Show , Tell Ch. 04: Discoveries


“I think you would really enjoy a, “Lap Dance.”

“I think I’d wrinkle your suit.”

“No, you misunderstand. I want YOU to get a lap dance.”

Looking at him, not quite sure of his intentions. “Would they let me?”

“I promise they will.”

“I…, I don’t know…?”

“Well…, if you agree, I’ll give you $500 and you can do with it as you please.”

“You’ll give me $500?”

“I will.”

“And what do I have to do…, to earn this $500?”

“Enjoy the lap dance.”


Beth didn’t want to go to the boutique.

I’d picked her up for our usual Thursday luncheon date, lunch always preceded by a shopping trip, most recently to the boutique that catered to those of the more sexually, “deviant,” persuasion, and then followed by a matinee at our out of the way motel.

Today, however, when I picked her up, she asked if I could take her back to the strip club where I’d taken her the previous Saturday night.

“Leave something behind?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, giving me a kiss, “there were questions that I should have asked the dancers, and some that I’d like to ask now. Do you mind?”

“You want me to take you to a place where young women take their clothes off and dance suggestively right in front of me…, and you want to know if I mind…?”

Aside from her surprising request, she’d also showed an unexpected capacity for restraint in her wardrobe selection. The last two times I’d picked her up, she was dressed like a, “Hooker,” no other way to describe it.

Today, she was wearing a tailored white mini skirt which, barely, covered her ass, and a sheer black, pin dot, button front blouse that wasn’t tucked in, a black demi cup bra underneath. The top three of six buttons…, were unbuttoned. I assumed she was wearing the matching thong.

Very sexy and stylish.

Driving to the city, it occurred to me that the club might not be open in the daytime, but I remembered an advertisement I’d seen one time, where they were offering a, “Free Luncheon Buffet,” so the worst that could happen was a ride there and then, if they were closed, a short drive to the boutique.

They were open.

On top of the, “Free Buffet,” they had free admission! The, “Security Consultant” of the day was, “Anthony,” who greeted us and led us to a table adjacent to the main stage. “And what brings you two here today?” he asked. Beth answered, “We came on Saturday night, my first time ever in a Strip…, in a Gentleman’s Club, and I had such a good time, I asked if we could come back today.”

“Well, thank you,” Anthony replied, “good for you and good for us. Unless you have something else in mind, let me offer you a complimentary split of champagne to get you started.”

Beth stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big smiley, “Thank you!”

While we waited for our waitress, I noticed a couple of other things. First, there weren’t more than a dozen men in the place. Second, the Main Stage was the only one in use, the dancer listlessly going through the motions with only one guy sitting at the stage.

Beth noticed too. “Some things haven’t changed. That is a pretty girl dancing and no one is paying any attention.”

“Hate to say it Baby, but when you offer free admission and free food…, this is your clientele!”

Anthony arrived with the waitress, and they made a production of serving the champagne. After pouring the bubbly, Beth and I toasted him, but then she asked, “Is it going to be this slow in here all day?”

Looking around, as if noticing for the first time that there was no one in the building, he smiled and answered, “Oh, it will be picking up in a few minutes. Don’t worry.”

We tipped the waitress and they left.

Watching the dancer on stage finish her set, we were surprised with the new girl when she appeared.

Like the first girl, she was very attractive, but it was VERY obvious that she’d had her breasts surgically enhanced. These things looked like watermelons!

“Gawd,” Beth gasped, “what could she have been thinking when she had THOSE done?”

“Maybe you get a discount for a volume purchase?” I replied, drawing a loud guffaw from Beth.

After we’d finished our glass of champagne, we got up to go to the buffet, Beth gawking at the girl as we walked past the stage.

I noticed, as Anthony had promised, that more men were coming into the building as time went on, interestingly, almost all dressed in suits.

After filling our plates, Beth asked if I’d take hers, as she needed to use the lady’s room.

I made it back to our table without incident, a new dancer on the stage.

Alternating watching the new girl dance and watching for Beth, I was also struck by the number of guys streaming into the club, again most of them wearing suits. In a matter of fifteen minutes, the place was half full.

The dancer on stage was the most attractive so far, tiny in stature, but with a great body. With her dark hair and cocoa skin, I figured her to be a Brazilian, güvenilir bahis but she didn’t seem to have fake boobs, contrary to what we’d been told about the girls from Brazil on Saturday night.

