Sister-in-Law Desires

Anal Sex

I have always been attracted to Lisa. Right from the time my wife asked if I wanted to come and meet her brother Stephen’s new girlfriend. I accepted, and my initial impression was one of a fantastically realistic body (you know, not the ultra skinny form that seems to have become societies ‘ideal’, but rather a curvy, shapely, classically feminine form that you just want to hold) and of beautiful blue eyes forming the centre-piece of a gorgeously cute face framed by brunette hair. There was also an aloofness, or as I gradually learnt, a hard shell of self-protection surrounding her that was vaguely troubling.

This kept our relationship through the early years quite cool, as I am also fairly reserved and struggled with her barriers. In many ways, we are actually quite similar, with a lack of self confidence often coming across as arrogance. Of course, it was something that, at that point, I simply did not have the self-awareness to know. One thing I did know, however, was that I found her remoteness vaguely alluring though I had no idea why. I even found myself going out of my way to draw positive reactions from her whenever we met.

I became really conscious of my slowly increasing interest the day she and Stephen called in at our house. They had been swimming, and Lisa was still in her bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. They stayed for several hours, even though my wife Rachael had had to go out, and Lisa was clearly uncomfortable with her state of dress, or lack of. For such a proud and yet insecure young lady it was always going to be difficult. She maintained a rigid and stoic manner, but the awkward periodic adjusting of the bikini top simply drew my attention to her, and I realized with some embarrassment that I had been taking in the curve of her wonderfully formed breasts and porcelain-skinned tummy with growing desire.

Stephen seemed oblivious to my ogling of his future wife, so after they left I tried to convince myself that it had only been a fleeting glance and had gone unnoticed. Not so, apparently. Even though she had only been there during the early part of the visit, my wife had clearly recognized my interest too. We were in bed that night when she brought it up.

“So, who’s attracted to their possible sister-in-law, then?”

“Huh, sorry? What are you talking about?”

“Lisa. You couldn’t stop admiring her.”

“No way!” I blustered. “Even if they get married, she isn’t technically my sister-in-law anyway.” I was trying to divert the thrust of the conversation. All to no avail.

“You couldn’t help yourself! I’m not surprised, she does have a lovely body.”

“Does she? I didn’t notice…. Well… yeah, I guess so. But she’s a cold one, in any case. I never feel comfortable around her, and I’m pretty damn sure she can’t stand me anyway.” I was on the defensive.

“Maybe she does like you, but is uncomfortable with that attraction and puts up the walls as protection? bahis firmaları She’s told me before that she thinks you are very handsome. Did you ever think of that?”

“Really!? No, no way. Things are just too awkward, too uncomfortable, for that to be true.” I felt myself going red, and my heart rate rise, at the thought that Lisa may be attracted to me.

“Well, you may be uncomfortable, but it seems you are also aroused by it.” She raised an eyebrow and gave an impish little smile in the direction of my groin, where indeed there were some signs that blood flow to my face was not the only happening. She then turned out the light before I could respond.

I lay there in a state of confusion. The realization that I had become aroused only served to increase the feeling! Then I felt a hand on my leg, slowly working its way upwards. The initial touch took my breath away.

“I don’t mind, you know,” she whispered. “You’re a man, and you’ll find other women attractive, it’s natural. And she is gorgeous. Just don’t do anything with them, ok?”

“Sure.” I could only manage a gasped reply as I struggled to answer, my focus torn to shreds between her voice and that gloriously soft hand that had reached my balls and was gently cupping and kneading my still relaxed sack.

“Mmm, I love your balls when they are still hanging slack like this”. Her hand felt wonderful, and I thought I was now fully erect. “Tell me, who else are you attracted to? Any of my friends?” The hand had moved on by this time, lightly caressing the shaft of my manhood, then wrapping the fingers around its girth and gently rubbing back and forth. “Do you want to fuck any of my friends?” She hardly ever swore during sex, and there was a huskiness in her tone that was intoxicating.

“No,” I croaked. “I mean, maybe. I dunno.” I was floundering, not sure of the answers I should be giving, aware only of the mounting signals being sent back to my brain from down there.

“No? Only Lisa then? You’d love to take her, wouldn’t you? How badly do you want her, to kiss those nipples, to make her wet, even to taste her?” I had never heard my wife like this, and through the mists of impending orgasm I desperately searched for the diplomatic reply. I needn’t have bothered — my cock answered for me, by swelling even further as I pictured myself with Lisa. Gosh she’d be nice to get naked with! Rachel felt it too, letting out a little hum as the head grew under her rhythmic fingers, but she ceased her motion as some pre-ejaculate appeared and coated her thumb. She stopped just for an instant, but it was enough for me to get some respite from the inexorable drive to orgasm. Another two strokes would have seen me go over, and in fact she could feel the spasms rock through my cock in preparation for the impending cum.

But I had escaped, narrowly. There was no way I wanted to cum, and cum hard, when she KNEW that I was focused on Lisa. I needed kaçak iddaa to get some control back and make this a more even session. Preferably to convince Rachel, and just as importantly myself, that I was actually there with HER and not the sexy little temptation from earlier in the day.

