sexy pregnant sophie contd


sexy pregnant sophie contdSophie leaned against the wall of the shower, unable to hold in her moans of pleasure. With one hand, she tweaked her nipple, the other reaching around her enormous belly to try and push Beth’s head further into her crotch. Beth responded to this by increasing the intensity of her lapping, her tongue darting in and out, driving Sophie wild with lust. “Mmmm, don’t stop!” She yelled, her entire body shaking uncontrollably, “Oh God, make me cum!”Her shouts seemed to be getting to Beth, who now had one hand at her own crotch as she ate out Sophie. Sophie was in pure bliss, with hot water still pouring onto her, helping her relax and Beth doing her best to drive her crazy.”You’re so… so…” Cried Beth into her swollen pussy, furiously fingering herself now, almost determined to cum too. Sophie was all but lost now, but she had enough of her senses left to ask “I’m -Oh God- I’m what?””You’re so…” Beth panted, “Huge! You’re so big, it’s so hot.”At this point, Sophie didn’t really care what she was saying, but it registered on some level and she found it a bit odd. Beth reached up and started stroking Sophie’s belly, seemingly finding a large amount of pleasure from it. Eventually, it became too much for the girls and, with a loud cry, Sophie came, slowly lowering herself onto the floor of the shower, her large belly resting on the wet floor, hiding her pussy from view. At this point, Beth wrapped herself around Sophie and, spurred on by her moans, also reached the point of climax. As she did so, she leaned forward and half groaned, half whispered into her ear:”Make me as big as you.” She moaned, “I want to be huge, I want to be enormous, I want to be-“She stopped talking then and practically went limp on top of Sophie as they both writhed about in pleasure.A short while later, they both came down from their orgasmic highs and, with Beth helping out, were able to stand. They stood under the water a little while longer so as to wash away the sticky residue that now coated her thighs, made slightly harder by their protruding pregnancies. Once they were done, Sophie turned off the shower sakarya escort and they stepped out into the bathroom. Sophie grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off, while Beth stood there, water slowly dripping down to the bottom of her rounded stomach and onto the floor. Now that the moment was over, Sophie started to feel embarrassed. She wasn’t entirely sure what had just happened, other than the best orgasm she had experience in months. She’d never shown any signs of being a lesbian, far from it, she had slept with more guys than she cared to admit. But something had happened just then, and even now, the sight of Beth’s gigantic breasts out in the open, her skin glistening with water, was beginning to turn her on as well. There was something else there too, but she wasn’t sure what it was. It still felt wrong though, for more than just that reason.”I thought you said you had a boyfriend?” She said at last, struggling slightly as she attempted to dry her lower half, “He’ll be here soon to pick you up! What’s going on?”Beth bit her lip and looked at the floor, choosing her words carefully.”I don’t have a boyfriend,” She replied, “Not anymore, I just wanted to be alone with you…sorry.””But why? Have you seen me?” She said, giving her belly a light slap, “I’m not exactly looking my best right now.””Well, I… I think that you look really hot right now, and I’ve been so horny lately, I couldn’t control myself, I’m so sorry.””What do you mean I look hot?” She asked, utterly perplexed, “I’m enormous I-“And then she remembered the words she’d whispered to her as they both climaxed.”Do you.. you think my belly is attractive?” She asked, not wanting to know the answer.”Um, yeah, it’s, er, actually really sexy.” She mumbled, cupping her own belly with her hands, “I wish I was having twins again so I could be as big as you…”It was now Sophie’s turn to look at the floor. She debated whether or not to reveal her secret. She might as well be honest, she was too far in now.”Actually, I’m only having one baby.” She said sadly, “And I’m only 7 months in too, not 9.””Holy Shit!” Shrieked Beth, adapazarı escort reaching forward to feel her stomach, “Sorry, but you’re enormous, and you’re only a month further than me! Please, tell me how you do it!””Well, I just eat a lot I guess,” She said. For some reason, Beth’s reply actually made her feel good about her size, something which she’d not felt for a long time, “Which reminds me, I need to get some food, I’m starving.”With that, she walked out of the bathroom to change into her new maternity clothes.”It must be a lot” She mused, following Sophie through the house, “I mean, I eat a lot, you must eat a shit load of food.””Well, I wouldn’t put it like that, but yeah,” Said Sophie, buttoning up her shirt over her belly, “Hmm, it’s nice to have some clothes that fit for once.”It was at this point that she noticed Beth was still naked, and currently had her eyes closed, slowly massaging one of her breasts. She reacted to the silence however, opening her eyes and letting her hand fall down.”Sorry, you’re talking about how big you are, I can’t help it.””Well put some clothes on, and I’ll get go some food so I can get even bigger.” Sophie said, grinning.Sophie lowered herself heavily into the seat of her car, her shopping safely in the car and closed the door. It was tough, being surrounded by food, being so hungry and not being able to eat any of it. She reached into a bag on the passenger seat and pulled out a large chocolate cake. Her stomach rumbled loudly as she removed the packaging, the smell reaching her nose. Right now, it seemed as though it was the best smelling cake she’d ever had.”I need some comfort food,” She said to herself, patting her stomach in response to it’s rumbling, “I’ve had a long day.” Without any cutlery, she was forced to pick out a small chunk of the cake so as to eat it. Once it her tongue, she groaned loudly and closed her eyes. She was in heaven right now. She picked up another piece before she had even finished the one in her mouth, stuffing it in to join the rest. As she ate, her handfuls grew larger and larger, eventually her portions too big sakarya escort bayan to fit neatly in her mouth, smothering her lips with delicious chocolate. Before she knew it, the cake was gone and she felt slightly better. But only slightly. Reacting instinctively, she reached into the bag yet again and pulled out a tub of ice cream. It had melted slightly, but not too much and was still quite consistent in it’s texture. This was harder to eat than the cake, not having a spoon, Sophie was forced to scoop it out with her hands, where it quickly melted fully, her hands becoming sticky with ice cream. She didn’t care though, shoveling in more and more, trying to quell her unstoppable hunger. It wasn’t long before the tub was empty and her belly was slightly fuller, though no where near full enough for her. Now that she had started she couldn’t control herself, taking out another tub of ice cream as well as a pack of oreos. She ripped open the packaging and used the cookie’s to scoop up the ice cream and stuffed it all into her waiting mouth, rubbing her slightly aching stomach as she did so. It was a familiar pain, but one that she strangely enjoyed, as much as she hated herself for it. This continued for another hour or so until Sophie sat slumped in her seat, panting, unable to reach any more food as the rest of the bags were in the back of the car. Her shirt was feeling considerably tighter than it had earlier, which worried her slightly seeing as she had only bought it earlier today. She sucked the remaining ice cream, cake and other foodstuffs off her fingers, desperate for some more more food that she could stuff into her gut. She looked into the back seat, contemplating getting out and raiding the rest of her purchases. She stopped herself though, realising that she could quite easily accidentally fit all of the remaining food into herself in one gigantic stuffing session if she wasn’t careful. It had seemed like a lot of food at the time, but now she wasn’t so sure. She’d never stopped stuffing herself from being full, she either climaxed and fell into a food c*** afterwards or she would just run out of nearby food due to being too stuffed to move and give up. She sighed and got out of the car. She grabbed a few sausage rolls to sate her hunger for a short amount of time and walked back towards the shop, thinking of all the food she would buy.

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