except my dad and he does not count.”

“I want to look at your muscles and abs. I want to look at your tight cute little butt of yours. And I want to look and see your testicles. I especially don’t want you to cover up the end of your penis with tissue as you did the other day. I want to see you ejaculate your semen out the end of your penis,” she said.

Her forwardness gave me surprised but happy shock and I answered, “I would be delighted to strip, jack-off and perform for you again.” It turned me on big time to think that my little virgin was maybe coming around.

So I decided to press the issue some more and suggested to her, “Trixie maybe you should strip too and we will make this a mutual masturbation party. It would thrill me so much to see your beautiful naked body too.”

“Oh no, not now, maybe when I get more used to the idea. Maybe if I get to see you naked I a couple of more times I can bring myself to show my body to a man.” She added, “Oh Michael please strip and show me your naked beautiful and handsome body.”

So I dropped my suggestion about her getting naked with me. I went into my bathroom and grabbed my jack off lube and went out to my couch. I took off everything, including my shoes and socks. She was still setting in front of my desk watching me strip across the room.

I told her to come and sit in the chair beside my couch. She did and I stood over her at my six foot two height with my now hardening and expanding cock only a two feet from her face. I started to play with it with one hand and pulled on my large nut sack with the other hand. Maybe I thought I was finally getting to her. The thrill of the pursuit of this lovely young virgin almost had me cumming too soon.

I stopped jacking to slow myself down and told her, “Please Trixie raise your skirt up so I can see how wet your panties are.”

She looked me straight in my eyes then looked down at my hard cock standing upright by itself, twitching with each beat of my heart. She then slowly raised up her skirt up to her waist. She had cute little pink silk panties on under her slip and there was a very big wet mark on the crotch.

“Trixie, you are so wet with pussy juices. I’ll bet your cunt tastes just as sweet as fine wine.”

Trixie finally spoke, “Oh I am so hot, Michael, you’re making me so hot be naked and all your dirty talk. Oh my gosh I’ve got to touch myself.” She took her fingers, pulled her panties aside and stuck first one then two fingers deep in her dripping pussy.

Her labia lips were already swelled up with her arouse blood. I could see a not so small now clit pecking out under it’s skin hood. With her thump she do the dance on it while her shoving two fingers up her sweet little cunt. So, this little fox with the sexy name does know how to masturbate.

I sat down on the couch and started to pump my cock again. Trixie stood up came to me and kneeled on the floor beside me. She bent her head down and rested her chin on my leg just above my knee. She said, “I have to get a better look at your big testicles and how you’re jacking your big cock.”

“Oh my, I called it a cock didn’t I,” she said? Cock and balls, look at Michael’s big cock and balls. That is so naughty and dirty to say,” she said, giggling. “I’ve never, never said those naughty words before. Oh, so hot, so naughty, so nice to talk this way. Your cock is so big, hard and beautiful. And what glorious super big balls you have. I do so love to see those.”

She placed both hands on her panties and dug her fingers through the silk material to get to her pussy. Then she pulled her panties down to her knees and started to masturbate herself with great intensity; two fingers up her twat with her thumb pressing into her clit.

She moved her face up my leg a little closer to my cock. I was now pumping my cock just inches from her mouth and face. I though that maybe she was going to lick the head of my cock she was so close.

I realized that when I ejaculated where I was now aiming that I was going to shoot my spunk all over her. I didn’t tell her to move back. I didn’t care if my cum went all over her. In fact I knew I was going to give her a face full my man souse in just a few seconds now. It would serve her right for being this close to a man’s cock and not taking it in her mouth.

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