Sharing Is Caring


Sharing Is Caring

Ray Davis was luxuriating in the shower preparing for his first date with Emma Scott, a pretty eighteen-year-old redhead he met at the local community college. She was what everyone else would call a nerd, but then so was he. He was built on the small side too. Not skinny, but lightly muscled. He thought Emma was pretty, but she would be beautiful if she tried, with her long red hair, and a spattering of freckles on milk white skin. He could tell she had a nice body under the loose clothing she always wore. He had finally gathered up the courage to ask her out and she had looked down and quietly agreed.

His mind drifted to fourteen months ago on his eighteenth birthday. He had been in this same shower stroking his cock when he had heard the door open.

“I’m in the shower.”

“Just bringing in fresh towels.” His mother Beth had said.

Then the curtain was pulled back and she was in the shower. He felt her large tits against his back and her hands sliding around his chest.

“Jesus, mom. I’m naked here.”

Mmm. “So am I sweetie. Happy birthday.”

Her hand ran down to his still hard cock, shocking him. “Oh Ray, you really aren’t mommy’s little boy anymore. Turn around and let me give you your first present.”

She spun him around, face to face. She was a beautiful woman. With shoulder length blond hair. She gave him a quick kiss then slowly slid down rubbing her hard nipples down his stomach. She settled on her knees, the water soaking her hair, she had his cock by the base as she smiled up at him. He was still in shock as she leaned in and licked the head.

“Would my baby like a blowjob for his eighteenth birthday?”

He couldn’t speak but managed to nod a yes.

She enveloped his cock to his pubic hair. He was still buried in her mouth when she ran her tongue out and tickled his balls with the tip.

“Damn Mom.” His knees almost gave out.

She began to bob on his cock going out to the tip, and then back all the way down. On the sixth time he suddenly convulsed and filled her mouth with cum.

“There now, how was that?” She smiled up at him.

“Fucking incredible mom.”

“Are you ready for the rest of your present?”

“Hell yes!”

“Dry off and go into my bedroom, I want to towel my hair then I’ll be in.”

Ray quickly dried himself and went to his mom’s room lying down on the bed.

A few minutes later she walked in. She struck a pose. She was five foot eight, the same height he was. He took in her big breasts. Still firm at thirty- nine, with big tan areola, and fat hard nipples. His eyes ran down to her hips. He focused on her sex. A plump mound, her inner lips sticking out a little and spreading like wings. A tiny strip of dark hair leading to her cleft.

“Jesus mom. You’re beautiful.”

She slowly walked to the bed smiling. “Thanks sweetie. So is that.” She focused on his rapidly hardening cock.

She crawled onto the bed sliding up his body. She ended up face to face. Her hard nipples digging into his chest as she lightly kissed his lips.

“Feels like you’re ready for the rest of your present?”

“Please, mom. Are we really gonna?”

She raised her hips, dropped her hand down, positioned him then rubbed his cock head into her pussy wetting him. She slowly lowered her hips taking him into her.

“Oh God. Mom, you feel so good.”

“So, do you sweetie. Did you know you have a really big cock?”


“You do. It’s long, and its fat, and its filling mommy so nicely.”

She leaned down and gave him a deep kiss. She ran her tongue into his mouth making him gasp. Then she began to grind on his cock. She pushed up so that her tits were in his face.

“Suck mommy’s nipples sweetie.”

Ray buried his face in her tits. Sucking her nipples and rubbing his face back and forth over her mounds.

Beth struck up a rhythm, grinding for a minute then raising her hips and dropping down for a minute. Rex was struck by the look on her face. She was lost in the moment driving for a climax. She began to pant and started to slam her hips into him. He felt his orgasm coming and cried out. “Mom, I’m gonna cum.”

“Give it to me baby.” she yelled as she came in a frenzy. He shot spurt after spurt into her clutching pussy.

She fell onto his chest panting. Then she laughed. “Happy birthday Ray. I think we both got what we wanted.”

They fell asleep but he woke her twice, hard and ready. She took him in and enjoyed his passion.

Morning came and she got up heading into the kitchen for coffee. Ray brushed his teeth, threw on a robe and headed into the kitchen for breakfast. As he walked in, his mom was talking to his twenty-one-year-old sister. She was a younger version of his mother. Blond hair, cut short in a bob, big tits, and at the moment a mischievous smile.

“Happy birthday Ray.”

“Thanks Kathy.”

