sis and I


sis and IFor a little bit of back ground I will say that dad left, when I was six years old and s*s was four years old, which mom then had to go to work to suport the three of us, s*s, mom, and myself.With the job that mom was able to get, we wasn’t able to keep the house we were living in when mom and dad divorced, so we had to move out to a house that a friend of ours had, as long as we kept and eye on things around the place, which put us out in the country about three miles out from town. What I mean by keep and eye on things is, to keep people from just coming in and taking what isn’t theirs, and watch for any cattle getting out of the fild that he would have in back of the house and side, leaving us a half an acre of land to keep mowed every summer.s*s and I had to go to a county school, till we got into junior high school and high school, which are city schools then.When this started with s*s and me, I was in high school, and s*s was in her last year of junior high, leaving me one more year to go in high school. Even thou s*s was in junior high and me in high school, we still rode the same bus to and from school, with the way the school was built, which I will not get into.Most of the time s*s and I would sit together on the bus, but a few times we would sit with one of our few friends, to talk about what ever was on our minds at the time or about something, that might have happened at the school that day.Usually when s*s and I got off the bus, s*s would go to her bedroom and I would go to my bedroom, after we made pit stop at the kitchen, for something to drink in our rooms.What s*s would do in her room, I do not know but when she would come out of her room, she would be wearing something different from what she wore to school that day, and I would change out of my clothes as soon as I got to my room, jack off to relieve some of the stress, you might say, then get dressed, then start on my homework if I had any.From the time s*s and I stepped off the bus at home, we had three hours and fifteen minutes till mom would be turning into the drive way, when she got home from work.This day that started everything between s*s and I, I was laying on my bed with nothing on, jacking off as I usually did, like I said before, and I was close to cumming to the point that I could not stop, when s*s opened my door and stepped in, then just stood there watching my cum shoot the first shot of cum into the air, “Oh fuck s*s, I can’t stop sexy.” as another shot of cum shot out the head of my hard cock.I guess now you know who I was thinking about, while I was jacking off.”Damn s*s, you look so good and feel good too. I just cannot stop cumming, you feel so damn good.”s*s just stood there watching me, then after saying she felt ‘good too’ she walked over a little closer to my bed, while pulling her shirt off from over her head and then dropping her short shorts, as she got next to the bed, then stopped and stood there watching me still.When I finally stopped cumming and just lay there, looking up at my sister standing next to the bed, “Jay, do you really think I look that good?””Yes Vicky, you look that good. I’m sorry, but you are the one I think about when I’m jacking off all the time. The few times I’ve seen you nude, while you’re dressing for school or after you’ve took a shower, before going to bed, I just cannot stop thinking about how beautiful you are and sexy too.””Don’t be sorry Jay, I like that you think I’m beautiful and sexy. I must admit, that I find you very handsome, since I’ve seen you a few times too, either dressing for school or after stepping out of the shower. I’ve even masterbated thinking about you, even after coming home on the week ends from a date.”s*s sat down on the edge of the bed next to me then, “You mean that the guys you’ve been out on a date with, didn’t try anything with you?””The two guys I’ve been out with have both fucked me, and all they thought about was themselves, canlı bahis and didn’t even get me off, after getting me all turned on and wanting it.””That would suck for sure. I would want to make you get off too, so that I could come back for more later.””Have you ever been with a girl before?””No.””I see that you’re still hard. Do you have to all ways jack off more than once, to get soft?””No, this is because you’re sitting here nude with me now, and looking so hot and sexy.””How do you know, that I feel so good, since you and I never done it with each other, and not only that, but you’ve never had sex yet with a girl?””I really do not know, but from how sexy you look, I figured that you had to feel good. You must feel better than any girl I’ve seen, cause none of them look as hot as you do.””Why thank you Jay. Do you want to really find out how good I do feel?””I would love to find out how good you feel sexy.”With that, s*s reached over and rubbed her hand up and down the lenght of my hard cock, “Oh, that feels so much better, than my hand does.” as my breathing skipped a breath there.Wrapping her hand around my cock as she stroked it up and down, “Does it feel as good, as you thought it might feel?””Better than I thought it would.””Have you thought about me sucking your cock for you?””Yes sexy I have, many times.” breathing hard now.”Mmm, Let’s see if it feels as good as you thought it might