Silkie and Casper from the Shamrock Tavern@2018


Silkie and Casper from the Shamrock Tavern@2018″I got up on a weekday morning, took a long shower, washed my hair, put on a little light lipstick, then changed my mind and put this ugly, really red shade on. It looked terrible against my pale freckled skin.I put a lot of it on my lips. I thought “This is going to be all over some guy’s dick pretty soon.””I piled my hair on top of my head, like I was preparing for some kind of stage role. I never used eye shadow or eyeliner, except on stage, but I found some and put that on around my eyes. It was the wrong shade for the lipstick and everything else. Fine. Now I looked crazy and slutty. The perfect look for Seattle that rainy fall. All my clothes were too tight. ( remember, I had put on about forty pounds by living on ice-cream, fast food, and Camel cigarettes for the past four months) My ass was a LOT wider than it had ever been. I got myself into a skirt, somehow. and it was so fuckin’ tight, Tom. For what I had in mind, that was okay by me, Now I wasn’t just a disgusting slut pig skank, I was a fat one, too. It suited me fine. Totally u******e for the State of Washington. I was headed for the Shamrock Tavern on Second Ave. , a known den of sleaziness. I was going to put on my slave mask, blow some strange men while kneeling in the filthy toilet, and keep doing that until I had enough, or two hundred dollars at $5.00 for each dick I got to pop.. I wasn’t sure what enough was. I was planning on getting jizz all over my face and my new mask. When I was going over this idea in my mind “jizz” seemed a lot better than other words for semen collected on me. It just sounds nastier to my ears than one of a hundred other words about the same substance.Maybe the bartender would throw my fat skanky ass right out onto the fucking sidewalk. I didn’t think I was going to actually screw anybody, I wasn’t sure my body could handle it ,but as bad as I felt about myself, I was ready to do that, too. I wanted to get guys really, really close to coming, at the point where they get all whiny and needy about it, and then just fuck with their heads until they popped all over me and the floor, and I made them watch me lick the whole disgusting mess up. Tom, I didn’t have much of a plan, but I had whored before, so I thought I could do it. I just thought if I fed my need to be humiliated, I could get over my months long depression and basic absence from any form of social life.” ” I made sure I had plenty of boob out there for the guys to look at. What straight guy isn’t a fool for big tits? I’ve done an awful lot of guys for a woman my age, and I hadn’t met one yet. Particularly if my tits are out there in my bra so they are squeezed together. I found a bra that I wore on stage to make my tits more prominent, as if that had ever been a problem for me. I wore a black silk blouse over it,two buttons undone, black skirt and a black raincoat. Added my black heels and that black leather purse I got from Sarah. God, I wish men knew what to do with breasts besides gape and say stupid shit to me about my body out on the street. but this afternoon, I didn’t give a hoot about that. I was just planning to go out there in that outft, and see what happened.””I didn’t give a fuck anymore. I was just going to do this thing, without anybody like Sarah or Judy to look out for me. Sarah and Judy weren’t around when I did all that crazy shit with my Aunt Ida in Berkeley, not so long ago, and I did okay.”” I was riding the bus through downtown, thinking about Wonder Woman, and how today I was going to be Fucking Wonder Fucking Woman of Fucking Sluttiness. or something like that.”” I was thinking about whether I should charge money or not. I decided I would blow these guys for five bucks a dick. What could be sluttier than that? I was way in the back of the bus by myself. I hadn’t touched my puss for anything but pure hygeine for four months. Now I opened my legs and gave my puss a little rub through the fabric of my panties. Wow, did she ever like that. It made me want to follow through with all this craziness.””I got off the bus a block away near the corner of Pine and Second, and walked back up Second in my heels, shoes I almost never wore. And a big black leather purse, with my mask inside. Heels always made my ass wiggle when I walked down the street . Ninety-nine percent of the time , I did not want the attention that brought me, but today was different. I put an extra wiggle in my walk today. Maybe I could get a “client” to follow me right into the bar, and proceed from there, Tom.” “I stood in front of the place for a minute, getting ready for my next role. I stepped in and over something small and disgusting in the doorway.. It was dark and gloomy in there. I couldn’t see anything right away until my eyes re-adjusted from the glare of the street. The bar must have been 100 feet long. The place was full of men. There was some old Billie Holiday song(The Man I Love) playing on the juke box. I thought: “I’m in the money!, I’m in the fucking money!! “”Then I looked around again at all these well groomed, good-looking men. What was going on? Then I had another thought. “What is today? Thursday, fucking Thursday.” There weren’t nearly as many gay bars in Seattle as there are now, but funky places like the Old Shamrock usually had one gay night each week, and it was usually on Thursday. Before I had walked ten feet into the place, men were whistling, clapping and cheering, in a really cool, friendly way. Except for one of the bartenders, I was the only female in the place. I thought for a few seconds that I had better walk myself backwards right out the door, but , after that greeting, I decided to stay a little longer to see what might happen. I had done stuff with gay and bi-sexual men before, and I usually had a fine time. These men were much more aware sexually than their hetero-sexual brothers. They all shaved and used deodorant. Hair washed and perfectly cut. Expensive casual clothes, perfectly cut jeans with nary a saggy bottom in the place. I hadn’t seen so many cute asses in a long time.There were men there who looked as if they had just come from working on ships in the harbor, and men in expensive business suits, too. – A lot of gay men really loved opera.A man about thirty-five, chubby, short, balding, in a