Sibling Fun


I knew that he was spying on me getting changed, he used to do it regularly when I lived here all the time, I guess he was making up for lost time. He didn’t know that I knew he was watching. I could see his shadow moving down the crack of my door which I had accidentally left open slightly open when I pushed it to earlier.

He was my older brother, I was 18 and back from University for the holidays which meant we had to share a room again. We had shared a room all of our lives, so it was nothing new, it was surprising how quickly you get used to your own privacy and space though that I have at Uni.

He was 19 and a typical boy, even though I was his sister I had caught him trying to look up my skirt, or down my top, or whatever slight chance of seeing skin he got. Saying this he was ace and we did get on really well. We had always been close, I suppose sharing a room you kinda have to get on or life gets very tedious very quickly. It wasn’t his fault he was at the age where his cock made his decisions.

I smiled to myself as he stepped to one side when I looked so I didn’t see him looking, shame the moving shadow made it very obvious that someone was out there. I turned away glancing in the mirror until he started watching again before taking my top off, keeping my back to the door so he couldn’t really see anything. I adjusted the cups of my white bra, which was a pointless task in itself really as 34A breasts don’t really go anywhere even without a bra. I slid my jeans down showing off my high legged black panties. They were not quite a thong, but were very high legged. I kicked my jeans to the side before checking my phone. It was wrong that he was spying on his sister changing, but I suppose I was also a little bit guilty by teasing him. I put a dressing gown on and went for a shower, once again smiling to myself as the shadow darted downstairs as I approached he door.

I went for my shower and changed into my PJs as it was gone 10pm so was more or less bed time. As usual I got a drink before going to bed and brought him one up too. I noticed as he reached out from under his covers for his drink he was topless. I knew he normally slept naked, but when I was home he normally wore a t-shirt and boxers. I stopped for a second wondering if he had boxers on or not before handing him the drink and getting into my bed.

“Light…” he said.

“Oh crap,” I said, “You not get it?”

The light was nearest him, all he had to do was sit up and the light was at the bottom of his bed. My interest already tweaked by him being topless I watched as he leaned forwards taking the covers with him and switching off the light. I didn’t see anything as such, but the amount of skin shown did raise the question of if he really was naked or not. The TV was on so we still had a flickery light and I could see his bare arms and shoulder.

“You naked?” I asked him.

“Just boxers.” he said back, “Why?”

“Was just wondering, didn’t see any when you switched the light off,” I answered.

“Oh, so you were looking were you?” he said sticking his tongue out at me.

“Not really, was just wondering,” I said as I realised that I was looking, and if indeed he was naked I would have probably seen more than I needed to of my brother.

“What you wearing?” he asked me.

“Erm, t-shirt and shorts,” I said.

“Underwear too?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “Well, panties. I don’t have a bra on.”

“It is so much cooler and comfier topless, plus cheaper as you don’t need to buy PJs,” he said, “Why no bra?”

“Comfier,” I said.

“You ever slept naked?” he asked, “That is super comfortable,” he added sticking his tongue out at me.

“Don’t feel comfy naked, cant sleep. If it is hot I go topless, too fidgety, would lose the covers or something.” I explained.

“Fair enough,” he said, “Shame it isn’t hot,” he added sticking his tongue out at me.

“Perv,” I said sticking my tongue out back at him.

“Meh,” he shrugged, “Tits are tits.”

“Hahaha,” I laughed, “Seriously? You’re brain really is in your dick isn’t it.”

“I am a bloke,” he said, “If you fidget wouldn’t it make sense to keep your top on?”

“Why?” I asked him.

“You are more likely to lose the top half of the covers than the bottom half aren’t you?” he reasoned.

“Yeah, suppose so,” I said, “Cant sleep bottomless though.”

“Fair enough,” he said.

“You still a virgin?” I asked him.

“No,” he said instantly.

“Really?” I asked, “No macho shit, I don’t care if you are or aren’t.”

“Are you?” he asked me.

“No,” I said.

“Really. Good first term then was it?” he said sitting up, “How many?” he asked smiling at me.

“Cheeky fucker,” I said, “Just the one.”

“One nighter?” he asked.

“No, we lasted a few weeks before it turned out he was a freak,” I said.

“Fair enough,” he said, “Did you suck his dick?”

“Hehehe,” I laughed again, “I don’t think that is any of your business do you,” I said grinning.

“That is a yes then,” he said, “Lucky bastard.”

