Shilpa’s Affair


Shilpa’s AffairMy name is Ajit, 19 years old. I live in Mumbai in a 2 BHK apartment with my mom, Shilpa, 38. My dad, Vikram, 42, is working in a MNC, and was recently transferred to Bangalore through the company. He visits home every 3 or 4weeks. Mom is a conservative woman and to continue her hobby, she runs music classes at home. Though her age is 38, she looks 25 as a result of regular yoga and exercise. A beautiful, smart woman, 5’4″ tall, with curves 34c-26-38, 56 kg, fair complexion. Whenever we go shopping or anywhere else, I notice men staring at her with lustful eyes. I have noticed my friends doing the same thing, whenever they visit my home. She wears either Saree or salwar-kameez. Her dress sense just adds to her beauty. Men around her always keep drooling. Being calm, she never reacted to them. I am in second year of my Engg college. I’m busy most of the time for college work.One day I was returning from college, and as I reached the main gate of our building, I noticed a new family was moving into our building. I stopped there after parking my bike. As the ‘packers and movers’ guys left, only one man was remaining and I just said hello to him. He obviously wanted some new friends. “Hello beta, myself Vinod” As we were going upstairs, I asked him about his family. And he told me that he was living alone, divorced.As I came to 3rd floor, where my flat was, I stopped and knocked the door. As we were exchanging phone numbers, mom opened the door and I told her about uncle.”This is my mom”, I said to him, but he was already looking at her, stunned. Mom was in red coloured saree with matching blouse. “Nice to meet you ji”said uncle. Mom noticed the same lust in his eyes. I asked him his flat number. “412”, he answered looking at mom. Mom was short of expression; she faked a smile and went inside. Uncle too went upstairs, I told him to call me if he needs help.I went inside my flat. Mom was in the kitchen, she told me to freshen up. I went to the bathroom. When I came out she handed me a cup of tea. “Vinod uncle seems to be a nice guy” I said while taking a sip. She didn’t reply. I knew she was not happy; the way uncle looked at her. She asked me “When is his family shifting here?” I told her his relationship status. After some time I told her I was going to a friend’s house and left.I came back at around 8:30pm. As I was reaching my floor, I heard mom’s voice. I stopped there and tried to listen carefully, it was Vinod uncle talking with mom standing at the door. He was asking her about the water supply timings and other facilities in the area as he was new there. Mom had not invited him inside. I reached there and uncle was shocked to see me. I just smiled at him.Uncle was standing at a distance less than 2 feet from mom. Then I noticed the difference between their heights. He was around 6’2″, a big guy. I just stepped inside and asked mom why she didn’t call him inside. She said sorry and asked him formally to come inside. He was more than happy, his eyes were telling the story. We were sitting in the hall. Mom was in the kitchen cooking food. I switched on the TV and went in my room for changing clothes.When I came back in the hall, uncle was gazing towards mom through the kitchen door. I knew his intentions. Initially I was angry but then I thought, why not just wait and watch. “Why don’t you join us for the dinner?” I asked him. Maybe he had worked some magic on mom when they were chatting at the door, because mom too asked him to stay for the dinner. That was enough for uncle.Mom prepared food and we were sitting at the dining table having dinner. Uncle broke the silence, “Biryani is awesome, Shilpa ji”. I wondered how uncle knew her name. Mom smiled and said “Thank you.” Mom offered him some more Biryani and he took it happily.After we finished dinner, uncle left. Mom said, “Vinod uncle is really a nice man, Ajit. It’s really sad that he has to leave alone at 52.” I just nodded and went in my room to sleep. I knew mom had misjudged uncle as a nice man. She was easily getting trapped into his plan.A week had passed. Uncle was regularly visiting our house. One afternoon, he called me and asked if I wanted to watch some movie at his flat. It was a holiday and he was getting bored. I said yes and went there. As I entered, I noticed the smell of alcohol. Empty bottles were lying in the balcony .He was sitting at the computer and listening songs. I sat on a chair besides him. He started a Hollywood movie on computer. After sometime uncle was feeling sleepy, so he went in bedroom to take a nap.After the movie finished I was just exploring his computer. There was a big list of movies. A folder was full of porn, as I expected. Just as I was about to close the folder, at the end I noticed another folder named ‘VINOD’. I opened the folder, it was full of videos. I clicked one of them to realise what it was.The video started with a middle aged woman giving blowjob. She was on her knees with one hand wrapped around the cock in her mouth. The man was trying to gag her with his massive cock. Yes, it was massive, around 8-9 inches long, 4 inches round. He was shooting the video with mobile camera. After sometime he set the camera on a nearby table. The woman was lying on her back, as the man set himself over her to enter her. And then I saw his face for the first time and it was shocking to see that the man was none other than Vinod uncle. I paused the video and thought for a while, maybe it was his wife. She was around 25. I started the video and was shocked to see his cock had swelled even more. He started pounding her. She begged him to stop, but he didn’t. She was yelling like anything. After 20 minutes, she became silent. But uncle didn’t stop. Then I realised that she had passed out. Then uncle took his cock out and sprayed 7-8 spurts of cum on her face.I was really shocked to see his power and stamina. I went through other videos to realise that he was a special man for women. The videos had 3 to 4 different women. In most of the videos they passed out, from the intense pounding they got from him. I closed all the folders. Uncle was still sleeping.I came back home and sat in the hall thinking about uncle. And then the thoughts about mom came to my mind. What if uncle succeeds in pulling mom in his traps? I knew she can’t withstand his powers. I was afraid but another part of my mind wanted something else. Yes, I wanted to see them together, I wanted uncle to fuck the hell out of mom. I wanted mom to try uncle. I went in mom’s bedroom. She was sleeping; her pink saree was gathered around her knees, showing her beautiful, fair and exquisite calves and silver anklets. I imagined uncle shagging her to multiple orgasms. I was aroused just thinking about them.I was waiting for uncle to take next step. One day I was playing carom in the hall with uncle, mom was watching TV. After sometime uncle invited mom to join us. She had never played carom.”I have never played before” mom said.”Why not try Shilpa ji?” uncle asked again.”Come on mom, I’ll teach you” I added.Mom said ok and sat down to play with us. She was in white salwar and red kameez. Uncle and I were sitting opposite each other. Mom sat near us and adjusted her dupatta to cover her chest. I started showing her how to hit with the striker and she was trying it. I noticed, uncle was looking at her with lust and desire. His eyes were roaming all over her body. Her lips, her eyes, her boobs, her beautiful, manicured hands… I thought about leaving them together. I took my phone and started a fake conversation and went in my room and pushed the door behind me. Mom knew I used to talk on phone for hours. The balcony was common to mom’s and my room. I just entered mom’s room and started peeking into hall through the slightly open door.Uncle was telling her how to play. She tried 2 to 3 times and then uncle said “No Shilpa ji, not like that”. She was doing it right but uncle wanted to touch her, so he sat on her right side and took her hand in his hand and explained her how to use different fingers. He came close to her and now was touching her from side with her hand still in his grip. With his other hand he was rubbing his crotch area. He was now really enjoying her soft hand in his grip. Mom realised after sometime how close he was.”Thank you Vinod ji, I can play now.” Said mom.”You are welcome Shilpa ji” said uncle and sat at his place again.They started playing but uncle could not concentrate as he was in heaven. He looked around to find that my door was still closed.”Ajit seems to be busy with his girlfriend, Shilpa ji” he tried to crack a conversation.”I don’t interfere much in his matters, Vinod ji. And I trust him, as he is good at taking decisions” mom tried to explain.”And what about you Shilpa ji? Don’t you get bored living without your husband? I’m sorry if it’s too personal….” uncle was going deeper.”No Vinod ji, actually I run music classes and keep myself busy with yoga and exercise and cooking…” answered mom. “And please stop calling me Shilpa ji…. You can call me Shilpa” continued mom.”Ok Shilpa” he smiled as he called her name looking at her through angle of eyes. Mom shied away from uncle and started blushing. Suddenly she tried to stand up and instinctively uncle pulled her by holding her wrist, as a result mom fell in his lap facing him sideways, her dupatta stuck on his face. He took her dupatta away and looked at her with guilt as her boobs were inches away from his mouth. Mom was shocked. She took her dupatta from his hand and stood up from his lap. She went into the kitchen feeling offended.”I’m sorry Shilpa… Shilpa ji… I’m so… It just happened suddenly… I didn’t want to…. Please listen Shilpa…” uncle tried to make up things. Mom didn’t reply. He left. I came back in hall, called mom. I asked her about uncle, she said he left as he was having headache.I went upstairs. Knocked uncle’s door. He opened the door and was surprised to see me. I went inside and asked him what happened to him. He thought mom must have told me everything.”Mom said you were having headache… ” I said.”Headache? Oh yes, it is just decreasing… thank you” he was relieved to know that I didn’t know anything.”Ok uncle, take care” I said and left.A few days passed. Uncle didn’t visit us. One day, I saw uncle standing with mom at the ground floor trying to explain something. He was saying sorry again and again.”It’s ok Vinod ji, I forgot it. I know you didn’t do it purposefully. No hard feelings.” Mom was talking confidently. “And come over for coffee in the evening, Vinod ji.””Thank you Shilpa…..ji….” he smiled again. Mom smiled back. Mom left for the market. He licked his lips as he looked at her figure from behind and went upstairs.I was thinking about uncle’s next step and decided to set cameras in every room of my house as I didn’t want to miss any action.Mom was still clueless about his plans. So she had invited him for coffee. He came at around 6pm. I was doing some college work in my room. I heard the knock on door, mom opened the door and uncle came in my room directly. I chatted with him for some time then mom called us in the hall for coffee. After finishing coffee we just sat there chatting. Then mom asked me about my holiday as she needed my help to clean the house.”Mom please, I’m busy with my project for next 20-25 days. So please don’t expect my help.” I said.That was a chance for uncle. He said “I can help you Shilpa.””Thank you Vinod ji, but no, that’s not ok.” Said mom.”No Shilpa, it’s ok. I will take it as a punishment.” Uncle said it without realising I too was there.”Punishment…? For what….?” I asked looking at mom.”Nothing beta…” mom tried to end the topic. “Ok Vinod ji, done. Friday?” Uncle nodded happily. I didn’t know how she was so comfortable with him.I was waiting for the Friday to come. I checked all cameras in my house and made sure all were working. I had connected all the cameras to uncle’s computer which he didn’t know.Friday. 10Am. Uncle came to help mom. I told mom that I was going to the college and will be late in the evening. She had cancelled her music classes for that day. I left home, went upstairs and unlocked uncle’s flat with the keys I had already made. As soon as I entered, I started his computer and checked all cameras.Mom was in the kitchen. That day she had worn yellow coloured salwar-kameez with white dupatta.”I’m ready Shilpa” uncle said from the hall.”Ok Vinod ji, I will call you if I need help. You can watch TV.” Said mom and switched on the TV. Uncle requested mom to sit with him for a while. Mom sat there. An erotic bollywood song was playing on the TV. Mom was shying away from uncle. But she was still sitting there. She tried to take the remote from uncle’s hand, which uncle denied. She waited for some time and then snatched the remote from his hand and started laughing. Uncle looked at her for a few seconds and suddenly grabbed her hand in a strong grip and asked for the remote. She was taken aback by his powers. She handed the remote back and he left her hand. Mom was massaging her hand and saw that his finger-nail had cut her on forearm. Uncle realised his mistake and took her hand in his and started kissing and sucking as blood was oozing out. Mom was totally lost in pain and pleasure. There was silence in the room except the song playing on TV. After 2 minutes mom realised the situation and stood up saying, “I’m fine Vinod ji…” and started walking towards kitchen. She went in my room and started cleaning. Uncle waited for half an hour then joined her. Nothing happened between them for next 2 hours except light jokes and flirting uncle was doing. Mom was responding him by just laughing.”Do you want tea or coffee, Vinod ji?” asked mom.”I’ll prefer milk…” said uncle, looking at her boobs, then into her eyes, then added “just k**ding, Shilpa….I’ll have Coffee…””Milk is not enough, Vinod ji… We’ll have to arrange for it…” said mom looking at him naughtily and confidently. That was the first time I saw my beautiful, modest mom talking with a man like that, clearly hinting something. “And I’m not k**ding…” mischief was added in mom’s words. Uncle was confused and surprised to see this change in mom. His mind was boggling between thoughts. He was thinking, whether he should take the next step or should he wait for another signal. Mom went in the kitchen and looked back once, as she passed the door, uncle followed. She didn’t know she was playing with fire.She was preparing coffee. Uncle was standing beside her. After few seconds he tried to touch her hand where it was cut. He took her hand in his and started caressing. Mom pulled her hand back and said, “What are you doing Vinod ji…?” Yes, she was teasing uncle. She was playing this game of cat and mouse with uncle. Now I was really feeling sad about mom as uncle was obviously going to give it back to her. And I knew she won’t be able to handle him then.As uncle was leaving kitchen, mom stopped him saying “Doodh nikalo Vinod ji…” (“Take the milk out Vinod ji”) as uncle stopped, mom added, “from the refrigerator….” uncle was being humiliated like never before. He took the milk jar out and gave it to mom. Mom didn’t look at him, uncle got frustrated, it was clear from his facial expressions. As the coffee was boiling, uncle thought for a second and suddenly grabbed mom from behind.”Why are you doing this to me Shilpa…?” asked uncle.”What are you talking about Vinod…?” mom asked innocently, without moving. Uncle courageously wrapped his hands around her waist. Mom had her dupatta wrapped around her waist and tied it at the side. Uncle was playing with her dupatta and untied it with a jerk. It fell to the floor. Mom still didn’t respond. Uncle started playing with her hair and his lips were close to her neck. From the way he was positioned, he got a good view of her boobs down her kameez (top extending below knees). He was turned on so much that he was unaware of his monster poking in her back. Now he was pressing himself on her, he couldn’t control himself and kissed her neck while caressing her stomach through the kameez.””Coffee…. Vinod ji…” mom said turning towards him, handing him coffee mug. He came back to the senses and realised that coffee was ready. Mom was behaving like nothing had happened.”Can you lift me so that I can clean the fan?” asked mom as they finished their coffee.Mom took a cloth in her hand and stood below the fan, facing uncle. Uncle wrapped his hands around her, and lifted her, pressing her ass from behind. Mom realised how strong he was and complimented him.”Woman on top…. isn’t it, Vinod?” Mom was opening more and more, but not completely. Uncle’s face was right in front of her groin. Uncle realised she was calling him Vinod now. He pushed his face suddenly, which tickled mom and she started laughing uncontrolled. Uncle did it again and again and mom continued. She was asking him to stop but he did not listen. Mom asked him to put her down. Uncle lowered her down slowly and stopped when her boobs came close to his face. He again pressed his face slightly, licked them for a second and then put her down. She was tickled so much that tears could be seen on her cheeks. She waited and checked her clothes and again stood facing uncle. This time he turned her around and lifted her again. Mom started cleaning fan again. Uncle didn’t do anything. She was facing away from him, so she looked behind her back, down, at uncle and wiggled her ass slightly. Uncle smiled but didn’t do anything.”I’m done Vinod. You can put me down now…” said mom. And uncle did, very slowly. Now she was standing on the ground facing away from uncle, still in uncle’s strong grip. He slowly moved his hands upwards from her waist and stopped with his palms covering her boobs.”Thank you Vinod…” said mom and started walking away from him when uncle suddenly stopped her by grabbing her boobs. “Aaaahhhh … Vinod….” she said gasping. Uncle started massaging her boobs and was pulling her towards him. Mom was breathing heavily now. She was lost in pleasure. Uncle gathered her hair and pulled back with a jerk. With one hand he was kneading her chest roughly now. He kissed her on her cheek close to the lips and gave a lick. Mom moved her head away from him, panting, short of breath. “You are so beautiful, Shilpa…” said uncle while licking her cheek again, leaving a trail of saliva. Mom moved away from him, wiping the saliva off with the back of hand. She turned to look at him seductively. Her kameez was crumpled with a strap of bra peeking out. She straightened her dress and massaged her boobs lightly, saying “That was rough…” her eyes were wet.”Its lunchtime…darling” said uncle.”Not yet… you need to work some more, to earn yourself LUNCH…” mom gave an indecent expression while saying that last word and winked at him while entering bathroom. He thought about following her but she locked the door from inside. The teasing was just too much for uncle.They were in the hall, relaxing after lunch. Mom told him to clean the TV table and she herself started with the couch. After some time mom was sitting on the couch while uncle finished with TV table. He switched on the TV and came to join mom in the couch. The song ‘sheila ki jawani’ was playing on a music channel.”She’s fucking sexy…” uncle murmured just enough for mom to listen. She was surprised by his language. She wanted to show him that she too can sway like that. She stood between him and the TV. She took her dupatta off and hurled at him and started gyrating her body. She shook her boobs wildly and was giving lewd expressions. Uncle waited for the song to end, switched of the TV, and sat back on the couch. Mom reached for her dupatta which was in his hand. She tried to pull it but uncle pulled it along with her. She fell in his laps.”Look at me, Shilpa…” he turned her head towards him and set her hair aside and licked his lips. She knew what he up to was. She closed her eyes and waited. Uncle read the opportunity and took his tongue out and licked her chin. Mom gasped and waited for him to proceed.”You have beautiful, luscious lips, Shilpa…” Uncle whispered.”Ohhhhh, Vinod…?” She said opening her eyes, “my horizontal ones… right?”He smiled and took his tongue out again and this time gave a long lick from chin to the angle of eye. Mom was quivering now. There was pin-drop silence in the room. Uncle licked her lower lip this time. Mom was breathing hard. Then he licked both the lips together making them wet with his saliva. Mom opened her eyes and licked her lips dry looking into his eyes. He licked them again to make them wet. Mom repeated her move. This time as uncle took his tongue out to lick; she parted her lips and protruded her tongue. Mom shivered as their tongues got to know each other. It was an erotic scene. Mom was completely turned on by now. Uncle explored insides of her mouth for a good 10 minutes with his tongue. Mom too responded by licking his lips dry.Mom then jumped from his laps, and went to the windows. Uncle was puzzled. But she looked out of the window and then closed it, pulled the curtains. Uncle got the hint. He adjusted himself on the couch. Mom came back and positioned herself back in his laps, facing away from him. Uncle grabbed her left boob in his left hand, through the kameez and put his right hand on her thigh. He tried to pinch her nipple but she was wearing bra. He pulled her kameez up and passed both his hands under it. Now he was stroking her bellybutton with his magical fingers. He moved up and felt her boobs over her bra. He undid the hooks and pulled her bra down. And for the first time he was touching her boobs directly. Her skin was soft and delicate.Uncle liked rough and hardcore sex. He felt pity for her as he realised she would not be able to handle his assault. He held both her nipples in his fingers, and started rolling and pulling them lightly. Mom was in heaven. Uncle controlled his urge to pinch the nipples hard.”You are a flimsy and delicate woman, Shilpa…”uncle said while worshipping her nipples. “You can still say no to this….” he continued. Mom was in no mood to talk. She covered his hands with her over the dress.”Stop crying Vinod, show me what you’ve got… come on…honey” mom said challenging him.”Ok Shilpi darling… I was just giving you a chance to…” uncle couldn’t continue his sentence as mom locked her lips with his… uncle started pulling her nipples hard now, pinching them in between. Mom broke the kiss and started writhing in pain. She tried to stand up but uncle locked her legs with his. He moved one hand down towards her private area which was yet to be trespassed. He tried to pass his hand under her salwar but the lace was secured tightly. So he moved his hand over the salwar. He lightly touched the inside of her thigh. Mom inhaled with a saucy look on her face. She shuddered at his touch, unable to move. He stroked her thigh for a while and started moving his hand upwards. His finger touched her panties covered pussy only to find it was wet with her juices.”Vertical lips…. Shilpa…. your subtle, delicate vertical lips…..finally” uncle was fulfilling his dream. Mom was short of breath, trembling. Uncle started stroking pussy of a beautiful woman he was dreaming of all these days. His cock was rock hard by now in his pants and mom was sitting directly on it. He started stroking her cunt faster. Her pussy tingled with pleasure and excitement at the sheer fact that an almost stranger was doing it to her. Mom tried to pull his hand away but uncle slapped her hand and threw it away. He was doing it vigorously now. Mom tried to stop him again, she was breathing rapidly. Uncle caught her hands together in one hand and started the cunt massage. He stopped for a second and whispered something. She nodded yes and then he spread her legs with his, opening her legs wide. I knew she was close to her first orgasm from a man other than her husband. He secured her hands and legs and yelled,”Cum for me shilpa…. cum for your new lover….. Cum for me….” and moved his fingers faster. Mom started quivering and begged him to stop, he didn’t and she started convulsing in his grips.”Oh my god… oh my god…. aaaaaaaahhhhhh …… uuuiiiiiiimaaaaaaa …….. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ….. Vinod……. pleeeeease…. stooooop….. aaah…. aaahhhh….. Aaaaaahhhhhhh Vinod……oh my god” mom rolled her eyes up and jerked her body heavily. Uncle kept stroking her throughout her orgasm and stopped only after she calmed down.”Vinod ….” she was still gasping “you are an artist… you sure know how to treat a woman…..””Round two…. mam …..”Uncle said pulling her up again. Her limbs still in his strong grips.”Stop it Vinod…. aaahhhhhh” mom said jerking her hips upwards from his laps, falling back on his rock hard cock.”Sssshhhh…… Just enjoy mam …….” uncle said as he kissed her earlobe.”Vinod….. pleaaaaaseeeeeeeee …… aaahhhh …… aaaaahhhhhh …… aaa ” mom stopped struggling as she was unable to move. Uncle started his assault again. Mom was on the verge of another orgasm. Uncle stopped for a second and took her right hand with his, “Let’s do it together….mam”. Uncle entangled his fingers with hers and pushed her salwar and panties in between her pussy lips. Mom started to roll her hips in small circles on his cock. His left hand was holding her left wrist; he put it on her boobs and started massaging. Mom’s bangles started making sweet sound as she started moving her hand violently on her pussy.”Aaaaaaaaaiiiiii ……… aaaahhhhhhhhh….. Vinooooooood ……. I’m cumming… Cumming… Cumming…..” she left her pussy and started kneading her boobs with both hands. Uncle continued his work on her delicate genitals. Her juices were overflowing now. “Please stop…. Vinod… please…. aahhhh”Uncle left her pussy and kissed her lips as she came down.”Want more, Shilpa…..?” uncle asked mom reaching for her pussy again with his hand.”Urrghhhh…..” mom groaned and covered her pussy with both her hands.”Come on, Shilpi… last one….” he covered her hands with his.”I said no… It’s hurting now… it’s oversensitive….” mom was requesting him.”Round three…… mam…” uncle said, briskly moving her hands away from her pussy and securing them in his left. Mom started jerking violently as he touched her sensitive mound. He tried to pull her lips through the panties and thin material of salwar. Mom shuddered at his touch. Then he squashed her lips hard and mom cried out loud. Her toes curled and eyes shut. He did it again and now mom was shaking and she was in tears now.”aaaaaaaiiiiiiii …….. uuuuhhhhhh….. Vinod stop it…..” Mom begged him this time. He started massaging again and within seconds mom was in convulsions. He left her this time as he realised her situation.She fell on the floor as he left her unlocking her legs. She quivered on the floor and folded her legs, pressing against her stomach. After five minutes, she opened her eyes, looked at uncle and said, “You almost killed me… Vinod ji. Thank you.” Uncle positioned himself on top of her and locked lips with her. Mom broke the kiss and told him that he was ruthless on her.”Oh …. I’m so sorry Shilpa… but I just couldn’t control. I dreamt of touching you from the day I saw you.””All men are same…. ” said mom.”But only few are lucky… like me” uncle said smiling at mom.”Jara dekhne to de janeman, itna juice kaha se nikla…? (let me have a look, darling, from where are you leaking so much)” uncle said pulling her salwar down.”Nahi Vinod ji, abhi nahi… please (not now Vinod ji)” mom reached down to stop him, “Ajit will be coming anytime.””Come on, Phir main chala jaunga Shilpa, promise. (Then I’ll leave, Shilpa) ” uncle pleaded and pulled her kameez up. He tried to release the knot of her salwar but failed.”kabhi aurat ke kapde nahi utare kya…?(Haven’t you ever undressed a woman?)” mom asked smiling and released the knot herself. Uncle pulled her salwar down and left it around her knees. Mom covered her face with her hands and giggled.”aaahh…… beauty” he said as he looked at her beautiful, toned thighs. He tangled his fingers in waistband of her panties and pulled down in a swift motion. Mom gasped and looked away. Uncle was having a look at her hair covered cunt. His cock was aching now. He realised her lips were red from the assault his fingers had inflicted on her delicate pussy lips.”Oh my god…. see what I’ve done to you…” he exclaimed, seeping some juices from her pussy and licking them. Mom lifted herself on her elbows and looked at her red pussy lips and said naughtily, “look at her Vinod… She’s crying now… say sorry to her.”Uncle took the hint and lowered his head to lick some juices. Mom cried out as he started licking her vertical lips with his tongue. He pulled her pussy hair with a jerk, saying “I don’t like these… darling… “, giving another pull, harder this time. Mom screamed and pushed his head away and stood up catching her salwar to prevent it from falling. She went into the bathroom and uncle followed her. I realised I had no camera installed in the bathroom and I didn’t want to leave mom with him in this situation. Actually, I didn’t want to miss any action. I closed all the connections and left uncle’s flat. I came downstairs and knocked the door. After two to three minutes uncle opened the door. I entered and asked him how was the day, putting my bag on the couch. He was not happy to see me.”Seems it was a busy and tiring day, uncle…?” I picked up mom’s dupatta from the floor while saying that.”Ok Ajit, I’m leaving…. bye” he left without looking at me. Mom was still in the bathroom. For all the evening, mom was hiding her face from me.Three days passed, uncle didn’t show up. I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock on the door. Mom was in the hall, busy with her students, giving them music lessons. She was wearing pink coloured saree with matching blouse. She opened the door and chatted with someone outside and closed the door. She started with her music again but was not concentrating. After five minutes I heard a knock on the door again. Mom opened the door and uncle came in. He sat on the couch and told mom to continue. Her students were c***dren from our society. And it was birthday of one of them on that day. Mom had decided to celebrate the birthday and they had arranged for the cake. Mom called me. After cutting the cake, mom fed all the students and reached uncle to feed the cake, but realising my presence, she just handed him a piece. They decided to play something, uncle suggested hide and seek.”Sorry mom, but I have work to finish… you continue…and please don’t disturb me…” I left for my room as I didn’t want to disturb uncle and mom. I started computer and cameras were at work again.After some time it was uncle’s turn to find them. They had switched off the lights. Mom was hiding in the kitchen, under the dining table. Uncle reached there and pulled her out grabbing her ankle. He locked the kitchen door from inside and switched on the light.”Not now Vinod… Please try to understand… Ajit is….” mom said while standing up.”Just one kiss… Shilpa… please….” uncle pulled her close and planted a kiss on her forehead. Mom stood on her toes and pulled uncle’s head down, kissing him on his lips, passionately. Uncle grabbed her ass from behind and pulled her towards kitchen counter. Pressing her against the counter, he pulled the pallu of her saree aside and kissed her on the cleavage. Putting her on the counter, he pressed her boobs together from sides. Mom inhaled as much air as she could, which made her chest more prominent. Uncle increased pressure and looked at her.”aaahhhhhh ……bas karo Vinod… nahi niklega doodh…””Oh really…? Let me try again…” uncle said pressing even harder. He licked her boobs and left her. He kneeled down and spread her legs. He lifted her saree and gathered it around her knees. Then he lifted her leg catching her anklet and kissed her toe, giving her goose-bumps. Mom shivered as uncle continued kissing her leg.They were startled by a knock on the door. Uncle reached at her knees and pulled her down to stand up and turned her around. He pushed her suddenly; she supported herself putting her elbows on the counter. Uncle pulled her saree all the way up to her waist and took hold of her panties.”Vinod, what are you doing…. leave me….” mom tried to stop him. She tried to push his hand away but uncle pulled her panties down to her ankles.”That’s my trophy….” uncle said and looked at mom, she stepped out. Uncle took her panties in his hand and sniffed it looking at her. Then he folded it neatly and put it in his pocket. Mom checked her clothes and opened the door. Mom asked all the students to leave. Uncle too left after kissing her.Days after, one evening, mom was getting ready for dandiya night. She wore a red coloured chiffon saree and sleeveless blouse. She was looking beautiful and hot. She applied red lipstick and added some jewellery. Her hands were looking beautiful with mehendi and bangles. She emptied almost half bottle of scent on her body. She was looking like a newlywed bride. Then she took her phone and dialled a number. She waited for a few seconds and then threw the phone on the bed. I heard the main door open and uncle came in. I wondered how he had the keys. He entered mom’s room directly. He looked at her and adjusted the bulge in his pants. Mom had noticed it before him. He stood there with his mouth open. Mom checked herself in the mirror again. Uncle walked towards her and touched her upper back.”Aaj to suhagrat manake rahenge…. kya kehti ho jaan… (Today we will celebrate first night) ” uncle said kissing her on her back.”I’m getting late… Vinod. Let’s go. Aur waise bhi aaj Ajit gharpe hai… so…no plans… ok? (Ajit is home tonight… so… no plans)” Mom said leaving her room. They left in our car. Mom was driving.I waited for the night. I was standing in the balcony when I saw the car coming back at around midnight. Uncle was in the driver’s seat. Mom walked towards stairs. Uncle locked the car and followed mom. They reached third floor and mom opened the door.”Good night, Vinod…” mom waited for him to leave. Uncle went upstairs. Mom came in closing the door behind her. She entered her room and switched off the lights. Nothing happened for 20 minutes. It was disappointing for me. I came out of my room and peeked in mom’s room. She was asleep. She had not changed her clothes. I thought for a while and took mom’s phone and dialled uncle’s number. I was speechless as it showed uncle’s name as ‘luv’. I gave a missed call and went in my room. I switched off the lights and waited.I heard the main door open within minutes. Uncle closed the door and peeked inside my room. He closed the door from outside and locked it. I came out in the balcony, common to mom’s room and started looking in mom’s room through the small window.Uncle entered mom’s room and locked the door from inside. He switched the night lamp on. He sat beside her on the bed after setting his video cam on a table.”I knew Shilpa…. You wanted this to happen tonight… I knew it….. The way you kissed me in the car…. the way you were trying to seduce me…. the way you looked at me while dancing…. I knew it…. the way you removed your panties and handed it to me when we left…. what a slut you are, Shilpi … I love you and I’m not going to disappoint you…” he was talking, his fingers playing with her hair. Then he started playing with her bellybutton. I knew that would wake her up and it did. Mom suddenly woke up and pushed uncle, she jumped out of the bed. Uncle caught her and covered her mouth before she yelled.”Vinod….? What are you doing here…..? I told you… Ajit is home.” Mom said as uncle made her sit on the bed. He smiled, thinking she was acting.”Shut up baby… you can’t play this game with me.” uncle kissed her on her hand.”But Ajit …..”Mom couldn’t continue as uncle put his finger on her lips.”Ajit is asleep and I’ve locked his door, Shilpa. Aur waise bhi aaj suhagrat hai hamari… ghar ke log disturb nahi karenge….” he laughed playing with her pallu. Mom was convinced and ready to enjoy her second Suhagrat.”Vinod… ji…. to phir ho jaane do…” mom said. Uncle sat next to her and waited.”Wait a minute….” said mom and opened the door. I thought she wanted to check me. Uncle asked her if she was going to check my room. She said no and went in the kitchen.Uncle waited, sitting in a chair. Mom came in after ten minutes with milk filled glass and a burning candle in her hand. She wanted it perfect. She put it on the stool near the night lamp. Then she sat on the bed and covered her head with the pallu like a traditional Indian newlywed bride does at first night. Uncle took the hint and sat in front of her. He slowly lifted her pallu and looked at her. Mom looked at him and handed him the milk. Uncle took a sip and then offered mom. Mom took one and they repeated it twice. A drop of milk was hanging from mom’s lower lip, uncle kissed it. Then he took another sip and pulled mom closer. Mom opened her mouth taking the hint and drank the milk from his mouth. Uncle then dipped his fingers in the remaining milk and mom sucked it from his fingers. A modest woman a few weeks before, was now turned into a slut.Uncle laid mom on the bed and asked her to close her eyes while he unbuttoned his shirt. Now he was wearing only his denim jeans. Mom was still in her evening attire. He pulled the pallu of her saree and left it aside. Her boobs were in front of him now, confined in bra and blouse. Uncle bent on her and kissed her boobs through the blouse.He unhooked her blouse and pulled it off her chest, mom helped him remove it completely. He was looking at her black lace bra. He wasn’t pressing her boobs yet. Uncle kissed her stomach and bellybutton. Her body was shaking by now. He untucked her saree from her waist with a jerk.”Vinod…..” mom exclaimed. Uncle continued pulling her saree. She lifted her ass to help him und****.”Wifey hates saree….” He removed her saree and threw it on the floor. Now she was in black petticoat and bra.”yes hubby…..” mom responded. I was speechless. Uncle reached the foot end of bed and sucked mom’s toes. She curled her toes as he reached each toe. Then he unhooked her anklets and threw them on the floor. Mom was turned on so much that she would allow him anything. Uncle came up again and tried to untie her petticoat. Mom loosened it a bit to help uncle. He threw it on the floor with the saree. She was naked underneath as her pantie was already with uncle.”Wow… you’ve cleaned it…. for your hubby…. ” uncle said with lustful eyes. She had cleaned her bush for uncle. I was looking her pussy for the first time. Her beautiful, creamy pussy gave me a hard on.”She is going to get some damage tonight…” uncle said caressing her pussy lightly. I knew his intentions.”Oh… what are you going to do to her…. Vinod?” mom asked him playfully, unaware of his sex drive.”I’m going to teach her some lesson…. for teasing me all these days…”uncle said with some anger.”Look she is already crying….” mom hinted she was wet with her juices.”She is going to cry like that for all the night….” uncle said collecting some nectar from her cunt on his finger. He shoved his finger in her mouth, mom sucked on it reluctantly. Uncle climbed on the bed and positioned himself on her stomach with his knees on both sides of her body. He massaged her boobs through the bra for five minutes and when she was lost in the pleasure, yanked her bra off her boobs suddenly. Mom looked at him surprisingly, she was breathing heavily now. Her boobs were firm with brown nipples, standing erect. Uncle left them and removed her remaining jewellery. Mom was now completely naked in front of this a****l, except her bangles and mangalsutra.”I want to see my gift….. Vinod….” mom looked at his bulge and said.”Are you sure…. Shilpa?” uncle teased him. He pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. Mom unbuckled his belt as fast as she can and stopped before she unbuttoned his jeans.”Let me guess…….. ummm 6 inches…. right hubby?” mom said touching uncle’s bulge for the first time. She rubbed his cock through his pants. He unbuttoned it and pulled mom’s face close to his bulge before unzipping.”I can’t wait,Shilpa…” uncle said in desperation. Mom pulled the zip down and in one swift motion pulled uncle’s jeans to his knees.”Oh my god…. Vinod…. I can’t…… I mean…. What is this…?” mom was shocked to see his monster. “Vinod… that’s too big… ” . Uncle asked her to shut up. I could see fear in her eyes now.”Get him ready, Shilpa…. for your pussy…. she is crying…” uncle said naughtily, pulling mom’s face close to it.”What are you doing, Vinod? I have never done this….. I won’t take it in my mouth…” mom pushed him away.”Come on shilpa…. there is always a first time…. ” uncle tried to convince her.”No Vinod… I’m sorry… I can’t do that…” mom resisted. Now uncle couldn’t wait. He gathered her silky hair in one hand and pulled them back; mom arched her back and looked at him, shocked.”Listen Shilpa…. I don’t want to hurt you… and I’m doing this because you only started this…. you’ve been playing this game with me for weeks…” uncle pressed his cock on her lips; mom opened her mouth with watery eyes. She caught his cockhead between her lips and looked at him. She was trying to please him now as he was angry. She wrapped her fingers around it and was amazed to notice that its girth was more than the length of her fingers. It was almost the same size as her wrist. She pulled the foreskin back with other hand. Now she was holding his cock with her fists and started licking its head. Then she tried to take it in her mouth. She could take only half its length inside. Uncle held her head and pushed more. Her jaw started aching. His monster was still growing, almost 8 and half inches now. Mom was trembling now as she realised she was in trouble now. Mom’s beautiful, manicured hand, long fingers with her diamond ring were contrasting with his black monster. Then he himself laid on the bed and pulled mom with him. He was handling her like a toy.”Come on, my fuck doll…” he said as he pulled her, the a****l in him was coming out, watching my beautiful mom, naked for the first time. He positioned her in 69 position and mom started sucking his cock again. Uncle gave her cunt lips a sharp lick. Mom shuddered at his first lick and started trembling as uncle started licking her pussy, slurping her lips. She couldn’t concentrate on his cock, uncle lifted his hips and pushed her head down, entering her mouth. He pushed his tongue in her cunt lips, spreading them with his fingers. Mom was shaking heavily now. I couldn’t see clearly but the way she was struggling on his rod, she was reaching her orgasm, first one of the night.”Aaaahhhhh….. Vinod….. Please….” mom said while giving uncle quick licks. Her lipstick had turned his cock light red. Uncle must have touched her clit. He was moving his tongue rapidly now. Mom pulled his foreskin back and pushed her tongue on his pee-hole. Uncle responded by pushing his tongue deep in her cunt.”Your cunt tastes great Shilpa…. and it’s so tight…… I can lick it whole night….” uncle teased mom.”And your…. ummm…. your shaft is a monster Vinod….” mom said holding his cock in both her hands while 3 inches of it still stood out of mom’s grips.”Yes mam… you can call him cock…. dick…. or lund…..” uncle said pushing her head down again.”Yes ….. Your……..cock…. ” mom couldn’t continue as uncle thrust his cock again, he was turned on completely by the dirty talk from a modest, beautiful, happily married housewife, with her son sleeping in next room. He pulled her cunt lips apart, and sucked on her clit.”Your clit is like a small dick, shilpa…. how come it’s so big…..”Uncle asked sucking continuing his assault on her clit.”Vikram…… urrrgghhhh….. Used to……. pull it….. Aaahhhh…..With his teeth…always…. he worked on my…. clit…. aaahhhh ….for years…” mom told uncle how my dad, Vikram, was addicted to her clit. Uncle did the same to her clit and mom almost jolted with the pleasure. Uncle put his hands on her hips and told her to keep quiet, he started fluttering his tongue on her clit, mom convulsed as she reached her orgasm, and uncle continued his assault through the orgasm to another one.”Oh my god…… Vinod…… aaaahhhhhh….. Oh my god….. Oh my…. Vinod….. Please stop…. please… Vinod….. aaahhhh” she was yelling like anything. Uncle stopped after giving her clit enough attention. Mom calmed down but was still jerking her body, every 3-4 seconds, lying on bed. Uncle was looking at her and smiling sadistically as he massaged his cock, sitting next to her.”Are you ready for more, Shilpa….?” uncle asked mom standing up on the floor.”Vinod…. you are too big… I can’t take it…..” mom was afraid of his size.”Asli chudai to abhi baki hai Shilpa…. you will love it…. ” Uncle positioned her on her back. “You won’t forget this night, Shilpa…. I’m going to make it special for you….. Just enjoy the fuck of your life…..” uncle continued, he positioned himself to sit between her legs, spreading them wide.”Shilpa ki Chudai…. ha ha ha ha….. Just enjoy mam……” uncle pushed one finger in her cunt as he said that. Mom opened her mouth and looked away from him.”Why are you shying away bitch….now…. after doing all this…..” uncle added another finger, in and out, he continued, “you seduced me…. removed your panties and gave to me… you danced all the evening like that… seducing me…. why are you shy to do this now…. Shilpa…..” he added third finger, “you are a tight cunt…. bitch… a virgin…. how come it’s so stretched…. look it’s gripping my fingers like a rubber band….””Kegel exercise…. Vinod… aaaaahhhhh…. … It’s called Kegel exercise…. I do it as a part of yoga…aaaahhhhh” mom said enjoying the finger fuck. Uncle increased the pace now, “Your Kegel exercise will be rewarded now, Shilpa dear….. You are going to thank yourself….” mom was close to another orgasm but uncle stopped suddenly. He licked his fingers dry and slapped mom’s cuntlips lightly making her gasp.”Please don’t hurt me Vinod ji…” mom was trembling.”Now shut up….. You cunt” uncle was angry, but he was controlling his emotion, as he didn’t want to miss this chance, to fuck the shit out of his dream girl.Uncle took his cock in his hand, sipped some nectar from mom’s cunt and smeared it on his cockhead. He angled his cock and touched the inside of her thighs, rubbing his cock while moving upwards so slowly. He was teasing her now. Mom moved her head sideways. He wanted her to ask for it.”Vinod…. please…..” mom cried out and reached for his cock, uncle threw her hand away.”Yes Shilpa…. tell me….” uncle rubbed his cock on her other thigh, so close to her pussy, never touching it.”Vinod….. Please….. Don’t…. tease me….” mom was shivering now. Uncle continued teasing. He caught her nipples in his fingers and pinched hard. Mom lifted her head, looked at her nipples with watery eyes, standing erect, uncle’s cock on her thigh, her legs spread wide, and at last at uncle.”Say it Shilpa…. come on….” uncle held her boobs in his hands with the erect nipples. He pressed the boobs together and licked both the nipples, and then caught one in his teeth, looking at her. Tears started flowing from the corners of her eyes. She wanted it, but was shy to say it. Uncle increased pressure with his teeth and crushed other breast with his hand. Mom was totally sexed up; she was turned into a nymph now. Uncle left her boobs and took his cock in his hand and directed it at het cunt, just touching the top of her thigh. He moved a bit up and mom clenched her teeth and squealed as he reached her cunt. He entered his cockhead in her cunt lips and moved it up and down, making it wet with mom’s juices.”Ohhhhh……… god….. Vinod…..” mom exclaimed as uncle’s purple head touched her clit, she tried to close her legs, uncle moved them away again.Finally mom gave up, she lost all her inhibitions and yelled at uncle, pulling uncle’s hip closer,”Take me, Vinod….. Fuck me….. Please…. fuck me now….. Fuck me with your monster….you bastard….. Stop teasing…. ab chodo mujhe…… apne lund se… Fuck me… please…. ” mom was yelling, while uncle smiled and enjoyed the moment.”Beg …” uncle said in a stern voice.”I beg you… to fuck me…..I’m a slut…. fuck me like a slut…. rip me apart…… please…. I can’t wait now…..I’m yours…..” mom was in her own world now.”Ok bitch…. I will fuck you….. But you must promise me something before that…..” uncle said without any expression on his face, mom agreed with her eyes.”From now on….. I will fuck you…. whenever I want to…. wherever I want to….. No matter what….” uncle kept teasing her cunt with his cock to keep her on the edge.”I promise….. Vinod… you can take me anywhere…. anytime….. Now just fuck me…..” mom continued begging.”And one more thing…. Shilpa, you won’t be wearing panties from now on…..ever….” saying that he turned towards his video cam and smiled.”Now spread your cunt lips with your fingers…. bitch…” uncle said pushing his cock a bit.Mom’s face was covered in sweat now. Uncle moved the hair strands aside from her face and lifted her head, pulling it close to his and said,”Now I want you to look at me….. While I drill you…..” he gathered her hair in a fist, “Don’t look away…. Don’t blink…. GOT IT…?” he was doing things roughly now. Mom nodded and he pushed his cock an inch and mom yelled “Vinod…. please don’t hurt me…..” uncle continued pushing slowly. After 4 inches of his cock was in, mom left her cunt lips and pushed him away. Uncle left her, picked mom’s blouse from the floor and tied both her hands behind her, positioned himself on her again.”Look at me…. you whore….” he pulled her face close again looking in her eyes. Mom was under his control now, she couldn’t move. He started pushing again, mom was squirming under him, he pushed five inches, still three inches out, her cunt lips hugging his cock in a vice like grip. He started pulling back slowly. Mom closed her eyes in pleasure and uncle slapped her left breast hard catching her off guard, “look… (Slap)……. at… (Slap)…… me… (Slap)……” slapping her again and again. Tears started flowing out of her eyes. She continued looking at him with wet eyes. Uncle pushed again, ever so slowly, looking at her. Their eyes were full of lust. Uncle suddenly pushed two inches, “aaaaaahhhh……. Vinod….. ” mom whispered. Uncle licked her boob where he had slapped her, mom quivered under him. He looked at her like an a****l and pushed his cock 6 inches in with moderate pace, “Oh my god…. it’s so big….. Vinod…..” he pushed another inch and mom widened her eyes, “stop….. You’re touching my cervix……” uncle pulled back and stopped with only his head inside, “one……..two…….three…….” he counted and rammed his cock in mom’s cunt at three, slamming her head on the headboard. Mom twisted and cried out loud. He pulled back.”One….. Two….. Three….. ” plunging hard at three again, mom’s head banged hard again. She couldn’t move with all her hands tied under her. Uncle was crushing her pubis and her hands underneath with his weight. But mom was enjoying this assault, it was pain mixed with pleasure.”Count for me, darling……” uncle told her.”One…… two….. Thr…… urrghhhhhhhh” mom couldn’t complete her count as he slammed at three with brutal force. “Again….” he ordered.”One….. Two… three…..” uncle stopped just for a second after three and crushed her cervix again. “Mmmmmaaaaaaaaa ……. god …….. Please…….. Vinod…..””One…… two…… three…..” mom counted again and looked at him with fearful eyes, anticipating his assault, but he didn’t push this time.”Fuck me…..bastard” mom said in frustration. Uncle put her head down and grabbed her hips in his hands and said “shut up bitch…..keep counting….””One….. Two….. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ……… uuuuiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaa ……. fuck me….. aaahhhhh” bursa escort uncle started thrusting hard at two and kept ramming her hard.”aahhh….. aahhh….. Yes….. Yes… yes….. Fuck…. yes…. ohhhhh…. fuck…… Vinod …….” mom was writhing on the bed while uncle continued his assault; his cock was glistening with her juices.”aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ……. my god…….. I’m cummmiing …… I’m cummingggg …… aahhhhh” and mom came hard, uncle kept ramming her hard, she rolled her eyes up, he didn’t stop. He pinched her nipples hard while thrusting in and out. She was leaking on his ram-rod.”Cum for me Shilpa……cum on your new hubby’s cock……. ” He held her boobs as levers and pushed his himself hard, crushing her delicate cunt lips between their pubic bones. Mom was shivering and breathing hard. She opened her mouth to say something; uncle increased the pressure on her boobs, kneading them.”Stop….. It….. Vinod….. aaahhhh ….. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” she was shaking her head and crying.”Stop yelling …… you cunt……..I’m not going to stop……. until your pussy is sore…..until your clit is bruised…. until your boobs are tender……” uncle was ramming her real hard between sentences.”chudai to abhi start hui hai Shilpa…… aaj suhagrat hai…… chodna kya hota hai, main tujhe sikhaunga…… fir kisi aur se nahi chudwayegi…..” he was using dirty language on mom.”Bas karo Vinod…aaaahhhhhhh.. Mar jaungi main…urrrrrghhh…… kitna chodoge ek raat main…mmmmaaaaaaaa… please…… mar daloge kya ek hi raat main chodkar…. aaaahhhh” uncle increased his pace and fucked her with short and rapid strokes. He was grabbing her hips now and pulling her on his cock while pushing himself.”uuiiii iiimmm mmmmaaaaaaaaa ………….. Vinod…… aahh….aahh…..aaahhh…..aaaaahhhhh…….. I’m cummmmming …… cummmmmmmmmming ……..cummmmmiiiing ” mom was literally crying now while orgasms made her jerk in the bed, one after another. Uncle slowed down a bit to listen mom.”Vinod bas karo ab….. It’s already sore…. it’s hurting now….” mom begged him to stop now. But he had other plans.”Ok Shilpa mam…. but I’m yet to cum….. you don’t care about me right….? In that case…… I must teach you a lesson….. saali ye chudai to tu kabhi nahi bhulegi…..” uncle said spreading her pussy with his fingers, took her clit in his fingers and gave it quick licks. Mom realised, he had not touched her clit while fucking her to four powerful orgasms. She clutched the bed sheet under her and closed her eyes and gasped as he gave her clit a flick with his finger, mom jumped on the bed. She was ready again, for another round of assault. She was taking it like a pro. Uncle untied her hands and massaged them for a while. He sucked her clit again and mom pushed his head down on her genitals, shaking her body. She was a turned into a slut now.Mom looked around and stopped uncle pulling his hair. Uncle looked at her with questioning eyes. Then she reached near the night lamp and picked up the burning candle, handing it to uncle, with eyes full of lust, desire. Uncle sensed her move and took the candle in his hand; mom lied back on the bed looking away from him. Uncle took her blouse and tied it on her eyes this time. Mom was blind folded now. This night was turning out to be an epic night for; three of us, as I already had came twice in my pants.Vinod uncle played with my beautiful mom’s most private parts for two minutes and then squeezed her nipple good. Mom didn’t know where he was going to use the wax. Uncle tilted the candle suddenly on her bellybutton.”Haaaaaiiiiiiii……..mar gayi……… maiyyyyyyaaaaaaa …… urghhhhh ….. Godddd” mom wailed, pulling the bed sheet.”Are you trying to wake up Ajit…….Shilpa…..? This is your idea…. don’t yell bitch….?” uncle said leaving her nipple.”Sorry…… Vinod….. I’m fine…..”Mom prepared herself. Uncle tilted the candle this time on her erect nipple.”Shit…….fuck…….” mom cursed herself.”Ha ha ha ha…. what a crazy slut you are, Shilpa….” uncle pulled her clit between his fingers this time and held the candle tilted on it.”Aaaahhhhhhhh…… Vinod……. stop it….. Aaahhhh….. I’ll die now….. Stop it….. Please…” mom was yelling while uncle put another 4 to 5 drops of was on the length of her big clit. Mom threw herself on the bed, rolling and twisting. Uncle blew the candle and put it down on the bed. He pulled mom on her back again and pinned her hands above her head, undid her blindfold and massaged her clit hard, taking off the dried wax on it. He positioned his cock at her snatch again and pushed it home in one swift motion.”Urghhhhhh…… not again…… Vinod” mom cried as uncle drove hard. He pulled her clit and leaned on her crushing the clit between their bodies now. Every time he thrust, mom shivered as her clit was being hammered now.”Aaahhhhhhh ……… aaaaahhhhhhhhh …….. harder….. Harder….. pull my clit…… pluck it off……. ram your cock in my cunt…….. Yes……… yesssss…..yes……. ” mom shrieked as uncle slithered in and out like a piston.”Cummmmmming …… cummmmmming …….. Cummmmmming ……”mom was in heaven now. Uncle too was close to his orgasm now.”Are you ready for the seeds mam……..? How about a brother for Ajit….ha ha ha ha……” uncle kept slamming her.”No …. No….. Vinod… I said no…. you can’t cum inside me….. No…. Vinod please….. ” mom said while uncle was fucking the shit out of her.”Chup….. Shilpa…. chup….. Or I’ll slap you hard……” mom cried as he continued.Uncle was fucking my beautiful, married and modest mom with sheer pace now, with her hands pinned above her head, she couldn’t move.”Please stop Vinod….. I’m sore now…. have mercy on me…… I’m not a prostitute…. I can’t….. Aaaaahhhhhhhh …… ahhhhhhhh …… aaaaa.. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ……… aaaaahhhhhhhh” uncle crushed her clit and pushed his monster to its hilt…. he was close now…”See you soon…… darling” uncle said as he grabbed her throat and chocked her while giving her some brutal pounding. Mom rolled her eyes up and pulled his hands away but she went limp within seconds, uncle was flexing his hips while moving inside her. Mom wasn’t responding now, she was knocked out by uncle.”Oh fuck…… Shilpa…. I’m cumming….. Take my baby seeds, my love….. Urghhhhh …….yes….” uncle came inside my mom. He stayed inside her, to the hilt, till he finished spilling his semen at the mouth of mom’s baby sac. He pulled out after 40 seconds and pushed his cock in mom’s mouth milking his cock on her lips.After 10 minutes mom regained her senses. She looked at uncle and said, “Thank you Mr.Vinod, for making my suhagrat special. That was great.” They kissed for 10 minutes and slept hugging each other. I came back in my room. It was 4:30am. They had fucked for four hours. I cleaned myself and went in mom’s room, to have a close look. Her pussy was red and leaking uncle’s seeds. I left the room and went to sleep.I woke up at 10 in the morning. The door of my room was still locked from outside. Mom opened the door after I called her thrice. Mom didn’t look at me when I asked her who locked the door. She too had just woke up.”Mom, are you ok?” I asked her, she was startled by the question.”Yes…. Why are you asking?” mom answered looking away from me.”You look exhausted….” I teased again. Mom went in the bathroom, ignoring me.”I think you didn’t sleep well last night…” I asked her again when she returned.”Ajit…. I’m fine… Ok? Now get ready for your college.” Mom was angry now. I decided to play a bit more.”What is this mom…?” I asked her looking at the marks on the hands where the blouse was tied last night.”Nothing…… Just leave me….” mom pushed me and returned to her room.I got ready for the college. Mom gave me tea and breakfast. She was silent all the time. She was avoiding me. I left for the college after sometime.I returned from the college in the evening. Mom was watching TV. I entered my room without talking to her. I changed clothes and went in the kitchen. I saw the half burnt candle on the refrigerator while I took out a bottle of drinking water.”Mom, have they started power cuts again?” I asked sitting beside her in the couch.”No. Why? ” mom looked at me for the first time.”That candle in the kitchen…. who used it..?” I started again. She ignored again. Then came the next surprise. There was a small packet near the TV. It read ‘i-Pill’. I reached there and picked it up. Mom realised her mistake and snatched it from my hand.”Just go to your room. And start studying.” Mom said in a stern voice.Uncle must have given the pills to her, as he had fucked her without condom. I started my computer and checked the recordings of the day, from the cameras. Mom cleaned her room for some time then she had called uncle and asked for the pills. He came after an hour and handed a packet to her, planted a kiss on her cheek and left. Nothing had happened behind me.I waited for their next move but uncle didn’t show up for next 4-5 days. Mom too didn’t talk about uncle.One evening we were watching TV when mom received a sms on her phone. Mom read it and smiled a bit. She replied to the sms and put it down. Another sms came and she smiled again reading it. Mom went in the kitchen, leaving her phone and started preparing for the dinner. I opened her inbox.’Hi sweety, miss u so much.”Sorry Shilpa, I hurt you.” Uncle played with her lip.”That’s ok, Vinod ji. This body is yours. You can treat me the way you want.” Mom sat on him saying that. Uncle was surprised, he looked at her with questioning eyes.”Yes hubby. I love being dominated. I love being tortured. I LOVE PAIN.” Mom told uncle the truth, looking directly in his eyes.”What a naughty bitch you are, Shilpa. You shouldn’t have told me this one. You are going to regret that.” He said putting her on her back and riding her.”I don’t know your fantasies yet, hubby.” “Will you fulfil them?” uncle asked. Mom nodded yes.”If you do it, I will give you what you want.””Yes. Tell me.””I love fucking women in front of others, I love humiliating them. I love….” uncle stopped as mom was taken aback, listening this. She was dumbfounded.”Vinod, are you sure what are you talking? How many women have you fucked like that?””No. I didn’t do it yet.” Uncle tried to calm her down.”How is it possible Vinod?””Trust me Shilpa, I’ll take care of everything, If you say yes.””It is risky, isn’t it?” mom asked again.”Shut up, and get back to your job, slut. Worship my cock.”Uncle pulled her to the foot end of the bed, on her back, her head hanging from the head end. Uncle attacked her mouth, standing on the floor. Within 5 thrusts, saliva started flowing from her mouth to her nose and cheeks, covering her eyes, she lifted her hand to wipe it off. Uncle slapped her hand and reminded her “Last warning, no hands.” He started fucking again, her head banging to the foot board every time he pushed in.”Get ready.” Uncle said and pushed the monster in completely. A bulge formed in her throat. Uncle pressed it with a finger. Mom didn’t move, her hands signalled him to stop pressing at the bulge. He waited for close to two minutes, mom gave up and pushed him away, unable to breath. Her face was wet with her saliva. She sat up on the bed and looked pleadingly at uncle. He moved slowly to the side of the bed, stood facing mom.”Don’t you understand bitch?” he pulled her from the bed. She was shaking, standing in front of him. Uncle took her beautiful hands, kissed them and placed them behind her back. “Don’t you understand?” he moved hair strands from her face, putting them behind her ears. She was shaking heavily now. Uncle started moving his palm on her cheek, lightly. Her beautiful face was covered with saliva, lower lip was swollen, eyes closed. I knew, if he slaps her hard, she would fall on the floor. Uncle must be aware of this. He slapped her, not so hard, but hard enough to leave a mark. Mom was in tears, sobbing. She stood there, looking down.”Look at me, whore. ” uncle pulled her by hairs. “Do you quit?””No.” mom was going to swallow him again. She kneeled in front of him, hands behind her back. Uncle slapped her twice with his big dick.”aahhh… ” mom squealed. Uncle grabbed her hair and slapped her with the monster again.”Quiet…..bitch.”Mom started moving her tongue on the big purple head, probing his pee hole. She wrapped her lips on the base of the crown and pulled back, taking uncle by surprise.”ohh… yessss…” uncle was enjoying as mom repeated her move. She wrapped her lips and moved forward in a swift motion, swallowing his cock, to the hilt. She started moving faster, gripping his monster with her luscious lips.Knowing her plans, uncle stopped her. He sat on the bed, his back to the head board, positioning mom with her face down on his tool. Her shoulders must have started aching as she struggled to keep her hands back. Uncle pushed her head down suddenly and wrapped his legs around her head, taking her hands in his, locked fingers with mom. Mom was caught in his strong grips now, unable to move her head.”Well done baby, it’s 2 minutes…” uncle said pressing hard on her head. After 15 more seconds, mom started kicking the foot board, hard. She tried to escape, uncle laughed out and left her.”I…. (gasp)… Quit…(gasp)… I… Quit (gasp)… I can’t….take it..” mom was short of breath.”Ha ha…. I told you bitch. You can’t. ” uncle said, making mom sit down on the floor, head resting on the bed.”Vinod…. please stop it now… I can’t….” mom pleaded.”This monster needs relief, slut, open your mouth….” he wanted to cum in my beautiful mom’s mouth.”No. Vinod, I won’t drink your cum. That’s disgusting. Please.” Mom looked away.”That’s an order, bitch…. (slap, slap) You can use your hands now. And if I see even a drop coming out of your mouth, I’ll smash you.”Mom took a deep breath and started sucking his dick, making a sweet noise of her bangles as she moved her hands faster on the shaft. Within seconds, uncle threw his head back and grabbed mom’s head, flexed his hips and cursed while cumming hard, “Take it slut, take your prize. Drink it.” Mom was struggling hard to keep all that cum in her mouth, her eyes popping out, lips wrapped around uncle’s meat. Uncle moved back after shooting all the juice from his balls down her throat. Mom licked few drops from his thighs, before uncle parted himself. Her eyes were filled with tears.They rested on the bed for half an hour.”You don’t taste that bad, Vinod.” Mom broke the silence.”Thank you, darling. You too have great oral skills. But you lost the game. Which means, I will fuck you… at a place…. of my choice.””And which is that place, janu?” mom asked caressing his tool, making it hard again.”Ok. I’ll give you options. You choose the place where I would fuck the hell out of you…””Thanks. What are the options?” mom was eager.”Choose one….” uncle showed her four fingers.”That’s not fair…. where are the options?””Choose one. Now.” uncle ordered. Mom chose index finger.”Oh my God… you are going to be in trouble tonight.” Uncle teased mom.”What do you mean?” mom was afraid now.”A slut…….. Shilpa….. is going to be fucked….. in her….. Son’s bedroom….. An adventure…” uncle completed the sentence slowly.”Vinod….” mom almost screamed.”Sshhhh….. do you want to wake him up and look at us while we fuck? Just shut up and get ready.””Do you know, Vinod, what does that mean? Just leave, Vinod. I can’t do that. Leave me.””Oh… Really?” uncle said standing up on the floor. The bedroom door was slightly open, uncle opened it completely and came back to mom. Sitting on her thighs, he placed his hands on her boobs, grabbing one in each hand, through the saree and blouse.”Scream now. Come on.” He pressed her boobs a bit.”Aahhhh….. ” mom squealed.”What happened bitch? Not screaming?” increased the pressure.”ouiiii maaaa…. Vinod…. Nahii….” mom was in pain.”I sure know what I’m doing bitch. You better obey. Or….” he said with a devilish smile.”Are you sure, Vinod…? What if….?” she couldn’t complete as uncle locked lips with her.”So what? Let him come to know that his mom is fucking a stranger… ” he smiled. Saying that, he reached for the pallu of her saree, on her left shoulder. Mom stopped him and begged, “Please don’t take my saree off at least, please…. we will finish it quickly, with clothes on. Please?” she begged again.”Ok, slut. Come with me….” he picked her up in his arms, like a toy.I switched off the monitor, leaving the recording on and took my place in the bed, waiting for them.They came in the hall and uncle told mom something, I couldn’t listen. He opened the door to my room and there was silence for a few seconds. All the lights were switched off, it was completely dark except some light coming in my room from the streetlight. I couldn’t see what was going on in the hall. Then I heard the sweet noise of mom’s bangles and some slurping. It continued for three to four minutes. As I started adapting with the dark, I saw uncle sitting on the couch, mom wasn’t in the picture. It was clear from all that noise what she was doing. Uncle threw his head back and started enjoying mom’s mouth on his huge dick.”Aaahhh… …. …. Shilpa…..” he whispered something, I couldn’t understand. He pulled mom’s hair and made her stand behind the couch, bending forward with taking its support. Now she was in front of my door. I looked with half open eyes. Uncle sat behind her and started lifting her saree along with the petticoat, kissing her legs at the same time. Lifting her saree above her knees, he kissed her at the back of the knee, making her shiver as he licked. He continued moving up, kissing the back of her thighs, he might have nibbled there as mom started giggling. She was really enjoying it. He nibbled on other thigh. While kissing her beautiful, creamy thighs, he threw her saree and petticoat on her back, without looking up. Within seconds, I realised, I was rubbing my cock mercifully, looking at my beautiful, gorgeous, modest (now a slut), shy (now a shameless) mom, with her black coloured panty at the top of two most beautiful legs, wet at some places now, with uncle’s saliva. Uncle started moving up, reaching at the top, he stopped as he reached her panty covered pussy.”Shilpa, look at me…” he ordered, sternly. He pressed on her back as she started to straighten up. She took the signal and without straightening her back, she looked back, over her shoulder.”Who’s your hubby?” he was angry.”It’s you honey….. but why?” mom answered, a bit anxious.”And did you forget what you had promised your hubby…. on suhagraat” uncle was standing behind her, folding his hands.Mom was still clueless, as I was.”So you don’t remember the promise, right?” uncle moved his hands to the waistband of her panty on both sides, entangling his fingers in it.Mom was in a different world when she had promised it, she remembered it slowly as uncle pulled her panty up, it crushed her delicate pussy lips, as remaining part disappeared between her ass cheeks.”urghhhh…. Vinod. I’m sor…. aaahhhhh.. … Vin..” she couldn’t complete as he started twisting her waistband around his fingers, making her panty tighten around her waist, slipping between her pussy lips and ass cheeks.”oohhhh maaa….. Suno to….. Vino.. maaa….. ” mom begged him. He didn’t stop the torture, pulling more on her panty.”You won’t forget now, Rani…. kabhi nahi bhulegi tu…. saali…. bitch…” he was abusing mom.”I’m sorry…. please…. chhodo na… Vinod…..” mom tried to stop him with one hand, supporting herself on one.”No hands… understand..?” uncle yelled at her. She obeyed. What a slut.”Vinod……… kya kar rahe ho…. urghhhh… ” she was in pain.”Now listen, slave, you are going to get some spanking for your mistake…..”uncle left her twisted waistband and caressed her round, creamy ass cheek, “and you can make noise…. if you want to…”, he continued feeling her ass cheeks.He raised his hand and ordered her “I want you to LOOK(slap) AT ME(slap). I won’t tell you again…(slap)””aaaaaaa… fuck…. Vinod …ji… nahi…” mom cried looking at him, I knew he had not slapped her hard yet.”Now repeat…. I” said uncle.”I…(SMACK)” mom cried.”will…””will….(SMACK)””never…””never….. (SMACK) aaahhhh……..””wear…””weaaaaaa…… aaaaahhhhh god….. Vinod ji… I’m sorry… It hurts….” mom was in tears now.”panty…””panty….(SMACK) … urghhhh… (SMACK)… mmmm… (SMACK)…. mmmm” mom was moaning now as she was enjoying the pain. Uncle didn’t like it.He lowered his hand a bit and smacked her thigh real hard, leaving a clear mark.”Aaahhhh…” was the only reaction from mom. Uncle smacked her other thigh followed by one more on her left calf. He stood behind her, caressing her butts. Moving his hand down, he touched her pussy lips, “Spread your legs…”, he ordered. He was looking in mom’s eyes while doing all this. Suddenly he moved aside and slapped mom’s cunt.”Urghhh… fuck… ” mom cursed.After few seconds, uncle made her stand back on her feet, her saree falling back to its place. Uncle hugged her tightly. Mom was surprised with this change in his behaviour.”I’m sorry, Shilpa. You are such a soft and sensitive lady. I’m so unmerciful. I shouldn’t do this to you. I love you so much.” He kissed her on her forehead. I knew he was just trying to convince her that he loved her.”I love you too honey…. “mom kissed him again. They kissed passionately for next five minutes, darting their tongues, making sweet noise.”Enough. Come here.” He entered my room and instructed mom to take position in front of me. I was watching all this with half closed eyes. Mom took care not to make noise, resting her elbows on my study table, she looked back. Uncle threw her saree and petticoat on her back again. Sitting down behind her, he kissed her cunt lips,”mmmmm….. Vinod… “Uncle caught her panty with his teeth and pulled it out of her cunt lips.”God…. Vinod…. ” slut was excited. Uncle pulled it down to her knees and left it there. He wrapped his hands around her waist and attacked her pussy with his tongue. Mom was enjoying uncle’s tongue, moaning continuously. She started grinding her pussy on uncle’s mouth.”Oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. what are you doing this…. god… yess… don’t stop.. please don’t stop…” mom forgot where she was and started murmuring. Uncle moved his head faster behind her. I knew mom was close to her first orgasm of the night.I thought for a second and decided to play a game. As mom neared her orgasm, I started coughing. Mom stopped moaning and moving. But uncle continued eating her cunt. Mom tried hard to remain quiet. I decided to go one step ahead. I moved a bit and sat up on the bed, pretending to be half asleep and unaware of the happenings. Mom knew I was a sleep-walker. Mom froze looking at me, she tried to push uncle but he slapped her hand. she threw her saree from her back, on uncle’s head, covering him.Mom was bending on my study table, facing me, uncle sitting behind her.”Mom, you didn’t sleep yet?” I asked her pretending I was still unaware of the situation. She was stunned, speechless. Uncle must have stopped as mom was stable now.”And what are you doing here…?” I continued.”I was just… looking for…..” she had the courage to open her mouth.I saw some movement behind her and she moaned again. Fuck, the bastard was so shameless. And he wasn’t even afraid of me looking at mom.”Yes mom… what do you want…?” I teased again.”I was…. mmmmm….. aahhhh…. looking for… aaahhhh … please… aaahh…” she mumbled again, closing her eyes. How shameless this slut had become.”Good night mom….. you are ….. dad…. college…. I …” I slurred random words and fell back on the bed. Mom sighed as she realised I was talking in sleep.”Can’t you just stop, Vinod? We would have been caught.” Mom scolded uncle, he ignored. He came up and kissed mom with her juices on his lips. Mom hesitated first to do that but uncle forced himself. Pulling her saree up, he pushed his fingers in her snatch and started finger fucking her. She moaned as he was still kissing her.Taking his fingers out of her cunt, he licked her juices off his fingers and kissed mom again. He scooped some more cunt juice and pushed his fingers in mom’s mouth. Mom sucked on them and kissed back uncle. Uncle was making her a perfect slut.”Take out your tongue….” he took some more nectar out of the fuck-hole and ordered her. Mom was doing it obscenely now. Uncle smeared her juices on her tongue and sucked her tongue with his rough lips. Now he took her right hand and put it on his semi-erect cock. He was wearing only a T-shirt. Mom obliged and started massaging his cock. Taking mom’s nectar from the factory, he smeared it on his cockhead. He moved her hand aside.”Fuck me…..” mom begged as uncle entered his cock inside her slowly. Mom gasped as uncle pushed some more.”Ruko mat Vinod…. Please…” mom begged again. Uncle held her hips and gave a sharp thrust, making a thumping sound as he landed on mom’s back.”urghhhhh…” mom grunted.Steadying himself again as he pulled back, took a pause and drove his cock home again. Mom fell on the table as he was using all his power to drive his cock home.”Vinod…. god… yessss…. fuck me….” she said coming back on her elbows again.”Bitch……. ” uncle cursed as he shoved his monster again. Mom was prepared for this. Uncle moved back slowly and gave her three sharp thrusts.”Cumming…. cumming… cummmmming……” mom couldn’t handle his assault and came hard as uncle gave two more thrusts. Her