beautiful yellow sweater and blue oxford shirt , walked up to me with a big smile. “I know you, I know you, but you don’t know me!”I had a moment of dread. Maybe the mob from Los Angeles had finally tracked me down, and they were going to tie me naked to a pool table and pour hot lead up my ass until I told them where the money was.”You were in Annie Get Your Gun!”That stopped me cold for a few seconds.” You were so wonderful, Silkie? Is it? Silkie?” “Why yes, that’s me. Thank you, thank you so much, I didn’t think anyone noticed…”He stared. “Nobody noticed? Oh my dear. I have to tell you , I noticed and so did all my friends who go to every opening and gallery show”. “You were perfect for that role, a short little buckaroo or I should say “bucaroona!” He made a gesture to indicate his height.”My name is Casper. Casper Wyoming. I’m sure you’ve heard of it? That’s where I grew up, an awful place for a little homo like me to get that done. I was Billy Peterson there. Casper is in the middle of nowhere, not too far from the continental divide. “Casper” is the friendly spirit, right? The friendly ghost? I loved “Casper” when I was little. Casper the FG didn’t care if you got turned on by boys or girls or both (like me) or none, that wasn’t his job. But in Casper, the town in the middle of Wyoming? They cared a lot about that.””Well this Casper had to find a friendlier place to be friendly. My parents treated me as if I had malaria. I got away from there when I was fifteen and just lived on the street in Denver and Salt Lake. I got by, whoring myself out. It was a shitty way to live, but at least I didn’t have to pretend I was somebody else in order for some cowboy who was feelilng his oats to not beat the shit out of me.. Years later I went back to Casper for my little sister’s wedding, and, my god, Silkie, the place is just the same….” “Excuse me, Silkie. I must ask .” Casper made a wide gesture with his hands toward my body. This get-up you have on? You look like Mae West too long in the dryer, honey. What is going on? Are you even old enough to be in here.?””Please, Casper, don’t get me kicked out of here. I’d love to stay here and talk to you. Can we get a table in a corner somewhere? I want to tell you what’s up, but it would be easier if I were sitting and I had a 12 ounce bud in front of me on the table…” Let’s see if we can find a place.” With a wave of his hand, we were seated, after he had so gracefully held my chair, and taken my jacket. I thought I might be liking this. I didn’t have to follow the script I had made up in my head, but I was determined that something was going to happen, even if I had to stand on a table, take off my clothes, and play with myself. Casper and I sat that table, slowly finishing off severel bottles of Budweiser and talking about musicals and operas we loved. Not even a hint of sex, no touches to my knees or shoulders, just a conversation I needed to have. Casper and I found a booth, and slid in beside each other. I knew I was going to have to tell him why I was in this place, dressed as he said later. “like Charlotte the Harlot.”Three beers was the agent I needed to loosen my tongue. I told Casper my story, editing as I went along: “So I’ve been having sex with men and women since I was twelve or thirteen. I’m an exibitiontionist and a performer, Casper, but I haven’t been out of my house for four or five months. I have a thing, a sex thing, well, I have this thing where sometimes I need to do some kind of sex thing where I get humiliated and degraded, maybe peed on at the same time. When this is happening, I like to be having sex with men and women. So I came down here to see if I could find a scene where a lot of men I didn’t know would do that, Casper. I hope you don’t walk out on me now…”I reached in my bag and pulled out the mask, and quickly popped it over my head.”What in the world are you doing?” in a panicked whisper. “you can’t do that in here…that means you are a total slave for anybody who wants anything. Are you sure you want this? Walk out on you? Why would I do that? Half the men in here are dying for a scene like that…”” You look so adorable in that thing, Silkie, please, take it off. I want to stay here with you.This is not a signal you want to send in this bar unless you really know what you are doing or you have a slavemaster to protect you.”I took it off. I said to Casper: “Some gay men like women and pussy, I know, they just don’t like going down on women, Casper.””You got that right, Silkie. It sounds as if you are bi-sexual, Silkie. I am too, but I tend to live in this gay world. Some gay men reject me because I like sex with women as much as with men. I don’t have a hang-up about eating pussy, Silkie, I like it. You probably, how shall I put it, you probably like to suck dick. That’s something I like, too. Of course, like all men, I like to be on the other end of that equation, too”.I had never heard a man use the word “equation” to describe how much he liked his dick sucked, but I liked it. I went into this bar to be humiliated, and now I was being charmed. With the beer and all the information from Casper, my head was spinning.I was going to ask Casper if he wanted to follow me into the bathroom so I could show him what I was talking about, but he just pointed in the direction of the men’s toilet, where ten men were waiting in line. “There is a guy here who is wired up a little like you. He’s got a mask , too. He and three guys are in there now, and that’s why we have that long line. There is a ladies room here, too, and hardly ever a line for that one. Believe it or not, I don’t know you well enough to have sex with you in a public bathroom, Silkie. Would you like to go back to my place and listen to these old opera records I got from my mom? If you want to have sex, that’s okay with me, but I’m not the sort of lover who abuses you or humiliates you. I just like sex to be kind of gentle and friendly. I’ve been rough-fucked by a lot of men, but , as I get older, I find that isn’t quite my cup of tea. Do you like getting your ass fucked?””Yeah, I do, I’ve been using my ass since I was little, before I started to have any cocks up my pussy…””Not me, Silkie, I don’t want anything there except a pinky finger, and even that, not all the time…” Casper, if I offered up my ass, would you take it?”Casper paused. “Oh my goodness,well, I