While watching her, I saw Bath immerge from the ladies room and start to walk back to our table. I looked up just in time to see the young lady on stage drop the dress she was wearing onto the floor, exposing a body that was even more lovely than what it had appeared a moment before.

Looking for Beth again, expecting her to be nearby, I was surprised to see her still on the far side of the stage, engaged in a conversation with three suits at a stage side table. All three men were gesturing with their hand, pointing at Beth. She was laughing, pointing at herself, and gesturing with her hands also. One of the guys stood up and then bent forward, looking closely, it seemed, at her chest. She did a slow pirouette then waved and started to walk toward our table again.

Wondering what she was up to, I watched her now, but when she got to the edge of the stage, two guys sitting there stopped her, their hand gestures identical to those used by the other three guys. Turning, she leaned forward, her head between the two men, in a discussion with both of them. Watching, I noticed an older gentleman sitting at a small table behind the three of them. After watching her for a few seconds, he tilted his head to the right…, and looked under her skirt!

His smile said everything!

She continued her conversation with the two men, oblivious to her performance for the man behind her. Then, standing up straight while twisting her shoulders right and then left, she put her hands on both men’s shoulders, said something that made both of them laugh, and then continued back to me.

When she was ten feet from me, I realized why she’d become so popular.

She’d removed her bra, and I was sure, her thong also!

Her breasts, with the tiny triangle tan lines and dark pink nipples, were clearly visible through the sheer black material of her blouse.

“Having fun?” once she’d sat down.

“Yes,” with a big smile,

“Is this what you’d wanted to find out when you decided to come back here today?”

“What? What am I trying to find out?”

“From what I could see, I think you were interested to see if you could get more attention than the performers? And, by the look of things, you outperformed the girl on stage…,” as I pointed toward the dancer, and the five men seated at the stage, “six to five.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s got five guys sitting and paying attention to her. You had six.”

Looking back, I could see her counting. “I only talked to five men. The three on the other side of the stage and the two sitting at the stage. Where did you get six?”

“Look at the two guys at the stage, and then look directly to their right. See the gentleman with the blue tie…?”

“Yes,” she answered, as he looked right back at her.

“Well, when you bent over to talk to those men…, he was looking up your skirt. I’ll bet he had the best seat in the house!”

Laughing, she lifted the last of her champagne and saluted him with her glass. Then turning to me, she added, “Men are such pigs!”

The man in the blue tie, lifted his glass, nodded and then toasted Beth.

About that time, the DJ announced, “Crystal…, Main stage…, Crystal!”

Music was playing and men were moving to the stage, but…, no Crystal?

Then a tiny spotlight illuminated the center of the curtain on the back of the stage.

The volume was turned up, and a, “vision,” in white appeared from behind the curtain.

Blond hair, her beautiful face sparkled in the spotlight, blue eyes visible from where we were sitting. She was wearing a long white gown, cowl front cut to her bellybutton, more than half of her chest exposed, side slit up over her hips, where another piece of cloth was sewn on, dipping so low that half of her ass was visible, before falling to match the front at her ankles. Her platform shoes sparkled too, but not as radiantly as her face.

“My God she’s beautiful,” Beth breathed, barely audible.

That was a sentiment that seemed to be universal, as every seat at the stage was suddenly filled.

Looking at her blouse, I saw that Beth still had the top three buttons, unbuttoned. Reaching over, I unbuttoned two more, only the bottom button holding the blouse, somewhat, closed.

Looking at me, she watched as I took a fold of paper money out of my pocket.

“Would you like to go up to the stage and give her a few dollars?” I asked.

“I don’t know what to do,” she answered, watching as the girl danced seductively to the music.

“Watch the men,” I said, “they’ll show you what to do. But, when she holds open her garter, to let you slip the money in, slip it into the front of her g-string instead.”

“What, if she wants me to put it in her garter?”

“Believe me, just do it,”

Standing, and taking the money, she looked at the stage, then turned, “There aren’t any türkçe bahis seats.”

“Just walk up to the stage, you’ll get a seat.”

Walking four or five steps forward, she stopped behind the line of men sitting stage side. A guy three seats to her right noticed her and got up. Holding the chair for her, his eyes never moved above her chin. Once she was seated, standing behind her, he leaned on the back of the chair, his head bent forward, looking down the front of her blouse.

