Sibling Rivalry


Summer holidays were Catherine’s favourite time of the year. Historically it had been time away from school, a chance to relax, unwind and let the stresses of school life go. Now though, it was about having two weeks off work to get away from the lecherous boss who hounded her constantly with his innuendos and sexual metaphors. It was also a chance to reconnect with her parents Bob and Sylvia, and her younger brother Jace.

Bob and Syl were retired police officers who had always been strict. They didn’t like any kind of horseplay, so as kids Cath and Jace got a hard time every time they argued, which was a lot. Their sibling relationship could hardly be called loving, actually it might be fair to say they hated each other.

As Catherine pulled in to the driveway she noticed a nice newish Volkswagen. It was a light shade of blueish green and a lot nicer than the runabout she’d been driving since passing her test. She also saw Jace walking out of the house and down the drive. On opening her car door she called to him. “You ok, dickless?”

He walked on ignoring her as she smiled slyly, unwilling to take part in her pathetic baiting. She walked up the three stone steps to the front door, opening it and entering as she called. “Anyone home?”

“Welcome home honey.” Syl called. “We’re in the dining room.”

Walking through the hall and the open kitchen door at the back she looked to the right seeing her parents sitting at the table drinking wine. “Little early for drinking isn’t it?” Cath asked as they took another sip.

“It’s afternoon and we’re adults, and beside I think we’ve earned it today.” Her mother said with a bitterness to her voice.

“What’s he done now?” Cath Asked.

“It’s not his fault. Your dad and I have decided we want a break so we’re going away tomorrow for a week. He didn’t like it because he wasn’t invited.” Syl said as she took another gulp from her glass.

“Oh you have got to be kidding!” Cath’s tone letting her parents know that she was also less that happy at their plan. “I get to come home for a short time and you’ve decided to dump me with that snotty little turd. I might as well go home.”

“You need to stay and make sure Jace doesn’t get up to any mischief. We’ll be back next week so we can spend some time together, but your dad and I need…us time.”

A shiver of revulsion travelled through Cath at the thought of her parents being intimate. “What’s in it for me? I could just go home and leave him to his ‘mischief’, no skin off my nose. It’s not like you even asked me.”

Bob piped up for the first time since she walked in. “The Volkswagen outside is what’s in it for you.”

Cath stopped her snarky huff and her eyes brightened. “Are you serious? You got me a new car?”

“As long as you make sure Jace doesn’t burn the house down or have any parties while we’re away.” Syl added.

Cath rushed out to look at the car. A 2014 Volkswagen Beetle. “It’s amazing. Oh my god I can’t believe it, but what will we do with the old Micra?”

“We thought you might give it to Jace. He’s passed his test and needs an old banger.” Bob said knowing Cath couldn’t really refuse since she had a shiny, newer car.

“Deal. Let me move my stuff out of it and he can do what he wants with it.” Cath said getting straight into the job of clearing her things out.

After about half an hour Syl called her in for food. She walked in with a huge grin on her face. “Thank you both so much for my new car.”

“Just go easy on Jace this week while we’re away. He’s had a pretty tough time of things recently. Kim dumped him on Tuesday and work laid him off yesterday.”

‘No wonder he wasn’t giving it back to me when I called him dickless’ Cath thought. “I didn’t realise he even had a girlfriend. I might know someone who has a job. I’ll ask Sarah if her dad has anything.”

“I’m sure he’d appreciate that.” Syl said as she finished her glass, pouring another. “We’re going to pack in a bit. Make yourself at home.”

“This is my home, Mum!” Cath said with some disdain in her voice. Syl let it go. She was too tipsy to care.

Cath left to deal with the particulars of the car like buying insurance and taxing it while her parents went to pack their things. While Cath was in the car she saw Jace walking back towards the house. “Hey Jace, how do you like my new ride?”

“He was still trying to ignore her but the jealousy got the better of him. “That’s your car? What the fuck?” He was understandably annoyed. She already had a car and his parents had bought her another.

She smiled enjoying his pain for a few seconds before throwing the keys to her old battered Micra to him. “What’re these for?” He asked.

“This is my car. That one is yours now.” She said knowing he’d at least got something from the deal.

His face was a picture. He smiled at his sister for the first time in years. “You need to sort out insurance and tax. It’s got an MOT on it until January and about half a tank of fuel.”

He nodded his appreciation and went inside. liseli porno “Hey mum, dad?” Jace called.

