Siblings Stuck In Self Quarantine


INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Brother and sister Josh and Kelly from Adelaide, South Australia despite being close in age have next to nothing in common either in personality or looks and tend to get on each other’s nerves.

This causes a bit of a problem when COVID 19 arrives, and skinny Josh and fat Kelly are forced into self isolation together after a series of unfortunate events at a shopping centre potentially leaves them exposed to the Coronavirus.

Initially the brother and sister don’t get along too well, but stuck inside the house together for two weeks and not allowed to have contact with other people, Josh and Kelly start to see each other in ways that brothers and sisters should not …

Please be advised that this story is a fat fetish story, and it also involves scenes with the sister using the toilet and references to menstruation. If you aren’t into fat fetishes or if the other themes of the story offend you, please consider whether you want to read it. Otherwise, please have fun reading about fit Josh and his fat sister Kelly being stuck in self isolation and rate and comment.

All characters and events depicted in the story are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 and older are in any sexual situations.


Josh and Kelly Clark were a rare example of Irish twins — siblings born within a year of each other but not as twins — but despite their closeness in age the brother and sister shared little if anything in common.

Growing up in the southern suburbs of the South Australian capital of Adelaide Josh and Kelly, raised by their divorced single mother Leonie, were polar opposites. University student Josh, the older of the siblings, was always extremely health conscious and sports minded, working out daily and playing the sports of Australian Rules football in winter and cricket in summer. He stuck to his ultra-healthy diet and exercise program rigidly, and the handsome 19-year-old was rewarded with a fine physique that made many a young lady’s panties damp when he passed by, exercising with his friends or by himself.

Josh’s iron self-discipline, ambition and rigid ways were reflected in other areas of his life too. His room was spotless, not a single thing out of place, and he never shirked on his studies either when he was at school and now at university, where he was studying sports science. Josh hoped his degree would assist him in helping rid Australia of its growing problems with obesity and inactivity, things he could not abide. The part time job he held to finance his life and studies was at a sporting goods store in an Adelaide shopping center, where young Josh was a star salesman.

Kelly, who had turned 18 in December and graduated from high school, was a completely different matter. Kelly was not a straight A student in school like her brother, far from it. She hated studying, and would only do it after much cajoling from her long suffering mother. Her report cards were mainly full of C’s and D’s, and upon leaving high school her main ambition was never to study again. She had a part time job in the supermarket in the same shopping center where her brother worked, and when leaving school simply increased her shifts. Leonie tried to talk her daughter into getting at least some type of formal training, but stubborn Kelly was having none of it.

At home, Kelly was lazy and a bit of a slob, having a messy and disorganized bedroom with clothes chucked on the floor, not only there but in the bathroom too. Kelly would drink the last of the milk or juice and put the empty carton back in the fridge for her mother or brother to deal with. She would leave plates, cutlery and glasses behind herself unwashed, which failed to impress her mother with Leonie liking to keep a tidy house.

It would have been utopia to neat freak Josh had Kelly only left dirty dishes behind herself and wet towels and clothes on the bathroom floor after she showered. The house was a small house, three bedrooms and one bathroom which the mother, son and daughter all had to share. And every four weeks without fail Josh would see the evidence that Kelly was on her period — if his sister’s crappy mood wasn’t enough evidence of this — when she left her packet of sanitary pads on the bathroom vanity in full view because she was too lazy to put them away out of sight. This got on Josh’s nerves no end, as he wanted to see zero evidence that his younger sister was menstruating.

The only consolation was that apart from the unwashed dishes thing, Kelly wasn’t dirty. She showered usually twice daily, wore deodorant, brushed her teeth, never failed to flush the toilet after she went to the loo and her used period pads were always disposed of in the wheelie bin outside during her time of the month. But considering how inconsiderate and lazy Kelly was most of the time, these were small consolations indeed.

Even in looks, Kelly and Josh were not alike. Both siblings had brown hair, but Josh’s short hair ankara escort was light brown much like their mother, while Kelly’s long hair was dark brown like their father’s hair. Josh’s eyes were brown like Leonie’s but Kelly’s eyes were blue. Josh had a more olive complexion, while Kelly’s skin tone was fair. Josh was tall at six feet, Kelly much shorter at five feet four.