would, bursa escort yes, I believe I would, but I want to play some music for you, not just jump on your lovely bones. I come to this bar, sure, maybe I’ll meet someone, but I’m not a total slut. Some things I will do and some I won’t. I just looking for something friendly, you know…””That’s not what I was looking for when I walked in this place. I was kind of hoping to get disgraced, peed on and cummed on, too, so that when I walked out of here I looked like a glazed doughnut, Casper. That’s how I am today. But I’d love to go to your house. If you are the kind of man who is slow and gentle, that’s okay too. I haven’t had anything for five months, not even touching myself…””I’m that guy, Silkie. Shall we go?” Casper lived with a roomate in an apartment in an old building a few blocks walk from the bar. I was in my hooker outfit, holding his hand, stopping every once in a while to kiss. I groped Casper right out on First Avenue, rubbing his crotch in the middle of the sidewalk, but I didn;t feel too much down there. When we got to his place, I started to get Casper’s pants off, but he stopped me. “I’m not hard yet, not even close, let’s do this. “He got up, put on an opera record, and came back.”Let’s just kiss and make out for a while, okay? That’s how I get hard now. It’s not automatic anymore.”We slowed down, stretched out on his bed and soon we were hugging and kissing and pushing our hips together. I hadn’t thought about the “Make-out” kind of kissing for many months. “Tonsil hockey.”Casper said “My roomate is at his mother’s house in Medina for a few days. He is taller, and so much better looking than me.””Do you love him? I don’t want to get between you and your boyfriend.””I like him a lot as a friend, and I like to make love with him. We aren’t officially lovers, but sometimes… I have an idea. Dave is more gay than bi, on whatever scale we use, but he likes girls. Do you think you might like to join both of us?”TODAY?””No no no not today. he won’t be back till Friday. If you like me and sex with me today, maybe we can make a date, do you think?””Do you fuck Dave up the ass?””Yeah, he really loves that…even with my short dick…or maybe because of it.”Silkie, I really want to go down on you.” “Sounds good to me.” “Do you want me to shave?”I thought about all those men with their fucking four day old beards up against my pussy and the inside of my thighs. Actually, the iritation sometimes made getting eaten out even hotter, but today, since he so sweetly offered:”Sure baby, get your cheeks and chin nice and smooth. Nice and smooth and right between my legs, lover, that sounds good to me. Just like getting done by a girl except I reach down here…. and grab your dick if the pussy eating gets to be too much. I know I’m bi, because if anybody goes down on me long enough, I really , really need something in my puss.””Like a fat cock?” “Well if I get turned on enough first, I really don’ give a hoot about how big the dick is. Just like that old blues song : It Ain’t the Meat, it’s the Motion.” If you don’t know how to fuck, the biggest cock in the world isn’t going to help. Casper was a guy, in his human form, who, with his short dick, was just the best lover of me. Of course, HE could get inside my head and wll as my future and my past, so there was a lot more he was fucking with than just my size three pussy and size four mouth.A picture grew in my head of my new blue 500 pound riding Dolphin machine, now at the foot of my bed, thanks to ever-darling Sarah. I knew there was something about it that got to me sexually..”I’d like to ride his cock, if its not too huge, while you fuck his ass, Casper.” That was the answer that popped out of me in a mili-second…this is the part of me I didn’t understand very well then, or even now.”Wow. Never done that. Dicks and cum and lube all over the walls and ceiling with that trick. Sounds fun, Silkie. I like the way your mind works. I’ll talk to Ryan and the three of us could go out to dinner, hear some music, do some dancing before we come back to La Hacienda del Caspero, yes?” “You could be fucking Ryan, Casper, from behind, and you do do to him what I want him to do while I am sitting on his lap, riding his cock. The last guy I did that with was kissing all over my neck and shoulders and pinching my nips while he did me. It was really nice. “”Well, let me say this, Silkie. Ryan is a nice lover. He is very attentive and sweet. If you like his personality, and I’m sure you will, I think you will like being sex partners with him, too.””Does he need to get his dick sucked? Does he like to eat pussy? My pussy?'””Don’t worry. Silkie. He’s a sexy guy. After this wonderful time with you, I know all of us will be good together.””Casper, you are so sweet. I think we should get busy and have a lot of sex before we try it with Ryan.”We got busy. I had certainly forgotten how much I liked it. He kept grabbing for my breasts or my pussy, but I kept pushing his hands away, like I hadn’t done with anybody since I was eleven! Casper caressed my boobs, still in my dress, and I rubbed the front of his pants just like we were at the drive-in. I got my head in his lap and nuzzled and snuzzled that lump until he felt pretty solid. There is nothing I like better than getting men really hard when they start off soft. I hadn’t had any orgasm of my own design for way way too long.”Casper. Let’s do this. I need to please my pussy a little. I always do before I fuck. Do you want to look at me when I do that?””I’d love that. May I touch myself, too?””Only if you want to see me get horny really quick!”