feel.” then with that said, she leaned over and licked from the bottom of my dick all the way up to the head of my dick, then stuck her tongue on the piss hole on the head of my cock, then sucked the head into her mouth, and then down as far as she could, with a bit of a gag before returning back up to the head, then stopping with just the head in her mouth.”Oh fuck s*s, that feels so damn good. It feels a lot better than than I thought it would, by far.”After s*s bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock a few times, she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud popping sound, then came up and kissed me on the mouth with her tongue, dueling it out with my tongue. While we kissed each other, her hand kept stroking my hard cock up and down before she broke the kissing off and went back to sucking my cock again.”Oh fuck sexy, if you don’t stop soon, I’m going to cum, in your mouth.” between breaths.I thought that s*s would stop sucking my cock after telling her that I was about to cum in her mouth but, she kept sucking and bobbing her head up and down a bit faster, till I just couldn’t take it any more, “Oh fuck, here it is, sexyyyy.”My cum shot out of the head of my hard cock right into her mouth and s*s, just kept sucking and swallowing as much and fast as she could.Looking down toward my dick, s*s kept just the head of my cock in her mouth as she sucked and swallowed, and I even saw some of my cum squeeze out from around my cock and her lips, that she had tightly sealled around my cock head.When I finally did stop cumming, which I was wandering if I was going to ever stop, s*s sucked a little bit more then bobbed her head up and down a few times before pulling my cock out of her mouth, with a little popping sound, then gave one last swallow, then took a finger and got the cum that was running down her chin and stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked it down as well, “Mmm, Jay, you taste good. Your pre cum and your cum, all tasted so good, I had to just swallow all of it.””That was so hot and sexy s*s.””Do you all ways cum so much?””That was the most cum that has ever shot out of my cock. Even the first time, when you walked into the room a little bit ago, was more than I usually cum.” noticing that s*s was rubbing her bald pussy lips.”Do you want to return the faver?””Yes I do, but,,, you will need to tell me what to do, since I’ve never done it before.” I then moved a side and sat up, jestering with my hand for s*s to lay down, where I was laying at.s*s got into place on the bed and laid bahis siteleri on her back with her knees up and spread out wide as far as she could get them, then reached down with her hands as I moved around between her knees and feet.Spreading her pussy lips apart, s*s pointed with her other hand, “This is my clit and down her is my pussy hole, that is where you can stick your tongue into before you stick your hard dick into it. Right now stick your middle finger in the hole, palm up, and push up a little with it, to find my G spot.”As s*s walked me through, I did what she said to do, then was able to see how she reacted to the different spots that I touched and then she directed me through using my tongue, and then my tongue and finger at the same time, which I again saw how she reacted, which I wanted to remember, so to do my best to bring her off, like she had done for me.I licked and teased her bald pussy and figured her pussy till she she was spraying cum out all over my hand and filling my palm up with her cum and trying to suck what I could, into my mouth.Right before s*s started cumming, she held my head down and pulled it into her pussy, to keep my tongue on her clit, then after a bit she started cumming as I had said.As s*s kept cumming, I kept licking her clit and fingering her pussy, till she started pushing my head away from her, “Oh, stop Jay, it’s so sinsitive now.””I take it, that I did good for my first time.””Oh, Jay, you did great, fuck. That is the best, pussy licking, I have ever got, from a guy. You put those jerks, to shame.” Vicky said between breaths. “Now, get up here, and kiss me, like you love me.”As I crawled up over her, “I do love you, sexy.” then I kissed her, like she had kissed me.As we French kissed each other, s*s reached down between us and started stroking my now again hard cock, that had come back to life while licking her pussy.I took a chance and started playing with her tits, then I started kissing down her chin, and down her throat, to her chest, and onto the tit, that I wasn’t playing with. When I first placed my hand on her tit, I felt how hard her nipple was in the palm of my hand, and when I had kissed my way down to her other tit, I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth, and even lightly flicked my tongue over the nipple too.”Oh, Jay, please suck my tit, and pinch, my nipple lightly.” I did as she said to do, “Yes, like that, oh, fuck me, Jay.” then Vicky lined my rock hard cock up to her pussy hole, I then pushed my dick into her hole, “Slowly Jay. Oh fuck, you are so much bigger, than the other two jerks. Oh fuck, you are stuffing me full,.. of cock,.. Jay.”When I finally had all of my cock in Vicky’s pussy, I just held it there, feeling just how hot wet, and tight, her pussy was, and feeling every ripple in