Sharon’s Return Pt. 02


Part 2: The Story Continues

I told him that Zack was an excellent student and we really didn’t have any major issues to discuss. I went on how the discussions we were having would be the same issues that I would discuss with Zack’s mother when I met with her.

We chatted about Zack’s performance and his participation in class and how well he got along with the others in his class and in the school.

All the while I was speaking Mr. Bryan was being dutifully attentive often times staring at me intensely. When I finished going over Zack records and work I asked Mr. Bryan if he had any questions.

“Just one.” he said, staring directly at me, “This may be incredibly inappropriate but will you have dinner with me Saturday night?”

I was shocked and a bit flustered.

“Thank you for the invitation but I am married and I don’t think it would be appropriate,” I said.

“Your husband is a very lucky man,” he said, “but to be quite honest I find you incredibly beautiful. Smart, attractive, professional and from what I am imagining you have a body to die for.” “I was hoping that I could get to know you in a more inappropriate manner.”

He was smooth and attractive and his boldness made my entire body tingle with anticipation for some erotic adventure.

“Thank you,” I said, “I have been told that he is a lucky man several times in the past.” “I am sure that many women have told you how handsome you are as well, but I don’t think I am interested. It might negatively affect my professional career.”

“Ok, you are right,” he said, “dinner at my place might seem inappropriate.” “But I am running through any number of scenarios involving you and me, and dinner seems the least inappropriate.”

“Your body language, I am very good at reading women’s body language, tells me that you are interested. The slight flush to your cheeks, the now visible hardening of your nipples and your smell of arousal all indicate that the thought of some “inappropriate” time with me is running through your mind as well.”

I was flustered. He was right, I had been imagining what this man would look like naked. I imagined that his body would be buff, sort of easy to discern because his suit and pants hugged his body. I also imagined that his chest would be smooth, shaved or waxed I couldn’t tell, but smooth and hard. I lingered over the thought of his cock, not huge, but larger than average, broad with a large head.

“I still think it would be inappropriate,” I said again.

“I’ll give you an option,” he said. “Dinner at our place Saturday evening. You can call it a home visit if that would make it more appropriate. Or I can take you out to my car and fuck you there.”

I was again shocked at his aggressive manner. “I didn’t see what kind of car you drive, but I usually do not fuck strange men in cars.”

“Where do you like to fuck strange men,” he shot back?

“Well, if I were to be the kind of woman who would fuck strange men, it probably would be at their home, after a drink and some stimulating conversation, dinner, and coffee,” I shot back boldly.

“Great, it’s a date then. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Not so fast, I said if I were that type of woman,” I said. ‘Do you think I am that kind of woman?”

“Beautiful, I don’t know what kind of woman you are, but I want to find out,” he said.

“I’ve already told you that I am married,” I said.

“Yes, yes you did,” he replied, “but there are a lot of married women out there and not all remain 100% true to their husbands. Just ask my ex-wife.”

“So, you think I am one that might not be 100% faithful? What made you come to that conclusion” I asked?

“Taking a look at you, I am sure, that even with your continued attempts to dress and act professionally at work, your body sends out signals of the joys that await, that any number of men have come on to you,” he said. “You just look like the kind of woman men lust after. I am only human beautiful.” “Your relationship with your husband is a whole other matter. I am not looking to take you away from him. I am only looking to enjoy fucking you.”

We made the arrangements for Saturday night at his home at 7:30.

As he was leaving my classroom he said, “The car is just out in the parking lot. Can I convince you to give me a prelude?”

I closed the door behind him with a sly smile.

The parent/teacher conferences were on Tuesday evening. I had four days to think about what I had gotten myself into for Saturday night.

Zack’s first-grade teacher was of little help in understanding Mr. Bryant. She assured me that he was a great parent, very concerned about Zack’s progress and socialization experiences. I should also point out that she is an older woman who is also professional but not the most stylish dresser. I doubt if Mr. Bryan was as aggressively sexual with her.

So, to make a long story short, I was committed to meeting Mr. Bryan at his home Saturday night. I was pretty sure I would be safe, but I was both excited ataşehir escort (to be honest aroused) at the possibilities that faced me. He did make his intentions clearly known at or school meeting, and he was right since the birth of my daughter men had been coming on to me.