She was right…, “Men are pigs!”

Now sitting at the stage, Beth immediately drew the attention of every man in viewing range.

Crystal noticed too, but only after realizing that the focus of the men seated at the stage was being directed at someone other than her!

She immediately danced over to Beth.

“She’s amazing,” a man’s voice stated.

Turning…, it was the gentleman wearing the blue tie.

He gestured to Beth’s empty chair.

I nodded.

Sitting down, he repeated, “She’s really quite amazing.”

“I agree, no doubt one of the most beautiful young women I’ve ever seen. What is she doing in here?”

Laughing, he responded, “I was about to ask you the same question.”

Crystal was kneeling in front of Beth, much the same as, “Dawn,” the dancer that Beth had spoken with during our previous visit. Crystal leaned close and spoke into Beth’s ear. Beth listened, nodding her head in agreement, and then Crystal stood and danced away.

The second song of Crystal’s set started as she was dancing back toward Beth. Standing over her, she bent at the waist and as she was leaning forward, Beth stood, reached behind the girl’s neck, and untied the string holding the dress up.

Crystal stood up and the dress fell to the floor.

If possible, with music wailing over the sound system, it got silent in the building…, DAMN!

With Beth still standing, Crystal bent again, this time swishing her hair in Beth’s face before reaching down, taking Beth’s face in her hands and kissing her on the lips.

The kiss lingered…,

and the men went wild!

Yelling and throwing money, as Crystal danced away, flirting with the men on the far side of the stage.

Beth sat down.

Blue tie leaned over, extending his hand, “Harold.” Shaking his hand, I introduced myself. “Come here often?” he asked. “Actually I’ve been here a number of times, but never in the daytime. This is Beth’s second visit. We came on Saturday night and she’s become curious about how it all works.”

Crystal found herself being rejected by the men all around the stage, all of them yelling at her to go back to Beth. Knowing where the money would be, she heeded their advice and danced back to her.

This time, Crystal went to the edge of the stage and sat down in front of Beth. The chairs were packed so tightly together, Crystal, in an effort to give herself some room, put a foot on the chairs on either side of Beth and gave them a shove. Realizing what the dancer wanted, the guys in those seats moved a chair length back from the stage, opening a space in front of Beth.

Crystal rewarded them by giving Beth another kiss, this one even more passionate, her tongue flicking Beth’s top lip as she pulled away.

The guys went crazy again, more yelling and money flying onto the stage.

Harold leaned over the table, “Just remarkable. The center of attention and she acts as if the two of them are the only ones in the room!”

Looking at him and giving him a smile, “That’s why she makes the big bucks Harold. She’s a professional.”

He gave me the strangest look.

Crystal, knowing the song was going to end, along with her set, slid off the stage, straddled Beth’s chair and pulled Beth’s face into her chest. Beth, thrown off balance, threw her arms around the dancer, her hands ending up on Crystal’s ass.

Guys were standing, rushing to get a spot where they could see what the two girls were doing.

Beth, her hands on Crystal’s ass and her face between Crystal’s tits, had no idea what to do? I’d told her to watch the guys for clues on how to act. She hadn’t seen any guy, on either trip here, come anywhere near the position she found herself in at that moment…! So, she did what she thought the stripper might want her to do…, she pulled her face out and started to lick and suck on Crystal’s breasts and nipples!

The song and the set ended with Crystal sitting in Beth’s lap, arms extended from Beth’s shoulders, Beth’s mouth, lips and tongue all over Crystal’s chest.

Standing up, Crystal acknowledged the yelling and shouting of the audience and then held her garter open for Beth’s tip. As instructed, she ignored Crystal’s garter and pulled the side of the girl’s g-string open, slipping some folded money in there, Crystal taking a step back in surprise. More shouting and money flying.

Extending her arms, the dancer made a, “cross,” with her fingers, as if warding off a vampire, before stepping back and giving Beth another kiss on the lips.

It took her almost two minutes to pick güvenilir bahis siteleri up all the money that was on the floor and stage.

Beth walked back to the table, her blouse almost completely open, her entire chest exposed.

