Shhhh, Mommy Will Hear You Pt. 03

Bet That

Chapter 9.

I turned on the shower and looked down at my cock and balls for the first time since Lexi shaved me. Strange how it looked so much larger now. I guess that’s one reason guys liked to do it. Impress the women, I laughed to myself.

The water was warm and felt good as I lathered up my body, area by area. Working long and hard on this homestead had it’s affect on my muscle tone. I’m not one to stare in the mirror and flex my arms, but discovering that such a young woman found me sexually desirable caused me to flex them with pride.

Normally I would take this opportunity for a little self indulgence; however, that was no longer necessary. A simple call out loud to Megan or Lexi would create a stampede to satisfy my every need. Hands down, I was the luckiest guy in the world. I did an obligatory massage of my tool as I rinsed off my body. Wondering if I were right about whether a stampede would ensue, I opened the door and yelled out into the living room. “Does anyone want to dry me off?” Within seconds Megan and Lexi were both by my side smiling. Realizing how lucky I was, my cock reacted and stood erect. I handed each of them a towel and stood still as my body was dried from head to toe, with an extra bit of time spent on my middle.

“Dinner is ready. As hard as this may be for some of us, please put on some clothes.” Megan said as she snapped her towel toward me. Lexi laughed and then jump in surprise when I swatted her butt teasingly.

I put on boxers and Megan a satin robe. Lexi put on one of my t-shirts, but no panties. As always, dinner was wonderful. We tried to talk about other things, but every conversation came back to the new favorite pass-time in our family. Hedonistic sex. It was all pretty normal until Lexi mentioned that except for the night I took her virginity, I hadn’t actually had intercourse with her.

“Daddy, do you ever want to cum in my pussy like most men and women do?”

I looked over at Megan and she simply shrugged her shoulders. “Umm, Lexi, I’m sure you know what could happen if we did that, don’t you?”

“I could get pregnant. Yea Daddy, I know. Don’t you want more babies?”

If you had asked me a few days ago if I ever thought of fucking, let alone getting my little girl pregnant, you probably wouldn’t have lived long enough to hear my answer. That was simply repulsive in all of it’s implications. Now I no longer had any basis for bearing. What was right, what was wrong. Up or Down? I no longer knew.

“Lexi, you know how many boundaries we have crossed and that it’s wrong, don’t you?” In spite of everything that was going on, I felt it was important to keep Lexi’s moral compass straight. I never wanted her to think what we were doing was acceptable, either by society, or legally. I hoped she understood. I looked over toward Megan hoping for her to jump in, but she sat back in her chair and had a smug grin on her face. Dang, that woman had the most manipulative personality I had ever met.

“Yes, Lexi. You could get pregnant. I don’t think you want that, do you?” I asked rhetorically.

“Actually Daddy, I do. I have thought about babies for a long time. I mean for many years. I just figured since I didn’t know any boys, it would never happen. I think that’s what made me the saddest. Babies are so cute, don’t you think so Daddy?”

“Yes, I do Lexi. Mommy and I tried for a long time to have another baby. You would have had a brother or sister. It just didn’t happen, so we accepted it.”

“Well, now maybe it can happen if I have a baby.” Lexi smiled at me like she was offering the greatest gift possible. I wasn’t sure what to say at this point. I didn’t want to destroy her enthusiasm completely, but obviously, this whole thing had gotten completely out of hand.

“Lexi, you know how much I love you. I just think at 18 years old; and…… well, you are a bit naive about the ways of the world. I think if you were to have a baby at this age, it might be something you will regret in the future.”

Lexi looked at me with puppy dog eyes, slowly lowering her head in rejection. This was a perfect example of opening of Pandora’s Box. It started when I failed to stand firm against the idea that Lexi be allowed to “cuddle” with Megan and I in our bed. That lead to my molestation of her virgin breasts and so on. Maybe this was God’s way of punishing me also. He knows how I would do anything to make Megan and Lexi happy, even when it conflicted czech couples porno with my own happiness. Was this His way of letting me know that sometimes it’s best to “just say ‘No?'”