– I had hardly looked at myself in months. One thing I noticed, as I walked around Casper’s place with no pants: My cooch was as bright and cheerful as a summer day in Indiana. Casper noticed, too, and said something sweet:”Wow Silkie, if I had a pussy, I’d want it to look just like that!”I fluffed my red pubes and did a ballet turn. I had to dance as well as sing for these serious opera roles I was aiming at.I said with a dumb French accent:”An you, you gait to see me jaque my zelf off? Is tha’ how you zay eet?”I like to start sex with a lot of silliness, too. Most men aren’t too adept at that, but Casper was pretty adroit.My pussy is often just kind of a seam across the bottom of my belly, but when I get turned on, everything that was hiding statrs to come out. My clit gets big and sticks out in front, and when that happens, my whole pussy opens up, you can see everything if you look. Especially if my man’s face is about two inches away! When he gets that close, I put my hands gently around the back of his head, and I pull my lover’s face into my cunt and hold him there until he gets his face all wet, pleasing me. I’m usually not so crazy for his tongue right up my vagina, but when I get that feeling, his tongue in my pussy hole is just what I want.We masturbated for each other to see. I was watching Casper jack himself off, while I was playing with myself. I hadn’t done that for so long, I had almost forgotten how much I liked that. He was beating off, and he had a boner, of course, and there was something on it, I couldn’t quite figure it out so I went over to him aand looked closer. “Casper stop for a minute. Stop! I want to…what’s on your dick, Casper?””Look closer, Silkie…”In a time when not very many people had tattoos of any kind, Casper had a tattoo of Popeye, Popeye, the Sailor Man. on his dick! Casper laughed: ” Since my cock is kind of short, I thought I would make it remarkable.” Casper was laughing, but you have to be pretty serious to get your weiner tattooed, was my thought. “When I’m soft, Popeye disappears, but when my little dick gets hard, there is Popeye. Look closer, Silkie.” I got my face one inch from his boner. Underneath Popeye, in the smallest letters possible, “Strong to the Finish.”I had seen a lot of dicks in my young life, lots of dicks, but never one like Casper’s. I fell a little bit in love with him on the spot. I was there to suck his dick and get fucked , but but this had never occured to me, not even in my goofiest fantasy!Lots of men are in too much of big hurry to fuck to do this, but Casper was not one of those guys. So many of our most special sex things happened when we were really young, I like to re-create some of those things, because they were so fucking sexy the first time they happened.Seeing him with his eyes closed, jacking his penis slowly off, while I teased the space between my pussy lips, made me fall in love with him a little more. He opened his brown eyes, so soft, watching me slide my two fingers in. He knew I was thinking about him. I was plenty in love enough for what I had in mind. . I hadn’t tasted a man for almost half a year. I wasn’t thinking about his semen taste so much, but the way a man’s dick and balls and ass taste and how all of that smells and feels in my mouthThere is nothing else on the planet like it, and that is the taste I wanted. It was ten minutes of longing before I pulled his shorts down. His cock was so hard now that it sprung out from his underwear band, and bopped me right in my nose. Casper didn’t have the biggest dick, but I loved the way he bounced it right off my nose. There are worse ways to get me to suck your dick right away. When a man surprises me like that, I get real interested in all the fine points on his dick and how I can get him all turned on. I thought:” I could get this whole dick in my mouth.” I didn’t waste any time trying to figure out how I was going to do it. It had been a while since I had had any part of any man’s penis between my lips. I wanted to taste him, I’m always like that, but I wanted to feel him fill up my pussy even more. I sucked his dick, of couse, I don’t know what it would be like to spend any time with a man that I like that doesn’t involve some cocksucking, but here is the thing with Casper. I had thought he was kind of a grown up middle class white boy, and they are almost always cut, but Casper? Casper had short dick with a long foreskin. “Casper? I want to get my tongue under your skin here. Let me do that, please?” I rolled his foreskin back a little, got his penis shaft in one hand and his nuts in the other and wiggled my tongue in there until I was rubbing the part that is usually covered up. Casper’s boner got super hard, like it was made of stone. But nice and warm, like a dick should be, big or small. Casper was cool about having a small dick. He was one of the few men I’ve been with who just flat-out said “I have a small cock,’ He wasn’t embarassed, he was like a grown -up man should be. Now I don’t meet men that honest too often, but when I do, I want to explore their brains AND their bodies.My tongue felt like it did on a clitoris, except what I was licking was ten times as big. Some one told me there are 109 nerve endings on a woman’s clit…I wondered how many of his I was hitting as I ran my tongue along the high ridge of his dickhead, that part that is almost always covered up. I knew that would drive him nuts, and it did.”OH yes. oh god, Silkie, oh my god…” I had made men pop before by just doing the tongue under the foreskin thing, but I had some other plans for dear Casper. Casper began to move his hips and wiggle around so that it was hard to keep up with him.”You can shoot now, baby, if you’re that close. Cum all over me, Casper, put your big fucking load all over me…”But that’s not what I really wanted. I wanted to make him happy. But I wanted him inside. If I like the man at all, that’s what I want and where. I had a thought that I hadn’t had in five months:”That cock would fit so good in my fucking pussy..””Why don’t you jack off once and cum, and then we can go a lot longer. I love to see men jack off, Casper, love it, please , let me see you jacking off, please? You can come anywhere you want to, baby,, I like it in my puss, but anyplace is good. Do you like to come in a girl’s face? I’ll help you pump it right in my face if you want. Do girls with it all over their faces turn you on? Do you want to see me like that?”I always ask, because everybody is different. Casper laid on his side and jacked himself off, not too fast. I lay next to him, behind him, I put my hand over his jacking off hand and I let him take my hand for a ride. At certain points during sex, I start to hate guys who try to hold back. If you want to shoot, that’s what I want, too. Almost all guys are weird like that. Thanks the goddess I’m bi, because women aren’t like that at all.”Let me tickle your nuts, c’mon,,,”I tickled his balls and got my hand underneath and rubbed that special spot, behind his balls and in front of his asshole. “You’ve bursa escort bayan got so much jizz in here, don’t you ever beat off? You are