Sins of Emission Ch. 02


Frederika awoke and immediately was so conscious of what she had done. She had slept with an old man, a really old man – more than slept, his semen was inside her. She swallowed. What would Sasha say, what would Sasha think? She could hardly not tell Sasha, her face would betray her anyway, would reveal she had ‘hit it off’ with someone. Perhaps she should make up a story about a handsome, local, olive skinned young man, perhaps younger than her, even, and with the most enormous…

Should she perhaps slip away now, before anything else happened. Justin, the man’s, breathing suggested sleep – and life. What if he had died in his sleep? How awful explaining why she was there with him, in his bed despite everyone being perfectly sure about what they had been doing together. Frederika could imagine the question, ‘did he pay you?’ Perhaps she should go, grab her clothes and put it all down to experience.

The experience, of course, of a long, long cock.

Frederika opened her eyes and there lying up the man’s stomach was ‘the thing.’ He was still asleep but, in the nature of men, had ‘morning wood.’ The sheet had been thrown aside and their naked bodies were there on the bed. The man with his grey hair curling on his chest and running down his stomach and then, there, his denuded penis as full as could be. His balls lolled across a thigh, a thigh with manly, but grey, curling hair upon it. The oldest man she had slept with before had been thirty-five, but this man… yes, twice the age.

His lined face was a bit leathery from too much sun, yet you could call him handsome in a way some old film actors seemed to hold a certain something. Frederika was, she knew, in with him for the next few days. She had promised – and sealed the agreement with sexual intercourse. She reached and lifted ‘the thing.’ Of course, her fingers did not reach around, but that was not unusual. Her fingers rarely met around the shaft of an engorged penis. They had closed around that thirty-five year man she had slept with for a few months, Dave Masters was his name as she recalled, but that had been because his dick had been – was – small. There had been no question of that. Small but ever so sweet. She had loved it to bits… more than Dave actually! Frederika held ‘the thing’ vertical and slowly ran the ring of her fingers upwards. No, size did not matter, it really did not, but variety and change were good: this penis was more than a change. She imagined Sasha’s eyes widening as she described it. How far had it gone in? Well, not all the way – that would have winded her!

Her hand reached the top and slowly she wanked, moving the foreskin. It did not wake him. Perhaps he was dreaming, dreaming of sex. Frederika thought it would be funny if she gave him a wet dream. See his cock spurt – or more likely dribble given his age – without even knowing he was being handled. What a cock! She moved closer, examining it, all of its ten plus inches. What a thing to have sticking out from your body. Craggy, but it was seventy years old! The head was lovely and smooth, though, a real plum. Frederika sniffed. It smelt of sex – and well it might given what it had been doing with her the night before. Should she?

Frederika opened her mouth and took the knob in between her lips. She had sucked upon it the night before – this was not her first suck of a ten-inch cock. It was big and warm in her mouth. Lovely! Not something she could in any way take all into her mouth. She could not suck it down her throat! Dave Masters’ cock had been a different matter. She had taken that completely into her mouth and his balls at the same time. He had been shaved too. Frederika well remembered kneeling with his sweet little cock in her mouth and watching herself in her long dressing mirror, her lips right up to his pubic bone. It had looked so strange – Dave’s genitalia completely gone. She wished she had taken or he had taken photographs. She would love to look at them. Dave’s lost cock, the sweet thing then out of her mouth before her face, dripping wet – and spurting. It hadn’t half done that! She had made it do that a lot. There had been a lot of penile spurting for those few months they had been together both inside her and without. Frederika recalled, standing in front of her mirror, or rather Dave standing there facing it and she pressed close up behind him, her sex pushed against his bottom, and wanking him; them both watching her hand and then ‘blam, blam’ against the mirror like a gun going off! Or, actually, two guns going off at each other – the mirror image and the real. What a mess on the mirror!

Her head bobbed, and the cock went deeper into her mouth. Frederika had been tempted to suck when she measured him but had not done so until they were out of the shower. Before they had gone into the shower he had taken the tape measure from her and then her clothes. He had undressed her like she had been undressed by her parents when a little girl. Men seemed to take delight in undressing women – both with güvenilir bahis their eyes and for real. It was clear he was no exception. His eyes had been very much focused on her buttons as he had undone her linen top, even to the extent of picking up a pair of half-moon glasses in gold frames the better to see. In a way it was funny, in a way it rather showed his age in needing reading glasses – the better to see the pattern on her brassiere… perhaps.