While relatively dissimilar in height, it was in girth where the Clark siblings differed most. Josh was a poster boy for a healthy weight, his fit body having plenty of lean muscle tone. As for Kelly, well Kelly was as usual the complete opposite of her older brother.

Always chubby as a child, Kelly’s weight problem began to escalate more from age 10 as she started to go through puberty. The teenager gained more and more weight throughout adolescence, reaching the weight of 104 kilograms by the time she turned 18, 230 pounds or more than 16 stone if measuring her weight in imperial rather than metric. She weighed 32 kilograms more than her 72 kilogram older brother, and was getting close to doubling the weight of her mother, the slim Leonie weighing just 58 kilograms.

Kelly naturally had big breasts — even if skinny like her mother and brother the teenager would still need a D-cup bra to keep her massive mammary glands in check — but big boobs did not account for Kelly’s excessive weight in other areas of her young body. Like her chubby legs with massive thighs, her flabby upper arms, her enormous bottom and the rolls of fat that could be found around Kelly’s hips and her midriff.

Kelly’s fat stomach had led to her being mistaken for being pregnant on several occasions. One young boy on his way to school stood up for her on a crowded train saying that she needed the seat more than he did. A young female ride attendant at the Adelaide show attempted to prevent Kelly getting on a carnival ride by pointing out the sign that pregnant women were not allowed to ride. And in the city one day an old lady told Kelly that she was sure to have a girl as she was carrying low.

Like the rest of Kelly’s body her face was also chubby, but it did not diminish her looks as Kelly was a very pretty girl despite her weight problems, and actually quite stunning facially. The clothes Kelly chose to wear did not flatter her figure, the teenager favoring low-cut jeans, denim shorts, short skirts and dresses and frequently active-wear leggings despite Kelly doing no exercise aside from walking to the refrigerator. Kelly’s tight jeans and shorts would create a muffin-top around her tummy, and as the teenager always wore cotton full-brief panties — sometimes called ‘granny panties’ — as they were more comfortable for her fat bottom, the tops of her knickers would show above Kelly’s jeans or shorts. However nothing looked so out of place as Kelly in a bikini, her favored attire when she went to the beach.

In something of a paradox, while Kelly’s fashion sense was most unflattering to a girl of her size, she was actually pretty enough to get away with it. An unattractive girl as overweight as Kelly could never carry off the skinny girl clothes Kelly wore.

While Kelly was not fat enough for it to cause her too much adversity in life — she would have no issues fitting in a plane seat and apart from a ride attendant mistaking her for being pregnant, no issues getting on a ride at a carnival or theme park — to be so overweight at just 18-years-old and only months out of high school it was a concern just how big Kelly would become in coming years. Her mother and her doctor had spoken to Kelly about her weight problems and bad diet — Josh had not because Kelly would not take it well to put it mildly — but Kelly did not listen.

For one thing, Kelly had a posse of enablers — her female friends — who were just as fat as her with the same bad eating habits, and several of the girls even fatter. Also weaning Kelly off the foods and beverages that caused her weight problems would be a huge challenge.

Kelly’s favorite savory foods were hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pies, sausage rolls, chips (both hot chips and potato crisps), deep fried chicken, kebabs with lots of sauce and fish and chips. If preparing meals at home, Kelly would mainly eat pasta smothered in creamy sauce and topped with mountains of cheese, or fried food. When eating foods that did have healthy options — Chinese, Thai or Indian — Kelly would go for the unhealthiest options on the menu. Sweets were Kelly’s weakness, and the young girl loved chocolate, lollies, cookies, cakes, muffins, ice-cream, pastries and especially doughnuts. There was a doughnut shop just outside the supermarket where she worked, which gave young Kelly the chance to indulge in a doughnut — or three — every day.

All of Kelly’s unhealthy food intake needed to be washed down, and Kelly mainly did this with huge volumes of fizzy soft drink, hot drinks laden with sugar and cream and milkshakes. And alcohol. So much alcohol, mainly brightly colored mixed spirit drinks, sweet goon cask wine and beer. escort ankara Kelly had been drinking for years despite getting into trouble for it, and now that she had turned 18 would go out with her fat friends in Adelaide on the weekends, binge drinking and overeating.