I told my husband on Friday evening that I had a home visit scheduled for Saturday evening and he was ok with it, little knowing what might be in store for his wife, and without knowing how anxious with anticipation his wife was.

I was nervous as a cat all day Saturday. Ran through in my mind what I was going to wear and why each garment was selected. I selected an almost sheer bra that had a front clasp. The bra was selected because of the thin material and the fact that it pushed my breasts together to create (I have been told) “delicious” cleavage.

Around 4 in the afternoon I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went upstairs to our bedroom and undressed. When I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror I knew what the men were seeing, even if I wasn’t nude. My breasts were large, firm and supple. My waist was trim my belly flat and taught and flared out to a nice set of hips with a tight but not overly large ass. The selling point was my completely shaved pussy. Mr. Bryan will approve I said to myself.

I quickly showered and made myself ready for the evening.

I arrived at Mr. Bryan’s home about 15 minutes late. When I pulled up I realized that it was the largest house on the street. The street was in the neighborhood adjoining the lake. His home was on the lake side of the street.

I pulled into the driveway and pushed the button at the gate. I guess he was expecting me because the gate swung open without my having to identify myself. I followed the driveway to a place outside the three car garage, but relatively close to the door.

I approached the large entryway and rang the bell. Moments later I heard footsteps approaching the door. Mr. Bryan opened the door and smiled. “Wow, you look stunning,” he said.

I had worn a pencil skirt that came to just above my knees, a crisp white blouse that buttoned up the front (leaving one or two of the buttons undone to show some cleavage) and my best stilettos. He was wearing a golf shirt and a pair of slacks and penny loafers with no socks. His golf shirt showed off his buff chest and shoulders and his flat abs.

I thanked him for the compliment and admired his entry hall. “Let me give you the tour,” he said.

It was a beautiful grand and large home, with a beautiful large kitchen, a step down great room with a grand fireplace and a beautiful view of the lake, his dock and the outside covered patio area. To one side of the patio was a large spa/hot tub.

After the tour of the first floor, we went up the winding marble stairway to the second floor. A large office, a home theater, and 5 bedrooms awaited. One of the bedrooms was Zack’s and he was enjoying himself with a video game. He was surprised to see me, but when I greeted him I told him I had come by to talk with his father about how great he was doing in school. “Mrs. Carpenter will be up to get you ready for bed soon, so we’ll say goodnight now,” he said. Mrs. Carpenter, he told me was the housekeeper and was downstairs in the kitchen and would be leaving after Zack had gone to bed.

Mr. Bryan’s bedroom was the largest with a large and expensively appointed bathroom complete with a steam shower and several shower heads and jets.

I did notice that when we walked through his bedroom to see the bathroom that the bed was already turned down and it was covered by just a sheet.

We finished upstairs on the balcony off the master bedroom overlooking the lake.

“OK, now for that drink,” he said. “I remembered your statement at the end of our conference.” “If I were to be the kind of woman who would fuck strange men, it probably would be at their home, after a drink and some stimulating conversation, dinner, and coffee.”

We went back downstairs to the expansive great room and he said, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.”

He was back in a flash to ask what sort of drink I wanted. “Surprise me,” I said.

I waited on his large couch until he returned, drink in hand. “A dirty martini for the lady,” he said as he offered the tray with two drinks. I took one and said, “Thank you.”

He set the tray on the nearby table and took his drink and raised it for a toast. “To an evening of stimulating conversation,” he said.

I smiled at him to let him know I knew exactly what he meant.

He sat down and we talked about a number of things. His career (seems he is a very successful financial advisor), his life, his hobbies (boating and swimming – he was a competitive swimmer at college), and his son and how his ex is always putting him down in frontt of his son.

He then shifted the conversation to me. I told him about my life, my love of teaching, our year old daughter, how my life changed drastically since she was born. He kadıköy escort bayan assumed I meant that I had no time for myself and my career, but I assured him that that is not what I meant.