“And fuck in traffic porno swallowed it too,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“Dirty bitch,” he said, “Did it taste nice?” he asked.

I just smiled at him ignoring his question as I glanced what was on TV, I reached for the remote and started to channel surf to find something half acceptable. He stood up and said he was going for a pee.

“Pee or a wank?” I said to him sticking my tongue out.

“Just a pee unless you are offering to give me an image for the wank bank,” he quipped back.

“Wank bank?” I asked a bit confused, “What is one of them?”

“Never heard of a wank bank?” he asked back looking surprised.

“Nope…” I said, “Although it doesn’t sound particularly nice.”

“A mental image used for erm… self satisfaction moments,” he said.

“Hahaha, perv,” I said.

“Male,” he clarified as he stood up and went out and to the bathroom. He wasn’t lieing, he was wearing boxers.

Me and my brother had spent hours and hours talking through the night. Admittedly never the topic of sex in this depth before. As I lay there waiting for him to come back my mind started to imagine what he looked like naked. He was quite good looking, although not a gym fanatic he worked out and was fairly toned. You could see the muscle definition in his arms and legs, his flat stomach was probably only the proper exercises away from a six pack. He came back in so I tried to push the thoughts of him naked out of my mind.

“Sorted,” I asked.

“Yeah, Thanks,” he said.

“So you still a virgin?” I asked him.

“Yeah, suppose,” he said, “Just panic when girls get near. Cant talk to them”

“You talk okay to me,” I said.

“Yeah, you don’t count,” he said.

“Oh, cheers,” I said in a mock offended tone.

“You know what I mean,” he said, “Thought it would be easier with my own room as cant really bring a girl back when you are here can I, but it isn’t.”

“Yeah, that may be a bit awkward if I was here. At least wait till I was asleep before you started,” I said smiling.

“Ewww,” he said, “Now that would be weird, shagging with my sister in the room.”

I just smiled, “It would be very weird indeed, not really into the whole watching thing,” I said, “Are you?”

“What like watching two people have sex?” he asked.

“Yeah, or anything really,” I said, “Like watching people get undressed, or masturbating or whatever.

“Oh,” he said, “Quite like the idea of watching people undressing and playing with themselves.”

“Really?” I asked, “You ever spied on me?” I asked, knowing full well that he had done, and in fact was earlier in the evening that very same day.

He paused and didn’t answer for a while, just looking at me as I was smiling back at him. “Maybe,” he said after a while really quietly.

“I know,” I said to him, “Noticed you looking through the door crack a few times.”

“Sorry,” he said.

“I could have mentioned it if I wanted to,” I said, “Did you see anything?”

“Nar, nothing worth spying for,” he said, “You got topless once, but was always facing away.”

I tutted whilst shaking my head at him in a playful naughty way and wagged my finger. He smiled at me before watching the TV. I curled up and fell asleep waking up when I heard some movement in the room. I heard him go out of the door and heard the bathroom light switch on. I pretended to be asleep as he came back in and closed the door.

I soon fell asleep again waking up at just after 8, which was quite early for me, but I never sleep as well with someone else in the room for some reason. I could see a clear blue sky through the gap behind the curtains and between the window ledge. Had a house party that night, was looking more and more like it might be a BBQ, which is good, Everyone likes a BBQ.

I looked over and my bro was still asleep, so I got up, grabbed a dressing gown and went downstairs. During breakfast my bro turned up and stole a slice of my toast which earned him a glare, “Sleep okay?” He asked.

“Yeah thanks, you?” I asked back.

He just nodded as he ate my toast, “Going for a shower and to get dressed,” he said before going back upstairs.

The day went fairly uneventfully, including the BBQ party, which was very good, and had copious amounts of Vodka and Orange, so that is always a good thing. A fair amount got drunk, and although I wasn’t legless, I was probably past the “A little bit tipsy” stage.

I got back home about half 1 in the morning, which was fairly tame for me, but it was getting too cold to sit outside and a few people were going into town. As I was skint I made my excuses and came home. It is funny, my parents were away on holiday, so only my brother was in, yet I still opened the door super slowly and tip toed to get a glass of water and then upstairs making as little sound as possible.

I carefully and slowly opened the door to the room and went inside. My brother was quietly snoring, so he full porno was well asleep, or at least he was until I tripped over the end of his bed, stubbing my toe and loudly clattering around as I regained my balance. “You okay?” he asked sounding a little concerned.

“Yeah, sorry, tripped,” I whispered back to him.