going to come like a fucking elephant, baby” I whispered. “Come on, don’t hold back. Cum for me lover, c’mon, come for me.””I want to come inside you…”He didn’t have to say that twice. I opened my legs and personally guided his cock to the right place. “Rub it all over my pussy area so I just get super fucking wet, Casper. Please…”Casper was looking at my pussy and he noticed my clit had expanded. She was more out and frisky than she ever gets.”Wow, I don’t get to see that very often. May I kiss?”I didn’t want him to eat my pussy, I wanted him to FUCK it, but Casper was being so sexy I couldn’t resist.. He licked and kissed me there with just the right amount of pressure, just as sweet as Rachel, or Judy, or Sarah, or my mom. I came. Oh god, did I. If my lover goes to that place and loves me right there??? On my SPOT? I learned from years of having sex with so many people what works and what doesn’t. That works ALL the time.” This morning when I woke up I didn’t think I’d ever come again, Casper. Thank you lover, Thank you. Will you please hurry up and fuck me now….. Casper! NOW! NOW!!He slid his cock in and held that boner in me without moving for about two minutes. That was great. It gave my pussy a litte time to adjust to his cock, and to catch onto what was going on in my body. I do whatever it takes to warm my puss up, but, even, so, I like lovers who give me a moment or too to get my engine going. Casper began to pump, and soon I was puffing, then I was gasping “FUCK” with each increasingly ragged breath. Oh mama, this man really intended to fuck this little girl.I began to go into this moan each time Casper snapped his hips. O shit OH FUCK CASPER!!! my words blurred. All that came out of me were moans now. This short-dicked pudgy man knew a lot about fucking. he was fucking me like he had no pressure in his balls to come ., just slow and steady, getting a little faster and haarder, of course, but at a pace that was just right for me. I was moving into that place without words. I couldn’t or didn’t need to use any words. My life is so full of words. I love to get into that state, my aninal place, where the spirit of fucking Eros takes over my pussy and ass (and mouth)! for an old fashioned hoe-down. I have done quite a few fake orgasms, but I was in a place where I couldn’t fake anything. Another part of me was taking over the show. Something was happening with this fuck that didn’t make sense. I could feel him pushing that dick in me,and I felt his body between my legs. Just to fuck a man, to feel his full naked body the length of mine, was so great. But how did his cock get so big inside me? I’ve had a lot of dicks up me, this sure didn’t feel like the five incher that I’d been playing with a few minutes ago. I also felt him laying on top of me, with a HUGE cock, so long it reached from below my tits to over my head. Somebody sucked on my nips while I squeezed my boobs together around the huge cock. I wanted to suck it at the same time Caper was fucking me the way he was, but the cock head was so fat, I could only get part of it in my mouth. I thought, in the middle of this sex. :”That dick is so big I can’t get much in my mouth, but, the good thing is that for this guy, the part of his cock around his pee slit and back a little is super sensitive, so I’m going to tongue fuck him there as much as I can and we’ll see what happens.”I was getting fucked inside my body and out, what in the world was happening? I began to feel a familiar discomfort around my ass-hole, as if somebody was planning to slide their dick there, too. In all the sex I’d had, d**gs or no d**gs, I’d never been laid like this. While I was enjoying traveling to some totally new favorite realms, his whole family load of sperm arrived, a big bubbly sticky mess inside me, so much, it overflowed the pot and hot cum dribble slid down my ass crack, just the way I like it. Casper put a tidepool of cum in me, a salty wave that warmed me from my toes to my curls and all the parts in between. I felt somebody shoot all over my face and in my mouth, too, but it was like it was there, all over me, choking me, but it wasn’t. Just the really good feeling I got from making a boy pop, without all the clean-up ! The last time I had had a dick up me, I was getting ****d. This was the reverse of that experience. I didn’t care if I came or not, it just felt so goood. Did I mention that I love the way a load of cum feels when it arrives in my pussy, courtesy of a nice lover with a nice dick? Did I cum? Hell, no, as if I cared. I thought if I got pregnant again, which I was not supposed to do, it would be from fucking like this. It made me so happy to fuck away like I was doing, I felt as if some part of me had been restored.I took a little bit of his cum on my finger and popped it in his mouth. He made a funny slurpy sound. Casper was no stranger to tasting sperm, even his own. For a moment, I wished for a cock and balls so I could give him a nice hot load, too.He kept his cock in me for a long time, just holding me and kissing me. I was waiting for him to be hard again, and sure enough:He pulled out, still mostly hard: “Can I do the tongue and foreskin thing I did before?””Would you?””Baby, little mama cannot fucking wait.”That was a real trip to the candy store for darling Casper. His cock was wet with my juices and his semen, super sensitive after he came inside me. Cocks get that way when they come in my hot pussy, instead of out there in the open air. I put more baby oil on my hand and slowly jacked him off until his cock was stone rigid again. I sucked him up and down and all over. I carefully slid my tongue again under the edge of his penis skin, That felt more intimate than most fucking does. Casper was groaning from the intensity. I wanted to lick the ridge on his cockhead, where all the fireworks are. I was excited myself by now, but I could could only do him very very gently, because the pleasure for him was so powerful. I did him for about two minutes longer than I should have. I had him going crazy and I was the one who was doing it. Just in case I had totally forgotten I still could please another person that way.”Roll my skin back, Silkie, roll it all the way back so you can see my whole dick. It doesn’t hurt, unless you push or pull too hard.”