Silent Song


A cry from a morning lark stirred her from her sleep. She languidly stretched in her feline way and breathed in the morning mountain air. Cool, crisp, silent save for the birds and a gentle breeze bringing a hint of autumn. Stirring from her bed, she looked out the window of her holiday cabin. The undulating scene before her, the colors creeping into the forest leaves, the solitude and the chance to regroup from a busy life left her refreshed and invigorated.

The only sign of humanity around her was the track wending down from her hill to the valley, and a couple of plumes of fireplace smoke from some distant chimneys. Another magic day – what would it bring to her?

Today, she thought she would visit the local township and take in the color and atmosphere. Being a little out of the ways, it wasn’t touristy, but it wasnt the backblocks and completely isolated. She’d felt welcome last time she went in for supplies. She smiled quietly to herself thinking about the cute young man behind the grocery counter- so friendly, so effortlessly strong, those muscles smoothly sliding under his shirt as he loaded the supplies into her car, only to smile warmly, a godlike prince waiting to learn about the world… her mind drifted into a pleasant singsong musing as she slipped into the shower. Oh, she might be out in the middle of nowhere, but she’d made sure she had all her creature comforts. Getting back to nature only took one so far in appreciation.

And nature had treated that young man soooo well. The warm stream of water played down her neck and back, she leaned back and let it caress her hair, touch her satin skin….

Felt really good. She let the languidity of sleep slowly wash out of her, but with the same pleasant afterglow remaining. She stroked her face, a face that was again showing its beauty having shed a busy life for a couple of weeks – her smile was coming back to her and she felt again like a teenager, tasting the wonders of adult life with the energy and spirit that was creeping back into her soul

The City is fine, but every so often you have to get back to basics – to keep in touch with reality. The water bubbled playfully down her neck and over her breasts – she watched it stream over in rivulets down her body – pleased with her shape, her womanliness.

Was bahis firmaları his smile for me? She mused – or did all the women and girls visit the town just to catch his sparkling brown eyes and broad shoulders? Her left hand left her cheek and smoothly drifted down the water to her left breast – she let a finger lazily circle around and over. It had been a while since she’d given herself permission to think about men. How old would he be, 23? 27? She tried to remember the name on his badge – it eluded her. It should have read Adonis. Wonder if he’ll be there today?

Her finger started to take on its own rhythm, circling her areola, lightly touching her nipple. She enjoyed the gradual sensuousness of blood flowing in and engorging her breasts – her nipple hardening and filling under her caress. The warmth of the flow and the smell of pine gave her a heady feeling, stimulating and yet so laid back. Her right hand slid across her other breast, cupping it, sampling their fullness and gently pressing with her palm – sending a thrill through her.

She would have to visit the town today she thought, and giggled – she did feel so light headed and excited – how could a boy give her so much to look forward to on a simple shopping trip? It wasn’t as if she’d thought about him a lot since then. But since then, she’d had the chance to sort through a lot of things – experience the pleasure of simplicity.

Her finger had done its job well; she felt her skin tingling and a familiar smoothness enter her loins. When was the last time she had played like this – with so much time to take pleasure in herself? Too long. Her right hand drifted down her stomach, she felt the familiar entanglement of her pubic hair, beckoning onwards and downwards. Twirling her fingers there, she remembered the wonder of her early budding womanhood and her marvel at the growth emerging – only to get caught up in bikini lines and other conforming activity.

It reminded her of the first time she explored her body, her fingers lightly touching those folds, enjoying the sensation they gave her. Her growing body indulging in idle fantasies about older boys – but all so new and exciting. Again her fingers touched her lips the same way. The lips on her mouth parted slightly in unison. kaçak iddaa The wetness – was it water, or her own body – it was difficult to tell, but she knew both were there, beckoned her and those naughty fingers again took up a rythym of their own, long, languid strokes along the length of her swelling lips

She thought about the young man again, she saw him smiling at her, she remembered casting her eyes over his strong frame, his tight jeans, his dark hair. Her breathing became heavy as she mentally pictured asking him if he would mind bringing the groceries to her house.

In her mind’s eye, she watched his appraising look – and that warm smile lightening his face, then watching him check with his Boss if that was ok – and running out of the store throwing his apron back inside as he left

Her breathing became more urgent, those lips opened further and her fingers stroked and searched longingly. She felt the nub of hardness slightly inside her and experienced an electric thrill as the digits probed and found her. A low moan escaped her mouth and she started to slowly rock back and forth imagining his hard body pressed to her

Her passion raced the vision to her front door, where she opened up and invited him in for a cool drink. His body brushing hers as he carried the groceries past her – and she found she uncontrollably touched his passing shoulder.

Her dream: His head turned and she felt his smouldering eyes looking straight into her soul and liking what he saw there. The anticipation of the fantasy now taking over her body, she probed deeper, rythmically, enjoying the increasing pace and feel. Two fingers and a dream – so wonderful, so delicious, so overpowering

She saw him slowly reach for the glass and their fingers touched – and lingered. He looked shy (her breathing was now interpersed with deep longing gasps and moans) as she lifted a finger to his cheek, and touched him lightly – he, drawn closer to her. The glass, placed on the counter, at last they took each other in a grasp of passion.

She felt herself take in his smell – an honest working smell – masculine, erotic and overpowering. their lips locked, she explored his mouth, breathing him in. His hands grasping her shoulders, one moving down her back to press his groin against hers kaçak bahis – and she felt him hardening in his jeans

So taken by her fantasy, she did not hear the door, and the enquiring call. Unlocked, the visitor slowly entered, hearing the call of passion and a figure, a shadow moaning in the bathroom. The visitor, torn by curiosity, and the instruction from his friendly boss that he bring these supplies up because he was sure she’d be needing them

He placed the parcel on the bench. Turning to leave, her gasps made him stop. Not unfamiliar with matters of love, he lingered and pondered the risk. And accepted it. He moved towards the bathroom.

Slowly, past the threshold he saw her, lost in her own pleasure and body, leaning back, her fingers, her hands taking her to ecstasy. He moved closer – her eyes shut – and moved his head to kiss her nipple. So lost by it all, so smoothly was his caress, that she did not open her eyes, but took his mouth and lets his hands snake around her, taking her to him, fully clothed in the pouring shower

He loosened his belt, she tore off his shirt – she still closed to the reality with her – and he pressed his now naked body against her. Slowly her eyes opened – disbelief and confusion briefly crossing her face – until his kiss enveloped her and she freed her hand to take him in it – feeling the power in her palm – not disappointing at all! He lifted her up; she released him and parted her legs to let him impale her – taking him easily. Holding her up, their hips locked together, she hungrily drank his kisses, already fully aroused and aching for him, she arched her back and she rode him harder, and harder, over and over – melting and crying out again and again as sparks flew in her head, as if for the first time her true power was released. She shuddered as orgasm finally took her completely – his heat and strength still growing, fuelling her uncontrollable bliss. He gasped and hardened, trembling – she, partly spent, gave her rhythm to him, kissing and caressing him – unbelievable! How could fate have made this gift? She gave him his release and he roared in unmitigated orgasm, bucking into her and gasping and groaning – could Men come this long – magnificent.

Eventually, still locked against each other, his gasps subsided and they stumbled onto the bed.

What is your name she asked? He muttered shyly – It’s a crazy name – She insisted. He shyly but with sparkling eyes whispers the words

Adonis – my mother named me Adonis

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