(S)hair Trader


I have been working in Wall Street now for 5 years in the Mergers and Acquisitions section. By virtue of sheer hard work I had handled the merger of two major oil companies held by two of New York’s most powerful families. They had professionalised the management and they had given me a stake in the newly merged company. It was my brief to take the company public so I joined them as Vice President (Treasury). I briefly was called to meet Scott Davis our President, CEO, and majority stockholder.

His father Martin Davis had been the founder of one of the merged companies and he looked a younger handsomer version of his father whom I had met during the merger. He looked me up and down and though I am on the wrong side of thirty you can say that I am voluptuous. In fact the rumor on wall street is that I have sucked my way up which is partly true as nothing more gives me pleasure than sucking a massive dick. Scott Davis obviously didn’t read what was going through my mind as he spoke warmly of my contribution to the merger. I shook his hands warmly and wondered how big his weapon was. I told him I would meet him soon with the public offer documents and he nodded and then I left his room.

Steven the company’s chief financial officer called me to his room and started explaining about my stock options. He said “You know, you’re gonna get an option for more stock. It’s reserved at last month’s price, and it will make you a millionaire, you’ll get the paperwork next week.” I moved around his desk to thank him but he took my hand and guided it between his legs. His hands were groping at my breasts

My eyes had wandered down as he tugged his trousers down. Protruding from the fly of his shorts was the largest, thickest cock I had ever seen. Steven was stroking it with a big grin on his face directed his massive dick to my face and I bahis firmaları opened my mouth. I was lucky to get the head of his cock in but Steven edged slowly closer until I was halfway down his shaft. I love sucking cock but here I was on day one of my new job stuffing the CFO’s massive dong into my mouth. I already loved it but I also wanted Scott’s boner between my lips.

Steven sat up and positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt. I am very hairy down there and he lifted my shirt and ripped my panties down and slowly pushed the head of his cock in and we both gasped in unison. I could then feel him slowly slide that monster all the way in as he sucked on my nipples. I have hairy underarms something most of my lovers have been turned on. “Why haven’t you shaved your underarms?” he said burying his head into my pits “I haven’t fucked a woman with hairy pits” he exclaimed as his tongue tasted the salty sweat mixed with my perfume. He kept pounding my pussy I could feel his dick growing even bigger. He was ready to cum but I didn’t want to soil my pussy so I took his hard dick into my mouth. I always found giving head the cleanest way of making a man cum as I popped his member into my mouth. I began slowly bobbing my mouth on the head of his penis, running my tongue repeatedly over that tiny bit of skin just below the head, I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer. I licked and caressed the head of his penis as he came in torrents into my willing mouth.

I then went to my room and started going through my papers. My face was flushed with excitement when my secretary Marissa came in and introduced herself. She told me that assistant Tony was waiting to see me. When the handsome hulk walked in I knew I had to seduce him. He sat in front of me on the sofa and I caught him staring at my ample bosom. I parted my legs and my wet pussy kaçak iddaa was an invitation though he didn’t look at me. He talked about the company’s latest annual report and the forthcoming meeting with the analysts but my eyes were trained on his hairy chest tufts of hair poking out of he collar of his shirt. I wandered at how big his cock would be. I stood up and walked close to him to see some of the reports my breasts just inches from his face. I suddenly kissed him and took his hands and put it on my wet hairy pussy. He needed no second invitation as he gently stroked my hairy pussy with his fingers. He then took my clit in his mouth and began to massage it with his tongue. I bucked and moaned as he slipped first one finger, then two into my hairy cunt. I was through with foreplay, though. I was ready to fuck. I pulled him onto me, as he slid his shaft deep into my pussy.

Tony then moved up between my legs and slowly worked his dick into my now very wet pussy. I wrap my legs and arms around him and let out a moan as he dove in deep. He fucked me long and slow for a while, just enjoying the feel of each other. Then without a word we both knew we needed more. He began to move faster, slamming into me over and over again. Again and again I told him to fuck me, and again and again he did after all I was his boss. He puts his hands into my hairy armpits and shouts “What a wooly treasure” as he rummages through the thick bushy hair. He continues pounding me with his dick driving himself deep into me. He thrust again and again and then threw his head back and slammed into me once more. I could feel my pussy grasping at him as it tightened over and over as I came hard. I could feel his dick throbbing in me as it swelled and then pumped out his load. His mouth deep into the matted sweaty hair in my unshaven underarms.

Marissa lets me kaçak bahis know that Scott wants to se me. Trembling with excitement I walk in he has removed his jacket and he his in his shirt sleeves. He beckons me over and I feel his pole digging inside me. I whispered in his ear that he attracts me and I then kneeled down and tugged at his zipper. He is shocked at how fast I have moved but a standing dick is enough evidence that he wants me.

He began to fumble with his zipper. His hands were shaking and he groans as at last as his throbbing erection springs free in front of my willing mouth. He is really big at least the size of my forearm. “You like to suck cock?” Scott asks as he inches his tool closer towards my face. I can’t wait to lick it. “Yeeessss” I scream wanting to take his monster dick in my mouth. I wanted his cock to feel it in my mouth. Scott groaned as he pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. He could hardly believe that she wanted it so badly and he was equally surprised at how quickly I had become so horny. I wrapped my lips around his dick and begging him to fuck my mouth. I arched back as he slammed his tool into my mouth with long, steady strokes. My right hand held the base of the cock in her mouth as he rammed his tool into my mouth. I could feel the cum starting to boil up from his balls. With a loud cry of lustful satisfaction he withdrew his throbbing weapon and jerked himself off rapidly as thick spurts jetted from his cock as he sprayed my mouth and face with his viscous issue. His cock was still showing no sign of going limp. Did he have more cum stored in him as I allowed the large appendage to slip from my lips as I gasped for air? I gobbled his dick again playing with his balls as he let out a triumphant groan and he again released his cum over my waiting face as he let fly with a huge torrent of semen that splashed across my face.

I hadn’t undressed yet my oral ministration enough to make the big man satisfied but I knew that till the public issue opened every hole of mine would be open for public consumption.

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