“Fucking piss head,” he said lifting his head to look at me, “You spill your drink?”

“No, don’t think so, sorry,” I whispered.

“Hehehe, it is okay,” he said, “You have a good night? Back early…” he asked as he checked the time.

“Yeah, was good, they went into town and I have no money so came back,” I explained.

“Fair enough,” he said as he looked me up and down as his eyes adjusted.

I was wearing a black low front dress which was backless and it stopped mid way between my knees and hips, so was quite short I suppose. I had 5″ black stiletto heals on as well as I was only 5 foot tall, so that made me less tiny. “Nice dress,” he said, “New?”

“Thanks,” I said back, “No, old one that I dug out earlier.”

“Think you might have got a bit taller since you last wore it, dad would have freaked you wearing that,” he said sticking his tongue out.

I reached down and pulled the hem of the dress down making sure it hadn’t ridden up or anything, “It isn’t that bad,” I said in my defence

“Bad enough,” he said, “I am thinking definitely no bra on. Tight fitting with no visible panty line, I would have said commando, but as it is pretty damn short and it was only a house party you prob have a tiny pair of panties under it,” he reasoned as he looked me up and down.

I folded my arms across my chest covering my cleavage up as he reeled off exactly what I was wearing, “Lucky guess,” I said to him.

He laughed and smiled at me, “Have you been commando in it?” he asked.

“Commando?” I asked looking puzzled.

“No underwear,” he said, “You never heard the term commando?”

“Nope, not till now,” I said.

“So have you…” he pressed.

“I have done before yes,” I answered.

“Awesome,” he said, “You not feel exposed?”

“Little bit, depends how short the dress is,” I said, “To be honest it feels quite naughty and exciting sometimes.”

“Oh really,” he said, “Bit of an exhibitionist are you?”

“Hahaha,” I laughed, “Exhibitionist lite,” I said. I was an exhibitionist, but getting caught terrified me.

“You ever streaked?” he asked.

“Around the house and stuff yeah,” I said, “Have you?”

“Only to the bathroom and back at night or when having a shower,” he answered, “Where have you streaked?”

“Streaked down the garden once,” I said smiling at him

“Whoa, really?” he said surprised, “That is awesome. Right to the bottom fence too?”

“Yup, right the way, heart was pounding” I said back smiling. We had a fairly large garden in that it was probably 50 meters or so long. Not very wide, but was over looked by a handful of houses, so streaking down it was quite risky.

“Naked?” he asked.

“I had shoes on,” I said

“Nothing else?” he asked.

“Nope, just trainers,” I said, “Was such a buzz.”

“Anyone see you?” he asked.

“I don’t think so, not that I know of anyway,” I answered.

“Braver than me,” he said, “Were you home alone?”

“Yeah, you were out and mum and dad weren’t in either,” I said.

Still, brave,” he said sounding quite impressed.

I smiled at him and asked, “Okay to put my light on?”

“Yeah sure,” he said.

I switched on my bed side light and sat on my bed crossing my legs and facing him. I removed my make-up using wipes and put them back into the bottom draw. “Perv” I said as I saw his eyes look straight down my top. I picked my feet up onto the bed keeping my legs together and laid down, curling my legs up into the foetal position.

“You sleeping like that?” he asked.

“No,” I said sleepily, “Just cant be arsed getting sorted, bathroom is too far.”

“Want a hand?” he asked.

“Erm, no….” I said sitting up and looking at him, “Back in a min” I said as I stood up and went to the bathroom.

“Bloody warm in here,” I said when I got back.

“Yeah, I know, shite isn’t it,” he said, “Window has been wide open all day, just no breeze,” he added.

“You got boxers on?” I asked him.

“Yeah, sweating my bollocks off though, you are gonna cook,” he said to me.

“Nice image there,” I said to him, “Sleep naked if you prefer.”

“You not mind?” he asked me.

“Just don’t forget in the morning,” I said, “Won’t wanna wake up to an eye full of cock,” I added sticking my tongue out at him.

He just smiled back at me, “You wish,” he said.

“Not really,” I said.

“You not like willy?” he said to me.

“Yeah, but not my brothers,” I said back to him.

“Fair enough,” he said as he wriggled about under the covers for a few moments before dropping his boxers onto the floor, “What you gonna wear?”

“Dunno,” I said searching through my sleepwear draw for something gizli çekim porno cooler than a t-shirt and not finding anything.

“Sleep in your panties,” he said.