“Upstairs son.” Bob called back.

Jace went up to their room where they were packing. “Any chance I could get some help with insurance for the Micra? I’ve never needed to do it before.”

Bob agreed to help him out and took him down to his office to get some quotes. Cath was still sitting in her car enjoying her new space. The thought of asking her friend Sarah about a job for Jace came back to her. “One good turn deserves another.” She said to herself as she turned the key, pushing the gear lever forward and moving off the drive.

It took only a few minutes to get to Sarah’s house. She went to the door and knocked. Sarah answered. “Cath! Oh my god I didn’t realise you were coming home. I’ve missed you.”

“I wanted to surprise you. Fancy a ride in my new wheels?”

“Oh, nice!” Sarah walked over to look at the car. “How did you afford this?”

“My parents bought it to replace the skip on wheels I was driving. Jace has that now.” Cath told her.

“Oh poor Jace. He’s had it pretty tough this last week.”

Cath nodded actually feeling somewhat sorry for the little turd. “I did need to ask a favour for him. Does your dad have any jobs going in the factory?”

“He’s always got jobs going but will Jace want one? It’s pretty disgusting and smelly work.” Sarah admitted.

“If he wants a job and there’s one available I’m sure he’d take it.” Cath’s imagination was wondering what job could be so bad smelling and disgusting.

“Tell him to come over and speak to my dad. I’m sure he’ll be happy to take him on. At least until he quits.” Both girls laughed at the thought.

“Why is the job so disgusting?” Cath enquired.

“Tanning leather is a gag worthy job. It’s smells like a thousand arses all farted at the same time in a small space after eating eggs and sprouts for a week.”

Cath’s stomach turned at the description. “I’ll tell him to come over later.”

“Ok. Let’s go for that drive.” Sarah said excitedly.

Back at the house Jace and Bob had found a cheap insurance quote that Jace could afford. Bob agreed to tax the car so that Jace could drive it.

As he was about to pull out of the driveway Cath and Sarah pulled in. He turned the engine off and got out to welcome Sarah. She was the same age as Cath at 23, 4 years older than him. He’d always had a crush on her but he didn’t have the balls to ask her out. “Hi Sarah, how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been ok Jace. Hey, your sister just asked if there were any jobs for you at my dad’s factory. Come round later on. I’m sure you’ll get one.”

Jace thought all his Christmases had arrived at once. A car and the opportunity for a new job on the same day? Awesome, and both because of his sister. He hated her a bit less for it.

“So, you gonna take us for a spin bro?” Asked Cath. “Nice afternoon for a drive!”

“Get In then.” He told them as he ducked back into his skip on wheels.

The girls got in, Jace started the car and they left heading out of town and into the countryside. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you’d been driving for years.” Cath told him.

“You’ve only just started driving Jace?” Sarah asked him.

“First time flying solo.” He said trying to concentrate with his crush sitting beside him.

“I wouldn’t have known either.” She said. “How about taking us up to view point?”

View point was a small car park up on top of a hill overlooking the bay below. The evening was glorious. The sun shone down and the view was clear for more than ten miles before it became hazy, the hypnotic wind farm turbines out in the sea giving a sense of huge scale.

Jace had always fancied Sarah but he felt like such a loser he could never muster the courage to ask her out, but today he’d got a car and possibly even a job. Doesn’t good luck come in threes? While Cath went ahead he stopped Sarah. “Hey, I’m… um… I mean… I wondered if… um…”

“Jace, you’re a nice kid but you’re not my type.” Were her words. She’d known he liked her, for a long time, but she definitely didn’t feel the same way in return.

Jace’s face flushed red as his confidence hit the floor again. “I’m sorry Jace, it really isn’t anything personal. I just don’t see you that way.”

He nodded and they carried on walking after Cath. They sat on the big rock overlooking their town. It was a seaside town that had fallen on hard times. A lot of the attractions that brought tourists in past years had gone but nothing had replaced them. The tourism had taken a hit because of it and without tourists the town was in decline. Addicts from other towns and cities were being dumped there so it was also affecting property values.

Jobs were scarce so he was thankful for the chance to apply for one with Sarah’s dad, as long as he hadn’t cocked it up already by asking her out.

“It’s so pretty up here.” Cath said. “I miss it so much. I know I only live 70miles away but it’s meet suck and fuck porno not like I want to drive that every day.”

“I’ll happily drive it if you want me to come and get you. I love driving.” Jace offered.