Finally Lexi looked up, but not at me, her Mother. “Mommy, I liked the feeling of having Daddy’s thing inside of me. Please can’t we do that?”

Megan had no choice but to respond. Her smug look disappeared. She suggested that if Lexi stopped talking about having a baby, Daddy might be more willing to fuck her. That caused Lexi to giggle, “I like the word fuuuuuck” she said emphasizing the first syllable.

Lexi climbed up into my lap and placing her mouth only an inch from mine asked, “Daddy, will you fuuuuuuck me if I stop talking about babies?” When she said the word “fuck” as she did, it caused her to breath into my mouth in the most sensual way you could possibly imagine. She then stuck her tongue out slightly and shifted it back and forth a few times as she moistened her lips. Then she leaned closer to me and licked my slightly parted dry lips with her tongue. It was too much. My cock was straining against the thin material of my boxers into her bare butt cheeks. I lifted Lexi into my arms and carried her up the stairs to her bed. The look of lust overtook her face as though she were close to ecstasy.

I sat Lexi on her bed and pulled my t-shirt over her head. Without being told, she lay back on the bed. I removed my boxers and my hard cock jerked when freed. Almost instinctively, Lexi reached over with her right hand and took a hold of her stuffed teddy bear. She pulled it to her chest, at the same time she covered her smooth pussy with her left hand as if expecting to protect herself from what was about to happen. Her eyes never broke focus with mine. They were glazed over from lust and she slightly bit her bottom lip letting me know she was playing a coy game with me. As her left hand remained covering her pussy, she slightly spread her legs enough to let me know she wasn’t as innocent as she was pretending to be.

I walked over to the foot of her bed and climbed on it in a kneeling position above her. My cock stood proud in front of me. I could smell the essence of her womanly odor as I spread her legs even further apart. I decided to see if I could get her to roleplay with me. Lexi had proven to be a very intelligent girl with an active imagination.

“Lexi, you know you have been a bad girl walking around the house in my t-shirt and without panties. I think you were trying to seduce your father, weren’t you?

Cupping both her teddy and pussy tighter, her words, “NO DADDY! I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t do this!” The serious look on her face frightened me for one split second. I had an almost a near death experience as I thought about what we had already done together. Had she changed her mind?

I realized how much fun I was going to have from now on when her teary eyes and expression were quickly replaced with the seductress in her. Something I had discovered mere days ago. She looked down at her pussy, causing my eyes to follow. She used the middle finger of her left hand, and inserted it into her moistness.

“I don’t think you are really sorry Lexi, are you? You are a woman now and I know you must have the needs of a sexual being. Do you feel the need to have something shoved deep within your virgin pussy? Do you Lexi?”

“No Daddy, I don’t. I’m really a good girl Daddy. You know I’m a good girl, don’t you?”

“Yes, you are a good girl. You are also a sexy woman Lexi,” I reached down to pull her hand away from her pussy. S he held it firmly to her body.

“Oh Daddy please don’t do this. I’m your babygirl, remember? You’re scaring me Daddy.”

“Yes, you are my babygirl, but you’ve grown up so much. Look at your boobies. See how hard your pink little nipple is? That means even though you think you don’t want this to happen, your body does. Your body needs to be satisfied as a woman. Let Daddy look at your pussy babygirl.” I reached down again to pull her hand away to no avail. Again, I wondered if she was playing with me. If so, she could have won an award for Best Actress.

“Now sweetie, you know you must obey Daddy, don’t you?

Lexi nodded, but with her lips forming a pout as if ready to cry.