It was not the scene Frederika had envisaged. It had been quite a different man she had imagined undressing her – a young man of course. But she was in a much better bedroom than her own. It had been the worry for both girls that they might find themselves each bringing a man back to their shared room, one undressing Sasha and one undressing her before making love feet apart on their twin beds, perhaps glancing across at each other and both with thighs splayed and a man pounding away between them. Not very private. It was private with the old man, and his bed was king size.

Justin was complimentary about her small breasts, very appreciative of her rather big brown areolae and certainly sucked on each of her nipples as if seeking milk. All the time his long cock poked at her skirt. She had reached and lifted the penis up, both because she liked holding it – or any penis for that matter – and to avoid the risk of semen wetting the material. Men leaked, some quicker than others. David Masters had dripped as soon as erect as if he had too much fluid stored up… it had certainly seemed like that when it finally came out in more than a rush. Men dripped: women poured! Certainly, she could feel her silk knickers were pretty soaked and as soon as he had undone her skirt and let it fall to the floor, his hand had been there between her legs, squeezing and manipulating the wet material, almost as if wringing it out after a wash. Squidgy flesh and squidgy silk and very mobile fingers. It was what Frederika had wanted all holiday. Someone else’s fingers at her sex and, preferably a man’s: not Sasha’s.

He had played a long time with her silk covered sex, though his fingers had actually slipped inside the silk on occasion, had sort of pushed the silk as well into her, indeed had almost made her come like that, standing still almost half dressed – if half transparent, rather damp or wet, silk briefs could at all be described as ‘dressed.’ Finally, he had slipped the panties downwards, had bent to lift them, as she stepped from them around her ankles, had pressed his face into her fair pubic hair on his way up again and had caught her, almost with a ‘thwack’ between her thighs with his long sticking out penis as he stood up. The first touch of a penis to her clit the whole holiday. She almost came on that!

The knickers were not simply discarded on the floor: instead he draped them, clearly sopping, over his penis. They hung there, a pale blue, not hung out to dry but rather to be stroked along the penis. Silk feels so good, and damp silk, silk damp with a woman’s wetness feels wonderful on a penis. Frederika knew that, it had been Simon Brown who had had a thing about her knickers, always sneaking off with a pair after their weekends together. They had broken up after she caught him wanking with a pair of Sasha’s, back when the two of them had shared a flat together, ‘borrowed’ from the laundry basket. It had been a bit embarrassing apologising to Sasha, but her friend had found it funny. Those knickers had been damp both from Sasha and what she had caught Simon in the act of doing!

Looking back it was no big deal really. Perhaps she should have wanked Simon with Sasha’s damp knickers given he clearly liked the feel of damp silk being pulled up and down his cock. Sasha had not minded. Perhaps she might even have borrowed another pair, with permission, to do the deed another time, still warm, even wet had Sasha offered to supply them fresh straight from her pleasuring herself! The idea of Sasha holding the damp knickers around her bedroom door for Frederika to take. She wrinkling her nose in mock disgust at their evident wetness and both giggling before she took them back to her bedroom and the waiting Simon Brown.

Again, the thought of perhaps how close she had got to finding out on the holiday just what Sasha’s wetness was like, not just warm from her knickers but hot and flowing between her legs.

Frederika had indeed stroked Justin Jeffreystone’s penis with her silk knickers whilst they draped his cock, had reached and felt them damp in her hand with his hard flesh beneath as she stroked.

