Sexy Shoes Ch. 06


Detective Angela Garvin had been working the money laundering case against Shawn “Mikki” Matthews for over six months, and she was finally getting a lead into his organization. It was rumored that he had an interest in getting into the escort business and was about to take over one of the local agencies called Hot Moms.

Detective Garvin had information that Hot Moms recruited housewives and catered to college boys for mommy fantasies. Her informant told her that some of the escorts were taking home almost ten grand a week. It was obvious that the ladies were providing full service to their young clients. Her plans were to go undercover as an escort to find out more information.

Detective Garvin arrived at the motel where she was to meet one of the ladies from the agency. She was going in without backup or authorization from her Captain. If she was found out it would mean not only her badge, but possibly her life.

Angela knocked twice on the motel room door and Alexia answered.

“Angela?” Alexia asked.

Detective Garvin had chosen Angela as her undercover name. She nodded and was let into the room. She immediately spotted a solid looking young man sitting on the bed drinking a soft drink. She guessed him to be about eighteen or so.

“First I have to ask if you are a cop,” Alexia said.

“No, I’m not a pig,” Angela said.

“Good, now take off your clothes so I can make sure that you are not wearing a wire or anything,” Alexia said. “They told me that I had to do this.”

Detective Garvin wasn’t prepared to strip in front of anyone, especially a young man, but she didn’t want to blow her first attempt. She tried to hide her nervousness.

“There isn’t a problem, is there?” Alexia asked. “Because if you don’t want too, it’s okay. This business isn’t for everyone.”

“No, no problem,” Angela said. “I just wasn’t expecting to get naked so quickly.” Her stomach started to quiver as she started to take off her clothes. Once she was completely naked, she faced Alexia; not wanting to see the look on the young man’s face as he checked out her naked body.

Alexia checked Detective Garvin’s handbag and clothes for anything that hinted at her being a cop. She really didn’t like doing this, but it gave her son the opportunity to have sex with a lot of different women. This also gave her an excuse to see him will his huge cock.

“What I’m going to do is to take a few pictures of you,” Alexia said. “And don’t worry, we don’t show the faces.”

“Good,” Angela said. It suddenly hit her that she would have to have sex. She noticed the young man beginning to remove his clothes, and realized his purpose there.

Detective Garvin stretched her arms pushing her long hair up off her shoulders like Alexia instructed her to do. Angela realized that the poses were gear towards showing off her body in a natural way. She was not asked to bend over and grab her ankles.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Alexia asked Matthew as he laid back on the bed.

Detective Garvin was shocked to see the big soft cock draped over the boy’s lap.

“As a mom, I look after these eager young men like I hope someone would look after my son,” Alexia said slapping Matthew on his thigh and opening a condom pack. “No matter what happens, as soon as they start getting excited make sure their things are covered. Their stuff gets every where.” She looked at his cock and it started to harden. She felt no harm would come by putting the condom on his cock. “I’m going to put this on you, okay?”

“For real?” Matthew asked excitedly.

The young man’s enthusiasm made even Detective Garvin blush. What surprised her more was that she felt comfortable standing front of two strangers completely naked. Her interest was more on the young man’s big cock, and the real possibility of having sex with him.

“You’ve been good,” Alexia said taking his cock in her hand. She motioned Angela closer. “Angela, we have to be sure that you will complete a call, so after I get him all covered up I’m going to let you take over from there, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Angela said clearing her throat. She hadn’t mofos porno been that sexually active, because she’d been concentrating on her career. She never remembered guys having cocks that big when she was his age.

Alexia winked her eye at her son as she covered the head of his hardening cock. She held the tip and rolled the rubber down over the helmet shaped head. She flipped her hair to one side, so he could see her take his cock in her warm mouth. She sucked on the head of his cock while she rolled the rest of the rubber down his shaft with ease. She looked up into his eyes while she slid his cock in and out of her mouth slowly. She moved her other hand down to massage his nut sack.

Angela still felt the knot in her stomach. She couldn’t turn back now. She was naked and the young man’s cock was ready. She figured her best bet was to get right to it and hope that the young man would cum quickly.

Alexia pulled up from Matthew’s cock, but continued stroking it. “Here you go,” she said to Angela.

Angela tightened her gut and straddled Matthew’s cock. She saw that Alexia was insistent on holding on to the shaft. She leaned forward allowing Alexia to guide the big cock to her moistening pussy. She rocked back and forth as the huge cock stretched her canal as it entered inch by inch.

Alexia didn’t want to let go of Matthew’s cock. She knew that she would not be able to resist the temptation to have him inside of her. She watched him fuck one woman after another, and each time she wished that she was the one he was fucking. It was becoming increasingly difficult not to allow him to have his way with her.

