Shower Worship


This is not the first story I have written, but it is the first I have uploaded.

Be gentle with me!


Sir is in the shower.

You lie in bed, listening to the water running and imagine it running down his body, before it swirls round the drain and away.

Will he be hard in the shower? You know he wakens hard every day.

The temptation is too much, you slip out from under the covers and creep towards the bathroom, naked as the day you were born.

You push the bathroom door open, slowly to avoid making it squeak.

You see Sir in the shower, his back is to you and he is running his hands through his hair, rinsing the soap away.

You step forward, uncertain suddenly, should you be here?

He makes a groan, low and long, your eyes dart to him; one of his hands is at his groin, rubbing slowly over his cock? You can’t see from this angle…

Bolder now, you move forward, he wants to cum and you want to help him.

You move behind him, sliding your arms round his waist, moving your hands expertly bahis firmaları to his cock and balls.

Sir is surprised, but moves his hands away to give you free access. You cup his balls with one hand, slowly rolling the other up and down his shaft, wanking him.

He groans, long and low. He wants this! You take your hand from his balls and bring it back to yourself, briefly squeezing your own breast and nipple, send a tingle of sensation straight to your loins (He would be angry if he saw you stealing pleasure!).

You gently push on his ass and pull slightly on his cock, guiding Sir into a rotation so that he faces towards you and you drop down on your knees in front of him, intent on taking Sir into your eager mouth.

You look up through the falling water but you cannot make out his face! His head is bowed towards you and is in shadow, the shower water helps to hide how he looks at you.

You pause, afraid for a moment.

“Go on, my pet”, his deep Scots accent growls out the words.

You run your tongue slowly up the kaçak iddaa length of his cock, from balls to cockhead and with a moan of pleasure you engulf his cock, taking him deep into your mouth.

You fall into a rhythm, fast into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his shaft and then slower out, drawing your tongue wide and flat up the base of his glans. Your hand pumping at the base of his cock, the other gently cupping his balls and rolling them softly between your fingers.

His hands move down to run through your hair, guiding your speed to suit him.

His hips begin to pump back and forth as he starts to fuck your mouth, his breath shortens as his orgasm grows.

You taste his salty precum on your tongue, delicious!

He starts to move faster and you know he is near the breaking point, where desire over-rides his control. You know he wants to be taken past that line, he rewards you so well for taking him there.

He tilts your head up and meets your gaze, briefly, then his eyes roll back into his head, he throws his head kaçak bahis back and cries out loud, “Fuuuuuuck!”

His warm cum jets from his cock, the first blast hitting the back of your throat, then a second less powerful wave. He pulls your head close until you almost gag on his cock and cum. He releases your head as you slide slowly backward, leaving his flushed red cock, semi hard as you go.

He judders once, when you release the tip of his cock, the sensitivity on the edge of pain for him.

You rock back onto your haunches, looking up at him, he leans forwards and plants a kiss on your forehead, “That was well played, little one. I needed that.”

You relax a little knowing he is pleased.

He takes your hand and helps you to your feet. He takes a towel and slowly and carefully dries your soaking body, he pays careful attention to your back, shoulders and thighs.

You say nothing.

As he soaks up the moisture and dries down your legs, lifting each in turn , he looks up to you and smiles a little.

Your pulse quickens, but you hold your silence.

He drops your foot to the floor and quickly dries himself, before turning to you and saying two words.

“Now swallow.”

He takes you by the hand and walks towards the bedroom.

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