. On the back of his dick, behind the head, but almost always covered, was the tiniest tattoo possible of a blue dolphin.”Do you think we got together today by accident? I had to go down to that grungy bar and pull your little ass with your fucking slave helmet out of there before you got yourself ****d and hurt again. I’m lucky I didn’t get jumped in there. Along with some other folks, I’ve been sent here to look out for you, okay? So don’t freak out or worry. I’ve been sent to make you feel good, in a human form this time, though I’ve been with you at various times in your life when things were tight. I’ll tell you more, later, but right now, you are such a lover, you’re the one who is making me feel good. How many humans can blow their own guardan angel and get him off? Silkie, I’ve been around for a few thousand years. It doesn’t happen too often. I’m totally in my human form now, and where did you learn to suck a cock like this?”I couldn’t talk. I thought I might be having some kind of mental breakdown. “No you’ aren’t going nuts, baby, not at all. I’m getting close….”I was without words.He grabbed my hair. A really powerful grab from a strong man:”Fuck, Silkie, Oh fuck baby that is too much…oh…”.He shot a fat wet stream across the bridge of my nose. I kept my face right down on his dick. I didn’t slow down. I didn’t stop licking . A huge glob landed on my cheek. I backed away a little, so I could see cum shooting out of his cock in arches, like little cream colored rainbows. Being in the middle of this made me so ravenouly excited. I got my hand down there and started rubbing myself as fast as I could go. He pumped another cum-bow right into my mouth. I’m not a big fan of some guy putting a load in my mouth, unless I ask, but this was fine. Better than fine: “Superb”. I licked and tasted. Yummy. I closed my eyes, but I could feel his cum land across there, too. The most delicious semen, ever. Ambrosia, Nutella, sweet potato pie, and a little whiskey flavor. I guess that is what angel cum tastes like. He wasn’t holding or aiming his cock, neither was I, but sweet Casper had turned into a cum monster. I don’t know how he could have so much semen stored up in his nuts. I didn’t expect it and he didn’t either, not until..It was all over me, my face, my hair, in between my teeth, I think you get the picture.I had planned to be a cum and piss bucket today, that;s why I was at the Old Shamrock Tavern in the first place. Now I was a cum bucket for this one man, who was very sweet, instead of for a lot of men I never had met before and would never see again, in a gross tavern toilet. I’m kinky enough to know that those are exactly the kinds of things that have a certain pull, shall I say, for me, but I realized that this moment, which could have gone off in so many wrong directions, went off in a good one.Now I was sucking off my own personal guardian angel. How kinky is that? I was so covered with his semen, his SECOND load in a few minutes, that all I could do was look amazed and laugh:”Oh my God, what happened? I made your cock explode!!””Yeah, Silkie, I’m not human, well not quite. I had to go back to the otherside to collect that load. “The jizz was all over my face, not just my face, my whole fucking head was glazed with it: The ugly eye shadow, the make up, the crappy lipstick all soaked. It was burning in my eyes, but Casper reached over and touched my eyelid, and the pain went away. So now I was looking at the world through cummy eyes that didn’t burn. That was a new one.: And sweet Casper was laughing and I was too. I hadn’t laughed liked that since my troubles started when our friend “Sugar” got burned to death in that old car last winter. It was every bit as good and as powerful as any sex I ever had, then or in the future. Casper and I were friends and occaisonal lovers for years. He was one of the first people in King County to die of AIDS, about twelve years later.”Do you like that, honey? Does it feel good “? Oh, I knew it did. While it was still all over me, he kissed most of it off my face. He got some on his tongue and kissed it back into my mouth. I had the feeling he might have done something like this before.He ate my jelly roll like he was the man who invented pussy eating. My pussy was so hot and so tight after a five month rest, and so ready to be fucked. I don’t know if I ever got wet so fast. He slid it around my pussy area, over hill and dale (but he skipped the dusty trail!), the way I like, and then he actually waited for me to say:” Casper, you’d better fuck me right now before I bite through your fucking throat!”I nearly came from the sensation of him sliding in and then alllllllllll the waaay in. I don’t care if a man is long or short, if I want him in my puss, when he goes all the way in, it’s all the cock I need. That never ever fails. My pussy opened for him and then she hugged him really tight. Mmmm…….”I had to stop the fun temporarily to talk to him seriously:”Casper, I can’t get fucked in my ass for at least another year. If I tear these tissues, I’ll be in really bad shape. I might have to have a colostomy if I can’t poop out of my ass anymore, it’s that serious. I’ve never been embarrased to tell my lovers that my ass needs attention, amd I didn’t mean little touches on my bottom, either. Now, I don”t know. If I take it easy for another year, keep up with my stool softeners so my p*o isn’t too hard and tough on my my poor little rectum, I might be ready. It takes those tissues a long time to heal, and I have to be so careful about an infection with all my shit sliding right past the sore spot. So what I’m trying to say is, not in my ass, not today. I’d love to do you like that, but that will have to wait a while. I hope we are still friends by then.””Can I kiss you there?”He gently licked and kissed around my asshole, doing little fucking teases with his tongue. I had made up my mind that I would never feel any sex feelings there again, but I hadn’t run across this guy yet. . Casper slid his tongue around my hole. Suddenly, I wanted that familiar ouchy feeling of a dick stretching and filling my ass. I hadn’t had it for months and months. That feeling I get when a man shoots his sperm up my ass is like nothing else. It’s a different escort bursa feeling from an explosion in my pussy; different, but when done right, totally great. I can come from ass fucking. I don’t know if most women can do that. I thought that