SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE(s)==================================SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE(s)The Rack It was a hot muggy cloudy Tuesday afternoon at the end of July. My Uncle was off golfing and the store was dead. Maybe 10 customers all day and here it was 3:00 O’clock and there had been no shoppers since lunch. Then “The Rack” walked in! She was a real cutie, about 10 years older than me but what stood out about her the most were her incredible boobs. They were firm and huge, but not so huge as to be droopy and ridiculous. She wore slacks and a peasant blouse and her boobs put a real strain on the neckline of the blouse let me tell you. She was looking for some new heels and as I helped her try on various styles and models and colours, I got me some very awesome looks down her blouse. Oh, by the way, she was not wearing a bra. For the 60’s she was ahead of her time. She caught me looking at her boobs a couple of times and finally she said “Do you like them?”I blushed and managed to utter “hell yeah” and chuckled. “I wasn’t ogling, I was admiring.” She grinned and said “how about locking up for a few minutes & I’ll show them to you in the backroom”. So that’s what I did. I locked the door and put up the “back in 10 minutes sign”.We went in the backroom and she pulled down the blouse’s neckline and out popped the perfectest pair of tits in the city. They were huge and perfectly shaped and tipped with the pinkest strawberry nipples. They stood straight out and begged for attention. I reached out and she came closer and my greedy hands got filled with their perfection. I moulded my hands around them and cupped and fondled and my fingers tweaked and caressed her nipples until they were engorged and pointed right at my face. My lips and tongue then attacked them with gusto. She liked it! I liked it! We were both in heaven. I had a huge boner by now and she reached down and felt my cock through my slacks. She pulled down my zipper and reached in and pulled out my cock. I was sure glad I dressed commando that day. She pushed me back against the desk and I sat on the edge and she stuck my cock between her globes. I thrust in and out between them and my cockhead pushed against her lips. She opened her mouth and my cock slipped between her lips and inside her mouth on the upstroke and back between her breasts on the downstroke. Up and down, in and out my cock went. My nuts were starting to tingle and contract threatening to burst so I angled my cock so that it was thrusting in and out of her greedy little mouth! She sucked and sucked and soon my nuts exploded. She swallowed as much as she could but joy juice got all over her chest and face! She sucked on my cock until my nuts were empty and my cock softened. “Wow that was fantastic, thank you so much. It’s been a dull day, I needed that” I told her. She giggled and said “You’re welcum, I enjoyed it too!”I went to the bathroom and got a roll of paper towels and cleaned us both up. Rubbing her tits again was a second treat, lol.She didn’t buy any shoes, so I lost a sale but I saw and fondled the best rack in town plus got a hell of a blowjob to boot!==============================SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE(s)The SnatchIt was the last week of August and my last week at the shoe store. For the past 7 weeks I had seen plenty of women. All kinds of legs, thighs, panties, stockings, boobs, etc. About mid-afternoon in walked “The Snatch”. Her name was Mrs. Marsh. She was a cute petite black haired 35 year old perfectly proportioned beauty. She was wearing a pale blue blouse and a navy skirt. Mrs. Marsh had been in a few times over the summer. Sometimes alone, other times with her husband or her daughter.Today she was alone and wanted some stiletto heels to match her new evening gown. She sat down on the bench. I selected a pair of black 4″ heels for her to try on. I pulled the stool to a position in front of her and sat down.Her skirt was above her knees and as I fitted the first shoe on her, I could see pale white flesh above her stocking tops. When she tried on the second shoe, I could see that today she wore light blue panties. Over the summer I had enjoyed looking at her panties bahis siteleri and the color choices varied from blue, pink, mauve, etc. Curiously, never white or black. As she tried on another pair, I caught another glimpse of her crotch, my boner got interested. Extremely interested. She had to have noticed the bulge in my slacks as I got up and down each time I went for a different pair of shoes. Once or twice I had to adjust it as it was hurting in it’s confined space. After trying on a few other styles, colors, she couldn’t make up her mind. She was undecided and said she wanted to get her other shopping done and would be back before closing at 5:30. I didn’t really care. I was enjoying the show!As it turned out, as I went to lock up, I saw her on the sidewalk hurrying towards me. I opened the door for her and locked it when she got inside and put the “closed” sign up.She sat on the bench and asked to see the black “Christian Dior’s”. I got those shoes and sat on the stool. Her skirt was riding very high above her knees and that made me and my dick quite happy, lol. I placed the first shoe on her foot and as I was putting on the second shoe, her thighs parted and holy smokes, there it was! “The Snatch”!!! She was naked down there! Her thighs stayed parted and she leaned back against the bench, affording me a really good angle to look at her pussy. It was trimmed to perfection and as nude as Gillette could