“Listen, Mr. Bryan,” I said, “I am pretty sure we are going to fuck sometime and it might as well be tonight. I pretty much knew we’d be fucking during your come on at our parent/teacher conference. You are a very attractive man and, well I don’t know how to explain it, but since I had my daughter I want to have sex quite often. More often than my husband can provide. Over the past several months that has resulted in several evenings like tonight with men, I barely know. Some were excited and satisfied me, some were very disappointing. I do hope tonight will be ‘stimulating.'”

“Well, I didn’t know you have a daughter. You are a true MILF,” he said.

“I’ve heard that more than once,” I said.

“So, fill me in on what you have planned.” “I don’t want to come on too strong and scare you away,” he said.

“Perhaps we can just sit here, enjoying your beautiful home and see where it goes,” I said. “Perhaps you could start by kissing me?”

Mr. Bryan put down his drink and leaned forward toward me. I could smell his cologne as his mouth approached mine. His lips were soft as he kissed me. It started off as a simple kiss but built to a more and more passionate kiss that I eagerly returned. I felt his tongue on my lips and opened my mouth to accept his probing tongue. His kiss was delicious and I felt that sensation I feel all too often coming over me.

We kissed, we talked, we kissed some more. I moved to him so that I could press my large breasts against his hard chest and kissed him as passionately as he kissed me. We continued making out like two horny teenagers for the longest time. We shifted position on the sofa so he was laying with his head of the arm of the sofa and I was laying on top of him.

I could feel his erection growing in his pants and he could feel my nipples harden against his chest. His hands roamed down my back and over my ass. He grabbed my ass and ground me against his hard cock. I willingly ground myself against the hardening bulge in his pants.

After several minutes of the exquisite pleasure of grinding against his hot cock, I pulled back from out deep kiss. I looked him in eyes and said, “Are we going to do it here?”

“We can if you want to,” he said, “but I believe we’d be more comfortable upstairs.”

I moved off of him and stood near the couch as he stood up. A smile crossed his face as he leaned in again to kiss me.

He took my hand and we started upstairs to the bedroom. “Do you want me to undress you, or do you want to do it for me,” he asked.

Once we reached the bedroom, I walked to the far side of the bed, turned and looked at him and reached down to take off my shoe. “No, don’t,” he said, “Can you leave them on for now?”

I smiled and moved to the buttons on the front of my blouse. Slowly, one by one, I unbuttoned them and slipped the blouse off and draped it over a nearby chair. “God, your breasts are even larger than I imagined,” he said as he got a glimpse.

I smiled over at him again and reached for the zipper on the back of my skirt and slid it slowly off. I stepped out of the skirt and reached down to get it and place it on the chair with my blouse.

I was wearing a small sheer thong that matched my bra. “Shall I continue or do you want to come over and help with the rest,” I asked?

He walked over to me and took my hands and turned me around slowly. “I want to savor this gift before I unwrap it,” he said smiling.

I twirled slowing and then moved to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for another deep kiss. When I broke the kiss I smiled at him and started to tug his golf shirt up over his head. When that was off I pulled him tightly against me and pressed my body to him for a few moments.

I quickly moved behind him and reached around to caress his chest and then down over the front of his slacks. He was rock hard and I could feel how hot his cock was through the material. I moved closer and reached for his belt and opened it. I then reached for the clasp and zipper. When they were loose I slid his pants down. His boxers were all that remained and I quickly slid them down over his ass, feeling his cock spring free.

I reached around and found his hard cock. It was heavy, hot and thick. I moved my other hand around and cupped his balls. He moaned as I hefted his balls and caressed his cock.

I kissed his neck and continued to play with his cock. “I want you,” I whispered in his ear. “I want you hard and deep inside me.”

His hands were around behind him as he reached to cup my ass cheeks and pull me close to his body.

“You are even more beautiful and exciting than I imagined you could be,” he said.

I kissed his neck and moved away from him to the bed and kneeled on it. He walked up to me and moved in to kiss me. As he deeply escort maltepe kissed me he caressed my breast and tugged at my hard nipple through the sheer material of my bra. I moaned softly as a jolt of pleasure swept through my body.