“Just wait until you’ve been driving a while, you’ll think it’s a chore.”

The trio sat for a couple of hours talking about things they’d been doing. Jace and Cath seemed to be getting along. Something that hadn’t happened since they were four and eight respectively.

As the sun dipped over the water in the distance, Cath said. “Come on. Our parents will be wondering if we’re ok.”

Jace drove them back to town and stopped outside Sarah’s house. “Want to come and ask my dad now?” She asked.

“No time like the present bro.” Cath pushed.

He nodded silently and they all got out of the car. Sarah led them in. “Dad?”

“In here Sarah!.” He said sternly.

As they walked in to the house they could smell the chemicals of his trade. Sarah didn’t seem to mind it but she lived with it. “Dad this is Jace, Cath’s brother. Jace this is my dad Harry Thompson.”

“Hello Mr Thompson.” Jace said, offering his hand.

Harry grabbed his hand a squeezed. Jace had never known such strength and felt instantly inferior. “Evening Jace. What can I do for you?” Harry knew what he wanted but decided to play with him.

“Er… your daughter… um I mean… Sarah said… um…”

“Are you asking to marry my daughter?” Harry asked with a seriousness to his voice.

Jace’s face went from nervous to utter fright in the blink of an eye. “No… oh my god… I mean…”

“Jace, I’m messing with you. I know you’re here about a job. Do you think you can do the physical work?”

“I’m not sure, but I’ll put everything I have into trying.” Jace lost his nervous stammer after hearing Harry tell him he was joking.

“Good. It’s hard graft. You need to be strong and although you don’t look particularly strong I’m sure we can build you up.”

It was an understatement. Jace was 5’10” and weighed 10 stone when wet.

“If you can give me a chance I’ll do everything I can to make sure I impress you.” Jace said with a bit more confidence.

Harry slowly nodded his head as he sharpened his stare. “Good to know. It’s Sunday tomorrow so be at the tannery just before 6am on Monday. Don’t wear anything you don’t want to get wrecked. That includes your watch. Once the smell of the chemicals gets into it you won’t get it out.”

Harry held his hand out for Jace. Jace shook and attempted to squeeze Harry’s hand. Harry laughed. “We’ll build you up.”

The siblings said goodbye to Sarah and left. Jace was on cloud 9. He’d got a car and a job in one day. Ok so the third good thing hadn’t happened but it was still a very good day. “Thanks Cath. You’ve made my year.”

He held his arms open for her offering her a hug. She tentatively moved forward and hugged him, trying all the time to keep her distance but he pulled her in and squeezed her tight. She gave in and hugged him. Before breaking he turned his head and kissed her neck. “What the fuck was that?”

“What was what?” He asked.

“You kissed my neck! That’s what.” She berated.

“Sorry. I was just being thankful for what you’ve done for me today.” He wasn’t sure what had just happened but he’d pissed her off.

“Don’t ever kiss a woman’s neck unless you’re intimate with her.” It was a life lesson he wished he’d known.

She wasn’t the first woman he’d done it to. He meant it as an affectionate thank you or as a see you soon, but knowing this new information made him feel like he’d been coming on to all the women he’d done it to. “Shit. I feel so embarrassed now.”

Cath didn’t stay mad for long. She found it quite funny to think of him doing the same to any of the old grannies he used to mow the lawns for. She was laughing internally at the thought of the old dears handing him £10 and him hugging them before kissing their necks. No wonder he had a successful gardening round when he was younger.

“Come on, nubcake. We need to get home before Mum and Dad send a search party.” They got into the car and left.

As they arrived home they saw their parents loading their car with their cases. “Hey, I thought you were leaving tomorrow.” Cath said wondering why the cases were being loaded.

“We’re going to stay at a hotel near the airport so we don’t have to get up at 4am. There’s money on the kitchen counter for anything you might need this week, and remember no parties.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Enjoy yourselves and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She told her parents.

“So no limits then?” Her mum quipped.

Cath blushed at her mum’s words. Jace saw it and wondered what that was all about.

“We’ll see you next Monday when we get home.” Said Syl as she closed the door.

Jace and Cath waved them off as they disappeared down the road. “This is going to be a long week.” Cath said.

Jace mobil porno laughed. “I’m getting drunk to celebrate my lucky day.”