get it, except for some short black curls at the top of her mound. Wow! I thought I’d died and gone to pussyland! My fingers couldn’t help themselves and I reached out to touch her. She very quickly slammed her thighs shut and said “No touching, just looking”.”Oh, ok” I said “sorry I didn’t mean to offend you”.”No problem, just so you understand the rules”.I sort of blushed and asked “could we maybe go in the backroom, the light is so much better there and nobody walking by can see us”.She replied “Ok” and got up and walked in the back. I was behind her admiring her ass cheeks as they swayed and wriggled. She spotted the desk and walked over to it. Lifting up her skirt, she sat on it’s edge and parted her legs. I sat in the chair and wheeled it directly in front of her betweeen her legs. She leaned back a bit supporting herself with one hand and her other hand went to her pussy. She rubbed her outer pussy lips and her fingers then found their way to her slit and slightly inside, up and down and around and around she rubbed. She was very moist as her fingers caressed her snatch.I got closer and asked “Can I go down on you?””No, just looking, no touching”. “Ok” says I.”You can keep this our little secret right?””Oh yes, I’d never tell anybody, this is too hot to share. I want to keep this memory all to myself”. “I want to see you cum, ok?”.”I’m close” she says. The air is thick with her scent. Her breathing has gotten heavy and she is moaning and gasping and as her hips start to buck up and down rapidly, faster and faster, she is cumming. She keeps those fingers rubbing her pussy lips until her breathing slows and her climax is over. Her hand is drenched with her juices and the desk has a huge wet spot. She gets down from the desk and says “ok, Bobbie, let’s trade places so I can see what you’ve got.”I unzip my slacks and drop them and my shorts to the floor. I lean against the edge of the desk and my boner is at it’s maximum stretch. I grab it and start slowly rubbing the shaft up and down. I tug on my long overhanging foreskin and stretch it out to it’s maximum. Then I retract it fully so she can see my cockhead. My other hand is underneath fondling my nuts as I do a slow stroke on my cock.She sits in the chair and I can see that she likes what I am doing. I ask her “do you want to touch it?””No, no touching” she repeats.When I see her lick her lips, I ask her “do you want a taste?””Oh you naughty dirty boy” she scolds and laughs. Then “I can’t resist” and she comes closer and her tongue reaches out and licks my cockhead. All around the knob she goes with the tip of her tongue. She opens her mouth and closes her lips around the end of my cock. Her tongue continues to caress my cock’s tip inside canlı bahis her mouth. I try to thrust forward and she withdraws and says “No, my way or nothing”. “Ok, please don’t stop. I luv what you’re doing”. She puts my cockhead back in her mouth and sucks it while her tongue does circles on my knob. I grab the base of my cock and slowly pump it up and down. After a few minutes of this exquisite torture, I can feel the tingling in the base of my balls. I’d like to hold back to enjoy this longer but my nuts have a mind of their own. Then I am shooting my jism into her mouth. She swallows repeatedly to take it all. When I have quit spurting she keeps on sucking and twirling her tongue around my cockhead until my cock gets soft.”Oh gawd, that was fantastic, thank you so much, I luv’d it.””I didn’t mind it myself” she chuckles. “Remember this is our little secret, right Bobbie?” “You won’t tell anybody?””Oh yes, you bet” I reply.========================SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE(s)FinalI hope you’ve enjoyed my SHOES STORE SEXPERIENCE(s) about my Summer job at the shoe store so I’ll wrap it up and summarize the rest of my horny experiences.Over the summer I saw plenty of interesting boobs, legs, crotches, etc. Some women have such hairy bushes, you can see pubic hair sticking out from under their panties. Panties cum in all colors too, lol.One horny chick caught me sneaking a peak at her crotch and spread her legs apart as wide as possible and said “see anything you like?” and laughed. My uncle was in the back room but that didn’t stop her from reaching for my hand and putting it under her dress and placing it over her panties “how does that feel?”. I could feel the heat from her cunt through the panties and I say “pretty awesome” – just then my uncle comes out front so I remove my hand. It feels damp and hot, lol.A redhead about 40 years old pulled down her top so I could see all of her boobs and says “here, take a good look and you won’t get eye strain”.A 35ish blond delighted me with her display of boobs when she leaned forward and her panty-clad crotch, when she spread her legs to put on/take off various shoes. My grandparents insisted that I accompany them to church on Sundays. So imagine my shock when this lady was not only in church the next Sunday but my grandparents knew her well and introduced me to them. Yikes, talk about it being a small world.A young couple came in one day and when I went into the back room, I snuck a peak at them and the woman gave his cock a quick rub and he put his hand up under her dress for a quick feel.But enough about females, you guys want guy on guy action so here goes:One guy’s tan colored slacks were so tight, I could see which one of his nuts was bigger than the other and that he was cut! The ridge of his cockhead was clearly visible down his pant leg.Another guy may have had crabs as he kept scratching down there. Or was he giving me the cum on?Some