“You know Daddy won’t hurt you, but see how hard Daddy’s cock is? That is because of the way you walk around the house without panties. czech estrogenolit porno When you reach up to get a book on a high shelf, or bend over in front of Daddy pretending to pick something up off the floor, you are showing off your tight little pussy. You do that because you know Daddy gets turned on.” I lightly stroked my hairless cock and balls that Lexi had shaved earlier that day. “You know you are being naughty when you tease Daddy like that, don’t you?

“I didn’t mean to tease you Daddy. I just don’t like wearing panties anymore.” Lexi did her best to keep from breaking into a giggle.

“It’s ok Lexi if you don’t want to wear panties anymore. I don’t mind, but you know there is a price to pay. When you get Daddy hard because of your actions, it’s your obligation to take care of his male urges?” Now I was smiling at this silly dialog.

“What are male urges Daddy?” Lexi no longer tried to suppress her grin.

I could tell her resistance was down, so before she could continue her coy game. Never breaking eye contact with her, I reached down and pulled her hand away from her pussy. That was all it took. Lexi started laughing telling me I wasn’t playing fair and that I tricked her. Laughing harder, she rolled into the fetal position pretending to protect her virtue as I fell on top of her tickling her to make her laugh harder. I realized my hard cock had wedged itself between Lexi’s slender legs. That gave me the inspiration and I pulled back far enough to dislodge it, but still maintaining control of lexi by tickling, and my strength. I slowly pushed Lexi’s leg directly beneath me toward her chest. This exposed her tight little pussy just as I had hoped. I placed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips which caused her to jump and try to wiggle free, but with my strength, I kept her in place while the rest of my cock eventually found its way deep into her moist pussy.

“You said you wanted to try all of the Kamasutra positions, didn’t you babygirl? Well this is a very good one to get started with.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so deep. Fuuuuck Meeeeeee. Please go slow so I can enjoy it a long time.” Lexi said, panting. I started squeezing her nipples, as I continued to thrust slowly enjoying my own pleasure.

I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. Spending the last 20 minutes with her teasing and taunting me. Her nubile body splayed before me knowing how much she wanted to be fucked. Now her tight pussy was contracting against my cock as though it wanted to milk it of my sperm. My baby making sperm. I looked down at Lexi. Her innocence and longing to please me. Her long blond hair, fair smooth skin. I wondered how I could refuse her anything, even that of having my baby.

“Oh gawd Daddy, this feels awesome.” Lexi began to meet my thrusts.

“Lexi, I want you to rub your tiny clitty for me, ok? It will help you cum faster.”

“Ok Daddy.”

It didn’t take much stimulation of her clit to send her exploding into orgasm which, of course, set mine off also. Shot after shot of my cum was deposited into Lexi’s body as she thrashed about unabated for several seconds. I remained hard inside of her as I watched in wonderment knowing I gave her such pleasure. The mere thought that the seed I dumped into her womb could result in my baby having my baby kept me erect.

I decided to see how long I could keep her orgasms going, and whether I was still man enough to make another deposit so soon after my last. Thrust after thrust. “Oh gawd, stop Daddy….. Please don’t stop….. Oh fuuuuck me. Don’t… Please stop.” She was out of her mind at the moment, unsure of whether she wanted me to stop. The pain… the pleasure swept over her again and again. For the first time, I became aware of the squeaking of the bed frame. It caused me to remember there was a time when we had to mask such noises in this household. That was no longer the case. Those noises now meant pleasure was being experienced in complete openness.

I looked down at Lexi and she was completely spent. Her eyes were closed and she lay there silent in a pool of sweet. I knew she wouldn’t be experiencing any more orgasms, but I was determined to finish the job I started. Without withdrawing, I pulled her leg over so that she was now on her back. She would be more comfortable while accommodating my continued use of her sweet body. We were now in missionary position. The friction caused by czech first video porno her tight pussy was minimized by now, totally soaked with our juices. I slowed my pace I could easily slide in and out of her. Lexi looked up at me, “I love you Daddy.” She then closed her eyes. I think she was thinking out loud, or maybe I imagined it, in barely a whisper she said, “I want a baby.” That statement, or the idea that she might have made that statement was enough to send what little cum I had left to be deposited where it might actually accomplish that goal. I collapsed on top of her, then rolled to her side, falling asleep next to Lexi.