her pussy as well, “Damn sexy, your pussy, is so damn hot, and tight, and fucking wet, too.””Your dick is so damn big, Jay. I need you fuck me now, slowly, till I get used to your size.”I then gave Vicky’s tit one last suck on her nipple, then sat up on my knees between her feet and knees, then started fucking her slowly, as she asked me to.After a few slow strokes in and out of Vicky’s pussy, “Oh fuck Jay, your cock feels, so damn good, in my pussy, I want you, to keep it in my, pussy, all of the time, from now on.” she seemed to be forcing out with every breath, that she was exhaling, with her heavy breathing.”I know you feel far better than I ever thought you would feel, even thou I knew you would feel good, but, damn s*s, I didn’t know it was this good.”After a few more pumps in and out of Vicky’s pussy, that she was matching my inward pump with her flexing hips up, to get all of my cock into her pussy, then she started trying to make me speed up, which I did speed up, and her pussy seemed to have gotten wetter as well, “Yes Jay, fuck me faster,.. harder Jay.”I then speeded up more, till I was pumping in and out all most as fast as güvenilir bahis I could, with Vicky matching my strokes, as fast as I was pumping inward, with her up thrust, trying to get my dick into her pussy, as far as she could.”Oh Jay, I’m cummingggg, don’t stop, keep fucking meeee.”I felt my balls getting wet, along with my pubic hair, and looking down at our union, I could see her cum sqeezing out from around my cock and her pussy lips, and even see the light relecting off of my wet dick, with every out stroke.”Oh, let’s stop, and lay down, on your back, Jay.”I then stopped and pulled out of Vicky’s pussy and let her up, and laid down on the bed on my back, where she was laying, then she climbed over me with a leg on each side of me, while taking a hold of my dick and guiding it back into her pussy, as she sat down on me.When s*s had her butt cheeks resting, full waight, on my thighs, she just sat there for a moment, “Oh damn, Jay, I didn’t think, you could go any deeper than you were, but, you just proved me wrong, with me on top now like this, fuck,.. you feel good in my pussy.”Then Vicky started moving up and down on my cock at a slow speed, for a few strokes, then she speeded up some, while I did my best to push up into her, when she was on the down stroke.The more Vicky pumped up and down on my hard dick, the faster she went, with me doing my best to keep up with her, then she sat down and started grinding back and forth on me, with my dick in to the hilt.Then Vicky leaned over, after grinding her groin into my groin with my cock in her pussy for a bit, then she started sliding up and down on me, while kissing me on the lips and me kissing her back, as she moaned into my mouth.When Vicky broke the kissing off, but still leaning over on me, while still pumping up and down, “Oh fuck, Jay, I love your cock in my pussy, I just love you Jay, damn,.. fuck me, I’m about to cum again,.. fuck.” then she sat back up, still pumping up and down on my cock.”Vicky,.. sexy,.. I’m about to cum too.””Hold on, I’m about there, I want you,.. to cum with me.””I might make you pregnant if, I cum in you, and I don’t know if I can hold on, any longer.””Cum in me,.. with me… now, cum Jay, cum… now.”Both of us were breathing so hard, it was hard to speak, forcing our words out from our mouths.I started cumming as soon as Vicky got the last ‘now’ said, and I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock as she dropped all the way down, forcing my cock into her pussy as far as it would go, as she cum and I cum at the same time.Vicky’s cum squirt out from around my cock and her bald pussy lips, soaking me from my belly button, down to my knees, and all inside of her thighs, that I could see and feel, while my cock shoot rope after rope of cum out, into her pussy.The more that Vicky cum, the more her pussy muscles seemed to squeeze down on my cock, the more cum my hard cock, seemed to shoot out of the head, into her pussy.When we both finally calmed down and had quit cumming, “Oh fuck, Jay,.. that was great. You filled my pussy up, with so much cum, damn it feels, so good, to have your cum, in my pussy. I think, I love, being on top, the most, now, even thou, I want to try a few more, positions first, before I say, which one I like, the most.” between breaths, with us both still breathing heavy.”It felt like, I had cum more, than I had, the two times, before.” still trying to catch my breath even.”I could feel, you cum a lot, for sure, and I loved it, Jay, fuck it, I just love you, and hope, you will want to keep, fucking me for ever, from now on.””I sure do. OH fuck, s*s, what if you get pregnant, with me cumming in your pussy like that?””By the time you get me pregnant, I hope we are living alone out in the country like this, in our own house. That way, you can keep me bare foot and pregnant.” then she started to laugh, “Your eyes are as big as saucers.” as she laughed a little bit more, “But for now, I’m on the pill.”I then relaxed and started laughing too, “You had me there for a bit, thinking I had to maybe quit school and figure out a way to go to work, and hope, I make enough to get a place like this, away from here.”

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