“Come,” he had said, “it is hot. Let’s take a shower to cool before…”

The shower had been a walk in one. No door, just a sloping tiled floor. He had washed her in the tepid water – it was too hot for hot water! He had picked up the soap and just set to work. Not quite the aged great uncle or great grandfather washing his young niece or great-granddaughter in a shower but Frederika felt there was an element of türkçe bahis that. She almost felt like asking all innocent like. ‘why has your willy grown so big, does it hurt, did it get stung by a wasp?’ A sexual game. Perhaps for another day. Perhaps it might have been more fun had Sasha been there – in the shower too – both pretending to be two little girls asking whether there was anything they could ‘do’ to help the swelling subside; touching it and giggling: washing their ‘great uncle’ in turn or perhaps him getting them to wash each other, getting them to touch each other’s ‘front bottoms.’

Shared sex with Sasha, each accepting the penis, passing it from one to the other. It could have happened. Neither had brought a dildo with them in their suitcase. The lack of men had made them sort of regret that, though it would have been awful for it to be examined had their bags been searched at the airport. It must happen. A knowing look from the security man or woman as he or she put the thing aside, perhaps black and realistically moulded, on top of the pile of undies removed from the case. Put aside without a word, but being pretty sure the thought of Frederika or Sasha actually using the thing would be in their minds when they looked up at her and said ‘thank you’ and left her to re-pack her things, and the dildo.

A dildo would have been pleasant in bed. The awful idea of, perhaps, having come a little noisier than she had planned in the dark to hear a soft whisper from the adjacent twin bed, ‘Freddie, might I borrow…’ and the thing, still damp, passed in the dark from one hand to the other. The knowledge that perhaps immediately it would be plunged into Sasha, her wetness and Frederika’s mingling or, even, Sasha licking and then sucking it as if it was a real penis and tasting Frederika on the plastic before pushing it between her legs.

Frederika had not minded getting her hair wet in the shower. It was long but would dry easily in the heat. She had knelt, as she had done with boyfriends in the past, and soaped the penis and, as the water washed the suds away, she had leant forward and put her lips to the male organ. It was something she had been thinking about doing right from when the aeroplane had touched down. Sasha and she had been giggling about their prospects with men on the bus from the airport, had been whispering together as they had looked at the sights from the window. They had liked the look of a group of young ‘fit’ men at passport control and been disappointed they had not been on their bus. Had discussed which one they would have liked to have got to know. ‘Why not them all,” Sasha had said. The idea of Sasha and she being chatted up by the whole group of four or five young men amused them both. “And what if…” she had said.

“Hey, we’re on holiday. We’re match enough for them all. Imagine them all naked in our bedroom, we could line them up and make ’em all hard. Lots of lovely cock to suck. Don’t pull such a face, Freddie, you know you like to suck cock. Imagine that, we could have one in our cunnies, one each in our mouths. Have you ever done that, one at each end at the same time. I wouldn’t mind trying, we’re on holiday, yay!”

It had been a giggle, a start of the holiday aspiration, the thought of five young men in tow, five young men being so attentive, pleased to have got in with two sexually active young women: but the reality had not even been the one cock or single nice young man… until now and not exactly with a young man.

Frederika liked sucking cock and she certainly had a mouthful in the shower. She held it between her lips, exploring with her tongue as she washed his hanging balls, even reaching through his thighs and washing up the crack of his bottom. All her boyfriends had liked having their bottom holes tickled whilst being sucked. She doubted a seventy-year-old would be any different.

A brief towelling. It would be cooler to stay a little damp, and, in any case, they would shortly be wet from perspiration and, indeed, other bodily fluids. Naked and back into the bedroom, and then there was the feel of his long penis up against her stomach as he embraced her.

“You are lovely, Frederika, may I see the rest?”

Frederika knew what he meant. The male organ is so ‘in your face’ (and had certainly been so in the shower), but the woman’s more discrete. She lay upon the sheet on the bed and opened her thighs. Again, the thought of Sasha beside her doing the same, the man perhaps about to measure the depth of their respective vaginas with his ‘tool.’ Perhaps Sasha being plumbed first and then she, Frederika, marking the depth with a marker pen, showing it by a black or green ring around his penis. The mark measured with the tape measure and then it being her turn. Would the mark disappear into her or stay well exposed showing she was not as deep?