face told all the story, she was in heaven.He waited for her to calm down. A tear was formed at the corner of her eye. He grabbed her shoulders and started fucking her again. After giving few more thrusts he pulled her off the table, grabbing her shoulders and pressed on her back.”Grab your ankles… don’t bend your knees…” he started moving in and out slowly. Mom adjusted to the position easily as she was practising yoga regularly.Grabbing her hips, he started fucking her with some pace. Every time uncle shoved his monster in, mom shivered.”Don’t make noise…. ok?” uncle whispered and picked her up like a kitten, holding her hips. What was he upto? I already had cum in my pants.Holding her in the air, uncle started fucking her relentlessly. Mom couldn’t keep silence.”aaaaahhhhhh….. aaaaahhhhh….. aaaaaaahhhhh…. aaaahhhh…. god…… fuck me…. fuck me fuck me….” she wailed. Uncle clenched his teeth and started swearing.”Bitch…. take this…. fuck….””ohh maaaa…. fuck fuck fuck fuck…… aaaaahhhhhhh… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. Vinod….. fuck me… yesssss… don’t stop…. aaaahhh… aahh… aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… god…..”Mom looked like a c***d in front of uncle’s huge frame. From their violent moves, her saree was loosened from her waist where it was tucked. Uncle put her down, her saree fell around her legs. He took her pallu off her shoulder and threw her saree on the table.Now my slut mom was standing there wearing her red petticoat and black blouse. Her green coloured bangles, mangalsutra, a bindi on her forehead and lips swollen from the brutal mouth fucking uncle gave her, made her look so sexy.”Hold this up if you don’t want to remove.” Uncle ordered her lifting her petticoat. Mom gathered it and held around her hips. Uncle came behind her took hold of her shoulders again. Mom was a good 1 foot shorter than him. Bending his knees, he entered mom’s tight cunt again. Without wasting any time, he started the assault on her delicate cunt. Mom started whimpering as uncle impaled his dick in the sweet cunt.”aa… aa… aaa…. Vinod…. Vinod…. Vinod… take me …. aaahhhh….” mom was yelling like a flagrant, shameless whore. Uncle left her shoulders and gathered her hair, rolling them around his right hand. he clenched his teeth again and suddenly yanked her hair, pulling her to stand erect. He continued destroying her modesty. Ramming her hard, he was crushing her subtle pussy lips with pace.He lowered his left hand and reached her belly button. I was close to cumming for one more time. He started scratching around her belly button with his finger nails. The move was enough for her to reach her second orgasm of the night.Uncle sensed her orgasm reaching her and increased pace, mom was yelling like anything now.”What are you…. aaaahhhh… aaaaahhhhh…. harder….. harder…. aaaahhhhh… cummmiingg….. fuck me… harder…. yess…. fuck me bastard…….. fuck …..yessss…… aaahhhhh….. “Uncle kept ramming my beautiful mom through her orgasm, right in front of me, merciless. He wrapped his fingers around her chin and pulled back, arching her back. Mom was now looking towards the roof while getting fucked from behind. Bending forward, uncle reached mom’s lips and started sucking her lower lip. It wasn’t difficult for mom to keep her body stretched like that, she must be thanking yoga now.Uncle left her chin and grabbed her hips again. Mom kept her back arched, to continue the smooch. Uncle slowly pulled his cock out, leaving the mushroom inside. He grabbed her hips firmly and pulled her back on his cock in a swift motion. Mom squealed through the smooch, never parting her juicy lips from uncle’s calloused ones. Uncle pulled back again after waiting for a minute.He broke the kiss, gathered her hair and placed them in front of her left shoulder. He positioned the cock head again between the swollen lips. Mom waited for the assault, biting her lips. Uncle brought his face near mom’s right ear and wrapped his lips around the earlobe. Mom giggled and looked at me. Uncle moved back from her ear and kissed her neck very lightly. Mom closed her eyes and gasped.”Vinod……. I love you….” mom gasped again, as uncle licked her lightly.Mom was in a trance as uncle teased her with his tongue. He kissed her upper back and moved upwards touching her with the tip of his tongue. Mom was breathing through her lips now. Uncle took a deep breath and exhaled on her neck. Mom was shivering now with uncle’s every move, she was hypnotized.”Shilpa ….” uncle whispered. Mom did not reply. She was breathing fast.”Shilpa…..” he whispered again. No response. He gave a wicked smile as he was proud of the job done. Licking at her shoulder, he continued the tease, making sure she is lost in the passion. I knew his plans.Suddenly his grips tightened on her hips and he clenched his teeth before giving the slut, a quick thrust, burying his monster, in mom’s cunt.”…………………” mom tried to yell but uncle had pushed the air out of her lungs. Her eyes widened as she winced in pain. She tried to breathe through mouth but uncle closed it with his.”Welcome back, slut…..” uncle teased her, breaking the kiss.”Vinod….. god…. you almost knocked me out with that…”mom said as she recovered.”Where were you Shilpa? I called you twice….. ha ha ha….” he teased again, kissing the tear from her right cheek. Mom smiled and offered her tongue. He sucked hard on it before going back to her neck. Mom was ready for another stab. Uncle aligned his cock again for the stab. Licking her neck he travelled to her shoulder and nibbled lightly. Mom murmured something and threw her head back on his chest.”Take this ….. you cunt…” uncle cursed as he rammed hard again. He was becoming more and more ruthless with every thrust. They were sweating heavily, completely wet.”Oiiiii…. maaaa….. dheere…. please…” mom begged as she couldn’t take it.Uncle pulled her back, pinned her head to his chest with one hand, covering her mouth and started massaging her clit with his right hand.”mmmmm…. mmmm…. mmmmm…. mmmmm….. ” she moaned as uncle started fucking her again with long and slow thrusts. His fingers played with her big clit.”Do you like it slow….? Take it slow…. whore… take it…” uncle didn’t vary his pace.Within a minute, mom started quivering as she neared her orgasm.The thought of interfering her orgasm came in my mind. I badly wanted them to know that I’m following them from the very first day. But I held back.”Phir se jhad rahi hai…. saali…. sharm kar apne bete ke samne chudwa rahi hai….” he started abusing her as she came hard on his cock. Her juices were flowing on her thighs now.”Aaaaaahhhhh….. fuckkkkkkk….. meeeeeee….. bastard…. I’m cumming……” mom cried out loud as uncle took his hand off her mouth and fucked her harder, grabbing her hair.”yesss… yesssss…. yessss…. aaaahhh….aahh….. oh my god…” mom came for a minute without stopping. Uncle kept playing with her clit, pinching and squeezing it.”Bas karo Vinod….. please….. aur kitna karoge….? Please… “Mom fell on the floor as uncle left her, “Ouch…. ” she yelped.”I’m yet to cum Shilpa……. in your womb… right?””Please Vinod. Not inside. That’s risky…””But you let me cum inside you that day….. why not now?””It was safe period… Vinod. I knew it… If you do it now, I’m sure gonna miss my periods…” mom explained. She was lying on the floor with her petticoat gathered around her waist. Uncle was sitting beside her, massaging his cock. He grabbed her hair and started the skullfuck again, without warning.It was hard for me to wait now. I made my decision and waited for the right time. Uncle was fucking mom’s mouth, with his eyes closed. Mom was making a slurping sound as she was enjoying it. After 2 minutes, uncle pulled mom along with him to stand up. He made mom stand at the foot end of the bed, facing me. Standing behind her, he pulled her hands back and pressed on her back. Mom bent forward, grabbing the foot end of the bed. Uncle pulled her petticoat up again and shoved two fingers in mom’s cunt. Mom gasped, throwing her head back.”Don’t you have condoms, Vinod Ji?” Mom said seductively.”Do you really want me to use one….?” uncle said while giving her thrusts with his fingers. Mom was moving her hips in circles. She kept silent.”YES. UNCLE.” I said sitting up on the bed, looking at them.”Ajit…..!!!!!” mom exclaimed and moved back in a flash. She fell on the floor in the process. Uncle stood there unmoved, holding his cock. Mom straightened her petticoat and looked at uncle and me, like a deer caught in the bright light.”What’s going on mom…..? ” I acted. They were speechless.”MOM. I’m talking to YOU.” I yelled. She was clueless. Breathing heavily, she avoided looking at me.”Vinod uncle, what’s this?” I jumped out of the bed and switched the lights on.”I was giving her some…….” uncle talked shamelessly, stroking his cock.”Yoga lessons……” mom cut short uncle, “He was teaching me yoga….. Ajit. I mean…..””What sort of yoga is this mom?” I teased her. She hid her face.”Can you please stop that…. I thought you are a good man, uncle. You also?” I continued.”Vinod Ji made me do all this….. Ajit… he seduced me into this…..” mom tried to explain. Uncle picked up mom’s saree and covered his cock.”I know who really started this…..” I gave a wry smile as both of them looked at me with wide eyes.”Ajit, please forgive me….” mom tried to leave my room.”Wait. I have something to show you……” I switched on the monitor. Four screens showed rooms in my apartment. Mom was late to get it, but uncle understood it in a second.”Are you spying on us…..?” uncle asked with a smile, he was blatant. I nodded yes and played a video from the recordings.Mom looked in guilt as it showed their first encounter, uncle crushing her boobs in the kitchen. Mom was sobbing now as I showed another video from the hall, uncle was massaging her pussy through orgasms, sitting on the couch. In next scene, mom handed him a candle and took the wax torture. Mom was begging now to stop it as I played last video, she was yelling in that clip, asking uncle to fuck harder.I sat back on the bed.”I’m going to tell dad everything………… (a long pause)…………… if you don’t continue this…. mom….”Uncle smiled as he knew my intentions. He knew, I wanted him to take my mom. Mom looked at me in disbelief and some joy, as I completed my sentence.”You are such a beautiful woman, mamma. Men are attracted to you. And your body certainly needs the treatment uncle is giving you. Dad isn’t giving you enough attention, so I understand it.””Ajit…. do you know what you are talking about…?” mom confirmed.”Yes, mom.”I continued, “You and this shameless man are a good couple…… you fuck better than porn stars…..””Ajit…. please don’t talk like that…..” mom was shying away as an innocent girl.”You like it mom….. I know how dirty you are with uncle…. ha ha…””Yes Ajit, she is a real slut….. ” uncle threw her saree and stroked his flaccid member.”Mom, aren’t you afraid of dad. What if he comes to know about this?” I asked.”I shouldn’t tell you this, Ajit……… but Vikram had this fantasy of sharing me with other man….. I never did it for him….. but when I saw Vinod…. I was attracted to him…. from the first meeting… I saw it in his eyes. He is such a lovely guy. I love him….. I” she was in his arms now, kissing him.”And his cock is so big, isn’t it, mom?” I tried teasing her again.”Ajit…. please….” mom said sheepishly.”You said I made you do all this……. right slut?” uncle asked her angrily. Mom tried to kiss him but he turned her around and made her stand in front of me.”Vinod please, try to understand…. I was scared…. I.. Vinod….”mom couldn’t convince him.He hugged her from behind and looked at me, “I’m going to punish your beautiful, innocent mom for the allegations….””Vinod please, not here….. ” mom begged.”Shut your fucking mouth and look into his eyes….” uncle ordered mom, humiliating in front of me.He rubbed his cock on her ass, through the petticoat, grabbing her hips. Her small frame made it look like she was his daughter. He was a big guy, b**st, rough, opposite to slim, delicate, pregnable, beautiful body of mom.”Take this off….” uncle tugged her petticoat. Mom didn’t move.Uncle turned mom to face him and moved the hair strands behind her ears. Wiping off her tears he, grabbed her hair in one hand and suddenly slapped her on left cheek. Mom was surprised by this move. She looked at uncle and begged with eyes. He gave her another slap with the back of his hand.”Now get rid of all your clothes…. ” he pinched her cheek hard and ordered her. Sitting back in the chair, he signalled her to start.Mom looked seductively at him, avoiding me. She rubbed her cheeks and wiped her tears again.”Do it now… you whore..” uncle shouted.”Come on mom, I’ve already seen you doing naughty things…..”That was enough for her. Mom moved her hands around her bellybutton before pulling the petticoat knot lightly. She gave another tug and the knot opened.Mom caught the petticoat with both hands before it skipped down.”You are wasting time, bitch…” uncle roared.Mom closed her eyes and loosened the grips. The red cloth fell around her feet, exposing her beautiful body.”Tell him… for whom you shaved your cunt…..” uncle continued mom’s humiliation.”For you…. Vinod JI….. I shaved this for you only…….” mom was shedding her inhibitions now.Uncle couldn’t wait any more, he took mom in his arms and gave a wild kiss. He made her stand facing me again and smacked her ass cheek hard.”Aaahhhhhh……” mom cried out.”(SMACK)…….. urghhhhhhh….. (SMACK)…… Ohhhhh god…. nahi…. (SMACK)………… (SMACK)….. (SMACK)…… I’m sorry Vinod Ji….. (SMACK SMACK SMACK)……… maaaaaa fuck….””Shut up and take off your blouse……” uncle ordered again.Mom started unhooking her blouse. Uncle whacked her again, she fell on the bed.”Stand up….” uncle ordered. Mom took her blouse off.”Bra…… NOW(SMACK).”Mom reached behind to unhook the clasp. Uncle took the opportunity and started slapping her hands as she reached for the clasp. Mom couldn’t concentrate as uncle continued giving her hard slaps. The devil started laughing as he did that.Mom finally took off the bra and threw it on the floor. My beautiful mom was standing there nude, in front of her son.”Now say sorry. And beg for apology till I accept it.” He moved her bangles up and grabbed her wrists.Mom knew he was going to fuck her again. She parted her legs and arched her back, offering her pussy.”Tie her legs to the bed…… take that saree…” uncle said looking at me. I waited for a moment before went forward.I took mom’s own saree and tied her right ankle to the bed prop at the bottom. I pulled her left ankle and fastened it to left side prop, without looking up.When I stepped back I was stunned looking at her. She was standing there, spreading her legs almost 3 feet apart. I sat on the bed facing her. Uncle bent his knees and entered her with a bang, from behind, pulling on her small wrists.Mom was helpless now. Uncle started ramming her hard, in that position. Her legs spread wide, hands pulled behind, boobs pointing from her chest.”Aaaahhhh…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh …… aaaahhhhh…. AAAAAAHHHHHH….. FUCK…. YESSSSS….. aaaahhh…. aaaaahhhhh… aaaaahhhh…. aahhhh……”She was really turned on by the situation. She liked being dominated, being tortured.”Ohhhhhh godddd……. ohhhhh godddddddd……. ohhhhh godddd……… I’m cumming …… cummmiinggggg….. cummmmingggg….. aaahhhhhhh…. FUCK ME….. HARDER….. HARDER….”Uncle increased his pace and started fucking her ruthless. He cursed so many words as he assaulted her.”Saali….. ladke ke samne chudwati hai….. kutti….. ” uncle was in heaven now. He grabbed both her wrists in one hand attacked her sensitive clit with another. Mom was trembling now. She was short of breath.”urghhhhh…….. maaaa godddd…….. nahi…… bas karo… please….. bastard….. stop it… please….” mom was yelling now.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH….. GODDDDDDDD…….” mom shrieked as uncle fucked her relentless, through another orgasm.His eyes turned red, as she still wasn’t doing what he wanted, apologize him. He stopped fucking her, moved both his hands on her tits and pulled her nipples, hard. Mom squirmed and her face distorted as uncle pinched hard again.”Vinod….. ouchhhhh….. chhodo na….. please…..” mom requested. Uncle pressed her boobs together and gave her a thrust.”ummmm…. ummmm…..” mom was enjoying this. Suddenly uncle left her boobs and slapped her hard on her right boob. Giving her one more thrust, he slapped her left boob, a bit harder.”Oiiii….. maaaa…… ” mom whimpered again. Uncle pushed her forward on the bed. It was difficult for her to bend like that, with her legs tied wide apart.”Aahhhh…. It’s hurting….. please untie me…. maaaa….. ouchhhh…..” it was really painful for her.Uncle grabbed her shoulders bending forward and adjusted his dick at her fuck-hole, ignoring her pleadings.”Ok, bitch…. so you are not going to say sorry…. right?” uncle slammed his cock home again.”Goddddd…….. FUCK……. aaaahhhhh…” her eyes widened, tears formed at the corners. He gave another push before she recovered from first.”No…. No….. Aaaahhh…. Ajit…. Stop him…. aaa… aaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaaaa….” mom yelled looking at me.”Sorry…. Sorry…… I said …. urghhhhh….. sorry….. leave me…… urghhhh…….. Vinod… Please ….. No…… It’s hurting….. AAAAAHHHHHHHH….. FUCK….. NOOOOO…..” her knees were banging at the foot end of the bed as uncle slammed with some serious pace. She tried to stop him, pushing at his groin. He took her hand in his and twisted it a bit, “Do you want to know what pain means….. I’ll tell you”, he twisted her hand again, this time pulling it in opposite direction.Mom was certainly not enjoying this. Her eyes were shut close now, tears freely flowing and pain showing on her face.”Just apologize to him properly, mom, he will leave you….. Right uncle…?” I played my role as I was really scared now. Uncle was in no mood to respond me, busy with mom. He clenched his teeth once more as he gave her some severe pounding.”I….. BEG…. VINOD JI…… aaahhhhhh….. I BEG YOUR APOLOGY….. urghhhhh….” mom said loudly. Uncle stopped after giving her a painful lesson for 10 minutes. he left her hand and kissed her shoulder blade, nibbling lightly.”That’s like an obedient SLUT….” he said massaging her hand. Mom looked at him, above her shoulder, still sobbing.”Ohhh baby…. My sex kitten is crying….? No Shilpa, please don’t…. What will he think…..?” Uncle looked at me. Mom smiled as if she liked everything he did.”What am I doing to a gorgeous lady…? I’m such a bad man….! Right Wifey?” uncle played with her boobs. He was trying to calm her down.”Ok. I think I should wear a condom. I don’t want to impregnate my Shilpi darling….” he caressed her cheeks. Mom was turned on again.”Yes, Vinod ji….. please… but where is the condom…?” mom asked him.”Ajit…. can you get a pack from my apartment… It’s in the drawer below the computer….. please…?” uncle asked me to get a condom, from his apartment, to fuck my mom and I obliged. I was still thinking why he suddenly opted for a condom when mom wasn’t asking for it.I ran upstairs, opened the door to his apartment and entered his room. As I opened the drawer, I was surprised to see the drawer full of condom packets. The pictures showed spikes on a condom. I opened a packed out of curiosity and was taken aback. These were some special condoms with small, firm rubber spikes on them. I realised why he wanted to use them. I took a packet and came downstairs.”Spikes……” I uttered as I handed him a packet. He smiled back and winked.Mom was untied and lying on the floor, twisting and tossing. She was jerking violently, curling her body. I noticed juices flowing out of her. I went through the camera recording and played last five minutes video. Immediately as I left, uncle had untied her and given her some intense finger fucking till she came hard on his fingers.”You wanted a condom, darling…. you can’t take your word back…. ok?” he teased mom, she was unaware of the upcoming. She nodded yes. Uncle gave the packet to mom and sat at the edge of the bed.”Wow…. it’s extra large size…. for a real man….” mom said with slut expressions. She tore the packet and licked uncle’s purple head.”What is……. are these……. goddd…. what the fuck is this….?” mom looked at uncle, with a spark in her eyes. She rolled it out on his monster with ease.”The bitch is an expert……” uncle teased.”Yup… I have been doing this since college……” by the time she realised what she had said, it was late.”Oh man…. before marriage…..? That’s interesting…..” uncle looked at me. I looked down.”Nothing……. Let’s fuck honey…..” mom tried changing the topic.”No. The complete story first…..” uncle grabbed her throat and threw her on the bed. Mom took the message.”Ok. Ok… Aman was the guy who took my virginity….. we fucked in his car…. in the rain…. and then Sanjay….. my cousin…..” mom stopped, but giving me another thread.”WHAT??? Mom….. you mean….Sanjay uncle….. he too?????” I couldn’t believe her.”Yes.. Ajit…. I did…… when Vikram went abroad for a month…. you were three years old… he lived with us as your caretaker…. but I didn’t do it again…….. before this hunk came in my life…… ” mom kissed uncle on his lips.”I knew it. When I saw you for the first time, the way you licked your lips… I knew there is a slut behind that innocent face…. ” he continued, “Now shut up and submit you pussy to this monster.” He rolled her on her stomach. Mom parted her legs and waited for uncle.Uncle had different plans, he joined her legs, wrapped the saree around them before tying the other end to the bed prop.Mom was lying on my bed, facing down, her legs tied together, fastened to the bed. Next, uncle tied her hands on her back, with her blouse.”Some fuck to remember…. for you….. Mrs. Shilpa Fuck whore.” Uncle sat on her thighs and pushed his cock between her thighs with the thorny condom.”heyyyy….. sssssssss…… aaaeeeeee…..”mom giggled as it was tickling her. He moved faster making her laugh uncontrolled. He grabbed her cream-white ass cheeks and squeezed hard before pulling them apart. Mom was enjoying all this, before uncle moved up and pressed the rough cock head at her cunt lips. He pulled her hips a bit to enter her and pressed back down.”ooomphh….. that’s tight….” he grunted. Moving forward slowly, he continued kneading her ass.”Vinod….. pyaar se…. itna mat ragdo….. meri ….” mom skipped next word, fearing me, maybe.”Nice. Shilpa….. say it….. I know you want to talk dirty…. Come on….” he was really pressing her ass cheeks hard now.”Vinod….. daalo na….. please….. khujli ho rahi hai…..” mom said naughtily.”Kya daalu jaan….. k**har daalu…..” he teased again, pulling back.”Aapka ….. lu… bada lund……. meri pyaari….. chhoti si…. najuk….. yoni me…..” mom was at her slut peak now.Uncle moved his hips, back and forth, thrice, making her ache for his cock.”Keep begging ….. kutti….. kya chahiye…?””Chodo mujhe…… Vinod ji…. mere bete ke samne…. main aapki hu…..”Uncle increased his speed slowly as mom was really heating up now.”aaahhhh…. aaaaaahhhhhh…… aaaAAHHHHHH……. jorse……. aur jorse……. haaaaa….. aur…… yesssss…..””aise hi……. haaa….. mere Kamdev……. phad do meri chut…… “”Saali…… bitch…..” uncle was giving it real hard now.”AAAhhh…. Vinod….. kya kar rahe ho…… Vinod…. JI….” mom asked for it and couldn’t handle now.”Shut up… Don’t start crying…. “uncle slapped her ass hard.”eiuuuuuu……. fuck….. please not that condom….. aaaaa…… its heating up inside…. aaeeeee…. Vinooood….. take it out….” mom cried as the condom was heating up with all that friction.”Get that panty…… ” uncle ordered me. I picked it up, soaked in mom’s juices, wet, handed it to the bastard. He made a ball of it and stuffed her mouth.There was silence in the room, except the noise of uncle’s groin banging on mom’s beautiful ass.”I told you… now you can yell….” uncle started scratching where her pussy lips met, just below her puckered hole.Mom started trembling as she reached her orgasm. Uncle increased pace and hammered my beautiful mom ruthlessly.He sensed her orgasm and showed me his middle finger. Dipping that finger in her juices, he suddenly spread her ass cheeks and pressed at her brown hole, making her shudder in the mid dle of an earth shattering orgasm. Mom moved her head sideways violently as uncle teased her ass hole.”You like it…… Don’t you…? Shilpa…. I know you like it……..” he continued.Mom couldn’t recover from that orgasm as he continued fucking her while teasing her another hole. To add to her torment, he reached her clit from below with his left hand.SHE LAY THERE, FACE DOWN, HANDS TIED WITH HER OWN BLOUSE BEHIND HER, LEGS FASTENED TOGETHER TO THE BED, A BIG COCK IN HER DELICATE PUSSY, A FINGER FIDDLING AT HER TIGHT ANUS AND ONE HAND PLAYING WITH HER BIG, SENSITIVE CLIT.She came on his cock for almost 10 minutes without stopping, as he kept wetting his finger with her nectar and playing with the anus. She was trying everything to escape.”MMMMMMMM…… MMMMMMMMMMM….. MMMMMMMMM…. MMMMMMM…. ” was the noise she was making through the panty-gag.Uncle rolled her on her back and untied the legs from her saree. Her face was expressionless now. She was tired, the bastard was fucking the softness out of her, for almost 5 hours now.He made her sit on the edge of bed, treating like a fuck doll. He wasn’t showing any respect, fucking her as he wished. Standing in front of her, he grabbed her ankles and started spreading her legs, wider and wider, till she shook her head with a grunt.Her beautiful cunt was gaping now, with all the assault taken over 5 hours. Her outer lips were red and swollen with all the blood in her body concentrating in those two battered labia.”Last 10 minutes baby…… Come on…” he pressed her ankles above her head and started pounding again.”Look at me….. Shilpa…… Look at me… my love…. ” he licked her face with his tongue, her eyes, her cheeks, her fore head, her nose…. her face became wet with his saliva.Mom started trembling again, uncle gripped her elbows and picked her up from the bed, she wrapped bursa escort bayan her legs around his waist.”Idhar dekh…. randi…. saali…… ratbhar chudwati hai…… whore….. bitch…” he was fucking her in the air now, off the bed. She kept looking at him while he rammed her hard, like a rabbit.Mom started cumming again as her body was shaking violently now. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she threw her head back, her legs fell down from his hips.Yes, she was knocked out again by the bastard. Uncle smiled looking at me and gave her some brutal thrusts.He threw my worked up, u*********s mom on the bed, still cursing and banging hard. I wondered if he would cum today.Suddenly he pulled out of her and took the condom off and entered her again. I understood his intentions.”Shilpaaaaaa…. god….. FUCK…. BITCH….. I LOVE YOU…. yesssss…” he came inside her limp body for a minute and crushed her pelvic bones as he kept pounding.They didn’t move for 10 minutes. Uncle was lying face down on mom.”Good morning, Shilpa Ji…..” uncle said kissing mom on her forehead.Mom pushed him aside and sensed his hot cum in her, “Vinod.. You came inside me again… It’s boiling inside… naughty boy….”They slept hugging each other in my room. I unloaded myself in the bathroom and slept on the couch.It was 11 in the morning when I woke up. I was having light headache due to lack of sleep. I sat up on the couch and recollected the moments from last night. Uncle had fucked mom whole night. As mom’s thought came to my mind, I entered my room where she had slept. Nobody was there. I opened mom’s bedroom door, she was there, still asleep. Her face was glowing like a star. She was enjoying all the treatment uncle was giving her.I came back in my room and sat on the bed. The bed sheet was telling all the story, some dried cum was there. Pieces of broken bangle were lying there along with an anklet.After an hour, mom got up and went directly to the bathroom. She came out after some time and prepared tea and breakfast for both of us.”Dad knows about this?” I tried to break the silence as I took a sip from the cup of tea.”Ajit…. you should stay out of this..” mom said with a bit of anger as she looked away.”Mom… please tell me… dad knows all this?” I asked again.”What if I say YES…?” mom said boldly. “I already have told him everything…. he was more than happy… Do you want to know anything else….?” she explained calmly as if it was normal to fuck a neighbour in front of your son. I couldn’t believe her.Mom and I didn’t talk about the incident again.After two days mom was preparing to go for a party, with her two friends from our building. At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon Vinod uncle came to our apartment. He came directly in my room and we chatted for some time. After half an hour, mom’s friends from the building came and sat in the hall. Mom was talking with them while getting ready for the party.”Why are they here?” uncle was curious. I told him about the party and everything.”Your mom is certainly the best looking lady from our building… isn’t she?” uncle said as he looked at the ladies through the half open door. I didn’t reply.I went in the kitchen to get drinking water, when I saw mom in her room getting ready. She was wearing a light pink coloured chiffon saree and matching blouse. The blouse was backless, showing her bare back with only one knot in the centre. She applied some glossy lipstick. A pearl necklace looked awesome along with the shiny border of the saree. The perfume was just enough to drive men mad.”You are right uncle… I would have fucked her right now if she wasn’t my mom…. She’s such a beautiful… delicate… sweet… slut…” I winked at uncle saying that and switched on the computer. It started showing mom’s bedroom on the screen. Uncle adjusted the bulge in his pants as he looked at her.”Fuck…. She is a perfect lady… she is to be pounded hard….” uncle was rubbing his cock now.Mom came in the hall and sat on the couch to put on her red coloured high heels. After checking herself in the mirror, she came at the door of my bedroom.”Bye Ajit…. I’ll be back after 9 o’clock… please get your dinner from outside…. ok… bye…” mom said standing at the door, unaware of uncle’s presence. She peeked inside as she said last few words.Suddenly uncle reached from behind the door and hooked a finger in mom’s necklace, making sure her friends don’t notice him.”I want goodbye kiss… Sexy lady… Come in please..” uncle whispered.Mom was surprised to see him, she quietly came in.”Vinod ji, please… not now…. ” mom was made quiet by uncle’s lips. Her heels made some noise as uncle pulled her suddenly and started kissing madly. Mom tried to keep silence. I closed the door.”Why are you so beautiful…. Shilpa?” uncle turned her around and pushed her against the wall. He moved her hair aside and licked her bare back.”mmmmm…. aaahhh…” mom shivered and took a deep breath. “Vinod please…. they are waiting…. we can do this later…. please….. mmmmm… mmmmm….. mmmmmmm…. Vinod ji… chhodo na….”Uncle took his cock out and started rubbing it on mom’s ass, covered with saree. Mom was struggling hard now. Uncle started humping her. He pinned her hands above her head and moved his hips faster, “Nice ass… Slut…”Mom sighed as she was being turned on slowly. She too started moving her ass on uncle’s hard-on.Uncle left her hands and grabbed mom’s round ass cheeks, squeezing them hard.”Baby… this ass is driving me crazy… yess..” uncle pressed his body on mom.”Come here…” uncle pulled her by the necklace, towards my bed. Mom knew his intentions; he was completely turned on by her beauty.”Please hubby… they are waiting outside…” mom tried to stop him.”A quick fuck…. darling…. just a quickie… ” he threw her on the bed. It all happened in a second, mom couldn’t resist him.Uncle turned mom on her stomach and started lifting her saree along with the petticoat, mom lifted her hips off the bed to help him. He stopped at her thighs, gave quick licks and threw her saree and petticoat on her back, displaying mom’s cream white, round ass.Mom tried to cover her ass with the saree.”See Ajit… your mom is not wearing panty.. she loves me so much…. she wants me to fuck her all the time…” uncle kissed her shoulder blade and pulled her hands back and pinned them together.Uncle passed the strap of her wristwatch through the bangle on other hand and secured her hands behind her back. He was best at tying women, it showed. He came down and sat on her thighs. Pulling her ass cheeks, he angled his cock at her twat.”Finish it quickly… Please… ” mom begged. Uncle did not wait for anything, he just pushed himself inside my mom.”Maaaaaaaaaa…. urghhhh….. aaeeeeeeee…. mummmyyy… ” mom quivered as uncle gave a hard thrust. Her eyes went wide and tears came out. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Mom tried to spread her legs.Uncle took his cock out and removed all his clothes. His muscular body was looking formidable. He looked at me and flexed his hips, “Your mom is my fuck toy… Just a fuck doll… ” he laughed and attacked mom’s pussy again. Mom tried spreading her thighs, uncle joined her legs, straddled her with his legs and pushed his monster in my beautiful mom’s velvet hole. She was not enjoying this, I thought.It was a beautiful site. Mom was lying face down; her saree was thrown on her back, hands tied together behind her, her sandals striking occasionally at the foot board, anklets and bangles making some sweet music. She was trying to look away from me.His biceps and triceps flexed along with his hips as he started ramming the beauty, increasing the pace. He was kneading mom’s ass mercilessly as he gave her some serious pounding.”Shilpa ji….” one of her friends knocked on the door, calling her.Mom kept quiet.”Come on bitch… not shouting now…?” uncle increased pace. He reached below her and started kneading her breasts through the saree.”Come on… make some noise… saali .. ab nahi chillayegi…?” he left her tits and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off the bed, arching her back.He was using her body like a doll, bending her like a doll, testing her yoga.The bed started creaking as uncle banged mom for 2 minutes, without stopping. Mom came hard as she threw her head back but did not make any noise, her body was convulsing from head to toe.”She is the best…. ” uncle moved out of her and pushed his cock in her mouth.”I can fuck you for hours like that, you cunt…” uncle started fucking her mouth.Mom knew she can make him cum faster with her oral techniques. She moved her tongue faster.”Aaahhh… yessss…. my blowjob queen… I’m close” uncle left her mouth suddenly and pulled her off the bed, to stand on the floor. Bending her forward he entered again, and gave a few violent thrusts as he came inside her.”I don’t wanna waste my sperms… aaaaaahhhhhh… fuck….. yes…. yess….. yessssss… cumming…. aaahhhh…. bitch….” he fell on the bed, pressing mom under him.After 2 minutes, mom moved under him. Uncle reached under her saree and did something as mom stood up. He untied her hands and left her.Mom straightened her saree as she steadied herself on her feet. She looked in the mirror and smiled back at uncle, “I can take that all night… hubby… have to go now… ” she checked herself again as she opened the door.As she was about to get out of my room, her petticoat came down her thighs; rustling through her saree and fell around her ankles. It was an embarrassing moment for mom, as she stood in the door with her two friends and uncle and me looking at her, with her petticoat gathered at her ankles.I realised uncle had untied it when she was getting up. Mom was standing there, dumbfounded. Her friends, confused.Mom came back in my room and closed the door behind her. She stepped out of the petticoat and threw it at uncle, “Is it OK now…?” she was angry.”Enjoy the party… Sweety….” uncle teased as mom left.9 pm. Mom had returned from the party and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen. She had changed her clothes after taking bath. Looking beautiful as usual, she was wearing her black night gown. I couldn’t concentrate on the cricket match on the TV, as I looked at her in between, through the kitchen door, wondering how lucky that bastard, Vinod uncle was! But at the same time my mind was saying, that it was only Vinod uncle, who knew the art of satisfying a lady like her!KNOCK! KNOCK!’And the devil is here..’ I smiled, as I knew it was him only. I hated him for what he was doing to my mom, but at the same time I loved him for what he was doing to my mom! I wondered, what’s in the store tonight, as I opened the door.”Hello beta… “he sat in the couch, referring to me as his son.”Hello, uncle… nice match is going on…”I said looking at the TV.He watched the match for some time then looked at mom. She didn’t know he was here.”Excuse me…” he said as he winked at me and went in the kitchen.”Sure… Kutte…” I muttered, ensuring he did not listen.He hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. Mom giggled.”To kya plan hai aaj ka… jaanu…”mom asked him what he was going to do with her tonight.”kuch nahi… bas thoda pyaar karunga…”uncle caressed her arms, below the transparent black sleeves.Mom was still doing her work as uncle moved his hands on her flanks, caressing her through the silky night dress. His hands stopped on her ass, as he massaged the perfectly shaped, tempting rear. He whispered some words as he played with her. Slowly, he started humping her ass, grabbing her flanks. He looked behind, on his shoulder, at me, licking his lips.”Shilpaaa …. …. Fuckkk….. “he cursed as he increased pace. Mom enjoyed his dry humping.”Do you like my ass…?”mom teased him.”I’m gonna take it…. Tonight… sweety…”uncle threw her hair aside and nibbled on her shoulder.”Sorry honey… It’s no entry there…”mom told him.”I’m not asking you sweetu… I’m just informing you… ” he unzipped and pulled his cock out saying that, and put it on her ass.”It’s impossible…. I won’t let you do that…” added concern was in her voice.”Ha ha ha …. Stop me if you can…. Main to tumhari le ke rahunga….” He said grabbing her ass again.”So… you will have to do that…. against my will…. right…?”mom looked back on her shoulder. Uncle turned her around, facing him and pressed her shoulders down. She kneeled there, trying to keep her oily hands away.”May be… against will… if it requires… ” he pushed his cock in her mouth, saying that and kept it there, choking her.”May be… you will love it… ” he said grabbing her head tightly. “May be… you won’t…” never releasing his grip… “May be… I don’t know…” he kept talking as she struggled on his rod.”Ohhhh….. ohh… goddd(gasp)…. (gasp)… Vinod…. We’ll see … who wins this game…” mom looked in his eyes boldly, challenging him, as he released her.”Yes bitch…. We’ll see….” Uncle pushed the monster in again.KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!Mom stood up as uncle left her. I waited for uncle to adjust his clothes and opened the door.”Score kya hua hai?”Raju, watchman of our building, asked the score, as he was interested in the match.”Arre Raju, come in… aao na … “I called him in and he sat in a chair, watching the match. Uncle sat back on the couch.As the match progressed, I realized that Raju was frequently looking towards the kitchen. Nobody could ignore her, I thought.After 5 minutes, mom came in the hall and told me that dinner was ready.”Raju, Tumne khana khaya?(you had dinner?)” mom asked Raju.”Nahi madam, abhi nahi khaya… (Not yet madam)”Raju couldn’t look in her eyes.”Mom, uncle is also hungry…. I think…” I said looking at TV. Uncle coughed a bit and mom ran inside.”We’ll have dinner together, Raju… ” mom said from the kitchen. Raju looked at her again, becoming more and more restless, seeing all the curves in the silky material. Suddenly he stood up, hiding his erection and left, saying, “I’ll be back in ten minutes then, Ajit.”I knew why he left. Uncle knew it as well. We looked at each other, inertly.”Shilpa, my goddess… why are you so beautiful…. You drive men crazy… look what happened to Raju…”he hugged her again and licked her ear.”Really…? Vaise tum bhi kya kam special ho… Tumse chudkar duniya bhul jaati hu, jaanu… “mom reached back and touched uncle’s cock though his pants.”Haan meri Chudakkad Rani… hum dono special hai…. Lekin kisko pata hoga ki tu aisi hai….”uncle’s hand had reached between mom’s legs by now.”Aisi matlab…? What do you mean…?”mom stopped rubbing his cock.”I mean nobody knows about the a****l inside you… jab chudti ho na… tab koi aur Shilpa hoti hai… aur bahar koi aur…”his expert hands kept moving between her legs.”ha ha… tumhare niche aakar kisika bhi yehi haal hona hai jaanu… “mom was enjoying the talk.”I have a plan sweetu, by the way… Why don’t you tease men a bit more… it will be fun to see those faces drooling after you…”uncle grabbed her boobs now.”Vinod, are you mad…? It’s … Oooohhh….” Mom couldn’t complete the sentence as uncle increased pressure on her bosom.”Come on… It’ll be fun… Let’s tease Raju… Please… don’t say no…. please…. “uncle knew the art of convincing, he started tickling her.”ok… okk…. Ok… please stop now…. Vinooood…. Oh my god…. Vinood… basss… “mom couldn’t stop giggling.”He’ll be coming anytime… Don’t be afraid… I’ll be there… and you can wear panty now… ” uncle instructed her.Uncle came back and sat on the couch.”Ajit, I want you to go in your room.” uncle tapped my back.”But I want to watch cricket…”I tried to tell him.”Please. Don’t you understand?”Uncle said sternly.”What if I don’t?”I said looking at mom.”Then you know… I think Shilpa will pay for your mistakes…”he looked at mom.KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!I entered my room after hearing the knock on the door. I switched off the light and left the door open a bit.Raju came and sat on a chair before mom called him and uncle for dinner.”Where is Ajit, madam?” Raju asked mom.”He already had his dinner, he is studying….”mom’s sentence was cut short by uncle.”He is studying at his friend’s place… he just left…”uncle told Raju.After starting their dinner, there was silence for first 5 minutes.”Where is your family, Raju?”uncle enquired.”At the village…”Raju was not comfortable in front of mom.”Kaun kaun hai family me..?”uncle asked about Raju’s family.Raju told that, he was married since 5 years and was not having c***dren. His wife was living with her in-laws. He visited his village almost every 3 or 4 months.”Yaad nahi aati biwi ki?(don’t you miss your wife)”asked mom, smiling a bit.”Aati hai…(I do…).. lekin…”Raju was a bit relaxed now.”Kya karte ho phir?(What do you do then?)”was mom’s sudden question.”matlab?(means?)”Raju was startled by the unexpected question.”kuch nahi… I mean… you should go back home often…”said mom, looking down.They finished their dinner and uncle came in the hall with Raju.”Raju, do you want to play cards?”uncle asked him, as they watched the final overs of the match. “I have been teaching Shilpa ji, some card games.””Chalega. I have some time.”Raju was excited as anything, with the thoughts of playing with mom.Uncle and Raju started playing some game, mom joined them after finishing her work in kitchen. They were sitting on the carpet.Sitting in front of Raju, mom kept playing with her curls. Raju stared at her chest in between.”Kya dekh rahe ho Raju?(where are you looking Raju?)”uncle broke the silence.”Nahi to… kuch nahi…(nothing…)”Raju couldn’t answer uncle.After a few seconds mom straightened her left leg, with her gown raised upto her knee. It was too much for Raju, he kept staring at her calf. The sight was irresistible for anybody.A BEAUTIFUL LADY, WEARING A BLACK NIGHT GOWN, WITH TRANSPARENT SLEEVES, WAS SITTING THERE WITH HER SHAPELY, CREAMY WHITE CALF OUTSTRETCHED, WITH AN ANKLET AROUND THAT DELICATE ANKLE. PLAYING WITH HER CURLS, LICKING HER LIPS IN BETWEEN.Raju was already breathing fast. Mom took one more step forward, she moved her outstretched leg a bit touched Raju’s knee, without looking at him.”Tumhara dhyan nahi hai Raju… kuch aur khelna chahte ho kya…(you are not giving attention Raju, you want to play something else)”mom was at the peak of her mischief.”Mujhe pata hai… raju kya khelna chahta hai….(I know what he wants to play)” Uncle winked at Raju.”Koi mujhe to bataye…. Kya chal raha hai…(Whats going on, tell me…)”mom was pretending she knew nothing.””Nothing Shilpa ji, I think Raju ko kuch chahiye…(I think raju wants something…)”uncle winked.Suddenly mom’s hand started playing with the front laces of her night dress. She kept looking at Raju in between. Uncle signaled her something when Raju was unaware.”Doodh piyoge, Raju?(Do you want milk?)”Mom undid the first of the four knots, showing a bit of her cleavage to Raju.”Madam…. N…. n…. nahi….. main nahi….”raju was looking at the beautiful sight, with an obvious bulge in his pants.”Think again, Raju…. “second knot gave away, as mom said that, pulling at it seductively.”……..” Raju kept staring, as his jaw fell.”Do you like it, Raju?” uncle interrupted him.”What?…. Sir?” Raju came back to senses. Mom undid remaining two knots as she kept staring at Raju. The sight was too much for Raju. He suddenly stood up and ran towards the front door.”What happened, Raju? Arre ruko to….”uncle tried to stop him, but he didn’t stop.Uncle closed the door behind him and looked at mom. They looked at each other for a second and suddenly started laughing, thinking about Raju’s situation. They stopped laughing only after 2 minutes, when suddenly uncle pulled mom in his arms and started kissing her.”You… are… a… cruel… cruel bitch… Shilpa…”uncle pushed her to the wall and pinned her wrists above her head. “Dirty…. Bitch…” he kissed on her forehead, “tease…”, licked her eyes, “is this how a married woman teases men around her…?”, licking her lips, “why …? Why did you do this… to the poor guy…?” he kept licking her face in between.”Because I am your fuck toy… and that was your order… honey….”mom played along, offering her tongue. Uncle sucked it with his manly lips.”Yesss… you ARE my fucktoy… and you ARE going to COMPLETE the game now….”uncle turned her around saying that. Gathering her hair in his fist, he pulled her head back and started licking her ear.”Listen. You have teased him a lot. (licks..) Don’t you think so…”he kept licking her ear. Mom was unable to move as she was pressed firmly to the wall.”mmmm…. Yessss…..”mom responded in moans.”And I think you should say sorry to him…”uncle left her hair and started lifting her night dress, slowly.”How…?”mom kept her hands to the wall, above her head.”You are going downstairs….”he pinned her dress at her back, “hold this…””And what….?” Mom caught her dress around her waist as uncle kneeled behind her.”And you are going to kiss him….”he slowly pulled her panty down.”Vinod… are you sure…?”mom joined her legs.”No more questions, bitch.”uncle left her panty at her knees, signaling her to spread her legs a bit. “And while you kiss him….”, he stood up and freed her dress from her waist, “you will leave your panty there… for him…””Vinod…. Are you trying to make a whore out of me….? “mom turned around as uncle left her.”Sort of…”he said smiling.”But this is not going to happen again… I shouldn’t be doing this with other men…”mom said while tying the knots in front of her dress.”Just a kiss, darling… it’s just a kiss…” uncle didn’t look at her.I was really afraid of the consequences now. I knew the story won’t stop there. The bastard was trying to pull mom into a deeper situation, I knew his intention.”Mom, are you sure what you are going to do…?” I came out of my room. Uncle was not happy.”Ajit… I’ll talk to you later… (pause)….. By the way, what problem do you have now..? You don’t find it wrong when Vinod takes me for hours… you enjoy that…. Don’t you?”Mom was a bit aggressive now. Uncle just smiled as he realized how deep Shilpa already was in his traps.I sat there, helpless. But I knew one thing, that mom was out of control now.It was 12:30 am by now. Uncle looked down from the gallery, “Leave now… slut… and just don’t yell if something happens… he is not going to do any harm….”Mom slowly opened the door as she adjusted her panty at her knees. She checked her night dress and stepped out.Uncle called me in the gallery, I looked down and saw that Raju’s room lights were still on. Mom reached down in a minute and looked up at uncle. There was nobody else at the ground floor. A few cars passed by, on the street outside. Mom looked around and knocked the door.Raju opened the door after two more knocks and was surprised as he looked at mom. He was wearing only an old shorts, rugged and greasy. His toned body was on display for mom.Mom looked at him for a second, and then said something. She wasn’t comfortable now, I thought. Raju looked around and asked her something. She nodded. Raju kept looking at her before mom said something again. This time, Raju moved aside and mom went in his room. I was already getting a different feeling.MY OWN MOM, A SOPHISTICATED, MODEST WOMAN JUST A FEW DAYS BACK, WAS INSIDE THE SMALL ROOM, OF THE WATCHMAN, IN A HOT NIGHTDRESS, WITH HER PANTY AT HER KNEES. THE BEAUTIFUL AND DELICATE LADY, DREAM OF A THOUSAND MEN, WAS ALONE IN THE HANDS OF A SEX CRAVED MAN.Raju was still out of the room. He walked towards the main gate and looked around, making sure nobody had watched the angelic lady of his building, entering his room.He came back to his door and looked up towards the gallery. We managed to hide before he noticed us. And he went inside, locking the door. There was no sign of mom coming out after 2 minutes. We looked at each other and waited for another minute. Nothing.”Let’s go…”uncle tapped me and rushed to the door, I followed. We came down slowly and stood outside Raju’s room. There was silence. We walked towards the back side of the small room and looked inside through the window. There were a few clothes hanging in the window, making it difficult for us to look through.INSIDE….Raju was sitting in a wooden chair, in the corner of the room, while mom was standing there, in front of him, looking at the floor.”And you are here to say sorry…. Right?”Asked Raju, with an angry tone. Mom just nodded.”Didn’t you think of my condition before teasing me…?”he continued. Mom kept silent.”And you think that a sorry is enough…?”Raju was staring at her, his eyes red.”What if people come to know that, Shilpa madam is in my room… at midnight…”he lit a cigarette.”I’m sorry Raju… I said I’m sorry…”mom was shaking.”That’s it…?”asked Raju, as he took a puff.”No… you can…. kiss me…. if you want to…”mom stammered.”Ajit knows that you are….””Noooo… NO….. Nobody knows that I am …..”Mom stopped midway.”A kiss is not enough, Shilpa madam…”said Raju, as he tapped the Cigarette, the ash fell on the ground.”Raju…. Please…. “mom almost pleaded.”Move back…. To the wall…”Raju ordered her. Mom slowly stepped back, making sure her panty is safe at her knees.”The knots…. Do it again…. Come on…”he took another puff.Mom looked at him and slowly pulled the first two knots. Still looking at the floor.”Not staring at me now? Kya hua madam? Tie the knots and do it again…”he was giving her orders now, and mom was simply obeying him.This time she looked at him seductively while untying the knots, she stopped only after undoing all the knots, giving him the view of his life. Half of her boobs were on display as she looked at him.”Turn around…”Mom turned slowly.”Not showing your legs now?”He crushed his cigarette and threw it.Mom slowly lifted her night dress and stopped just before her knees, knowing that the panty would be visible if she lifted it further.”Maar daala…. Umar kya hai aapki, Shilpa ji? (What’s your age?)”Raju said moving his hand on his bulge.Mom kept silent. Looking at him, over her shoulder.”Okk… don’t tell… but you look 25 only…. Sundar…. “Raju praised her beauty, mom blushed.”Waise aapko pata hai, sab log aapko kya bolte hai…? (Do you know what people call you?)”he asked. Mom questioned with the eyes.”leave it…. It’s dirty….”he was playing with her now.”Tell me… please…”mom pleaded again.”Jaane do na memsaab….