One time Kelly came home late one night full of unhealthy food and blind drunk to the point she could barely stand, Kelly vomiting profusely all over the driveway and front doorstep of the house. Leonie decided to teach Kelly a lesson, making her severely hung over daughter clean up her own sick the next morning. It didn’t cause Kelly to mend her ways, and feeling better by late in the afternoon, Kelly was up and about fixing herself more junk food washed down with sugary drinks. The obvious effect of all the unhealthy food and drinks that Kelly put in her mouth was releasing thousands of excess kilojoules into her body during the digestion process, which soon was added to her already adequate stores of blubber.

So that was life for the Clark family of Adelaide, single mother Leonie wondering how she ended up with a skinny, fit, motivated and neat freak son and a fat, unfit, lazy and messy daughter. That the two kids were full siblings and had the same father and were so close in age added to the mystery. Kelly was definitely the cuckoo in the nest that was for sure, but at least she hadn’t pushed her older brother to his death like the cuckoo chick always did with the host bird’s own chicks and eggs.

Josh likewise pondered the mysteries of his big little sister, and one of those was how Kelly’s laziness was at times completely illogical. On the first Saturday of the new year of 2020, Josh had been up and about early doing his weights in the garage before heading for work, and Kelly as usual was lounging in bed, not wanting to get up to go to work herself until the last possible moment.

As Josh finished his weights he went back inside to pee, but before he could go into the toilet he saw his sister walk by in that direction, Kelly’s fat figure barefoot and wearing a tee-shirt over her panties, heading to the toilet herself with a huge handful of facial tissues, the teenager closing and locking the toilet door behind herself.

With only one toilet in the house Josh had no choice but to wait while his plus-sized sibling sat on the loo for the next ten minutes, Josh knowing that knocking on the door to try and hurry Kelly up would result in him being told to go and engage in sexual intercourse with himself. Finally though, Josh heard the welcome sound of Kelly flushing the toilet, before she emerged and went into the bathroom to wash her hands, Josh seeing — not that he wanted to — that his sister was wearing white full-brief panties with blue flowers as she lifted up her oversized tee-shirt to stop her knickers riding up her fat arse after she had pulled them up after finishing on the toilet. This time she carried no tissues.

Josh had wondered why Kelly had been carrying so many tissues on her way to the loo, and as he stepped into the bathroom he quickly found out why — there was an empty cardboard tube with no toilet paper on the holder, so Kelly must have used the tissues as her toilet paper. This would have been well and fine had there been no toilet rolls in the house and therefore no loo paper for Kelly to use to wipe her bottom on the toilet, but there was a huge supply of toilet rolls in the cupboard under the bathroom sink, one of which Josh took to change the roll over, something Kelly hadn’t obviously done.

The most perplexing part of all this was that the bathroom and the toilet were next door to each other, so all Kelly would have to do if she found the loo with inadequate or no toilet paper was to step into the bathroom and get a toilet roll and change it over. Walking back to her bedroom to get tissues because she couldn’t be bothered changing the toilet roll was a longer journey and more effort on her part.

And there was yet another little thing Kelly was too lazy to do. Despite being told so many times by her mother to spray toilet freshener around after she had been to the toilet for a poo, Kelly had found the effort of lifting up the can and spraying it around too much as usual. Josh, breathing through his mouth as he peed, did just this to banish the terrible toilet smell Kelly had left behind herself.


Kelly being too lazy to replace the loo paper and spending more effort to avoid the task should have been the strangest thing to happen regarding toilet paper for the year in Josh’s life. Unfortunately, bizarre toilet paper problems not only in South Australia, but the rest of the country and overseas too soon became front page news by March, and unthinkable just months earlier as the clocks ticked over from 2019 to 2020.

The highly contagious and at times deadly Coronavirus COVID 19 took little time spreading out from its origins in China and across the globe, turning every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe on its head within two months. One of the early problems was panic buying, ankara escort bayan especially of toilet paper and chaotic scenes could be seen at supermarkets as consumers fought — usually verbally but sometimes physically — over the toilet paper supplies in supermarkets. One poor girl walking to her car with a packet of toilet paper under her arm had it snatched from her by another woman who ran off, much like a bag snatch.