They walked into the house and through to the kitchen. Jace pulled a bottle of vodka from the cupboard. “You having one?” He asked as his sister watched him.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to get drunk. Just have a couple and leave it at that.” Cath advised.

Jace poured a large vodka, downing it and pulling a face before pouring another. Cath still watched. “Oh. Fuck it pour me one.”

Jace poured her a large one but when she tried to drink it she couldn’t get past how strong it was so she diluted it with some coke. “That’s better. I’ll keep up with you now.”

He carried the bottle into the living room and Cath took the coke. They sat watching tv for a while slowly and silently getting drunk together. It didn’t take much, Jace was literally a lightweight and Cath didn’t drink much usually. “Why did you ask Sarah out?” She asked her brother. “She’s way out of your league.”

“I’ve fancied her for years and I thought maybe with two things going my way today I might as well try.”

“You’re such a dork. You must have known she’d say no.” Cath teased.

“Fuck off Cath, she might have said yes. I had to take the chance.”

Cath was feeling demonic. The vodka was affecting her ability to hold her tongue. “So why did Kim dump you?” She sat wiggling her little finger suggesting he wasn’t big enough to satisfy her.

“You’re pissing me off Cath. Shut the fuck up.”

She’d hit a nerve. “Pee wee!” She goaded. “Peeee weeee!”

“If you must know you snidey fucking bitch, it’s because I was too big and we couldn’t do it”

Cath laughed hard. “Yeh ‘cos you’re half horse.”

Jace got up and left the room. She was usually and unbearable bitch but this was way beyond. Another week of this and he might end up killing her. He sat on his bed seething. The room span and he knew he’d drunk too much. He heard a knock at his door. “Fuck off Cath. You’ve had your fun and I’m in no mood!”

“I’m sorry Jace, it’s just that we’ve always had a harsh relationship and I was just pushing your buttons. I am sorry, I went too far. Come back downstairs and we’ll watch a film.”

Jace opened the door. “Why would you go that far? That was fucking hurtful!”

“It’s the alcohol. I can’t handle it very well. Please, come down and I’ll try to behave.” He relented and left his room.

Back in the living room they chose a rom com because it was easy to watch. During the film there was a sexual scene which made Cath think about him telling her he was big. She’d heard rumors and now her mind was caught on the thought of his size, wondering how long and fat it was. She looked over trying to catch some kind of clue but his track pants were too loose fitting for her to tell.

The film finished, leaving them with a choice of late night TV or bed. “I’m going up.” He told her. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

He left her sitting, feeling frustrated. She had an unfamiliar feeling as she thought about Jace. Over the course of the day they’d been snarky towards each other, later on they’d got on well, then after the vodka they’d blown up. Now she felt a pull at the thought of him. She put it down to the vodka, leaving the room to go to bed.

In the morning Jace woke late with a headache. He walked down stairs smelling bacon. As he rounded the bottom of the stairs walking to the kitchen door he could hear some clattering and singing from behind the door. He stood smiling as Cath warbled badly to some God awful song. Eventually he opened the door.

“What the fuck is that noise?” He asked.

“This little bro, is Celine Dion.”

“More like a fucking sea lion dying! Any chance some of that bacon might find it’s way in front of me? I feel rough.”

“Here have mine. I’ll make more.”

That wasn’t like her. She never gave him anything. She would have stolen the bacon off his plate in the past. He eyed her with suspicion. “What are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything.” The pause was lengthy and gave her away. “Just making breakfast.”

“No! You’re hiding something.”

Her shoulders dropped and her eyes rolled. “It’s an apology for last night. I really didn’t mean to piss you off. I was just teasing and it went too far, so I wanted to make it up to you.”

His scepticism was still strong but he accepted her tasty apology. “I thought maybe we could do something together today.”

He slammed his cutlery down. “Where’s my sister? You dirty fucking alien!”

Cath laughed. It was a quote from their favourite b movie. As soon as she laughed at it he knew she wasn’t an alien and she was actually just Cath being nice. It was something he wasn’t used to. Their relationship was usually fuelled on insults and censure. “You feeling ill?”

“Not at all. Actually I feel great.”

Jace ate his bacon looking over to his sister singing and wiggling as she danced. He watched her bum as she shook it, only looking away as she turned around. He felt uneasy about watching her but found it hard to stop when she wasn’t looking. It was made all the harder by the fact she was wearing only a T-shirt over her underwear.

“Shall we go down the river in a bit? It’s a hot day, it might be nice to have a dip.”

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