(leave it, madam)”Raju was playing with his bulge now, as mom looked at it frequently.”Please batao na…..(tell me, please)”mom begged.”Ok.. Ok… they call you names like…. Gori Randii…. “he started telling her.”Ohhh….. Raju… please… “mom suddenly started breathing heavily.”And…. Sexy gaand wali aunty…. Kadak maal….”he continued.”Ohh my godd….. aur…. Aur batao Raju….”mom begged.”And… “Raju stopped.”Please Raju…. Please… Please batao na… please….””That Uncle on first floor calls you…. Bijli… and … Slut…. And… model….””ohhhhh…. Aur… aur….”mom was really enjoying this, she was experiencing the degradation of her life.Suddenly, Raju walked towards mom while she had closed her eyes and turned her around to face him. Mom was taken aback and scared.”Say sorry…”Raju ordered.Mom left her dress and pulled him closer. Raju took the signal and started kissing my mom WILDLY.They hugged each other tightly as if world was going to end. Raju was holding mom’s head tightly. Saliva spread around their lips as they tried to deep in each other’s mouth. They continued kissing for almost 5 minutes.Mom took the next step and made some movement with her legs. HER PANTY RUSTLED DOWN.Raju looked down as they parted. His eyes widened, looking at the black lacy panty. Suddenly he pushed mom to the wall and pinned both her hands above her head, with his left hand. He cupped her pussy with his right hand, through her black dress.”AAAAAHHHH…… FUCKKKKKK…….”mom squealed, looking in his eyes.It was clear from the movements of his hand that he was not massaging her pussy, he was KNEADING it.”Ooouchhh….. Ra…… ohhhh my god……”mom was shaking now, looking in his eyes as he did that.”Raju….. (gasp)…. MMMM….. Ohhhhh my…… Ohhh myyyy…. Oowww……Raju…… RAju……. Rajjjjj…… Raaa….. Please….. gooooodddddd….. plea…… ohh… ohhhhh…. OOOhHHHh…”she was enjoying it.”Aur karo…. Aur… aur… aaahhhhh…. Faster….. please…. “she was close to her orgasm as she had closed her eyes.Raju suddenly left her and stepped back.”Aee…. What happened…? I was close…. Ruk kyo gaye….”mom asked him, she moved her hand towards her pussy, but Raju stopped her.”Nahi madam…. Nahi…. Apne haath piche rakho… ye shubh kaam hum karenge….”he moved her hands behind her. She had calmed down by now.He sat in the chair and signaled her to stand in front of him.Raju moved his hand between her legs again.”Paani nikal raha hai madam aapka to…. “he said feeling her wetness. Mom grabbed his wrist with both the hands and forced him to move faster. He threw her hands aside and gave a stern look, mom took the signal and moved her hands behind her back.”Itni jaldi hai jhadne ki….? Ruko janeman….”he started massaging her pussy now. Wetness was visible on her dress, in the centre.”Spread your legs, madam….”Mom stood there, with her legs spread apart, her hands behind, her milky boobs peeking out.Raju started working on her genitals faster, as his left hand followed. Now his both hands were between her legs.”Garam ho gayi aap to… kya madam?”Raju was using her now. Mom was ashamed as she didn’t answer. Suddenly he lifted her in that position for a second and then put down again.”Aaaaaahhhh…. “mom squealed again.”Kya hua? Nahi chahiye?”Raju was teasing her now.”Raju…. Please….. ” more begging. Raju held her pussy lips through the dress this time and kneaded more. He started massaging again.”Haaaaiii….. Rajuuuu….. yessss…. Yessss…. Yessss….. ohhh maa…. Ohhhh ….. faster…. Aur jorse karo …. Aur …. Aur….. Aaaaaaa…. AAAaaaa…. AAAAAAAaaaa….. AAahhhaaa…. Mmmmm…..mmmmmmmmm….. Mast….. aurr…. Aurr…. Ohhhh …. “mom was in heaven again, but Raju stopped just as she closed her eyes.”RAJUUUU? “mom questioned him again as she opened her eyes. He didn’t look at her. Instead, he lifted her dress abit and moved his hand inside it.”Chikni…. Chikni….. Smooth….” He said as he moved his hands on her thighs.”Jaldi…. Mar jaungi main…. Please….. “she begged.Raju’s hand suddenly moved up, invisible because of the dress, it moved sideways, probably massaging her pussy lips. Mom was looking ay him with lustful eyes.”GODDDD…… FU…..”Mom gasped and closed her eyes, throwing her head back.”Open your eyes and stare at me…. Like you did while teasing me….. while playing with my emotions….”he moved his hand slowly.”Ah….”she was moving her hips now, rhythmically. The watchman increased speed, JAMMING HIS FINGERS IN THE WET TUNNEL.”MMMM….. mmMMM… mmmmMMMMM…… Fuck Meeeeeeee……”mom shouted as she started moving her hips, bucking on his dirty fingers.And she closed her eyes again…. Only to give him the message that she was close. He stopped. AGAIN.”I will teach you what teasing is…. Dear madam…”he smiled sadistically as she looked at him, with anger.He stood up and stepped out of his shorts in a moment, scaring mom with his intentions. Another lucky cock, I thought as I looked at it. Mom was totally shocked, not because of it’s length, but the GIRTH. It was certainly an inch or two thicker than Vinod uncle’s.”Oh my god… Raju….. kya hai ye…?”mom asked, stepping back.”Don’t be scared, Shilpa ji…. Aaj nahi daalunga…. Aapko to aaram se lunga….(I’m not putting it inside you today.)”he smiled, stroking the fat and stout member.”Sapne dekho… main nahi karne dungi aisa kuch…. “mom resisted him, verbally.”Sapne to tum dekhogi Shilpa….. jab ye apna kaam karega… ha ha ha….” He was referring her by her name now. Not madam.””Raju…. It’s not possible….”mom increased her tone. Suddenly Raju grabbed her flanks and threw her on his bed. She fell there facing down, Raju pinned her hands on her back and slept on her.His cock was on her ass, the nightdress being the only barrier.”Din me taare dikhenge… jab chudai karunga tumhari…. (you will see stars in daylight, when I’ll fuck you)” he moved his hips a bit and adjusted his cock between her ass cheeks, pushing her dress material in.”ssssss…… “mom shivered as the cock, almost the same color of her night dress, moved between the ass cheeks. Raju kept talking as he enjoyed the feel of her ass on his fat cock.”Chudai ka matlab samajh jaogi, auntyji….. (Mom inhaled deeply as he moved in jerks)……. Jab dhakke lagenege…. Aise(gasp)…. Aise…(gasp) …. Aur aise… (mom shook her body)”Raju kept giving her jerks.”Now….. Rani…. Apne komal haath aisehi rakho…..”he left her hands and moved his hand under her body again, to play with her insulted pussy. Mom quivered as his hand started the motion again.”uuuuhhh….. haaiii ….. Raju ….. ji….. please……..”mom had reached another level now, she called him RAJU JI.”Ha meri Rani… kya chahiye……… bolo….”his hand and hips moved in unison now.”Ab haath mat nikalo please……. Ragadte raho…. Raju ji…. Jorse……. Aaahhh….. oh my god….. oh my god……”she moved her hips along with him now, reaching new heights.”Idhar dekho to jaaneman….” He moved her head to one side, so that he was able to look at her eyes to get the signal. Mom looked at him over her shoulder.”” aaahhhh….. ahhhhh…… gggoooodddddd…….. fuck me…. Yessss. yESSSSS….. YESSSSSSS……..” mom was enjoying the hottest fingering of her life, as she closed her eyes.Raju was quick to take his hand off her tortured pussy.”Bastardd……”mom yelled at him as her hands reached her crotch, but Raju slapped them away.He gripped her hands on her hips and started humping again.”Urghhh…. Urgh,,,, urghhh… Shilpa…. Goriya… ohhh god….. ohhh god…..”Raju was close to his own orgasm now, he was almost bouncing on her hips. He held mom’s hands in a way that her palms were facing up, resting on her lower back. With aloud grunt he started cumming on her ass cheeks.”OH GODDD…. URGHHHH…. AAAAAHHHH…… Shilpa…. Shilpaaaaa…… cumming …. Cummming…. CUMMMMINGGGGG….”he gave a few violent thrusts as the strands of his cum landed on her palms and ass cheeks.He left her hands and fell on the floor beside his bed. Mom sat on the bed and looked at her hands.”Raju…”she called him. But he was lost in his orgasm, breathing fast, he didn’t open his eyes.Mom waited for a second and LICKED HER HANDS CLEAN.”You can leave Shilpa…. “he said opening his eyes.”But Raju… Mujhe…”mom looked at him, questioningly.”Shut up… I don’t care… use your own fingers… Leave …. Now….”Raju ordered her. Mom looked at him for a second and started walking towards the door.”Pick it up… and go…” he asked her to pick up her panty. Mom lifted it avoiding his eye contact.”And say Thanks to Vinod….” Raju said that as mom was standing at the door. Mom thought for awhile and asked Raju, “What…? Why..? I didn’t understand…””Just do as you are told… Out….”Raju smiled again as mom waited at the door. She stood there for a second, thinking.”What happened now?”Raju got irritated.”Nothing…”Mom replied as she picked up Raju’s cell phone from the table and pressed a few keys and left it back on the table, “That’s my contact number… “, she left saying that.We ran upstairs before her and waited for her. Mom came back in the flat and switched on the light.”What happened, Shilpa? You took an hour…. To say Sorry….”uncle teased her, coming in from the gallery. I was in my room already.Mom did not respond, sitting in the couch, her panty still in her hand.”We’ll talk in the morning….”mom didn’t look at him. Uncle got the message and opened the door to leave.”And the game is not over yet… because I think you have planned something more for me…. Isn’t it?”Mom said as she walked towards the door.”Good night, Shilpa… you need some rest…”uncle wasn’t looking at her.”Yes…. I need some rest… to be ready for more…. Good night… “She closed the door and went in her bedroom.”I told you mom…. It’s not what it looks…. Vinod uncle had planned it…..”I talked to mom in her bedroom 5 minutes later.”So what, Ajit? I trust Vinod…. You don’t need to care…”mom kept staring at the roof.”But mom….. Raju…. Is our watchman…… How can you…?”I continued.”What’s your problem?”mom shouted.”I think I should talk to dad….”I stammered.”Ajit…. Can’t you stay out of this…?”Mom tried to calm down.”But you said dad knows everything….””Ajit…. Please… HE DOESN’T…..”Mom looked at me, sitting up on the bed.”God…. Mom… you are…. You are… I can’t believe it…”I was really shaking now.”Try to understand, Ajit. I have my own needs…. And you won’t understand that ache of living alone for years… It’s not going to be forever Ajit…. I promise you… I’ll stop before it gets out of hand… please…. Please…”mom almost cried.”It’s already out of hand…”I said it as I left her bedroom._ _NEXT DAY, 2 PM.I was sitting in my room, working on my computer. Mom was watching TV in the hall, when her phone started ringing. She ran towards the phone like a sprinter. I didn’t try to listen to the conversation as I knew that I could listen to it later as the call would be recorded.She talked on the phone for 2-3 minutes and left her phone on the couch. She kept looking at the phone for some time, breathing faster and then went in the bathroom, the excitement was visible.I picked up the phone and looked for recent calls. It showed an unknown number. I took the phone to my room and started listening to the conversation.Mom: Hello…Guy: Hello Shilpa….Mom: Who’s this?Guy: Tera dost… Raju…Mom: Haan… bolo…Guy: Raat 11 baje… (11 pm tonight)Mom: What…?Guy: Jo tujhe chahiye…Mom: I didn’t understand…Guy: You understand everything… Rani… don’t play with me…Mom: Accha?Guy: And listen… jara taiyar hoke aana…Mom: ok baba…Guy: Not baba… Say Raju ji… samjhi?Mom: Hm.Guy: Chal phone rakh._ _Mom came out after bathing, taking an hour.”Raju I am going to the Parlor…”she told me from the door and left.I was thinking about Raju’s plan. What exactly he was going to do to the delicate and hot lady. What about uncle? Does he know this? I kept thinking and slowly fell asleep on the couch.Mom came back at 8 o’clock, almost after 4-5 hours.I was stunned to look at her. She had done a nice hair style, her face was glowing. At least 10 people might have had heart attacks on the streets, I thought, looking at her.”Ajit, you order your food from outside, I’m busy.” She went in her room.She spent another hour at the dressing table.KNOCK! KNOCK!I opened the door, it was Vinod uncle. He went directly in mom’s room and closed the door.I heard giggles for some times.”Vinod… Don’t… It’s not for you…”mom said naughtily.”Really…? But you are looking like an ANGEL…. Feel my heart beats…”uncle touched his heart.Finally mom and uncle came out of the room and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.’Fuckkk…. She is going to kill Raju with her looks ‘I thought.”Shilpa… I think I should remind you one thing….”uncle played with her pallu as she wore a pearl necklace.”yes… tell me…”mom continued adjusting the necklace.”You remember you had told me your fantasies….”uncle looked at her perfect figure.”Yes…. Pain… getting fucked in front of others….”mom said confidently, while putting on her black sandals. She was wearing her expensive white gold anklets.”And being humiliated….. which is important I think today…”uncle said coldly. Mom looked up for a second and nodded.”Yes… a bit…” mom answered.”A bit? I don’t think so…. A high class beauty, a trophy wife is going to be….”uncle stopped.”Stop it… vinod….”mom was ready and excited. We looked at her as she checked herself in the mirror.WEARING A PEACOCK GREEN SAREE, WITH A BLACK VELVET BLOUSE. HER SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR NEATLY STYLED, A CHOKER PEARL NECKLACE FITTING AROUND HER KECK WITH A SMALL PENDANT. BANGLES OF DIFFERENT COLOURS, MAKING SWEET NOISE, A DARKER SHADE OF LIPSTICK AND SOME MASCARA WERE ADDING TO HER BEAUTY.THE WHITE GOLD ANKLETS AROUND THOSE SCULPTURED ANKLES AND THE BLACK SANDALS. AND LUST FILLED EYES.”Good bye sweet heart…”uncle blew her a kiss. She didn’t bother looking at him, excited with the thoughts of Raju and his Fat cock. But I sensed from uncle’s last sentences that there was something more in store for her. She was too excited to think.I took place along with uncle, in the window outside Raju’s room.She knocked on Raju’s door.”Come in….”Raju took her inside. And he bolted the door.”What happened? Why are you here at this time?”He asked her, to her surprise. Mom looked at her and just smiled.”I asked you something…”Raju asked again.”come on, Raju… ji…. “mom tried to play.”I want to listen…. Why are you here….”he said in a stern voice.”Raju ji… please… you know why I am here….””Why, Shilpa? Tell me…..”He was not even looking at her.”I am here for your pleasure, Raju ji…”mom looked at him.”How do you think I am going to give you that pleasure… Tell me….”Raju said as he put on his shirt.”Tum ….. Aap mujhe ….”Mom hesitated.”what?”Raju picked up his torch, neglecting her.”Mujhe pyaar karenge….”mom looked down.”Matlab tum mujhse Chudwana chahti ho…. (Means,You want to get fucked)”Raju asked her.”Haan Raju…. Ji….”mom was becoming restless.”Ok. Sit down….”he told her. Mom looked around and sat on the chair.”No… not there… that’s my chair…. Your place is here…..”He pointed to the floor. She looked at him again with surprise but slowly took her place.”I’ll be back in 10 minutes…. The main gates are to be closed… wait here…”he left without showing her any excitement, mom sat there, confused.Raju checked all the vehicles from the basement parking and closed the gates and came back to his room.Mom looked at him with some hopes in her eyes, that he will praise her beauty, but nothing happened.”High class slut….”he muttered as he passed by her, removing his shirt and the dirty jeans. He was wearing only his underwear now.”Stand up….”he ordered. Sandals made some noise as she got up.Raju moved her saree aside at her stomach and observed her belly button for a second.”Nice art…”he said as his fingers played with the belly button. He started scratching it lightly with his long nail of the thumb.”OOHHHH…..”Mom closed her eyes.Raju increased the pace and looked at her. She was trying to pull her stomach in as she trembled with the erotic sensation.”Raju…. Ji…. Please… stop it….”mom almost cried, clenching her fists on her sides.”Why Shilpa…?” He kept fiddling there.”I want to pee…. Please… ohh… goddd…”mom had her eyes shut. “Please… please… ple…. ooohhHHH…””The bathroom is outside, Shilpa…”Raju stopped and told her.”Ohh god… I badly want to pee…”mom squeezed her legs together.”Really?” Raju asked as he moved forward and pressed her lower abdomen lightly.”Ooohhh… RAju…. Kya kar rahe ho…? Please….”mom moved his hand aside.”Ok… ok… I’ll switch off the lights outside… you can go there…”he switched off the lights and opened the door. Mom ran towards the bathroom, which was LOCKED. She came back and asked Raju for the keys.”Keys? I forgot them… “he started playing with the classy slut.Mom closed her eyes for a moment and muttered something. Raju moved around in the room pretending to find the keys. Mom couldn’t wait anymore, she walked out and ran towards the parking lot and disappeared behind a car. Raju smiled to himself as he put the keys on the table. Mom came back after 2 minutes.”You are such a naughty guy….”mom said smiling at him.Raju kneeled down in front of her and grabbed her ass with his hands, feeling her rear.”Sexy… kya gaand hai teri Shilpa… “he kept feeling her ass.”Aeee…. Mmmm… “she moaned. Raju looked up at her and licked his lips.”Kitne log marte hai iss Gaand par Shilpa…. You are not aware…”he turned her around and pushed her to the wall. She supported herself by the wall.”Iss gaand ke saath kya karna chahiye… Rani…”he asked her as he kissed the shapely ass through that saree.”Tumhare liye hi hai ye…. Kuch bhi karo.. Raju…”mom played along.”Kuch bhi…?”Raju asked , standing behind her.”Yes…. I think you should PUNISH ME for teasing you… lekin pyaar se… “mom wiggled her ass. Raju picked up a news paper from the table and rolled it.”Pyaar se….?”he asked, rubbing the newspaper on her ass.SMACK!”Ohhh yess….”mom looked back.SMACK!”Harder….”mom licked her lips.SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!”mmm…. mmMMM… Oh… Ohh.. Ohhh…. Oooohhh…. OhhHHH… OOOHHHHHHH… “mom increased her sounds as Raju gave a few hard hits.He threw the paper and caressed her ass with his hand.”Say, I am sorry Raju ji….”he started spanking her now. Her sandals made some noise as she tapped her legs.SLAP! SLAP!”I am sorry Raju ji…”SLAP!”I am sorry Raju ji… aahhh….”SLAPPP!”Ohhh fuckkkk me….. Raju ji….”mom bent her knees a bit.Raju suddenly turned her around and grabbed her choker necklace, joining his lips with her. Mom moved her well manicured fingers on his back and his head, kissing him back. Raju gave a pull on her hair, undoing the setting. Her hair came loose on her shoulders. His hands then moved on her flanks, squeezing her hard, pulling at the thin layer of fat. Mom was moaning through the kiss, moving her hands on his muscular back.”Owww….. Rajjjjj….. dheere…”his hands mauled her breasts, roughly. Her lipstick was spread around her lips, courtesy the wild kiss.”Mast ball hai re tere…. Shilpa…. “he kept pressing her boobs as she squealed. “Itne dino tak bas dekh ke khush hota tha inhe…. Aaj to doodh piyunga….””oiii maa…. Dheere to jara…”mom mewed like a cat.Raju left her boobs and bent down, looking at her belly button again. He looked in her eyes and suddenly SPAT on her belly button.”sssss…. “mom gasped at the dirty move. Raju pushed his tongue in her navel this time, eliciting wild noises from her mouth. He licked all the saliva from there and kissed her lips again. He bent again and spat just above her navel this time, licking it again and kissing her.”mmmm… I like that honey….. ohhhh….”mom was loving Raju’s DIRTY GAME OF SPITTING AND KISSING.He pushed his tongue in her navel again, tickling her badly. Meanwhile his hand reached where her SAREE was tucked on her waist. He gave a pull and the pleats of saree came loose.”mmmm… god… please fuck me now… Raju… ji…. Fuck me… fuck me…. Fuckkk meee…”mom begged him reaching at the bulge through his underwear. Raju smiled as she massaged his cock.”Wait slut…. “Raju took hold of her PALLU this time and threw it aside, exposing her bosom covered in the black velvet blouse. He grabbed the delicate blouse material in the centre and pulled it down, exposing top half of her beautiful milk bags. And he SPAT on the boobs this time and looked into mom’s eyes, sparkling with lust.”ohhh… Raju…. Mmmmm… lick my boobs…. Fucckkk… yessss…”Raju licked her boobs and proceeded to kiss her again, mom responded by moaning though the kiss.”You know what humiliation is… dear Shilpa madam…?” saying that he suddenly SPAT ON HER LIPS this time. Mom was taken aback by the move, she looked at him surprised.”I like that too honey…. (licks her lips)… mmmm….. yesss… mom said as she licked the saliva from her lips.”Suddenly Raju grabbed her blouse and tore it apart.”AaAhaHHhh….. “Mom threw the remnants of the black velvet aside, breathing faster. She was wearing her black lacy bra, looking at which Raju licked his lips. He pulled her bra down, making her boobs spill out of it. Her saree was gathered around her feet by now. Her white petticoat was still on.Raju moved to her side, where her petticoat was tied with the drawstring. Mom didn’t wait for him this time and pulled at the knot, the petticoat came down rustling and piled on the green saree.”You should have asked me before that…”Raju suddenly grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, catching her by surprise. “Wear it back…. Shilpa…”Mom bent and picked up her petticoat and tied it back on her waist. Raju moved behind her and grabbed the white material at her ass and tore it apart, leaving only the drawstring around her waist. Mom gulped hard at it, her chest moving faster with the breathing. The wonderful pair of breasts waited for attention, to be mauled.”Gora badan…. Haaiii… kya figure hai….” Raju caressed her thighs and then her back. He turned her around, facing him and went back to sit in his wooden chair.”Pinch your nipples…”he ordered her, lighting his cigarette. Mom looked at him and caught her nipples between her fingers, rolling them slowly. She was standing there wearing only her black panty, which was showing a clear wet spot.”I said pinch them…. Hard…. I want them standing erect…. “he took a puff and ordered her.”You dumb cunt…. Don’t you understand….”he shouted at her.”Raju… PLEASE…. Why are you doing this…..? You are humiliating me….. Please….”mom was still pinching her nipples.”Humiliation….? This is nothing… as compared to what I have planned for you…. And I know you like being Humiliated…. Dirty lady….”he said as he took puffs in between.”Vinod told you that? Tell me….”mom asked him.”Hm… yes… what A guy he is…. It’s his courtesy that you are here today… standing in front of me… in a panty…. Boobs hanging out of the bra… And waiting to be fucked like a whore…. ” he continued, as he smoked,”And I promise you… you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror… when you go back… ha ha ha…. And isn’t that what you want….?””Yes Raju… I like little bit of humiliation… but not too much please.. look what effect it has on me… I’m already wet…. Please fuck me na jaanu…”mom played with her nipples.”Shut up… and show me your nipples…. Ohh yess… so hottt… they are already poking out… now close your eyes and keep rolling them… throw that saree here…”he took another puff. Mom stepped out of her saree and gave it to Raju. It was really hot in that room that both were sweating by now. Raju cleaned all his sweat with her saree and threw it beside him. He tapped the cigarette on it, using it as an ashtray.”Rajuuu… that’s an expensive saree… please… “mom begged.”Really…? How much? “He asked, as he stood on her saree and started cleaning his feet on it.”Please Raju… It was gifted by my husband… I wore it for you… for the first time..”Mom told him.”Shilpa… you are in my room… and I USE things like this.. You will understand when I will USE you…”he said walking towards her.”Then USE ME…. What are you waiting for… main betaab hu tumse chudne ke liye…. FUCKKK MEE….”mom talked dirty.”I will… but right now… nipples… do it… HARDER…..”standing in front of her, he grabbed her hair and took a long puff from the cigarette and suddenly kissed her, EXHALING THE SMOKE IN HER MOUTH. She started coughing as he left her lips.”Heyyy… mff…. mFFFF…. “mom coughed out hard. But neglecting it he took another puff and waited for her to calm down, and she opened her mouth this time, inviting the fumes. Raju gave it to her again, locking his lips with her. The smoke came out of her nostrils as they kissed passionately.”Take this… “Raju put the cigarette butt between her lips and MOM SMOKED IN. but she started coughing violently as she did that. Raju left her, crushed the cigarette and threw it own her saree.”Hey why did you throw it? I would have tried again… “she said naughtily. She was ready to do anything to please him, so that he would fuck her.”On your knees…”he pressed her shoulders down and grabbed her head as she kneeled in front of him. He was still wearing his dirty underwear, stained at places, it must be smelling bad, I thought.”Lick that