With panic buying and shop shortages continuing, Australia ground to a halt. In Adelaide alone, the bustling CBD was like a ghost town. Normally hundreds of people, tourists and locals alike, walked through the pleasant streets of the South Australian capital browsing through the shops in the historic arcades, enjoying meals in the food courts and cafes and admiring the iconic pig statues and ‘Malls Balls’ sculpture in Rundle Mall. Now, people were few and far between, just those who worked in the city’s tall and mid-rise buildings and who weren’t working from home like many who usually made their way into the city each day.

Further across the city, the busy Adelaide Markets were quiet, while all the restaurants in Gouger Street were either closed or only able to sell take away food. The tram would glide up King William Street to Glenelg, but like the normally busy trains and buses, the tram would be mostly empty. And when the tram reached its destination at the Glenelg tram stop, the meagre number of passengers would find the normally busy seaside suburb was like the city pretty much a ghost town, as were other beaches up the coast.

The café precincts and shopping areas of trendy inner suburbs like Unley, Norwood and North Adelaide were likewise quiet, as was historic Port Adelaide. Neighboring suburbs like West Torrens and Woodville were also quiet. All festivals, sporting matches and community events were either cancelled or postponed, leaving sporting venues and entertainment precincts empty. Hotels had no guests, although some housed South Australians returning from overseas travel and undergoing quarantine.

The scenic banks of the River Torrens, normally teeming with runners, cyclists and group fitness classes every morning, were now quiet, just the odd runner, walker or bike now and then. Zoos, wildlife parks, museums, gyms, leisure centers and libraries were closed throughout the state. Getting out of town, attractions in the Adelaide Hills the Lofty Ranges, the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, the banks of the Murray River and popular towns on the Fleurieu Peninsula like Victor Harbor were also in shutdown. Kangaroo Island, in need of a bumper tourist season following bad bushfires in the summer, was suffering a double blow due to COVID 19, no tourists or even local South Australians visiting.

Even if one tried to go interstate, one would obviously find limited flights to achieve this, and even if one did most states like South Australia had the borders closed. Such an ill-advised trip, for example if one went to the Gold Coast one would find oneself in 14 days of isolation upon arrival in Queensland, boredom upon release as no theme parks nor other tourist attractions were open on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, then after more difficulties catching a flight home 14 days isolation upon returning to Adelaide. It was the same in most other Australian states and territories.

In the small house in Adelaide’s southern suburbs the Clark family called home, the Coronavirus impact was affecting the work lives of the mother, son and daughter in different ways. Leonie Clark was now working from home, her office completely closed which wasn’t ideal but there was nothing she could do about it.

The situation for Josh and Kelly was somewhat ironic. Eager, high-performing and hard-working Josh found himself through no fault of his own joining thousands of fellow Australians and many more worldwide who were out of work in the retail, tourism, travel, hospitality and fitness sectors. In Josh’s case it was temporary, only stood down as the sports store was closing only temporarily, but regardless it was a blow to his pride and finances.

Kelly, notoriously lazy, unambitious and a girl who would do only the bare minimum at work had plenty of work to do at the supermarket and in no danger of losing her job, thanks to mad buying by panicking consumers as items ran short. In fact, Kelly was earning more money now due to extra shifts at the overworked supermarket.

Josh had one final shift at the store until the unknown date it would reopen. The shop was not open to customers, but a full inventory was needed so the owner/manager, his wife, Josh and another girl who worked there were doing this before the hiatus. They all tried to sound cheerful, but a sense of gloom at the uncertainty hung over all of them.

At lunchtime, Josh felt like some fresh fruit so made his way across to the supermarket where Kelly worked. It was extremely busy in there, apparently a consignment of toilet paper had just arrived and now customers were clamoring for it, many completely ignoring all social distancing rules and simple good manners. They squabbled over the toilet paper like a flock of ibises fighting over scraps in a bin, some arguing with customer service staff and security guards about the one packet per customer limit.

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