“I heard you had quite the night.”

Ray shot a glance at his mom who just smiled.

Kathy rose and slowly approached Ray. She leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“Do you have enough left, for teen porno me to give you my present?” Her hand slid into his robe and caressed his cock.

Ray looked at his mom again.

“Go ahead.” She said as she bent to her coffee smiling.

Kathy pulled him by his cock to her bedroom. She pulled her robe off, dropped to her knees and began to lick his cock.

Mm “I can taste mom’s pussy on your dick, she tastes so good.”

“How do you know what mom’s pussy tastes like?”

“I had an eighteenth birthday too silly. The shower got a workout that day, she laughed.”

She lay back on the bed opened her robe and let him look. Her breasts were just like his moms, but stood a little higher. She was clean shaven and her pussy was a little different with her lips tucked in. But even after last night he began to harden. He started to crawl up in between her thighs when she grabbed his shoulders.

“‘Wait a minute little brother. Have you ever licked a pussy?”


“Well, it’s time for a lesson.”

She lay back and with her fingers opened her pussy to his gaze.

“I assume you’ve watched enough porn to know the different parts of a vagina. I want you to lick me. It all feels good. Licking, sucking, gently nibbling. But when teasing time is over this is my clit. She pulled the hood back exposing her pearl shaped clit.

When it’s time to make me come, concentrate on the clit. If a woman tells you you’re hitting her spot or doing something just right don’t stop or move your tongue, just keep doing what you’re doing. If you change all you’ll do is frustrate her.

She reached up and pulled his face to her pussy. He inhaled her fragrance. It made him hard and he buried his face in her. His mouth was all over, exploring, tasting, he couldn’t get enough.

“My clit Ray. Do my clit.”

He licked up to her clit and sucked on it. He gently nibbled, then ran his tongue in circles around it.

She cried out “I’m coming don’t stop, don’t stop.”

She went wild beneath his mouth and he drank it all until she pushed him away.

“You have to stop I’m too sensitive. Wow, for a first time you did great.”

“You taste so good sis.”

She pulled him up and gave him a kiss before reaching down to pull his cock into position.

“Fuck me now but go slow. You have a really fat dick.”

Ray eased his cock into her and began to slowly stroke in and out. As she began to push her hips up into him, he went faster and faster. She cried out again clutching at him.

“Cum in me Ray, Cum now.”

He buried his cock in her and groaned as he shot his load deep in her.

Ray came out of his reverie and saw he was hard. He grinned and thought, no need for jerking himself off any more. The last fourteen months had been a sexual education. His mom and his sister had taught him how to pleasure a woman. Sometimes separately, and more than once all three of them together.

It was time to get ready for his date. His mom had warned him to go slow with Emma. She told him either she or his sister would take care of him after his date.

He was walking out the door a little later when she stopped him, gave him a hard kiss and told him to enjoy himself.

Ray knocked on Emma’s door only to be met by her mother. He thought she was pretty. with her curly red hair and fair skin. She gave him a dirty look then called Emma to the door.

“Not too late Emma”

“Yes mother”

Ray escorted her to the car and held the door for her. They had agreed on a movie and Ray escorted her to her seat.

He grabbed her hand, and when she clasped his he smiled to himself. As the movie went on, he casually put his arm over her shoulder and pulled her into his chest. He could feel her heart beating fast, and he eased his grip around her. They enjoyed the movie and hand in hand walked out.

“How about a coke?”

“I’d like that”

They went thru a drive thru and got sodas. Ray asked Emma “Is there anywhere you would like to go?”

“Can we go to the beach? I like to go there and listen to the waves breaking. I’ve never been there at night.”

Ray drove to the beach and they walked out on the sand. Emma sat and held her hand out for Ray. He took her hand and sat next to her.

“I like to come down here and listen to the waves. I do my homework here when I can. I’ve never been here at night. I’ve always been scared to be by myself after dark.

Ray sat quietly.

“Can I ask you something Ray?”

“Sure, anything”

“Have you ever heard the saying eighteen and never been kissed?”


“Will you kiss me Ray?”

Ray gathered her in. he kissed her gently, he slid hid tongue barely out of his mouth gently touching her lips. He felt her respond and felt the tip of her tongue touch his.

He shuddered, and said I’d better get you home before your mom kills me.

Ray took Emma home and walked her to her door. He saw the curtain move and knew her mother was watching. He gave her a hug.

“I had a great time Emma. Will you go out with me again?”

