sissy fantazy


sissy fantazythis is a fantasy that i have all the time.its starts as i am down the local pub having a couple of drinks i notice a tall guy looking my way i smile and look thing i feel a hand on my shoulder and the same guy asking me if i would like a drink.i look at him and with a smile tell him i would love one so he gets me a beer and we start chatting we must of had a few cause i dont remember what we had talked about. i got up the next morning head throbbing the wife turned to me and says do you remember what you said last night a bout going up to a cabin with your friend this weekend he is supposed to be picking you up soon.shit i don’t remember then i hear a knock at the door and a guy saying to my wife is he ready my wife shows him in and interpose himself as jeff then looks at me and says come on lets go dont have to pack to much as i have just about every thing we need.i rush around grab a couple of shorts and tops give wife a kiss and jump in the he starts to drive off he turns to me and smiles he pulls around a corner and tells me to put my hands around my back that he has a surprise for me without thinkinking i do as he says next i feel some hand cuff on my wrist.he kayseri escort looks at me and says you talked a lot last night and how you like getting dressed up so i have packed your bag it is beside you with sissy on it now i want you to come over here open your mouth and suck on my dick slut i look at him and he say move it slut i havent got all day so i do as im told and start sucking hes cock it grows in my mouth as i start giving him head i hear click click he is taking photos of me sucking his cock he pulls my hair and says im going to cum open your mouth as i am going to shoot my load on your face and in your mouth i hear clik click again and then i feel his cum hit me on the lips and the next few land on my tongue as he tells me not to move click click again he takes photos of the cum on my face and in my mouth then he tells me to clean him up and i do.ok my little sissy slut i am going to take off the hand cuffs and you are going to get naked reach into the bag and pull out the razor and shave all your manly hear off paying close attention to your nice tight pussy i want you smooth when you are smooth i want you to put on your slutty little out fit that i packed for kıbrıs escort you along with lipstick and wig.i reached into the bag and pulled out what he had packed for me it didnt take long as there was very little to put on pink pantys with mating bra leggings mini skirt setought top wig and put the lipstick on he pulls over and tells me to get out of the car i hear horns beeping and whistling as car with guys drive past i hear click click as more photos of me are taken. he looks at me and says nice very fuckable lets find out how much as he tells me to get back in the car we drive for a little while as he says to me this will do as he pull into a truck stop and tells me to go into the males toilet go into a stall pull your pantys down and sit to pee leaving the door wide open.i do as i am told and sit there i hear a couple of voices coming my way and suddenly there are two big guy looking straight at me .they looked at each other with a smile and turn back towards me both guys start unzipping their pants and pull there dicks out and look at me and say we need to piss slut and that mouth is so inviting they both push their cocks at my mouth as i feel them pissiing in my mouth escort bayan and try and push their cocks down my throat one of the guys stops pissing and steps back as the other guy steps forward and say keep that slut mouth open i then feel his hands on my head as he guides his cock into my mouth and starts to face fuck me as holds onto my head tight i feel his hard knob at my throat slowly he keeps pushing he feels me gagging and choking but he just keeps pushing to his balls are hitting my chin then in one move he pulls his cock all the way out and lets me catch my breath and suddenly without any warning shove his cock all the way down my throat and start fucking my throat as he grabs my head tight i hear him say here it comes slut straight down your throat as i feel him tense up and shoot his load he slowly pulls out as the other guy pushes past him and say get up slut and bend over and show me that tight little cunt of yours as i stand and start to turn i feel a big hand push me i feel his other hand grab my pantys and pull them down all of a sudden i have his huge knob at my ass i try and tell him that i have never had a cock in there but he doesn’t give a shit as he grabs my waist and starts to push his cock in harder and harder he pushers until his balls hit my ass and that was it in and out he rammed me fucking me hard as he could and then i felt his hands grab my waist and held me tight as i felt him exsplode inside of me spurt after spurt he filled me right up .

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