bulge.. Memsaab…” he said smiling.Mom started licking the bulge, through that underwear. Raju reached down and unhooked her bra while escort bursa she LAPPED the bulge LIKE A DOG.”Pull it down… keep pinching your nipples…”he said smelling her bra. Mom used her teeth and started pulling his underwear down. His cock sprang out, scaring mom with the size. She left the underwear at his knees and stare at that monster, another treat one for her.”Ohhh… god.. Raju.. “mom smiled at him. He signaled her to remove the underwear. Mom pulled it again and stopped at his feet, waiting for him to step out, but he didn’t lift his leg, enjoying the humiliation of a modest and high class, married, beautiful lady, at his feet.”Fold it and put it on that table… It’s not a dirty slut’s belonging…. It’s mine.”He said as he stepped out. She did as she was told.”Aren’t you going to worship the weapon of your destruction…. “Raju asked her.Mom kneeled down again and touched his cock, which he denied.”No hands… “he ordered, playing with her bra, stretching it to limits. Mom hesitated for a second looking at the cock, surrounded by Raju’s thick pubic hair. She managed to kiss the cock head, covered with the foreskin.”Ah… yesss”Raju shivered at this moment, feeling the beautiful lips of his dream lady on his cock. Mom took her tongue out and flickered on the cock head, driving him crazy.”Goddd… Shilpaaa….. you bitch….”he cursed. Mom took the head between her lips again and slowly moved the foreskin back, exposing Raju’s big, purple mushroom. It was flooded with pre-cum. Mom elegantly took the pre-cum drops on tip of her tongue and looked at Raju before sucking it.Suddenly she tried to take the cock further in her mouth and realized that it was not going to be easy. The girth of the cock was tremendous, more than Vinod uncle’s.”Raju…. Kitna mota hai ye…. Kya hoga mera…. “she tried again but failed. She couldn’t open her mouth enough. The cock was still gaining size as the princess was giving it royal treatment. Raju started walking back as mom followed his cock. Her knees must have started aching by now as she was struggling to follow him.”Come on…. Kutiya… aaja…. Lick it….”he kept moving away from her. Mom looked at him in disgust but followed. Raju sat on the bed and signaled his prey to continue. The prey too position between his legs.”May I please touch it Raju ji….?”She begged. He nodded. She took the opportunity and grabbed his cock with both hands.”OH…. MY…. GOD…. This is incredible….. This is bigger that my wrist… “her eyes sparkled as she sensed her future. It was around 7-8 inches in length, just short of Vinod uncle’s, but MUCH BIGGER IN GIRTH than him. Mom tried to wrap her fingers around it and realized her fate. She was finding it hard to move away his pubic hair, which was irritating her.”Ab muh me legi ya nahi…. “Raju pushed her head on his cock and gathered her hair. Mom opened her mouth and managed to take just the head in. Raju started pushing her down. Her beautiful hands resting on his hairy thighs. He pushed her further down and there was silence for a few seconds.Mom started struggling as her tormentor pushed the monster in her little mouth. She started pushing him but he started fucking her mouth, with only his cock head. He too was finding it hard to enter her mouth. He took her to the wall, made her sit down, her back to the rough wall. Her sandals made some noise as she moved, the imported anklets added sweet music when her ankles came together.Raju took the bra and started tying it around his dick. He covered his pubic hair with the brassier and tightened it at the base of his cock. Mom got scared with the force he used to tie it on his own cock.He put the cock on her lips again and gave a thrust as mom opened her mouth. The cock was three inches in, courtesy, the force Raju used.Tears rolled out of her eyes as her eyes widened. Raju gave a few more thrusts, holding her head still.”MMMFFFF…… GGGGRRRRRRR….. mmmmm…..”her sounds muffled as she tried to talk. Saliva started flowing on either side of her lips. She was trying to take out her tongue.”How was that….? Shilpa madam….? Want more….? Hmm? “Raju pulled his cock out and bent down to kiss her. He took the saliva from her boobs and smeared on her face. She looked like a real SLUT in that condition.”Ra…… hhhhh….. (gasp)……(gasp)….. I can’t…… Can’t…. (gasp)… ohhhhh… goddd….”mom tried to maintain her breathing which was totally interrupted by Raju. He didn’t let her continue and pushed the cock back in. His hips flexed every time he lunged forward. Mom kept grabbing his knees. He left her after 2 more minutes.”How was the trailer, honey?….. Do you want to continue? Hmm?”He yanked her hair as he asked her.”Yessss…. Yessss…. I want more….. more….. I can take it….”mom regained her respiration.”You can play with my cock now…..”Raju said as he offered mom his cock. She took it in both her hands and started stroking it, wildly, HER BANGLES MADE NOISE as her hands moved like an expert. She licked the mushroom in between.Raju pulled her up by her choker pearl necklace and crushed her boobs in her chest, eliciting a groan from her.”SPREAD YOUR LEGS….. CUNT….”he said as he pressed her to the wall by grabbing her throat. His right hand reached her crotch.”Why is this so wet… see this….. (SLAP)… see this… (SLAP)….. “he started slapping her panty covered pussy with the back of his hand, not so hard. She gasped as she tried to pull her crotch in.”Shilpa tell me…. (SLAP)…. Tumhari choot.. (SLAP) itni geeli (SLAP SLAP) kyo hain? “. Mom didn’t answer she was ENJOYING the attention given to her pussy.”Harder…. YESSS….. ohhhhh maaa….. yaaa…. Yaaaa…. Yessssss…..”mom was begging for more. Raju left her and picked up a table-spoon from a corner and winked at her.”Spread your legs…. More….”he said and kneeled between her legs. He scooped her cunt juices flowing on her thighs, from the sides of her panty, into the spoon from either side.”See this, the spoon is full of your choot ras…. “he put it on her lips and kissed her. He collected some more pussy juices and fed her. He threw the spoon away, and their tongues started battling midway out of their lips.Raju moved his hands all over the delicate and subtle body off the princess. He stopped at her panty. Moved his fingers inside, on either side and gave a jerk. The thin material, covering the most lovable pussy of the planet, was torn apart. Making my mom completely nude.MOM STOOD THERE, SUCKING HER PREADATOR’S TONGUE. HER LIPSTICK SMEARED ALL OVER HER FACE. HER MASCARA MIXED WITH THE SALIVA, GAVE HER A SLUTTY LOOK. THE CHOKER PEARL NECKLACE WAS THE SIGN OF HER RICHNESS. HER GLASS BANGLES, CREATING MOST EROTIC MUSIC IN THE WORLD. THE WHITE GOLD ANKLETS AROUND THOSE HEAVENLY ANKLES. AND THE BLACK SANDALS, GIVING HER THE PORNSTAR LOOK.”Lie down…”Raju said throwing her torn panty, after licking it.”Where? Here?….”mom was confused.”Yes… ON THE FLOOR…. It’s not your house… “he showed her the place.”Raju ji… please… bed sheet to daalne do….”mom asked him.”Sshhh…. Don’t talk… This dirty floor is your actual place….. you belong here…. I am going to take you here only…. I know you are not used to it… but that is my job… Showing the rich and luxurious whores their place…. If you want to get this cock in that filthy cunt of yours……. You must obey me… take your place Shilpa…”he cursed few more bad words.”Raju… ji.. “She tried convincing him again. Raju forced her down.”What did you think, goriya…. Do not expect any respect from me…. Vinod took your modesty away…. I am going to make you a complete RANDI….”he took out a packet from the drawer and opened it.”You know what this is… They call it.. PALAGTOD PAAN…. I don’t think I need to explain more about it…”Raju ate the APHRODISIAC.”See that camera…. I will show the clips at my village… how I took my lovely Shilpa bhabhi’s choot…. On the dirty floor… while she begged for it… And don’t worry… I won’t distribute the video…. AS LONG AS YOU OBEY ME… ha ha ha….”Raju explained mom about her degradation. Mom was listening calmly, lying on the rough floor.”Okk… So you have decided to degrade me…. Completely…. Go on then…. I TOO WANT TO TEST MY LIMITS…. Lekin please ye lund ek baar daal do… meri pyasi choot me…. Phir tum jaisa chaho waisa karungi…. Shilpa tumhari Randi ban jayegi.. Raju…..”Mom was adding to her own degradation now.Raju took place between her legs….He joined her ankles and put his cock between them.”Ohh….. Raju…. It is bigger than my ankles….. fuckk… I want it…. Badly… tum chaho to meri choot phad do isse…. Come on raja…..”Raju separated her legs, grabbing her exquisite, subtle ankles.”Shilpa… kya kar ke aayi ho…. Tumhari choot to chamak rahi hai… it’s still like an eighteen year old girl…. Par aaj main is komal choot ko khol ke rakh dunga jaaneman…. Rona mat….”Raju inspected her BALD PUSSY closely.”I spent 8000 rupees for my body today….. for you only Raju…. Ab iska jo chahe haal karo…. Ye pura badan tumhara khilona hi samjho…. Iske saath wahi karo jo tumne mere kapdo ke saath kiya…. Aur apne is lund se choot ka vo haal karo…. Ki Vinod bhi pehchan na paaye… ab dekho mat… please…”mom begged him the dirtiest way possible.”Spread your legs…. As far as you can….”he left her ankles. Mom started spreading slowly and stopped only after her legs came in a straight line on the ground.”Shilpa…. Are you practicing it… fuck that’s great…”.Raju was astonished looking at the flexibility of her body. He put his hands on her thighs and gave her vertical lips a long lick.”MMMMMMM……. Raajjjj….. Please do it again…. I waxed my cunt for you only… those two ladies from the parlor worked on it for two hours… while I imagined your cock slithering in and out of it…”mom arched her back as she offered her pussy for Raj.”Yesss baby…. It’s so smooth…. I will have this smooth pair of lips for my dinner every night… aahh.. yesss…. ” Raju pulled her lips apart with his fingers and found her clitoris. He gave her clit a quick lick sending chills up her spine. Mom covered her face with her hands.”Ooooiiiii maaaaa….. Raju….”she was shaking so badly now.Raju sucked her each lip between his rough lips alternately.BLOOD HAD STARTED FILLING HER GENITALS. HER CLIT ENGORGED SLOWLY, WHILE THE CUNT LIPS SWELLED AND TEMPTED RAJU TO DEVOUR HER.Mom was close to the first orgasm of her night and first orgasm from her new lover(fucker). Raju sensed the orgasm and stopped eating her cunt.”Shilpa… I want you to decide…. Orgasms… or No Orgasms….? What do you want…? If you choose Orgasms…. Which I think will be difficult for you to handle later… you can’t stop me… you saw that paan… right?”Raju was massaging her thighs.”I don’t care Raju….. Kill me if you want to….. jaan le lo meri aaj chod chodkar…..”mom was totally turned on now.”ha ha… Rani… jaan to aaj tumhari main nikalne hi wala hoon… bahot tadpaya hai tumhare khubsurat chehre ne… tumhare is makhmali badan ne…” raju touched her clit with his cock head now.”Goddd….. maar dalo mujhe…. Chodo…. “mom cursed as she felt the big mushroom directly on her big clit.”Itna bada chhola pehli baar dekh raha hoon… Shilpa…. Kya baat hai..”Raju referred to her big clit.”Ab hilna mat Randi…. Take this…”Raju suddenly started SLAPPING HER CUNT LIPS WITH THE FAT COCK.”OOiiii maaa…. Oiiii maaaaa….. CUMMING… CUMMMMMINGGG… CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGG….. GOOOOODDDDDD… OHH… OOOOHHHH…. OOOHHHHH…. CUMMMING…. HARDER….. MMMM…. YAAAAAY… “mom started lifting her hips to take the cunt slapping. Her pussy juices started splattering all around her pussy. The slapping made some noises as the cunt was completely soaked in love nectar.MOM STARTED BUCKING HER HIPS WILDLY. HER SANDALS STAMPED THE FLOOR AS HER LEGS DANCED. HER BODY THRASHED WILDLY ON THE FLOOR. RAJU PRESSED HER DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH ONE HAND AND CONTINUED THE ASSAULT THROUGH HER ORGASM.He didn’t wait for her to calm down and THRUST TWO FINGERS IN HER PUSSY, TO THE HILT.”Raaaaaajuuuuuuuu…. Mmmmmmmmm……. Fucckkkkk…. Oh god.. oh god… oh god…. Faster faster…. Yessss… harder…. I’m cumming… yesss cumming again….. yesss I;m CUMMMMIMG AGGGGAIN…… AAAaaHhhhhh….. fuck … yesssssssss……”mom continued tossing her body on the floor.RAJU ADDED ANOTHER FINGER while she was already convulsing on the two.Her eyes rolled up in her head as she took the BRUTAL FINGERING. The high class whore was being treated the way she deserved.Raju left her there, on the floor and took a glass of water. He drank it looking at her.”Paaniiii….. paaniii…. Raju…. give me some water….”mom asked for water, coming back to the earth, from two heavenly orgasms.”You want water…? Wait… “he filled the glass again and came near her. He kneeled near her head, with his cock right above her mouth.”Open your mouth….”he ordered and started spilling the water on his cock. Mom drank it as it flowed down from his cock.”You are such a great man… Raju… you gave me two earth shattering orgasms out of nowhere… “mom fondled her breasts as she praised Raju. Mom was completely covered in sweat.”Can you increase the speed of the fan Raju? It’s too hot here….”mom said showing him the sweat on her body.”Sure honey… why don’t you ask for AC instead…”he said sarcastically as he put the fan off, making it more uncomfortable for mom.Raju took the bed sheet and put it on the floor beside mom. And he himself lay down on it.”This is not for you…. Show me your back…. Turn on that side….”Raju looked at her back.”ohhh… my poor randi has some scratches on her back…. And on the ass too….”he caressed her back.”Do you want a bed sheet honey? Tell me…. You will earn yourself one if you do one thing….”Raju kept playing with her ass cheeks.”Yes SIR .. tell me… I’ll do anything… It’s hurting so much…”mom said looking away from him.”Come on then… bitch… do as I tell you…”Raju pulled her towards him.”Lick my cock head…”he said lying down. Mom took her place between his hairy legs and started licking the cock head, tasting her own juices on it.”Go down…. Lick my balls… “he knew she was hating his pubic hairs. Mom reluctantly started licking his balls now. He groaned at the sensation.”Down… “He ordered again, mom thought for a second and went further down, licking the skin below the dirty watchman’s balls. He told her to lick harder. She did, for a few seconds.”DOWN….”Mom looked at him in disgust as she realized his intentions.”Raju… I haven’t done that… please don’t make me do that… I beg you…”mom joined her hands.”Shilpa ji… I’m not forcing you…. It’s your choice… if you want a bed sheet… You must lick my… you know… ha ha” The devil laughed as he put his head back down,Tears filled her eyes as she struggled with her emotions.”Do it or just lie down on the floor.. I don’t have time… aaj teri puri puri chaudai karni hai…”Raju warned her. Mom realized that he won’t be holding back while destroying her delicate pussy, she needed the bed sheet badly.”Raju can I switch off the light…?”Mom asked as she stroked his cock.”Ok…. You don’t want the camera to record…. Ha ha…. Do it…. Switch off the light…”Raju permitted her.Mom switched off the light and there was total blackout in the room. We couldn’t see anything.”Hold your knees… (bangles made some noise)… like this… (again some noise)”mom’s voice it was.”AAAAAHHHHH….. SHITTT…… BITCHHHHH….. YESSSSSS……. OHHHHHH…. OOOOOOHHHH…. YESSSS….. SHILPAAAAA…… MY WHORE…. LICK MY ASS….. YESS… I LIKE THAT…. YESSSS……..”Raju was in seventh heaven.Bangles made more noise. Raju kept swearing.”DON”T STOP….. SAALI RANDI….. HAAAN YesSSS….” Raju was yelling now. Mom was killing her own predator, with her unknown arts.”YESSS YESSS … YESSSS… WHAT ARE YOU DOING….. SLUT….””Raju… ji… Relax… my finger is not that big…. TAKE THIS……”mom said that, speed of her hand was increasing as the bangles informed.”NO… NO …. NO….. SHILPAAA…. SHILPAA…. SHILPAAAAA…….. NOT THE THUMB …. OHHHHH GODDDDDD…… YESSS YESSS…. FUCK….. I’M CUMMING…..”His voice muffled afterwards suggesting that they were kissing as mom was doing something weird with his ass hole.”Fuck you bitch….. Saaali Haraami…… tune to meri hi le li…..”Raju said as he switched on the light.Mom laughed as she showed him her right thumb. Her left hand was covered with Raju’s huge cum load.She asked him where to wash her hand. He showed her the corner, still breathing fast.”Bitch you earned yourself a bed with that…. And I owe you some treatment afterwards…”he kissed her.”Sure Raju…. “mom teased him kissing back. He pushed mom towards the table as they kissed. Mom sat on the edge of the table, while Raju’s fat member danced between her creamy white thighs. Raju started pulling her nipples, rolling and pinching between his rough fingers.”Oiiii mmmaaaa…. Raju…. Dard hota hai…. Please dheere….. oowww….. nahhhhi…..”mom cried as Raju tortured her pokies.”Sshhh… keep quiet…. Nobody is going to help you…. Enjoy it…”he pinched harder, pulling them in between.”Oww….. basss… bassss…. Bassssss….. Raaaaaju… oiiimmaaa…. Pleassssseee….. chhodo na please…. Ohhhh god….”mom was begging him to stop. She was playing with his cock at the same time, which was getting it’s hardness back.”Come on Shilpa… Suck my cock…. Get it ready…. “he pulled her down and sat on the table now. Mom’s head was between his thighs in a flash. Her expert tongue was at work again, on the watchman’s mushroom.Suddenly mom looked at Raju and spat on his cock.”Fuck… yess…”Raju loved it. Mom kept sucking his cock. She had managed taking half of its length in her mouth. She spat on it again, this time just to lick it and offer her tongue for Raju to kiss it. Raju sucked her delicious tongue hard. He was rock hard by now.”On the bed… “he ordered her as he stroked his black member, he himself wasn’t able to wrap his fingers completely on it. Mom lay herself on the bed and waited for him. Raju grabbed her thighs and opened her legs. He started kissing her again, his cock resting on the delicate vertical lips. His chest crushed her boobs.”Open your pussy….”he said, sitting between mom’s legs, directing the big purple cockhead at her cunt. Mom spread her pussy lips with her nicely manicured, thin and long fingers.RAJU PLACED THE ANGRY MUSHROOM BETWEEN HER LIPS AND GRABBED HER HIPS. Mom prepared herself for the much awaited moment.”sss…. Uuuuhhh…”mom shivered as she felt the monster separating her waxed cunt folds. Raju started pressing again and managed getting the big head past her labia.”Unnnghhhh…. Raju…. “Her thighs were SHAKING BADLY now. Raju smiled and kept pressing. Some pussy juice started flowing around his cock.”Raju….. wait please….”mom tried to push him. He threw her hands away.”Shhh…”he smiled and kept pushing, but realized that the whore was squeezing her cunt in anxiety.”Relax Shilpa Bhabhi…. Kyon tight kar rahi ho….”he massaged her thighs to relax her.”Raju… it’s too big…. Oohh… dheere na…. “she was struggling hard now to keep from crying.”I think… tum aise nahi maanogi….”Raju left her and took an oil bottle from the drawer and sat in his wooden chair. He poured some oil on his cock and massaged it.”Come here…. Sit on my cock now…. Do it yourself…..”he stroked his cock. Mom straddled his legs and sat on his thighs. Raju directed his cock at the moist opening. Mom was breathing hard now. She supported her weight by the arms of the chair and slowly started sliding down on the glistening cock. But she stopped there, with just the monster head between her cunt lips.”Shilpa…. Do it BITCHH…..”He slapped her left boob, hard in frustration.”Oooo goddd… Raju…. Le rahi hu na…. ruko to…”mom cried.Raju was growing impatient now. He knew that mom was supporting all her body weight by holding the arms of the wooden chair. He slowly moved his hands towards her wrists and started sliding her bangles up her forearms.”You have nice wrists, Rani…. Silky… “he diverted her attention and caressed her wrists for some time. He took her nipple in his mouth and started giving her pleasure. He aligned his cock in the right direction, making sure she was lost in the heat and grabbed her wrists.”TAKE THISSSS….. CUNTTTT……”Raju quickly pulled her wrists off the arms.”UUUUURRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………. GAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDD……….. “she wailed as she slipped down sharply on his cock.Raju grabbed her hair and pressed her face in his chest, muffling her high pitch cry. Her body shook, from head to toe. Her hands pulled his hair, violently.THE MONSTER COCK HAD SPEARED IN THE DELICATE VELVET HOLE, SPREADING THOSE WAXED, PINK, SWOLLEN LIPS. LAST INCH OF THE WEAPON, THE WIDEST PART, STILL WAITED OUTSIDE THE HEAVENLY PUSSY.Her body calmed down after a minute. Raju left her, she looked down between her legs and caressed her swollen pussy lips, around the oily piston.”Chodne se pehle hi maar daloge….?”mom asked him, as a tear came down from her eye.”Chudwane se pehle tu kaha maregi…?”Raju licked the tear. “Bed or table?”He asked her.”On the floor…. Where whores belong….”she smiled, licking his chest. Raju suddenly took her in his arms and put down on the floor, his cock still having all the fun, inside her warm cave.Mom was on her back again, legs spread wide. Raju supported himself on his elbows and started moving his hips.”OHHH GODDD…. OHH GODD…. Cumming…. cummMMING….. CUMMMINNNGGGG…… AAAHHHHH……. CuMMMinnNGGggGGGGG…..”She came hard within three PROPER thrusts of the fat, oily monster.Raju did not stop, instead increased his pace, his hands grabbed her SOFT BOOBS. His hips worked faster, slithering in and out of those pink , puffy lips.”RAAAJJUUUUU…. JI….. AAAHHHH….. AAAAHHHHHHH…… AAAAAAHHHHH…… AAAAAAAAHHHHHH…… OOOOHHH…. FUCCCCCKKKKK….. AAAHH…. AAHH.. AHH… I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGG….. AGAINNNN…… FUCKKKKKKK ME…. FUCKK… FUCKK YESSSS…. CUMMMMMMINGGGG…… CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…. ” she started trembling hard, as another orgasm washed her. her boobs being MAULED at the same time.”Take this… (THRUST).. take this… (THRUST).. Slut…. (THRUST)… Take this…. (THRUST)… Ohhh… (THRUST)… ohhh…. (THRUST)….. YOUR CHOOT (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST)…… IS SO WET (THRUST) (THRUST) ….. AAHHH (THRUST)…. SO TIGHT…. Take this (THRUST)…. And this(THRUST)… and this(THRUST)…… this(THRUST)…. Bitch…. (THRUST)…. Fuck you… (THRUST)… whore.. (THRUST).. (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST)….”Raju was RAMMING her delicate cunt now, stretching the long lips to the limits, but his cock was still not going to the hilt.”Ohhh… (THRUST)… my… (THRUST).. Godd… (THRUST)… ohh.. (THRUST).. my.. God.. (THRUST).. Raa(THRUST)… juu.. (THRUST)… ji.. (THRUST).. Fuu(THRUST)… ME…(THRUST)…. (THRUST)yesss.. (THRUST) yessss…… (THRUST)YeSSssSSssss… mMmMmMmM… (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST).. mMmMmMmM… (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST)…… CUMMMIINGGGGGG… (THRUST)…. Cumm (THRUST)MMINGGG… cumm(THRUST)mmming… cummmmmMMMiiinnNGgGGGG..” mom came again, third massive orgasm washed her right there.Raju showed no sign of stopping. He grabbed her boobs at the bases and started sucking hard on top of her right boob. His lips stuck to the soft skin of her breast like vacuum pump. He was not kissing her, it was something else, we did not understand. Ramming her vagina all the while. Mom was feeling his gluteal muscles with one hand while the other one was on his back. Sweat was adding to the noises as their bodies slapped against each other.”Meri…. (THRUST)… Choot…. (THRUST)… aahhh… (THRUST)… (THRUST)… sss….. haaaiiiii…..(THRUST)… maaaa….. (THRUST)…. Aaahhh… mere RAjaaa…. (THRUST)… aise… (THRUST)… aise….. (THRUST)….. aissse….. (THRUST)…. Chodo mujhe…. (THRUST)….. Aur (THRUST)…. Aur Chodo.. (THRUST)… AAAHHHHH…… AAAAAHhhhhhh…… (RAPIDD THRUSTS)….. Marrrrrr gayiiiii….. (THRUST)….. maaaaa……… (THRUST)…… CummmmmmMMMMMMiingg.. GoDDddD… CuuuUUUMHHHINGHHH… AAAAAAAIIII…… aaaiga….. aaaiga….. (THRUST)…. Aaaaaigaa…. (THRUST)…… aaaaaaiiiii….. Raju….. ” she was experiencing the fuck of her life, coming for the fourth time in a row.Raju had not stopped sucking on that spot of her boob all the while. He left her boob after 3 minutes and started sucking her left boob on its inner side, the most sensitive place. He did the same with that boob.”AAAhhhh…. Maaa.. Rajuuu.. bass.. mar jaungi….. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. “mom was quivering now, shaking violently.Suddenly we realized what raju had done on her boobs, as the skin color started changing, red.HE HAD GIVEN HER TWO NICE LOVE-BITES ON HER SOFT BOOBS. Mom was still unaware of it because of her orgasmic state.Then Raju placed his mouth on her shoulder, to give another stamp of his love making. His hips showing the effect of the palangtod pan, hammering her pussy like a wild a****l. Mom was in heaven, her hands and legs convulsing now, but she was still lifting her hips every time Raju slammed his hip between her legs. The two pelvic girdles were attacking each other wildly, with the sex juices overflowing from mom’s fuckhole.Raju left her shoulder, looking at his work, with pride and moved her head to other side, targeting opposite shoulder.”Nahhii… (THRUST)… Nahhhii… (THRUST)…. Rajjuu… (THRUST)… bassss… (THRUST)… BAssss.. (THRUST)…. Ruko…. (THRUST)…. (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST)… AAAAAAAAAhHHhhhHhHHhhh.. AAAAaAaaAaaahhhAHHhh…… oiiiiii maaaa… haaaaaiii mere Raja….. Ab bas bhi…. (THRUST) (THRUST) (THRUST)… AAAAMMMMAAAAA…… “mom was begging him to stop, approaching her fifth straight orgasm.Raju observed all the 4 love bites on her body and grabbed her hair, pulling her to kiss. He locked his lips with her and gave last few a****listic cock-stabs in the feminine, soft tunnel.”mmmpphh… (DEEP THRUSTS) … mmmmmmmphh…. (DEEP THRUSTS)…. Mmmmmhhh… ( WILD DEEP THRUSTS).. MMMMMMMMMMMPHHH…..”her sounds muffled, her groans suppressed as Raju’s tongue was deep in her mouth.MOM ROLLED HER EYES UP, WHILE THE ANIMMAL BETWEEN HER LEGS SHOVED HIS DICK RELENTLESSLY, SHUTTING HER MOUTH WITH HIS. SHE CAME FOR THE SIXTH AND THE LAST TIME BEFORE HER LIMBS WENT LIMP AND SHE PASSED OUT.Raju realized only after 2 more minutes that mom was not responding. He smiled and put her head down, slowly pulled his cock out, with a popping sound. Sitting on the chair he soaked his sweat with her saree. He looked at her GAPING PUSSY, which was specially prepared by mom for his assault.He opened the door and went outside, to pee. It was 2 am. Coming back in the room, he did not close the door.Mom opened her eyes after some time, coming back to her senses. She looked around and smiled at Raju, who handed her a glass of water. She drank it in no time, sitting up.She realized the door was open and looked at Raju.”Don’t be afraid… it’s 2 am … nobody is coming…”Raju assured her. She did not argue.”How was it… Shilpa? Choot to dekho tumhari…. Khul chuki hai…. “Raju teased her. Mom looked down and squeezed her pubic muscles, showing Raju her Kiegel effect. He jumped at her and pushed her on the table.”Bend over…. Jhuk ja Randii….. “Raju stood behind her, bent his knees a bit and pushed his cock in her ravaged pussy again.”Aaj to tab tak chodunga….. (THRUST)… jab tak teri choot… (THRUST)… phat nahi jaati…. “Raju started giving her slow fucking.”Aaahh… mere Raju ji…. Ragad Ragad kar paani nikal do meri choot se…. AAAAHhh…… AAAIGA…. AAAAAIGA….. UNGHHHH….. “mom was bending over the table, on her elbows. Her back was still red due to the fucking she got, on the floor.Raju grabbed her boobs from behind, passing his hands through mom’s arms.THE WAY HIS FOREARM MUSCLED FLEXED WITH EVERY THRUST, SHOWED WHAT PRESSURE HE WAS APPLYING ON HER DAINTY BOOBS. RASCAL.”URGHH… raju…. Meri chuchiyaa…. Aaahhh…. Aise mat …. OOOOWWWWWW….. PLEASEEEE…. Nahiii…. O maa…..”Mom yelled as Raju kneaded her milk bags.He then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off the table. AND STARTED RAMMING HARD.”Haaaaa….. HAaaaaa…. Hhhmmmm…… yesss…. Yessss… yessSSSs….. YEssS.s.. Aaaaiii…. Fuck….. raju….. phad do meri …. aaAAAAaAhhhhHH… Phad do….. haaai re…. mere chodu….. Uffff……meri……”mom was using all the bad language now.”Haaa meri Randii… Komal choot wali…. Saali Chodukkad Randii… le … le mera Lund… apni fuddi me… kabse maang rahi thi bhikhari ki tarah.. “he started kissing her back now.Mom’s sandals were making noise as she was continuously moving.Raju started giving her more love bites on her beautiful back now.”Jhad jhad kar mar jaungi aaj…. Kya mast lund hai Raju…. Mujhe aisehi lete raho…. Apne mote lund se…. AAahhhhh…… Kya mast dhakke dete ho Raja…. Jaan le lo meri aisehi….. OOOHHH GODDDD…. OOhhh… PHIRSE… Aah… phir se….. Kitna paani nikaloge meri choot se JAAaNnuuu… GAYIIII…. GAYIIIII…. GAYIIIII M…. Heyyyy… mmmm….. CUMMMMINGGGG…..”mom came for the ninth time for the night.The watchman, moved his hand around the angel’s shapely hips and started RUBBING her CLIT.”FUCKKK…… MY CLIT….. NO….. NO….. OH RAju.. NO please…. Leave me….. I’m cumming again…. Aaahhh…… chodoooo……..”Mom quivered and thrashed her body wildly, with her sensitive clit between Raju’s stony fingers.Raju moved her hair aside from her neck and gave her another hickey on her neck, just above the pearl necklace. Mom’s body thrashed wildly, but Raju did not care about her. He put her on the table and started pulling her back on his cock, ROUGHLY, grabbing her curvy hips.SMACK!Raju suddenly spanked her, leaving a clear mark on the right asscheek. Mom gave a primal groan.”The door is open, Rani…. Shout at your own risk…”Raju said and delivered another spank.”OOOUCH….. mummmmy….. no…..”mom kept wailing.Raju picked a very dirty cloth from the table, rolled it in ball and stuffed it in his personal whore’s mouth.SMACK!”mmmmm…..”SMACK!”mmmphh…..”SMACK!”uuuuuuuhhhhhh……”SMACK! “Make noise baby… Make come noise….”Raju gave a few HARD SPANKS.”mmmmm…… ghhhhhhh….. uuuuuuunnhhhh….”mom tried to beg him.Raju took out the cloth.”Raj….. OUCHH…. It’s hurting…..”Mom yelled.”Beg….”Raju gave another smack.”what?”mom asked him, crying.”Beg me to have mercy on you….”Raju ordered.”I beg Raju…. Have mercy on your Bhabhi……”mom begged naughtily.”No… tum meri bhabhi nahi ho…..(SPANK)”He shouted.”Owww…. Maaa… ggg,… have mercy on your WIFE….”mom offered him a new relation.”yesss….. meri biwi…… I like that…. “Raju kissed her ass cheeks, and left her panting on the table.The lights suddenly went off at 2:30 am.”Raju… Where are you?”Mom asked him in the dark. Her sandals breaking the silence. Raju lit a candle and setting it on the table.We could see their bodies in the candle light, eyes adjusting to the dark slowly.”Yes, my dear wife… I’m here….”Raju turned her around and pressed her to the wall, his cock stroking her ass.”mmmm… Gaand marne ka irada hai kya Jaan…?”mom asked him, feeling the hard cock on her rear.”Shilpa… Gaand bhi marunga teri…. Lekin tu chal nahi payegi hafto tak…. Chalega…?”Raju licked her back.”Nahi baba… aisa kuch mat karo… abhi bas meri choot me hi maje karo…”she exclaimed.Raju spread her ass cheeks and spat in the crack. Mom giggled. He started rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. Mom was enjoying it. Raju again turned her around and pushed his cock in her navel, pressing on it, grabbing her boobs. After two minutes, he ordered her to lie down. She was now lying down just inside the open door. It was completely dark outside. Raju took the candle and placed it on mom’s side. Her face was glowing in that dim light too.”I’ll show you now, what it takes… to be Raju’s wife…”He pushed his cock right in her cunt in a swift motion. Mom arched her back, moaning.”Are you going to use that candle…..?”Mom gave him a HINT. She loved candles, she loved wax.”How…?”Raju was clueless.”Mere komal badan pe….. design nikalne ke liye…..”Mom played with her belly button. Raju got the message. He picked up the candle and looked at his new wife.Mom closed her eyes and waited for him. But Raju had another plans. He signaled her to turn to lie on her stomach, face down. She did.Raju moved her hair aside and caressed her long neck, her silky smooth back, her round ass, her nice thighs, shapely calves and then the ankles, tugging lightly at her anklets.”Are you ready?”He asked sternly.”Hmmm…”mom moaned.Raju tilted the candle, a drop of wax dripped on her right ass cheek.”URRRGHHHHHH….. FUUU…..”Mom groaned, flexing her ass, in pain and pleasure. Raju smiled and put the next drop on the small of her back.”Ooww… mmyyyyy…..”Mom jerked heavily as the melting hot wax came in contact with the smooth skin.”Sluttt….”Raju liked this part of her mind. He put next drop on her shoulder blade. Mom had shut her mouth with her palm now, to keep from screaming.Raju turned her on her back and pinched her nipples for half a minute and then put a drop on each nipple, as mom twisted her body in pain.”MmmmmphhhhHHHHHH…….”she was breathing shallow now, her eyes shut close.Raju took the next step and tilted the candle right on her deep navel.”AAaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii….. “Mom yelled this time, without any inhibition.”Shut up bitch……. You asked for it….. “he covered her mouth with one hand and continued dropping the wax in a continuous motion for some time on her stomach and then stopped.”Look at it…. “he said, as he took his hand off her mouth. Mom came up on her elbows and looked the design on her stomach, it read… R A J U.Keeping the candle aside, Raju removed her sandals and started LICKING HER BEAUTIFUL FEET.”He he …. Raju.. aaahhh…. Ohhh.. lick my feet… ooohhh…. Feels nice…”mom giggled and moan.”Chal Rani… ab mera paani bhi le le apni pyari choot me….”Raju threw her on the bed now.”Raju… listen….”mom stopped him.”What?”Raju said as he pushed her thighs apart, sitting between her legs.”Raju… Paani nahi chhod sakte tum meri choot me… please… “mom pleaded him.”Ssshhh… I’m not listening Bhabhi….”Raju spread her pussy lips again.”Raju try to understand…. I’m in the middle of my cycle…. There are maximum chances … that… I’ll become pregnant…”Mom explained him.”So what…. I don’t care…. Meri biwi ko chod raha hu main…. Paani to choot me hi lena padega Rani… ha ha… “Raju pressed her hands on her sides and pushed his cock in her cunt. Stretching her pussy to the limits again.”Aaahhh… Raju… nahi…. Please…. Don’t cum inside me…. I beg you.. please…. Please…. Please… please….”she was crying now. Tears started flowing.”Shut up…. Shut up ….. Saali chhinal…. natak mat kar…..”raju gave her a few more deep thrusts and staretd emptying his seeds in my mom’s beautiful pink pussy. Mom banged her fists on his back, breaking some of her bangles.”Aaaarghhhh…. SHILPAAAAAA….. OHHHHHH MY GOODDDDD…… AAAAARGHHHHH…. YESSSS.. YESSSSS…. Aaahhhh…. Le me ra paani….. yesss… Saali kutiya….. haaaaa….. fuckkkkk you……. YESSSSSS…… “raju was giving her wild, deep. Long thrusts with the black piston. His hips flexed every time he rammed his cock home, in the nude and subtle lady’s waxed pussy.HE CAME HARD INSIDE HER PUSSY, FALLING ON HER NAKED BODY. HE LAY THERE, HIS MUSCLES TWITCHED AS THE ORGASM WASHED HIM.He slowly took his cock out of mom’s pussy and looked at her. She was a bit angry.”Ab kya bacche paida karoge, fucker?”Mom asked him.”Nice idea… Shilpa ji…. “Raju separated her cunt folds and dipped his fingers in her pussy. He scooped out some of his seeds.”Drink this madam….”he fed her his cum from her own pussy, mom sucked his fingers reluctantly.He took out some more of his cum from the battered pussy and spread it on her face, making her look like a slut. Mom kept staring at him as he did that. He kept playing with her body for some time._ _”It’s 3 am darling… let’s play a bit more…”Raju told her, pulling her off his bed, by her hair, roughly.”I want to pee again, Raju..”Mom said like a kitten.”Do it then…” Raju teased her as he was holding her over the chair. He bent her and kneeled behind her, eating her pussy.”ohhh Raju… let me pee first…. Phir Choot kha lena meri…”she wiggled her ass, grabbing the chair. RAJU SLOWLY UNHOOKED HER ANKLETS.”Go to the parking lot then….. If you want to pee…”Raju suggested her.”But Raju, I’m not wearing clothes….”She moved her hips as he licked her pussy.”All the lights are off honey…”Raju stood up and slapped her cunt lightly. Mom jumped.”is it ok if I do it outside the bathroom… if you don’t have the keys….?”mom was finding it hard to stop her urine.”ok….”he said. MOM WALKED OUT OF HIS ROOM NAKED.”No… stand up…”Raju was standing right behind her, she was unaware as she squatted down.”Fuck you.. naughty… What are you doing here, Raju?”Mom whispered in the dark. Raju hugged her from behind and spread her pussy wide, with his fingers.”DO It…. Now….”he ordered her.”ARE YOU MAD, RAJU?”Mom almost yelled.”Do it…Shilpa… do it…”he started fingering her navel now, tempting her to pee.”Ooooiiiiiii Raju…. What are you doing…. Aaaaeeeee….. “she giggled and then went silent for a second.Raju sensed her releasing her golden stream and suddenly started massaging her pussy, as she passed her pee standing there.”heyyyy….. heyyyyyy…… what are you….. heyyyy….. You pervert…… Saale pagal……”mom calmed down after watering the small plants there.”Hot…. Kya garam tha Shilpa…. Geyser lagaya hai kya andar….”Raju left her.”Kyo na…. main bhi jara temperature dekh lu….”saying that mom stood behind him and wrapped her long fingers around Raju’s erect cock.”Come on…. Relax your sphincters…”mom jerked his monster. Raju relaxed a bit and started peeing.”Ohhhh mere Raja…. Ye bhi to garam hai…. Tumhara bhi heater on lag raha hai… He he….”mom blocked the stream in between, pressing his pipe, as she giggled.They came inside and cleaned each other with mom’s saree.Suddenly Raju tied her hands behind her, with the torn velvet blouse.”It’s FINAL ASSAULT…. Sexy lady…”he fastened his own belt around her knees, joining them.”Raju… meri jaan mat le lena sach me…. Sirf chudai karna….”she was not understanding HIS SERIOUSNESS this time, giggling as he secured her. He didn’t answer.He bent her over the table and put the oil bottle on the table.”I had promised you darling…. Din me tare dikhaunga…. ab tujhe raat me suraj dikhata hu….”he placed the candle on the table now. Mom was still giggling, unaware of his intentions.Mom was unable to move. Raju found some clothes-pins, he placed them beside the candle and started looking for something else.AND THE POWER CAME BACK. 3:30 AM. Raju closed the door and turned the fan on.”Thank you, dear husband…”mom teased him in that position, her hands and feet fastened tightly, bending over the table.Raju took out a chocolate bar from his drawer and a marker pen, putting it on the table. Mom kept looking at all the things, excitedly.”How many orgasms you had tonight bitch….” Raju yanked her hair back, he was doing things roughly now.”9 sir….. maybe 10…. I don’t remember….”mom answerer, pain in her eyes.”Ok… so almost half remaining…. “he pushed his knees on the back of her knees, she fell on the floor. Raju pulled her back on her legs, by her hair. He did it again and again.”Raju ji…”mom exclaimed in her restraints.Raju turned her to face him and picked up the clothes-pins from the table. He pinched her nipples hard and applied the wooden pins on both her nipples.”Owwww…. Nooo….”mom cried, trying to pull herself away from him. Raju again turned her around and this time lifting her up, he placed her on the table. Her knees rested on the edge, facing away from him.”I’m gonna use you like a SEX TOY… so better keep quiet…”he pulled her hips down, to the edge of the table, on her ankles. Her hands on her back, secured tightly.HERE MOM WAS. NAKED. ON THE WATCHMAN’S MESSY TABLE. AT HIS MERCY. HER BEAUTIFUL, DAINTY WHITE BODY FOLDED ON THE TABLE. HER ANKLES AND PUSSY WELL POSITIONED ON THE EDGE OF THE TABLE. HANDS TIED ON HER BACK WITH HER OWN BLOUSE. KNEES FASTENED WITH RAJU’S LEATHER BELT. HER LONG NIPPLES CAUGHT IN THE WOODEN CLOTHES-PINS. THE CHOKR PEARL NECKLACE STILL HUGGED HER LONG NECK. THE WEDDING RING ON THE RING FINGER. HER HAIR IN COMPLETE MESS.Her pussy clenched in anticipation as Raju stood behind her and rubbed his cock up and down on the wet lips. Her swollen pussy lips bulged out in that position. Raju pulled the pussy lips apart and SPAT right on the pussy hole. MOM GASPED.Raju Spat again and closed her lips, kneading them. He unwrapped the chocolate bar and spread her lips apart again.”Choot me chocolate…. Shilpa ji… how does it fill?”He pushed the bar in and closed the lips again.Mom didn’t answer, savoring the moment.”And here we go….”he started slapping her cunt with the back of his hand, suddenly.”oooo…. Ohhhh… ohhh…. Yesss… yesss… yaaaa…. Aahhhhh…. Yes yes yes yes…. Slap my cunt yes…. Harder… harder… HARDER….. OOOOOWWWW……. YESSSS…… CUMMMMMINGG CUMMMING…. CUMMMMINGGGG……… RRAAAjjjjjjuu….. FUCK. YESSS. “mom bucked her hips as Raju slapped her cunt, to the orgasm. The sex fluids made dirty noise as Raju’s hand met mom’s swollen pink, wet lips.He stopped, looking at her as she calmed down, with her head resting on the table.He opened the beaten red pussy again and kissing it, slowly pulled out the chocolate bar, soaked completely in mom’s pussy nectar. He put it on the table, right under her face.”That’s your prize… kutti… take it…”Mom started sucking her own juices off the bar. Meanwhile Raju was ready for the next step.Raju spread her ass cheeks WIDE and SPAT on the shut backdoor. MOM GASPED AGAIN. Raju took the oil bottle and placed its mouth on his slut’s never used ass hole.”Raju? Raju? What are you doing there? Stop it…”mom tried to look back on her shoulder.”Nothing Cunt…. Just a little PAY BACK… “Raju squeezed the bottle, oiling up the rosebud, to mom’s deepest fears.”Raju… PLEASE….. kuch mat karo waha…. Dard hota hai….. main chillaungi….. Rajuuu… rajuuu…. Ohhhhh….. fuckk…. Nahi… please……”mom couldn’t move an inch.Raju oiled his MIDDLE FINGER of his right hand and started doing the most erotic thing of mom’s life. He pushed a bit and then cursed a few words as he found it hard to penetrate her ass.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAAA AAARGHHHHHH……..”Mom wailed like a banshee. Raju continued opening up her ass for the first time in her life. He poured some more oil and pushed his finger, to second knuckle.”Fuckkkk YOUUUUU….. BASTARDDD……. OHHHH GODDD…. MY ASS…. It’s hurting…. Chhod de saale…. Gaand me mat daal… please… raju…. Main bhikh mangti hu… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…. “Mom kept struggling but Raju never stopped.Within two minutes his complete finger was in his dream woman’s rear.”Kitne dino se ye gaand dekh dekh kar hilata tha Shilpa….. Jaisa socha tha… waisi hi hai…. Tight… “he started moving in and out now, easily. Mom might have relaxed her sphincter as she wasn’t struggling now.Raju put his mouth on her convulsing cunt now and pushed three fingers of his left hand in the velvet hole, TO THE HILT. MOM QUIVERED ON THE TABLE.”CUMMING…. BASTARD…. I’M CUMMINg…. Yesss…. Ohh…. (Trembling)… ohhhhh (trembling hard)… AAAHHHH Mere Raja…. Chodo mujhe apni ungliyo se…. aaahhh…. CUMMMINNNGGGGGGG….. CUMMMMINGGGG……..”she came again, this time with her ass and pussy contracted and convulsed around the watchman’s fingers. MOM SQUIRTED for the first time from that deep finger fucking. She thrashed on the table as Raju stuffed her both holes with his rough, stony fingers.”We don’t need this now…”he said picking up the thin candle, he blew it and rammed it deep in mom’s pussy catching her off-guard.”MAAAADARCHOOOOODD…………. SAALE…. DHEERE….(GULP)….. Raju….. haraami saale…. Kya kar raha hai…”mom abused him as the hot wax landed deep in her Delicate pussy. Raju did not pay attention as he had already declared that he was going to use her like SEX TOY.He took the candle out and spread her cunt juice on her back. AND stabbed it back in. This time she just arched her back and tried to get up, Raju slapped her ass, hard, “Stay down, cunt…”Raju took the candle out and slowly pushed it in her ass. As the candle was same size as his finger, it entered easily. Raju left the candle there, half of it sticking out of her ass.He proceeded to put his cock to work now, moving behind her.”Randi…. Saali…”he cursed and pushed his cock home, to the hilt. He scratched the space between the candle and his cock, with his fingernail, driving her mad. The candle was pushed further in as he pushed his cock.Raju gathered mom’s hair and started giving her deep stabs.”daalo…. Daal do… puraa…. Yesss… phad meri choot….. phad de…. Mmmm…. Mmmmmmmm….. oh god…. Oh god…. Yess raju… I can feel your cock… deep in my….. cunt….. AAAAAAHHHHHH…. It’s spreading my cunt nicely onside…. Oh mere Raja….. aisehi vaar kar meri najuk choot par…. Rula de isse….. paani paani kar de….. Ohhh Godd….. Ohhh….. fuck….”she kept matching his thrusts.Raju yanked her hair, roughly, pulling her on his big cock, spreading her delicate lips more and more.”Urghhhh….. haaa Rajaa…. Aisehi…. Yesss… bass daalte rah… Haaa main jhad rahi hu…. Yesss… kya mast lund hai Raju…. Jhadne de…. Jhadne de…. Aaahhh…. Yess…. Kheech mere baal…. USE ME LIKE A DOLL…. FUCK YOUR WHORE…… “mom was experiencing a continued orgasm, she was yelling at the subconscious level now.Raju had turned her body into a DOLL. Using like anything, but she was enjoying it.He released her hair and picked her up in his arms and started walking towards the door.”Where are you taking me? Ab kya baki hai…”mom questioned.”parking lot…”he answered coolly.”Nooo raju… please… don’t do that….. it is risky….”mom was scared.He opened the door and walked directly in the parking lot.”Raju please….. nahi…. Nahi…. Nahiii…… chhod do mujhe…. Oh god… tum kya kar rahe ho….”mom said as he put her down on our OWN CAR bonnet. Me and Vinod uncle followed him and hid behind a car.Raju had placed mom on the bonnet and started RAMMING HER.”mmmmmm…… mmmmmmm…… MMmmmMMMmMMmM……. ssssssSSSSSSS…….. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…….. MMMMMMMMMMMM……… hhhhhmmmmmmm……. Fuck me…..”mom was not making noise now.RAJU’S HAND MOVED ON HER NECK. He grabbed her pearl necklace and started twisting it, to CHOKE HER.”GGGGHHHHHHHRRRRRR…… MMMMMMPPPHHHHHHHH…. HHHHHHHHHHHH….”mom was shaking wildly as Raju rammed her, her pearl necklace gave away, pearls were all over the floor.”AAARGHHHHH…”mom grunted and thrashed her body again.Raju put her on her back and PUSHED HER KNEES TO HER CHEST, the clothes-pin on her right nipple came off. He jammed his cock in the cunt folds again and gave a few more VIOLENT THRUSTS.Mummy jerked violently as she came convulsing on that monster cock for the millionth time. Her hands were under her back, taking all his weight.”Look whore… your juices are flowing down to your car…. Have a look… See how your cunt is leaking on the poor watchman’s cock….”THE GLISTENING COCK AND PUSSY MADE PASSIONATE LOVE.”You see that Red car…?” Raju showed here the red car, parked beside.”Yes…. It’s Reena’s car…. Why?”Mom asked through the thrusts.”This is where I took her….. 2 days back…. And you know what? She had asked for it….. She wanted to cum on her own car…. With my cock in her nice pussy….”Raju told her.”Ohh fuckk…. You mean… Reena…. My friend…. Sleeps with you…? I can’t believe it…..”mom was shocked.”Come on.. Shilpa…. You are my fifth pussy from this building…..”Raju moved his hand between her legs, massaging her ENGORGED CLIT.”Oh god…. (Shaking…) oh my god….. who else do you fuck ….. saale chodu lund…. Kitne bhabhiyo ki li hai tune….. kutte…. aAaaaahhh …. Yesssss… yessss….. cummming… yesss…. My clit…. Owww…. My clit…. Fuck…. CUMMING….. CuMMING cUMiminnnggggg ….. god…..”she came again.”Ha ha… Saali randi.. nikaal …. Aur paani nikaal….. teri choot hai ki kua…. Kitna paani nikkalti hai… “Raju kept playing with her clit.”I took Rosa in her own bedroom…. While her son was sleeping in next room… she loves my cock stayed put inside her pussy.. for hours…. And that newly married Sugandha…. Wo to khud bulaati hai… aur ek hi shot me rone lagti hai… lekin kya choot hai uski…”Raju narrated his sexual advances from the building.Raju picked up mom again and put her in the corner of the parking lot. He forced his cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth with some force. Mom gagged on his cock as he pushed deep and she couldn’t stop him.”Chal ab… andar… teri jaan nikalta hu… “he picked up mom on his shoulder and came back to his room.HE THREW HER ON HIS BED. TOOK HIS BELT OFF, RELEASING HER KNEES. AND WRAPPED THE BELT AROUND HER NECK. STARTED FUCKING HER DOGGY STYLE. THE NOISE OF THEIR HIPS SLAPPING EACH OTHER ECHOED IN THE ROOM.”Yesss… Killl me….. chodkar jaan lelo meri…. “mom strained her hands in the restraint.Raju took the loose end of the belt and slapped her ass, not so hard.”Haaaaiiii… CHODO APNI KUTIYA KO….. “she started rolling her eyes, her fists clenched.Raju pulled the belt, mom straightened her body, standing on her knees. Her hips slapped his pelvis. Raju nibbled hard on her shoulder, covering her mouth with his hand, to stop her from screaming.”kaminee… bade lund dhundhti hai… apni choot marwane keliye…”Raju took the belt off and made her sit on his cock.He started thrusting from below now. Mom started jumping on his cock, her hands still in the restraints.”Ohh mY god… it’s pushing at my womb…. Rajuuuuuu…. I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggg.. “mom threw her head back, arching her body, cunt overflowing on his rod.Raju’s hands moved to her THROAT now. She realized his intentions.SHE BEGGED HIM WITH HER EYES, NOT TO BLOCK HER WINDPIPE. But Raju gave a cruel smile and pushed her down in the bed and started crushing her feminine, delicate pussy with his massive hip thrusts.He pulled his cock out with just its mushroom head between her lips and..”Look at me… whore…. Look at me… Don’t blink…”jammed his cock to the hilt, the bed creaked.He did it again, the LONG, DEEP THRUSTS. Mom wrapped her legs around his hips.”Open your mouth….. “Raju ordered and spit in her mouth she licked her lips, looking at him.Raju increased pressure on her throat as he gave some a****listic, powerful and hip crushing jolts.”Good night… Shilpa ji…… “he started choking her as he sensed her billonth orgasm approaching.”Raaa…… (CHOKED)……… ……… ……. …….. ……. ……. ……. Cumm…… khummminnn….. (CHOKED)”HER EYES ROLLED BACK IN HER HEAD, HER BODY THRASHED WILDLY AS THE BED CREAKED, AND SHE SLOWLY CLOSED HER EYES, GIVING IN TO THE a****l’S POWERFUL THRUSTS. SHE HAD PASSED OUT.The a****l kept ramming her spent body, driving his cock, whole length, deep, almost jumping on her body.”AAargghhhhhh…. Take my seeds bitch…… AAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHH….. You stupid WHORE…….. Take my SEEDSSS…… URGHHHHHHH……. SHiLpAaAaAA…… meri jaan… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH……… FUCK YOU……. Hhhhhhhhh……”raju finally collapsed on her, leaving her throat. He looked at her gaping pussy as his cum trickled out of it. He inserted his fingers in and smeared the cum on mom’s face.Mom was still trembling, u*********sly. Raju looked at her and closed his eyes.Vinod uncle ran inside in hurry and I followed. He checked her breathing and smiled, looking at the mess they had created in the room.Vinod uncle kissed on her forehead and we left the couple there and closed the door. I came back in my flat, the 8000 rupees parlor bill was still on the TV table!!!THE END!

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