“I’d like travesti porno that Ray.”

“I’ll call you. I promise.”

Ray drove home feeling happy how the night had turned out. He walked into the house and saw his mother and sister on the couch.

“How did it go?” His mother asked.

“It was awesome. She let me kiss her.”

“Oh wow, a kiss.” His sister teased.

“Kathy that’s just mean. It was a first date. I think you should make up for teasing him.”

Kathy just grinned.

“How about it little brother? Would you like some head?”

“Would you sis?”

Ray slid off his pants and sat next to his mom. Kathy got between his knees and took him in her mouth. He took her head in his hands and began slowly thrusting up into her mouth. He went a little deep and she pulled off for a moment.

“Easy Ray, I’m mot mom. You know I can’t take all of you.”


She started bobbing up and down. She was aware her mom was watching with a critical eye so she sped up her efforts. She began using her hand and set up a rhythm that soon had Ray caressing her head and moaning.

“I’m cumming Kathy.”

She pulled back so only his head was in her mouth gathering it in but not swallowing. As soon as he was finished, she raised up and gave her mother a deep kiss, sharing his load.

“Thanks Sis. I love you.”

“Love you too Ray.”

For the next two months Ray and Emma were inseparable. They went everywhere together. She became a regular at Ray’s house, Beth thought she was adorable. Kathy looked at her and thought she looked tasty. The went to the beach often and their kisses grew more passionate. Ray was still letting her set the pace. One night she rubbed his cock making him groan. She quickly moved her hand and apologized.

“No need to be sorry. I liked it. You just surprised me that’s all.”

A week later Emma picked Ray up for a date. She told him her mom wasn’t home and wanted to go back to her house. Ray wasn’t sure but Emma insisted.

They were at her house on the couch, she leaned into him and kissed him with more passion than ever before. Her hand touched his cock and stayed.

“Emma, you’re killing me.”

She looked at him. Then looked down at his lap.

“Will you show it to me?”

“Emma. Are you sure?”


Ray unbuttoned his pants and looking at her the whole time pulled them down until his erection popped out.

“Oh Ray. That must have hurt.”

“Emma, mom told me to wait on you. I like you a lot, and I didn’t want you to be scared, but I have to say It’s been hurting for a while.”

“Can I touch it?”

“I’d like that.”

Emma reached out tentatively and ran her hand along his cock.

“It’s so soft, but hard at the same time.”

She wrapped her hand around it and looked at him.

“What should I do?”

“Stroke it gently up and down.”

Emma began to work his cock watching it the whole time. She knew what was going to happen and she wanted to see it.

Suddenly her mother was in the room.

“Emma. Stop that right this minute. What do you think you are doing?”

With a cry Emma leaped up and fled the room. Ray stood up, and looking at the woman, slowly pulled up his pants never taking his eyes off of her.

“Get out of my house”

“Emma drove. I have to call for a ride.”

“Fine, wait by the door. I want you gone.”

Ray called his mother, gave her the address and she said she would be right over.

Beth arrived and knocked on the door. Ray opened it and started to walk out but Beth pushed him back.

She looked at Emma’s mother.

I’m Beth Davis, who are you, and what seems to be the problem.”

“I’m Gwen Scott, Emma’s mother. You need to leave and keep your son away from my daughter.”

Beth saw Emma was nowhere to be seen.

“That’s not going to happen. Now what is going on?”

“I caught them. He was naked and she was touching him.”


“And that’s enough. Emma’s a smart girl. I won’t have her getting pregnant, with her life ruined like mine was. Keep him away from her.”

Beth stared at her understanding a little.

“Like I said that’s not going to happen. Even If I wanted to, which I don’t. They go to school together. Emma’s eighteen and can do what she wants.

Beth narrowed her eyes and approached the woman.

“What would you do to protect Emma?”


“If I promised you that Ray and Emma wouldn’t be intimate until you approved, what would you agree to.”


“Then you take care of Ray’s needs.”

Gwen’s jaw dropped.


“Ray and Emma will date, but at the end of the evening, instead of Ray and Emma being intimate, you can see to his needs.”

“I’ll do no such thing. Emma will do as I say.”

“Perhaps Emma would like to move in with us. I have plenty of room, and I’m sure Ray would love to have her so close.”

“She wouldn’t.”

“Are you sure? If you force the issue and you’re wrong you’ve lost your daughter.”