The man was, though, not for measuring her depth straightaway. Frederika had little illusion a young, olive skinned lover like that ogling barman would, güvenilir bahis siteleri almost certainly, have been a fairly typical man – a bull in a china shop, anxious to get in and cum. Perhaps the seventy years had taught Justin something, a certain restraint and a gentlemanly concern for the needs of women. Despite his swollen, very manly, erection he was not hurrying things. The young olive-skinned lover might well have come in her mouth in the shower. Justin seemed to have more restraint, more staying power: though the young man might, despite the probable early ejaculation, have had a short refraction time and ‘got it up again.’

Mouth to breasts, lips to nipples, a play with her tummy button and a gentle licking of her inner thighs and then he got down to business just as Sasha might possibly have done if she had stayed.

Frederika liked oral sex, she liked her men to go down on her. That was why she was half worried she might have acquiesced had Sasha pushed the idea. She was sure her friend would be good at it. Sasha would have the advantage of knowing what it was like from the receiving end: the trouble was she would have to return the favour, though, again, Frederika certainly knew what she liked and therefore, most probably, what Sasha would like too. Could she have done it? It would have been no big deal really, but they might well have both felt awful in the morning.

She much preferred the idea of sucking cock: though, perhaps, if she followed her logic through, then men would be better at cock sucking than women! Men, though, were very visual and she was not sure that much of the enjoyment did not really came from seeing their cock licked and sucked by their girlfriends and wives. Certainly, all her boyfriends had been keen on having the light on or her doing the deed during the day. There had been that one time with little David Masters when they had walked in the hills all day and he had made – or rather she had agreed – to suck him off no less than three times. He had certainly been watching each time as she had knelt in her hiking shorts with her small breasts lifted out of her shirt and brassiere.

The seventy-year-old man had been good. Very good. She doubted Sasha could have done better. But, no doubt, he had had long practice. She had been gasping, indeed had come once, when he finally let her sex alone. When had he first done that to a girl, she wondered? She very much doubted he had been, or she had been, eighteen.

Men are very visual. He certainly had watched himself lining up, presenting his penis to her open sex. The act of copulation had clearly been in imminent prospect. The male organ engorged for the purpose had been about to enter the female organ and then to be excited enough for the glands and muscles to mix and prepare the semen for transfer. The procreative act harnessed as recreation by humans particularly now with the modern wonders of easy contraception. He had knelt between her thighs and looked.

Freshly relieved of much sexual tension and need, Frederika had lain and watched almost as if it was not her body as the object of his undoubtedly prurient gaze. A young(ish) girl about to be taken by a rather aging man. Almost obscene the whole idea, almost as bad perhaps as Justin’s awful desire to have an eighteen-year-old on his ninetieth birthday, assisted or unassisted by nurses. His long, so long, penis was about to enter her and emit semen. She could hardly stop it now. Was it not – the penis – what she had so wanted that holiday?

Frederika was not exactly unused to men. Had had perhaps more boyfriends than most women of her age. She liked men and liked sex. Even so the touch of a penis to her vaginal entrance was, each time, a delight. The touch and then the pushing as it entered her and then the slow – she always liked it slow – progress, as it filled her, sometimes rather more than others. Justin’s first entrance was exactly as she liked it. It was a delight and he took it slowly. And when he could go no further there was still cock to spare. Frederika felt it. It was not fully in at all: not like David Masters’ sweet little cock of long ago,

Of course, he had got fully on top of her; of course, he had pressed down upon her, flesh to flesh, breast to breast; and he had steadily fucked her, not coming too soon – not that she had had another orgasm but had revelled in the feelings of their wet connection until he had done the manly thing. He had then, finally, raised himself from her and flopped onto the bed beside her breathing heavily.

“That was lovely, Frederika.” He exhaled again. “Lovely.”

Frederika closed her legs, closed her legs on her now inseminated vagina. “Yes, it was. It was good sex. You were good.” And it had been but whether he heard her was another matter. Justin J. Jeffreystone was already asleep, his wet penis not yet fully subsided. It curled now across his thigh rather than standing straight. It was still long. Frederika reached and held, lifting it from where it joined his body. It simply flopped over, an upturned ‘U’ with a knob one end, as if the knob was too heavy for the stalk. “Well, my girl, that’s what you wanted.” She waggled it – it really was a long one. “I got the cock, not you, Sasha!”

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