“Yeah, might do,” I said a bit apprehensive of sleeping in the same room as my brother wearing just my panties.

“Up to you, I was cooking just in boxers though, you will boil alive with a t-shirt and shorts on,” he said.

I pondered it for a few moments before deciding, “Look away,” I said to him as he was firmly focused on me.

He looked away and I took off my dress standing in the middle of the room in just my panties. I opened my underwear draw and got some more sensible panties out before removing my thong and slipping the normal ones on. They were black, fairly high legged, but far from a thong with a full back on them. I clicked the light off and got into bed and pulled the covers right up to my chin. “K,” I said.

“Just panties?” he asked.

“Yup, no perving,” I said to him giving him a glare.

“Moi? Perv? I think you have the wrong man,” he said in a mocking guilty tone.

“Don’t think I do somehow,” I said smiling at him.

I quickly fell asleep and as usual when I have had a drink I was out for the count. I was woken up with the sun glinting off the mirror opposite the window through the bit of the curtains that hadn’t closed properly and back onto me. I shielded my eyes as I blinked the sleepiness out of them throwing the covers back. I felt the cool morning air dance over my now exposed thighs, tummy and chest. I felt my nipples stiffen a bit before I remembered I wasn’t in my own room and grabbed the covers back up again. It was half 9 and bro was luckily still asleep so I slowly and quietly knelt up and closed the curtains properly. The covers fell to my knees exposing my panties as I reached up and once again the cool of the morning breeze perked up my nipples as it brushed across them. I shaped the quilt so it formed a small barrier and laid by the wall just in my panties. It was still very warm and I welcomed the coolness on my skin.

I found my fingers wandering down my body and across the front of my panties curling between my legs as my legs opened slightly to allow my hand in. I gently started to circle my clit through the thin material causing my nipples to immediately get hard, bending my legs at the knees and let them fall open as my finger slowly got closer and closer to my clit. I could feel the heat between my legs building as my fingers got closer and closer. I heard myself audibly gasp as I pushed against my clit causing me to stop immediately and hold my breath as I feared waking my brother up

I rolled onto my front leaving my hand between my legs I slowly but deliberately circled my hips grinding my hand against my pussy and clit before falling asleep with no covers on. I woke up with a jump at about half 10. Knowing I was topless I grabbed the covers and checked the time, “shit,” I said to myself, been like than an hour or so. I glanced over my quilt barrier and my brothers bed was empty. “Shit shit,” I said to myself again as I assume he saw me as he left the room.

I heard the bathroom door go and then footsteps towards the room. He walked back into the room totally naked not noticing that I was awake. I felt my eyes bulge as I saw his penis hanging between his legs, he must have been 7 or so inches long and quite thick. “Shit, sorry,” he said, “Didn’t think you were awake.”

“Erm, yeah,” I said, “Sorry,” still staring at his enormous dick hanging down as he seemed to cover it up with his hands in slow motion.

He got back into bed and pulled the covers up covering himself up, “Hang over?” he asked me.

“Not yet,” I said.

“Sure sign you didn’t drink enough,” he said sticking his tongue out.

“Or I drank loads and am still drunk,” I said.

He laughed before saying, “There is always that option.”

“How long you been awake for?” I asked wondering if I had been asleep on my front all the time or he saw my boobs.

“Erm, 30 mins or so,” he said, “Shame you sleep on your front,” he added sticking his tongue out.

“That is why I don’t sleep naked,” I said sticking my tongue out back at him.

“Still cute,” he said, “Cracking body shame you are my sister,” he said sticking his tongue out.

“Perv,” I said a bit taken aback by his blunt observation.

“Yeah, sorry,” he said, “But you were just staring at your brothers cock without looking away.”

I blushed instantly as I had indeed just done that and it was me who I heard apologise as I said sorry.

“Tis okay. Sure you have seen one before, my fault for wandering around in the nude,” he said, “You sleep on top of the covers all night?” he added.

“No, woke up and closed the curtains properly, then fell asleep again whilst cooling myself down,” I explained.

“Fair enough,” he said, “Shame you had panties on.” he added sticking his tongue out at me again.

“Show me yours I’ll show you mine,” I said perching onto my elbow and grinning at him.

“Seriously?” he said sounding shocked.

“Ha, no chance,” I said, “Already seen ya anyway,” I added sticking my tongue out.

“Tease,” he said.

“Gonna go and get breakfast, you want owt?” I asked.

“No ta,” he said as I grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and wriggled into it under the covers.

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