Guys were stopping her, telling her how excited she’d made them, and offering to do, “…, anything!” if she’d let them; “…, lick.” “…,” suck.” “…, bite,” or, “…, fuck,” her tits!

All of that in the five steps it took her to get back to me.

Finding Harold sitting in her chair, she plopped down on my lap throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a big sloppy and very passionate kiss.

Harold, standing up, then bent forward to introduce himself.

I did it for him.

Beth, in a moment of coyness, wrapped her blouse around herself, before shaking Harold’s hand.

Looking at me, he reached for my hand saying, “Like I told you…, she’s amazing!”

“Do you know him?” Beth asked, as Harold walked away.

I was still thinking about his last statement.

Looking at me, she asked again, “Honey…, is he a friend of yours?”

“What?” realizing now that he’d been talking about Beth, not Crystal, the whole time, “…, what? Oh…, no, I just met him. He’s the guy with the blue tie…, the guy that looked up your dress when you were talking to those two guys at the stage before.”

She sat up, looking in the direction that Harold had walked. I felt her relax.

“Oh, when you introduced him, I thought you knew him. That’s why I covered myself up. If I knew it was him, I…, why was he sitting with you?

Looking for him as well, I told her, “He came over when you went to the stage. He was telling me how amazing and remarkable you are, but at the time that he said it, I thought he was talking about the stripper.”

“Nice!” she snorted.

Then I spotted him sitting at the bar. “You had enough?” I asked.

“I guess. I haven’t talked to any….”

Interrupting her, I said, “I’ll bring you back another time. Right now, I want to get you to the motel!”

“Okay,” she beamed, hopping out of the chair, “Let’s go!”

Reaching, I pulled her to me, whispering, “You can button your blouse if you’d like.”

Looking at me, she shook her head, “Why?”

As we were walking out, every man we passed checked Beth out, most offering a compliment, some offering a proposition. She just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

I led her to the bar, so I could say good bye to Harold and to tell him that I now understood what he’d been saying.

His eyes lit up as we approached.

Beth beat me to him. “So, Mr. Harold, I understand that you have a roving eye,” as she threw her arms around him, rubbing her chest against him arm.

“Well, Ms. Beth, I’m afraid I’m old…, but I’m not blind. I don’t know if your husband told you, but I think you’re quite remarkable.”

Giving me a wink, “Yes, he said something like that. But you’re here, in this club, and you’ve been watching some very beautiful young ladies take their clothes off. Aren’t they remarkable too?”

“Only in that sense,” he replied. “They’re business women. Their bodies and their smiles are their inventories and they sell them every time they’re on stage. You, on the other hand, are not in that business, or I don’t think…, no make that, I hope that you’re not. Your smile and your, very beautiful, body are not for sale, or rent, as it may be. That you have the confidence to come in here, knowing that men will be comparing you to the women that appear on stage…, that makes you…, amazing.”

Pushing herself away from him, for no other reason than to let him look at her, she shook her head and said, “No, I’m not for sale, or for rent. But for a real man like you…,” giving him a kiss on the tip of his nose, “I might fool around.”

Harold actually blushed.

Regaining his balance, “So, is what your husband told me true? This is only your second trip to a Gentleman’s Club?”

“He’s telling the truth,” as she returned to hugging him, her right hand resting on the top of his thigh.

“I think you would really enjoy a, “Lap Dance.”

“I think I’d wrinkle your suit.”

“No, you misunderstand. I want YOU to get a lap dance.”

Looking at him, not quite sure of his intentions. “Would they let me?”

“I promise they will.”

“I…, I don’t know….”

“Well…, if you agree, I’ll give you $500 and you can do with it as you please.”

“You’ll give me $500.”

“I will.”

“And what do I have to do…, to earn this $500?”

“Enjoy the lap dance.”

Looking at the two of them, Harold sitting on the stool, Beth her left arm around his waist, her right hand rubbing the top of his thigh, I had to admit…, he was good.

She looked at me, wanting me to make her decision for her.

I gave her a shrug and a smile. It was too good an opportunity to screw with by interfering. I was more than happy to see it play out.

Harold made the decision for her.

Turning, he asked the bartender to find Anthony. When he showed up, Harold excused himself and then walked away with the, “manager.” They spoke for a moment, Harold offering and Anthony accepting a, “tip,” for his services. Harold then came back to the bar, Anthony going off in another direction.

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