Stood in the shower, the spray hitting my shoulders and rolling down my body.

All I could think of was the day before, sitting straddled on your lap. Your hands on my breasts, your lips pressed against mine, your cock straining against your shorts pressing against me.

I couldn’t stop grinding against you, pulling you close, the feeling of your hands on my body sliding down to my ass pulling me in deeper.

At that moment we knew we had to finish, I had to put you deep inside. Lifting up I went to move my trousers off when the unignorable happened. Interruptions. With a deep sigh we stopped listened to our deep breaths as we’d stopped, although we’d snuck a couple more kisses and sly touches in.

But I’d been left more frustrated than we’d started. Far more.

I could still feel the emptiness inside me as I started to lathe up slowly washing my body, fingers trailing on my skin.

The sponge massaging as it went stimulated me over the edge. I had to play. My head lifted to the shower while my hands dropped the sponge and began to play with my nipples. The water had made the harden bahis firmaları and erect. The minute my fingers slid over them a shock rippled through my body and a groan escaped my lips. It wasn’t the same as being touch by someone else but this is what I had. One hand left on my breast the other slid down over my stomach to my pussy. It was so smooth as I’d waxed it the day before, and so wet from the shower and thinking about you. My fingers slid straight in the flaps to my clit. Tweaking pulling playing. Making my knees week. My fingers pushed my lips wider open allowing my middle one to slide down to the entrance of my hole. Right where it was supposed to be.

Slowly inserting in I felt my pussy clench. I wasn’t far off.

Click. The noise rang out through the bathroom. Most people would have span around and checked. I didn’t I knew who it’d be. I let my breathing even out and let myself recover as I heard a belt undo and trousers slid down one quick stride and you were behind me. Your cock resting in the crack of my arse, your hands already cupping my boobs. Your lips kissed my neck before kaçak iddaa saying, ‘you started without me’. I sighed knowing that this time they’d be no interruptions the door was locked. You and I were here alone.

I turned around reached up and kissed you, my fingers wove through your hair your hands went straight to my arse pulling me into you. Your cock throbbing against my soaked pussy. I arched pulling out of our kiss. This was what I needed, this was perfect. Your lips moved down to my neck and slowly to my breast while I wrapped my hands around your cock, slowly moving you teasing, stopping and starting with every kiss. All I could think about was you in me. Now. But we had all night, and I was going to make it last.

I pulled away, confusion clouded your face for a second til I started kneeling. You were standing up on end now your tip in between my mouth and breasts. Which to do. Running your tip along my boobs up to my mouth I sucked you in. Your eyes closed as my tongue ran over your head. I slowly took you to the back of my throat. You were too big to get you all the way in. But what kaçak bahis I did I did well. Sucking and playing with my hand, bobbing up and down, running my tongue over you head then repeating all the while you groaned. When you swallowed and your lips parted I knew you were close. I didn’t want this to be over yet. I needed you in me. Pulling back I gave your cock one last kiss and stood back up. I’d lost all pretences I was desperate for you.

‘Go in me please, I need you’

Turning around I put my hands on the tiles and pushed against you. rubbing your against my entrance you nudged in. Impatiently I pushed back against you. Feeling that gratifying thrust as you slid all the way in. Groaning we began to move in and out. Your hands on my hips keeping us moving together. With the heat in the bathroom and us still under the shower we we’re dripping, groaning and breathing heavy. Occasionally you’d slow just to tease and speed up again after a hard thrust. I put a hand between my legs and began to play while you still filled my pussy. I feel you thrust and start to fill me just as I climax. You still moving in me slowly letting us both ride the orgasm.

After my breathing settled and my legs felt like they would stand. I lifted up smiled and kissed you.

I thought to myself I wish all showers were like that.

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