Casper was the kind of sweet perv who, if invited by me, would come in my ass, and then clean it out with his mouth. I closed my eyes in pleasure, thinking how nice that would feel, his hot sperm and his mouth all over my ass. Then, I thought about how I would look in my Edith Piaf Oscar gown (from my sixteenth birthday, remember?), on stage, with a colostomy bag attached to the front. That mental picture was all I needed to keep me from inviting Mr. Sweet Casper to pound his little dick right up my little ass. .”Please, fuck me baby. Get your dick in my pussy. I don’t want to wait any more…”It took Casper about two seconds to find the SPOT on my spot. A lot of guys have this one particular nerve ending on their dick heads, and if you hit that spot, they just go nuts. You know that, right? My clit is like that. All attention feels pretty damn good, but if my lover finds my particular sexy spot…oh shit, it’s all over. I’m a goner. Short dick? Who cares? Not me!. And bless the goddess and my grand-mother Ruth, They sent the man. Oh, only for the most important moment in my life, MR. Casper perfecto perfect Wyoming. YA_HOO!. My pudgy little Vaquero! He caught his breath, we had something to eat. He did me again, this time from behind while rubbing my little clittie, which wasn’t so little by the time he finally popped. He came inside me, right behind my tummy, just how I like. He didn’t insist on blowing his load all over me, though I would have been okay with that. Up inside me was so much better. This man went down on me after we fucked, and me with a pussy packed with his prospective progeny. I didn’t have to ask him first or thank him fifty times after. Then we kind of made out so his stuff was all over my face and his. I smelled and tasted semen all over me, but mostly on my breasts and my hair, and my face. It had been awhile since I was near any of those real powerful sex fragrances. Casper was a lover. After the festivities, we were lying in his big bed with the really expensive sheets. It felt so good to feel them against my naked ass. It felt even better when he put his weight on me and fucked me while pushing me into the mattresss and the sheets. Somehow he figured out that I liked that, even though I don’t remember telling him that’s what I liked. I wanted to feel him come inside me, and he was right there with that too. By this time, I wasn’t as interested in being degraded as I had been a few hours before. Getting naked with a nice man, feeling his whole body against mine, his penis against my belly, in me, him spending a long time pleasuring my breasts…I didn’t come even close to coming, but it felt so nice. I hate it when a man’s fingernails are ragged and dirty and he wants to play with my girly parts. Having a bear paw up me is never good. Casper took care of his fingernails, and he pleasured me by fingering my wet pussy with two fingers. He was really good at that. He showed me a part of my body, right inside my vagina, toward the front, that he called my “G” spot. I just loved it when he touched me there. For the rest of my life, I would go out of my way to make an elaborate deal out of doing a man’s nails and then showing him (or her) them exactly where my “G” spot was located. I didn’t come from Casper, but this was the first time I had been touched this way, with all the lovers, men and women, who I had known. Over the ensuing years, I would enjoy coming many many times from pussy-eating and “G” spot touching, often with no penis in sight.Casper helped me clean off all the eye shadow and make-up. I wiped off that ugly lipstick, and I don’t think I got much of it on his dick, either. Casper wanted his cock sucked, of course, but he didn’t want a bright red ring around it. He found a sweatshirt and some jeans that fit me. I still was stuck with that awful bra and the “Evening in Paris” perfume I had put on. I got in his shower, by myself, and washed my whole body, including my hair one more time. I looked into the mirror in his bathroom and I didn’t look so wasted. I was actually enjoying myself. I thought that more sex might be just the ticket, for me. I was hoping that we would get more kinky, but I was fine if we didn’t, too. I decided to go without a bra for a while…I’m a woman who is never out of her bra for very long, but for Casper, I just let my big tits out so they could swing around and maybe get his dick hard again? Who knows with men and boobs?Casper brought me a cup of coffee for me (with cream!) in the morning, a bottle of cold champagne and two chilled glasses.”I’m going to get my bed wet but I’ve got lots of sheets, Silkie, help open this thing, ” He had a nice boner pushing out the front of his fancy Egyptian cotton pajama bottoms. It’s so easy to get to a cock through pajama bottoms, that’s why I like men who wear them, not just their white underpants to go to bed. I was more interested in talking about sex or, better yet, doing it. He wanted to talk about sex with him and his friend . Casper kept talking about going on a “date”, the three of us, and then coming back here for who-knows-what? My mind was racing, creating one possible sexual situation after another. I was hoping he would just shut up and fuck me again.”Casper, remember, I told you a sex thing I would like to try if there are three of us?”” I’m dying to know what’s on your dirty mind, Silkie. Before we go there, let’s have a drink. “I always get a little horny when champagne pops and overflows the bottle. Nobody ever says anything, about it , but every single person who has seen a penis go off must have thoughts like that. We drank to love or something like that. I love the first taste of champagne out of the bottle. I smacked my lips and was loving all the tastes in my mouth when. without another word, Casper took the bottle and poured all of it over my head. I was shocked and angry for a moment, but before I could really crystalize those emotions, he was head-on-my-chest, licking the dripping bubbly off my tits. All I could do in that moment, was to put my hand behind his head and, with my other, lift my heavy breasts to his sweet mouth. In a few seconds, I was buzzing all over. Sometimes getting my tits really loved just about gets me off, and this time, Casper was going nuts on my boobs, coming up to slide his tongue with the champagne into my mouth. It’s a little bit unusual