Matthew took hold of Angela’s hips and jammed his cock up inside of her. Alexia was forced to release him. He grunted and grinded and drove his cock up into Angela’s loosening pussy. Alexia’s touch had pushed him over the edge and he was racing towards his climax.

The sensation of being prodded and stretched sent Angela spinning into an unexpected orgasm. She braced herself against his chest as she road the huge cock. She moved as best she could, which was not very much. She hoped that she wouldn’t be faced with many big cock young men.

“Ahhh! That was good,” Matthew said as his cock began to shrink inside of Angela.

“I guess the only question is when you could start,” Alexia said to Angela.

Angela tried not to show her discomfort as the cock slipped out of her and she dismounted Matthew’s hips. “Wednesday?” she replied thinking that she needed some more time to better prepare herself.

“Wednesday is fine,” Alexia said. “Most of our ladies like to work between nine and four, so they could be home to attend to their families.”

Angela slipped back into her clothes while Matthew occupied the bathroom.

“Don’t worry, they all are not as big,” Alexia chuckled noticing the way Angela was moving. “You look to be in pretty good shape. You should get about eight to ten calls a day.”

The prospect of getting screwed eight to ten times a day didn’t seem to appealing to Angela. Her informant had always given her good information, so she knew she had to find a way to deal with it.

“The number one rule is no kissing on the lips,” Alexia said. “Your client will be young men, but they are still impressionable. If you don’t them to stock you, you’ll remember that. Most of the clients we get are college students that want to live out fantasies they have about their mothers, so they may want to call you mom.”

Angela chuckled.

“Trust me, some have even brought their mother’s clothes for me to wear,” Alexia said. “The good thing is that they are loyal. Once they do a call with you, they usually want to stick with you.”

Angela nodded.

“I’ll be your contact with the agency,” Alexia said. “We get so many calls that we network in order to keep communication clear. If you are sent to check out a new lady then it would be your responsibility to keep her informed. We kept our rate at two hundred an hour for two reasons.” Alexia continued giving Angela the details of how things worked. She noticed that Matthew was looking at her naughty america porno feet and the bulge at his crotch was getting bigger. “They are really good boys, really. They are just looking for an out let for their frustrations.”

Matthew chuckled.

“You’re ready?” Alexia asked her son. “I guess I’ll be talking to you on Wednesday.”

They hugged. Other than the incredibly sexy shoes, Alexia didn’t look like the type of woman that would trade sex for money, and Matthew didn’t look like the kind of young man that needed to pay for sex. To her, Alexia and Matthew could have been mother and son.

Alexia could feel Matthew staring at her all the way down the stairs to the car. She knew that she was ready to sleep with him, but there had to be a clear definition of their relationship. She knew that once she had sex with him that he’d want her every chance they got, and the same held true for her. She had almost sixty regular clients and she was gaining at least two new ones every week. But even having that much sex everyday, she desired Matthew in her bed at night.

“You know, we should rent some movies and order in this evening,” Alexia said as they left the motel. “We could watch them together in my bedroom.”

“That sounds great,” Matthew said. Though she had kept him from having sex with her, she didn’t say anything about him spooning her when they laid together watching television.

“What did you think about Angela?” Alexia asked.

“She reminded me of my high school principle, or a lady cop.” Matthew replied.

“Why is that?” Alexia laughed.

“It was her shoes,” he said. “They didn’t look like the kind of shoes you would wear if you didn’t wanted anyone to think anything sexual about you. And they were worn, like she’d been on her feet a lot.”

“You could tell that just by looking at her feet?” Alexia asked.

“I could be wrong, but that was the first impression I got,” he said. “She looks good and her stuff feels good.”

“Well, that’s all that matters,” Alexia said. “You guys don’t like wasting much time getting into the sack anyways.”

“Mom, the fun don’t begin until you’re in the sack,” he chuckled.

“Does it bother you that I’m having sex with so many guys your age?” Alexia asked.

Matthew laughed. “Are you kidding me?” he said. “The only thing that bothers me is that you won’t let me sleep with you.”

“There’s a lot of problems with that,” Alexia said. “I see how much you love having sex, and I’m in my prime.”

“Doesn’t seem like a problem to me,” Matthew chuckled.

“Sooner or later your father is going to be home long enough for me to tell him that I want a divorce, and I’m willing to bet that you’re going to want to take his place,” she said pointing out the video store before Matthew could drive past it.

“Haven’t I already taken that roll?” Matthew said.

“I need to keep doing this work for at least another year, and I think that you’d want to keep me all to yourself,” she said.

