She’s Not My Daughter Ch. 03


Well, needless to say I was a little bit shocked to see my girlfriends daughter Sandy was a cam girl. She was showing herself to all kids of men over the internet, and from what I could tell love everything about it.

Jesse was Sandy’s best friend, the sweet little young thing with my hard cock in her hand. She was showing me the cam webpage that Sandy had set up, it had some pictures of Sandy with lingerie on, very dark pictures with a lock icon over them, and links to videos that Sandy had obviously done with that same lock over them.

Jesse put the mouse over a link then clicked, and a password window came up. She put in a password, and the locks were gone.

“You promised not to tell.” she giggled still holding my hard cock.

She stood on her tip toes leaning against me with her hand on my chest, then Jesse gave my hard cock a playful squeeze and stroked it.

“Just remember I’m here to take good care of your big cock, when you get all hot and bothered Daddy.” she whispered in my ear.

Jesse used the mouse again, clicking on the link to a video. There was Sandy on the laptop’s monitor, in a very hot red lace bra and panties matching set. She even had red sheer stockings on, and her makeup was all done up. She also had a Wifi audio head set on, my god I thought, she is a pro at this obviously.

“Hmmm, interesting?” she giggled. As my hard cock was throbbing in her hand.

Then Jesse leaned over and then turned the sound on, it had been muted. Jesse was right back on my hard cock though, stroking it faster now.

I was frozen, staring at the monitor. Sandy was reading some of the thing’s that were coming over in text from the chat room.

“Thank you.” Sandy giggled and grabbed then squeezed her perky little breasts.

“I like them a lot!” Sandy added rubbing her nipples through the bra, smiling from an obvious comment on her perky tits.

“Be nice now, or you won’t get to see them.” Sandy teased at whoever had made the comment, then there was a sound it was like a bell ring.

“Thank you sweetie.” Sandy got all excited at the sound, and pulled her bra below her breasts exposing those beautiful little tits. Her pink little nipples were hard from excitement, and she gave them both a tweak.

“Come on now guys, I’m almost there.” then Sandy leaned back on her bed spreading her legs showing her panties to the web cam.

“Tip more and you get to see me play with this.” that when she exposed her very wet shaven snatch. Sandy rubbed her two fingers up that up her soaked slit and moved them over her clit. Rubbing circles around that slightly protruding clit, she tossed her head back and moaned. She then pushed those two fingers in past those wet pussy lips, pumping them deep into her hole.

The bell sound came twice more, and she moaned out “Thank you.”

“Well someone likes the show.” I looked down and Jesse was on her knees in big ass porno front of me. Jesse held my hard cock pointing to her mouth, then licked the pre-cum that was dripping from my cock head.

Without saying a word I picked her up by her shoulders to get her to her feet. I spun Jesse around bent my knees to get a better angle, and as she leaned back against me ground my hard cock in her ass crack. I reached around pulling on those hard nipples, and I nibbled on her neck.

Sandy was going wild on the web cam video, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The bell sound came again, this time three times in succession.

“Ohh .. thank you guys, now I can play with my toys. I made my goal.” Sandy giggled and stopped pumping her pussy jumping up on her knees on the bed.

Jesse was grinding her hot little ass into my hard cock back into me just as hard as I rubbing that cock in her ass cheeks.

Jesse was watching the video too now, unable to look away. Her best friend was on the monitor now running a six inch vibrator all around her clit as it hummed along.

Jesse gasped and couldn’t get out any words as I bent down more sliding half my hard cock into her pussy. I did hear moaning though, it was from Sandy in the video as she plunged the vibrator quickly in and out of her wet pussy.

Jesse whimpered as I started to slowly fuck her hot pussy, so hot that pussy was it burned my cock. Slow and deep I slid my big cock into that hot cavern, her tightness gripping my cock as I moved in and out of her.

The moaning from the computer was getting louder and louder, as I watched Sandy fuck her little pussy with the humming vibrator. It hummed louder as she turned it up on high, and her ass pushed up off the bed to meet the buzzing intruder. Sandy thrust the vibrator in deep, faster and faster she fucked herself. She rubbed circles around her clit with her other hand, harder and harder she went in tight circles.

“Oohhh yeah, ooohhh yes, here is come.” as Sandy pumped her pretty pussy with buzzing machine.

“Ohh fuck, here I come Daddy.” Sandy groaned, and let out a wave of juices from her quivering pussy. It was quite a site to see, with the ringing of bells over and over from the tips she was getting.

I had slowed my pounding of Jesse’s pussy, because of what I was witnessing. It amazed me, I had felt a woman gush on me before, just never saw it happen like that.

Sandy slowed her vibrator pussy play to a crawl pace, she smiled and giggled as she enjoyed the explosion that just happened in her pussy. More bells ringing, more tips, and Sandy said thank you over and over.

Then a voice came from off screen, and a blond haired head came into view. It was Jesse’s voice.

“Don’t thank me yet.” Jesse was giggling, her head between her best friend Sandy’s legs just inches from her pussy.

“Thank me after I make your pussy come.” big tits porno and on the video I watched stunned as Jesse licked up the length of Sandy’s very wet pussy. What a scene I was watching. Jesse then sucked hard on Sandy’s clit, her whole body shivered and shook. She then pumped her fingers into that wet tight little cunt, squish squish was all you could hear.