guys had tremendous bulges between their legs & I always wondered, is that real or a sock stuffed down their pants, lol. One fellow’s snake looked like it dangled down his pants leg about 8 inches. Now could that be real? Well, it could be, judging by some of the hung guys whose pictures you see on the www or in porn videos.Then there was Tommy. Saturday nights after work I would go to a pool parlour and have a hamburger and coke and shoot some pool. One night, I noticed Tommy was there too. He had been in the shoe store a couple of times to look at shoes and runners. He was about 30 & seemed very quiet. I said hi to him but did not stop to talk. I usually got a table in the back and shot rack after rack by myself. Once in a while I was asked to play with other guys but for the most part, I just minded my own business and practiced. When it was time for me to leave, I went to the washroom before catching the bus to go home. There were no urinals, just a long stinky slimy steel trough. I fished out my dick & commenced to piss.Then, Tommy comes in. He stands sort of close to me. I wondered wtf. There was 6 feet of trough on the other side of me! Anyway, he fished out his cock & I can plainly see what kind of package güvenilir bahis he has. It’s pretty nice. He is cut, about 4″ soft with a smooth round mushroom head. He is looking at my uncut dick and says “guess we’re not related” and chuckles. I sort of laugh too and reply “you’re right about that”. By now I have finished pissing and decide to see if he wants to watch me or not. I retract my foreskin and give my dick a good shake to get all the drops off. Then I pull my foreskin down and tug on the overhang. Then retract and shake it some more. I notice that he is not only looking sideways at me but he is also playing with his cock and it is getting longer and thicker. I say “that’s a very fine cock you have there”.He says “thanks, yours is different but bloody nice too”. “Do you ever visit the washrooms in the basement at City Hall?””No, what’s there?””The walls of the stalls go all the way to the floor. Guys can go in there together for some fun and no-one’s the wiser. If you see an interesting guy at the urinals, you can sneak into a stall when nobody is around and do whatever you two want.””Ahhhh” I say “too bad City Hall is closed for the weekend” and I chuckle.Just then another guy comes into the washroom, so I zip up and go wash up and leave to catch my bus. I thought Tommy might cum along and offer me a ride home but no such luck.Whenever my uncle had me run errands or make deposits at the bank or mail stuff at the post office or pick up parcels at the bus depot, I visited City Hall a few times. A couple of times I could hear something going on in the stalls and I did catch a few glimpses of other guy’s cocks at the urinals. However, I never got any action!That is until Friday the 20th of August, lol. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when I got to City Hall and went to take a piss. Dave, a shoe store customer, was standing there pissing. He is about 40, stands 6′ tall and weighs about 200 pounds, I would guess. I know he is married and has 2 teenage girls. We are the only two guys in the washroom. So I stood beside him and said “Hi, how’s it going?””Pretty good” he answered. “You work at the shoe store don’t you?””Yes, but not for much longer. My term is over at the end of August. I was hoping to make enough money by working there this summer to go to university, but as things turned out, I am not going to make enough to cover all of the first semester’s tuition”.”Oh that’s too bad, what happened, if I’m not being too nosy?””Well, my uncle owns the shoe store but his wife, my aunt, pays all the bills and calculates all the payroll. She has always hated me and from my first paycheck, she shorted my hours. After 2 months, I am out about 200 bucks.So I don’t have enough money saved up and starting September 1st, I’ll need to find a job”.”Ouch, that is terrible, did you ask her about it?””She basically told me to “tell somebody who cares”. She says “go blab to your uncle and I’ll rip your nuts off! “And she is mean enough to do it too!” “Oh boy she sounds like a real cunt!””Yes she is” I reply.Now this is a long conversation to have while standing at the urinal with a stranger, so I better relate what else is happening while we are talking. We have both finished pissing long ago but have continued to stand there with our dicks hanging out! I’m looking at his cock and he is looking at mine. We both have been stroking away and growing boners while talking and admiring each other’s cocks. Dave has a fine cut cock and it has now grown to about 7″ long. It is nice and thick with a beautiful broad cockhead and a thick blue vein running down the center. He has also pulled his nutsack out of his pants and it is formidable.There is precum pouring out of his piss slit and he has rubbed his thumb over his cockhead several times to lube it up good. I am just about to reach over and latch onto his wonderful pecker when another guy enters the washroom. What a bummer! We both quickly zip up. You know how difficult it is to zip up when you have an erection right? 🙂 Anyway, we get zipped up and both go to the sinks to wash our hands. When we have finished drying our hands and are climbing the steps to reach street level, he reaches into his pocket and extracts his wallet. He pulls out one of his business cards, hands it to me and says “phone me Monday morning, maybe I have just the job for you”.”Hey that’s awesome man, thanks a lot”.

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