for me to want the taste and texture of semen in my mouth, but now, as he kissed me, it was all I could think about. Casper: “You’ve got some down here, too Silkie.”All I can say from those moments: I”f any man or woman thinks I ‘m hesitating about whether to allow him or her to eat my darling little pussy, try pouring champagne on it first!”Now his face was all pussy juice and champagne. I kissed him so I had more pussy and champagne on my face than he did. We caught our breath, changed the bed, and continued our conversation about Ryan:”I fuck Ryan in the ass and he gets his dick in you at the same time?? Are you going to sit in his lap?””Does Ryan have a big one? I don’t like super big unless I’m really wasted, and then I’m sore for three days.””Well, he’s bigger than me, but not huge. It’s your call when you see his dick. It fits in my mouth pretty well.””I’m totally up for it, honey, but there is another thing I like to do with bi-guys or straight guys if I can get away with it. I want to get both of you nice and hard, put some kind of flavored oil, like maybe sesame oil, all over your cocks, and jack both of you off till you are really primed. Then I want both of your dicks in my mouth at the same time, if I can do it. I know I can fit two dickheads in my mouth, if they aren’t too huge. I’ve done it before. I know I can get get my mouth over your whole cock head, and if Ryan isn’t a whole lot bigger than you, I know I can suck both your cocks at time! My mouth and spit, and yur cocks all over each other, moving in my hot mouth? I like to see boys get all queer with each other. There is nothing that I want more than seeing you rubbing cocks with Ryan, and me rubbing my pussy off to that, and then feel both of you pushing around in my mouth I like dicks in my mouth. Cocksucking is not just a thing that men want , Casper. I didn’t suck all these dicks since I was in seventh grade because somebody made me. Maybe every woman doesn’t get turned on by sucking dick, and I don’t all the time, but when I do, it’s as hot for me as any dick pumping in my ass or pussy. Maybe not as hot as the way you ate my pussy yesterday. That was so great, Casper, I loved that. I know you felt it when I hit my note! If , or I should say, when you guys come it will be all over all of us. Doesn’t that sound fucking hot? Does Ryan shoot loads like you do?””Sometimes. Sometimes more. That is one of the things I like about him.””Okay, this time I’m wearing sun glasses and a raincoat! Does that sound like a fun time to you?””Sunglasses and a raincoat? why not just be naked like you are now with …wel..well I think it would be a lovely time time to try out your new hat?”Casper picked up my slave mask and twirled it around.I gave him the innocent bat my eyelashes look:”Do you and Ryan want me to slave for you ?””Only if it suits your fancy, dear.”It had been so long. I went to The Shamrock, didn’t find it, got laid really nice at Casper’s, but not the kinky things that I crave. Did I want to slave for these two men, one of whom claimed to be my guardian angel and the other, who I had never even met?. My thought was, if Casper really was my GA, he wouldn’t let any harm come to me. So, of course I said:”Yeah, I’d love that. Fucking love it. I’m going to have to go over some rules and things I can’t or won’t do. A lot of it has to do with events involving poop. I don’t do that. And you have to stay out of my ass, no matter what I say in the moment. I just like to let my mind go free when I’m getting done that way, and I like to babble any crazy sex words. just say anything that comes in my head. If you hear me begging you to fuck my ass, or take a dump on me, don’t do it, okay? All you can really do is kiss and lick my ass cheeks and butthole very fucking gently, capiche? Fucking, two dicks in my pussy, in my mouth, jizz, pee, toilet humiliation, public humiliation; sucking two or three cocks when they are all spermy and slippery? I really like guys who come in me and are still hard when they pull out. If I’m lucky their stiffies are all covered wtih my pussy juice, or better yet, my ass juice; plus all their stuff that didn’t end up in me .That’s really my favorite kind of blow job because I’m already super hot. I don’t have to try to warm myself up and suck some boy’s dry boner at the same time. I like all that stuff when I’m in my sub thing. I like seeing guys get all queer with each other when I’m slaving, too. I’m really good at being a sub, Casper.””Fuck yeah, it sounds so fucking hot, Sylvia…I mean…Silkie.”How did he put “Sylvia” in there? Nobody in the Pacific Northwest knows about “Sylvia”. I left her name and identity back in Los Angeles when I had to run to save my life. Things were strange about Casper and getting stranger. But, in that moment, I was more interested in having another go-around with my guardian angel man.I hadn’t heard Casper talk quite that way before. His voice was much deeper and more powerful. It sounded like his testicles were rumbling again. I was so ready to get on my back and open my legs for him. His different, really deep voice, was making all my girl parts go off at once. I thought he would put down his coffee, and make some kind of sexual move, but Casper was wired up a little differently. I wanted to to make a big production number out of our next fuck, as I was being all sexy for him I was thinking about how we could arrange these moments for an opera stage, with me as the lead soprano, of course. Maybe he was reading my mind, but Casper started to talk again about opera and music. He had a big opera record collection. I was happy to listen to his records and to put off the elaborate fucking I had planned. At some point, he mentioned a friend that he wanted me to meet, a woman who was a ” a sex worker.” My ears perked up a little. “She is so nice, I think you will like her. Her name is Earlene. She won”t tell you about her dolphin tattoo, but, I think if you two get really aquainted you will find it.'”EARLENE??? I knew Earlene!! Sarah knew lots of people in the sex business, Earlene being one of them. I’d never done anything with her, but I had thought about it many times. A big, friendly, sexy woman! What is there not to like? I didn’t tell Casper right away that I knew her. I just wanted to see what would happen.

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