Chapter 10.

“Wow, that young tight pussy sure has given you stamina.”

Megan’s words caused me to jump. I must have fallen into a deep sleep because my gut instinct was to be defensive, “It’s not what it looks like,” I said trying to cover my nude body with the bedspread covering Lexi’s bed, as though I had forgotten that Megan knew I was fucking our daughter. I finally became alert enough to realize everything was alright. I laughed, “Yea, I guess so,” I said looking over at Megan who was laying on the other side of Lexi’s body.

“She is so beautiful, isn’t she John?”

“Inside and out,” I smiled at Megan. “She is as sweet and giving as you sweetheart. I feel selfish keeping her to ourselves. Not only because she would make someone else a wonderful partner, but because she could attract a wonderful partner exclusively for herself.”

“You know John, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought these past few weeks, even before Lexi brought up how lonely she was. The world out there generally sucks. I know this sounds very bizarre considering what has been going on under this roof, but the majority of people out in the world lack any sort of moral compass or values. How many men would gladly fuck Lexi and not feel any guilt about breaking her heart? I have to say, most of them. I know we could all end up in jail if we were ever discovered, but barring that, I know you would give your life for Lexi and me. When you consider that truth, how can this be so wrong? Because society says it is? How often in human history has ‘society’ been wrong? Remember debtor’s prison, slavery, gay relationships?”

“Yea, I know,” I said before being interrupted by Lexi who had turned on her side facing her Mother.

“Mom, am I gay because I like pussy too? I mean I’ve played with yours and liked it, so I guess that means I like pussy.”

“Which do you like more? Daddy’s cock or my pussy?” Megan asked sounding so clinical.

Reaching behind her, Lexi massaged my limp cock, “I like this best!”

I know it is totally perverted to think what I was, but then again, wasn’t all of this. It made me feel boastful that this sweet girl loved receiving sexual pleasure from me.

“Then we could say you were bisexual with a preference for men.” Megan smiled.

Lexi smiled back at her Mom. “All of my muscles are sore. Can you and Daddy give me a massage?” Lexi asked. Not waiting for an answer, she rolled on to her stomach. Immediately I slapped her naked butt. “I think Daddy likes my butt Mommy.”

“I can understand why Lexi,” Megan said, smiling at me. “You start with her feet Daddy, I’ll rub her neck and shoulders.”

“Lexi, turn sideways on the bed so I can reach your head while Daddy does your feet.” Lexi complied without comment until she hit the ‘wet spot.’

“Oooo, the bed is wet.” Lexi jumped. Megan and I began laughing.

“You might as well get use to that Lexi, it’s called the ‘wet spot.’ It’s where you and Daddy made love. It’s the juices from your pussy and those of Daddy that have leaked out mixed together.” Megan explained. Lexi didn’t seem to really care as she found a dry spot and laid back on her stomach.

Although I was reluctant in the beginning, even feeling victimized, I could no longer claim to be innocent in this entire situation. I was totally infatuated with my little girl’s body. Her innocence. Her enthusiasm. As I rubbed her feet, I separated her legs nonchalantly. Her pussy was bright pink from all of the excitement of the day. Some of my cum, dried, coating the insides of her thighs. I looked up at Megan and she had been watching me the whole time. She threw me a lover’s kiss.

20 – 30 minutes later we had given Lexi a nice massage and tucked her into her own bed. Tonight was for Megan and me. It was spent with a nice shower together. A plate of cheese and bottle of wine. We talked about the future, and made love in front of the fireplace in my chair. We knew we had a perfect life. We just didn’t know if we should sacrifice what we had so that Lexi could live a more normal life. Did Lexi really want a “normal” life. She had nothing to compare her life to.

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