“Mom, the best thing that we have in common is our love for sex,” Matthew said stopping the car in the parking lot. “I like watching you have sex. We’d be swingers if we were doing it with each other.”

“Wouldn’t it be hard for you to think of me as your mother if you’re having sex with me?” Alexia and laughed with Matthew. “It sounded like a point in my head.”

“Yeah, it is the point,” Matthew said continuing to chuckle. “The only problem I see is that you’re scared.”

“And why shouldn’t I be scared?” Alexia whispered as they went inside. “If I get caught with a client that’s no big deal, but if I get caught with you then I’d go to jail for a long time, and what are we going to do when your sister get back?”

“Tell her,” he said.

“Tell her?” she replied.

“Mom, Jessica is the only person we know that knows that I’m your son,” Matthew said. “And she’s not going to say anything. As far as Kayla go, she be pissed if she found out on her own, but if we tell her she’d just think it’s some cool kinky shit. Everybody that sees us out think that we are a couple. Even public agent porno the lady across the street from us asked me how my wife was doing. Dad haven’t been around long enough for anyone to know that he exists. I’m telling you mom, if I start calling you my wife everyone would believe it.”

Alexia laughed at the thought.

“I mean, I’m not going to move my clothes in your bedroom, just in case dad comes home, but I’d definitely spend more time in there than he has,” Matthew said.

“I’ve been thinking about contacting him and asking him for a divorce,” Alexia said.

“Good!” Matthew exclaimed.

Alexia laughed and put her arm around his waist. “We surely get along better,” she said.

“Yep,” he replied sliding his hand down to her butt and squeezing it firmly.

A woman about Alexia’s age moved passed them and winked her eye at Alexia confirming her good catch. Matthew turned his mother’s face to him and kissed her fully on the lips putting on a show for the woman. Alexia giggled when they broke their kiss.

Matthew drove them home quickly. He wasn’t sure, but he believed that his mother was finally giving in. They ordered Chinese food in, since it always arrived faster and hotter than pizza.

Alexia took a shower and put on her flannel nightgown. She wore nothing underneath it. She opened a bottle of wine for the occasion. She crawled on the bed next to him and sat up with her legs crossed.

Matthew had also showered. He wore only his pajama bottoms. He flexed his pecks every time she looked over at him. “This is nice,” he said using the chop sticks to eat the Chinese noodles.

“Yes it is,” Alexia said. “I guess my biggest fear is that we’d mess things up between us by having sex. You’re not just some guy. You are my only son.”

“I do get that mom,” Matthew said. “I also want to be your lover. It would make us more than a husband and wife. I love you forever, no matter what. Marriages end. We could never end.”

“You keep talking like that and I’m going to jump your bones before I finish my noodles,” Alexia chuckled. She reached over and freed his big cock from his pajama bottoms. “You surely didn’t get this from your father.” She stroked it slowly in her soft hand.

Matthew smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. He was confident that he had her. He felt no need to rush. He drank the wine and watched the movie, while enjoying the gentle handjob she was giving him.

Alexia leaned her head on his stomach and pulled the head of his cock into her mouth. She moved her tongue over every curve and crevice of the head of his cock in her mouth. She slid the tips of her fingers along the underside of his long rod feeling the thick veins and curve of his manhood down to his balls. She watched the movie while enjoying his huge cock in her mouth.

Matthew fired a vicious array of cum blasts into Alexia’s mouth, which she handled with ease. She clamped her lips down around the rim of his dick head and sucked hard, drinking down his thick cream without changing her position. Matthew toes curled and he crumpled the sheets in his fists.

Alexia came up to drink more of her wine after the excitement was over, but then returned taking the softening cock back in her mouth as she continued to watched the movie. It didn’t take long for his cock to rise back to full strength.

Matthew held Alexia’s head as he thrust his cock into her warm mouth. His cock was aching for more.

Alexia knew it was time. She pulled up and straddled Matthew’s hips. “Do you want these too?” she said pulling her flannel nightgown off over her head.

Matthew grabbed hold of both the large mounds. He was glad that she had gotten implants.

Alexia guided the head of his cock to her canal. “I’m about to take you into the place where you came from,” she said coming down on the fat head causing her pussy to spread. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Uuuggghhhh!” She forced his cock inside of her. She could feel the head of his cock pushing against her cervix.

“Oh shit! You feel so good,” Matthew exclaimed. He took one of her nipples in his mouth holding it between his lips and sucked on it, while he pinched the other between his forefinger and thumb.

Alexia held onto Matthew’s shoulder as she rocked back and forth on his cock. She was completely stuffed and there was plenty of cock to spare. She felt no guilt or shame for loving him in that way.

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