I started to pump Jesse’s pussy at the same speed as the fingers banged the pussy in the video on the screen. I was regaining my complete overall hornyness when I bent Jesse over, and started to pound her little hot pussy mercilessly.

“Wait Daddy, there’s more, listen.” Jesse giggled while looking back at me. After that you would hear nothing but loud moaning from Jesse, because of the hard pounding I was giving that hot pussy. I slammed my hard cock into her, more squishing sounds, this time they were coming from my cock in Jesse’s juicy pussy. Jesse was coming all over my cock, he ass pushing back for me to pound her more.

On the screen Jesse teased Sandy, she pumped her fingers in and out slowly as she flicked her tongue over her protruding clit.

“I heard you say Daddy when you came you know.” Jesse teased her with her words on screen.

“You told me when you fuck him your gonna call him that.” Sandy said. “You said it sounded sexy, and it does.” as Sandy pushed her hips to make stronger contact with Jesse’s licking on her clit.

“Yeah it does, but if it was from you it some a little dirty too.” and Jesse laughed. “You could end up his step-daughter.”

“So. It’s not fair. I’m the one that really wants to fuck his big cock. I’m the one who comes thinking of that big cock every night. I come like crazy picturing him fucking me.” as Sandy moaned and tossed her head back.

“Think you’ll come better then this with Daddy.” as Jesse dove down on Sandy’s clit sucking it hard, slamming her fingers in and out of that tight cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes I will. I’ll come all over his face, and that big cock to.” then again Sandy’s juices flowed out of her pussy. She gushed over Jesse’s fingers, and Jesse lapped at the liquid shooting from Sandy’s pussy.

That was it for me, I was fucking Jesse so hard at this point watching them on the video that I didn’t even know I had fucked her down to her knees. Jesse was on her knees her ass up in the air to meet my pounding thrusts, she whimpered as her face was down but turned towards me on the carpet. She was biting her lower lip breathing heavy.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard Daddy.” Jesse was again coming all over my cock.

“Fuck your little baby slut’s pussy. I love Daddy’s big cock.” Jesse was lost in her orgasm, and the sexual moment. All she cared about right now was coming all over my cock, her whole body trembled.

Finally it was the sight on the video of Jesse completely burying her face in Sandy’s pussy to blacked porno eat me out that made me fire my load into Jesse’s quivering pussy. Jesse’s pussy squeezed my hard cock like a velvet vise, her lips clung to the sides of my shaft milking me. I came so much I was drained, wad after wad shot deep into her as I held my cock in place completely buried. Throbbing and shooting streams of thick creamy seed, four five six seven wads pumped from my cock deep inside her pussy.

She couldn’t speak as she collapsed on the floor, making my still hard cock slip out of her. She woke up from her trance like state, realizing that my come was running out of her pussy. Jesse cupped her hand over pussy, and scooped my running come up with her fingers.

“Mmmm, I love the way you taste. I love they way we taste.” as Jesse sucked her fingers clean.

Jesse looked absolutely beautiful as she lapped up our juices, I was hooked on all this. Whatever it was going on I could not stop. I bent over, picked up Jesse carrying her in my arms like a man carry’s his wife over the threshold. I kissed her deeply, my tongue searching out hers. I carried her back to the master bedroom, and we kissed all the way. I laid her on the bed, and she looked up at me. She saw my still rock hard cock, and smiled. I laid next rolling her to her side, I curled up to her, then reached between her thighs sticky with my come. I scooped some up with my fingers, then reached around to her perfect little ass and rubbed the creamy come onto her little rosebud. I slowly slid a finger in, working it inside that tight ass.

“I want you to take my ass.” Jesse looked back at me, as I slid a second finger into her ass.

“Ohh .. yes it’s all yours.” and kissed me. Then reached around grabbing my rock hard cock placing the head on her asshole.

“Come on Daddy, fuck my ass.” as I pushed the head into her slowly.

“That’s it go slow Daddy, fuck your little baby’s ass.” as Jesse pushed her ass back at me.

In no time I was buried inside her sweet little ass. She looked so happy as I stroked her beautiful blonde hair, getting it away from her face. She sounded like she was purring as I slowly sawed my stone hard cock in and out of that tightness. She was taking my full length by the time I started to pump into her faster. I kissed the back of her head, and reached around to rub her clit.

“I will do anything you ever want.” as she smiled back at me. “I’m all yours, your little baby girl.”

Jesse’s ass pulsed around my cock as I thrust in. No more talk now as she moaned with my fingers driving into her sticky wet pussy. Her whole body shook as she came again, and her ass squeezed my cock so hard it made me come too. I stopped pumping, and held my cock deep in her firing my cum into her ass. I kept my cock in her ass as it started to soften.

“Are we gonna do this all day?” she giggled.

“Ohh Jesse, you can count on it today.” and I leaned over to kiss her.

“Mmmm good.” as Jesse kissed me back sliding her tongue in my mouth reaching out for mine.

“So good.” as I reached up to stroke her breasts saying.

“So good baby.” I said blissfully happy at the moment.

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