His cock was pointing straight out, fully erect as be moved back from me after the kiss. He stood by the edge of the bed and smiled. “You are an exquisite woman,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said as I moved my hands to cup the fullness of my tits. He watched intently as I played with my full breasts, pushing them together and then squeezing them. “Yes, I like that,” he said.

I continued to arouse myself playing with my tits and occasionally tweaking my already hard nipples. His hand moved down to encircle the shaft of his cock and he slowly stroked it while watching me intently.

After a few moments I reached to the clasp on the front of my bra and unhooked it, but I left the bra covering my breasts. I smiled at him and reached out for his hand and moved it to the front of my unhooked bra. He needed no additional instruction, grasping one side of the bra and pulling it away from my body so my firm, full breast sprung free. “Oh my God,” he murmured, “you have the most beautiful breasts of any I have seen.”

He continued tugging and pulled the bra off me completely. I smiled at him and pointed to the chair with the other articles of clothing. He didn’t need to be told, he dutifully walked over to the chair and draped the bra over the back.

I lay down on the bed on my back waiting for Mr. Bryan to join me. He slid onto the bed next to me and reached out to pull my face to him so he could kiss me. I rolled to him so I could return the kiss.

“I want you,” I whispered to him as we kissed.

He moved to a kneeling position on the bed and reached out with his hands to clutch the sideband of my thong. I raised my hips to allow him to slide it off. When he reached my knees, he bent one of my legs to it could slip down over my stiletto. Then followed with the other to get it off completely.

“You have a very moist looking vagina,” he said.

“I have a very eager cunt,” I said to him. “I call it my cunt, you can to if you’d like, and I won’t be offended.

He moved forward and moved his head to my cunt. “In that case,” he said, “I’d like to pleasure your cunt.”

Eagerly he traced his tongue along the folds of my labia and he moved his hand to a position above my vagina and started massaging my swollen cunt. He spread the folds of my pussy exposing my clit and started eagerly, yet gently licking it with the tip of his tongue. “Oh, yes, yes,” I moaned as his tongue did its magic, “It’s like you know what I need.”

He continued licking my vagina, my clit and the folds of my labia for several more minutes. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair. As I got more and more excited, I grasped his head with both hands and pulled him tightly against my cunt.

When I held his head he knew I was enjoying his oral talents. He then moved his hands up to my tits and began squeezing them and pinching my nipples. His hands were filled with my full, firm tits. My nipples were hard and my cunt tingling as the orgasm in my belly was building.

“Oh, God, you are driving me crazy,” I said to him. “Make me cum, I need you to make me cum. It feels so good.”

Within moments I felt a surge of pleasure sweep through my body. I pulled his head tightly to my cunt as my body convulsed with pleasure. I lifted my hips with each wave of pleasure as his tongue probed my cunt. It was the most intense orgasm I had experienced in months.

It was probably the change that I had experienced after the birth of my daughter, and it was probably the forbidden nature of the sex I was having, but it pleased me to know that this man was giving me this intense pleasure without holding anything back.

My body convulsed for what seemed like several minutes. Mr. Bryan kept stimulating my vagina with his talented tongue for the entire time, never slowing his pace and giving me an extended orgasm.

When my orgasm subsided I let go of his head and he quickly moved next to me on the bed. I was breathing hard from the pleasure, but did manage to say, “That was fantastic.” He smiled at me and moved to me to kiss me deeply.

When he pulled back from our passionate kiss, he smiled at me and move to a kneeling position on the bed. His beautiful cock stood out firmly from his body. He moved to a position between my legs and grasped his cock with one hand and placed the other hand on my belly just above my pussy. He moved his hand slowly upward and I felt the head of his cock touch my swollen cunt lips. He slid the head of his cock up and down the folds of my labia. He pushed himself forward as I lifted my hips and his prick slowly filled me. The look on his face told me that he was enjoying the warmth and moistness of my pussy. “Oh, fuck, you are so tight and hot,” he moaned as his cock filled me slowly.

I wrapped my arms around his body and spread my legs more so that I could take all of his cock. He moaned as I grasped at his shaft with the muscles of my cunt. I moaned as I felt his balls brush against the swollen lips of my vagina. He was all the way into me with one slow, delicious movement.

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