Gwen looked tricky masseur porno stricken. She was sure she was right, but she couldn’t be positive an eighteen-year-old would understand.

“Let’s go Ray. You can talk to Emma at school.”

“No. You swear they won’t. Swear it.”

Beth looked at Ray.

“I swear they won’t have sex until you agree.”

“Fine. I agree. You’re an evil woman.”

“Be that as it may, we have an agreement. If you’ll get Emma, she can come with me. It may be easier for me to explain this to her than you. You can bring Ray home when you’re done.”

“But. Tonight?”

“Of course, tonight. You said she was touching him, I’m sure he has needs that need met. You can bring him home and get Emma when you’re done.”

Gwen dropped her eyes and resignedly went to get Emma. Beth quickly turned to Ray.

“I know this isn’t what you wanted, but if you want to be with Emma you have to go along. Take your time with her, pleasure her, and give me some time with Emma.”

Gwen returned with Emma who had been crying.

“Go with her Emma. I need to talk with the boy alone. I’ll come get you shortly. I love you”

Emma was totally confused but left with Beth after a long look at Ray.

Gwen looked at Ray. Well, come along I might as well get this over with.

Ray followed her into the bedroom. She shut the light off and began to undress. Ray slowly took his clothes off thinking about what his mother had said. Gwen lay down spread her legs.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Gwen’s one experience with she had been nineteen years ago when she had been pressured into a bedroom at a party. One minute later she was no longer a virgin. He had ejaculated inside her rolled off, and went for another beer. She left crying and three weeks later missed her period. She had Emma, went on birth control just in case, and had never been with another man.

She was surprised when she felt Ray crawl onto the bed but instead of mounting her, he kissed her thigh.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m a little big and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Gwen thought back to the size of his member. She lay back not sure what he had in mind.

Ray settled his face into her. She had never shaved, and it took him a moment to get used to the difference. Once he did his mother’s training took over. He thought she tasted sweet, and he wished the lights were on. He took his time, and despite herself her hips began to stir. He had a goal. He was going to make her cum whether she wanted to or not.

Gwen had been determined to just lay there but the boy was driving her insane. He lapped at her until she couldn’t stay still, then he clasped her clitoris between his lips and suckled on it until she couldn’t breathe. She gripped the sheets with both hands and tried to stay quiet but when he drove his tongue deep into her drinking her juices and then back up to her clit she broke and cried out.

Ray crawled up between her thighs and placed the head of his cock between her lips and nestled it into position. He waited until she got her breath. She looked up at him in the dim light and then he slowly pushed into her. She was incredibly tight.

Gwen had never thought to be so full. He eased in and out until he was fully seated then he stopped. He didn’t move.

“Are you finished.”

“Oh no Gwen. I’m just getting started.”

He began to slowly stroke in and out of her. His mother had told him to take his time and he intended to. Every ten stroked he would go faster for a few then slow back down. Occasionally he would stay deep in her and grind into her mound. She wasn’t even aware when she drew her knees up to take him deeper but she felt his arms slide under them and raise her legs high.

She came again, only to realize he was still deep in her and still hard.

“You didn’t.”

“Not yet.”

He rode her thru two more climax’s before driving deep in her and emptying himself. He rolled off of her quickly.

“Thank you, Gwen. That was wonderful.”

Gwen could barely move, and didn’t really want to. She couldn’t hardly think but then she remembered. Emma. I have to get Emma.

She got up and quietly dressed ushering Ray to her car.

Beth had led Emma to her car and drove toward her house.

“Beth what’s going on? Why did I have to leave, and why did Ray stay?”

“I’ll explain everything at my house Emma but you have to trust me.”

They got to Beth’s house and Emma asked again.

“What’s going on Beth? Where is Ray?”

“Emma there isn’t any good way to tell you but Ray is at your house. He’s having sex with your mom.”

“You’re joking. This can’t be happening,”

“Emma honey it was the only way.”

Emma began to cry.

“What do you mean the only way?”

“Before you left did you think your mom would ever let you see Ray again?”


“I made her a deal. The two of you won’t have sex until she approves, but until then she has to have sex with Ray.”

‘That’s crazy. She won’t ever approve, and I can’t believe she would have sex with Ray.”

“I threatened that you might move into our house if she didn’t”

“But I wouldn’t leave my mom.”

“She didn’t know that for sure, and she wouldn’t take the chance. Now you and Ray get to continue to see each other. Do you want to see Ray?”

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