She had started masturbating me again and I knew I didn’t have long, so I nuzzled into her breast, seeking and finding a compliant and supple nipple. I ran little circles around it with my tongue, almost but not quite giving the little bud the contact it was after. Rach gave a little whimper and tried to shift the breast so as to place the nipple in my mouth, but I managed to avoid her, licking only around the extremes. Meanwhile my hands had been busy, gently massaging the far breast — again avoiding direct stimulation of the nipple — and then running down over the tummy and mons to her most sacred zone. I was stunned to find the whole area soaked. Not just moist, but actually wet! I scraped my nails down her inner thigh, drawing a shudder, and then ran the back of my middle knuckle gently from the bottom of her flowering opening to the top, just grazing across her clit at the end.

This produced a loud groan and sudden thrust as she tried to grind against my hand. Her rhythm on my cock had also faltered — thankfully! It meant I was now a chance of lasting long enough to make love to this little vixen. I gave her what she wanted by gently lashing the nipple with long, slow passes of the tongue, and she responded with a growl. One hand went to the back of my head to hold me on the breast, the other grabbed my hand and drove it against her sopping pussy.

I broke away from the nipple, replacing the stimulation with my left hand, and kissed her passionately. She moaned, and writhed, as I gently fingered her now exposed clit and rolled a nipple between thumb and forefinger. The overpowering aroma of aroused womanhood pervaded my senses, and I was aflame, all thoughts of control shredded away by pure desire. Rach was thrusting to meet my fingers now, which I had reversed so that two had penetrated her beautiful vagina and allowed my thumb to rest on her button. I crossed my two fingers to increase vaginal stimulation, and we held this until, judging by the quickening of her breath and frantic moans, she was on the brink of her own precipice.

She suddenly broke off our kiss and maneuvered under me. “Take me!” she hissed. “Hard! And fast!” Her hand returned to my dick, massaging briefly before drawing me down to her entrance. I removed my fingers with a slow movement, and she squealed in response. I was leaking precum every where, and told her so.

“I… said… HARD!” she shot back, and grabbing my arse with both hands she drew me into her with a violent movement.

We both cried out in pleasure. I could just feel the cervix at the end of my dick, and knew that pregnancy was not an issue on this occasion. We were going kaçak bahis to run the gauntlet, and so be it. I started to thrust gently and then more urgently. Our lips met briefly, then slowly parted as though we mutually agreed that this was not about making soft love. It was a full on fuck. I upped the ante with my thrusting, withdrawing as far as I dare without risking popping out — she hates that — before ramming in as hard as I was game. I was rewarded with a cacophony of moans, cries and mutterings. Nails dug into my back, and it felt exquisite! My world closed in and I was conscious only of the softness of Rachael’s thighs on the outside of my legs, of the wetness running down my scrotum as it slapped against her perineum, and then suddenly of the wonderful feelings from my agonizingly hard member.

Rach was somehow aware too, because she abruptly stopped me. “Not yet. Not like this, I’m not ready,” and withdrew me. She rolled onto all fours, presenting her womanhood to me, the labia still spread from our fucking. “Take me again,” she ordered, and I obeyed with alacrity. I felt ready to burst, and wanted nothing now but to cum, and cum hard. I drove it home with an animalistic rush, earning a shriek of delight, and soon had Rach bucking, swearing and groaning with the rhythm again. I started rubbing on her engorged clitoris, which sent her into raptures.

Then, and I don’t know why, I abandoned massaging her pussy, and instead picked up both her feet that lay next to me and started to squeeze and rub them with every rapid thrust into her sex. “Oh, God…. Jason… YES! That’s it!! I fucking love that!” she squealed. Then looking back at me with a mask of pure lust and eyes clouded with pleasure “Ohhhhh, take me… take me…. take me like you’d take Lisa! Is this how you’d take her? Fuck me! Fuck me like you want to fuck Lisa!”

The name burst through my haze like a tidal wave, conjuring up a vision of my recent fancy, naked and dripping, on hands and knees with those magic breasts bouncing and swaying. I increased the vigour of my pounding even further in response. And then I was gone, swept away in a flood of ecstasy and release!! The ripples flowed through me, I’m sure I yelled out, and I tried to draw the sensations up my spine, arching my back with every contraction through my groin. Rachel was climaxing too, though I was now unaware who I was actually fucking, as I filled her with pulse after pulse. She was yelling my name with every spasm through her pelvic floor. Eventually I collapsed forward onto her back, still coupled, and we stayed there, panting and sweating as the plateau gradually subsided.

Finally, I withdrew and lay down next to her. In the half-light coming through the blinds, Rachael looked like a self-satisfied cat, perfectly content. She seemed happy enough, no signs of annoyance, but I still had to ask.

“Umm…… whose name did I yell out?”

She smirked a little, and said, “Mine,” then gave me a lingering kiss. Before reaching down and gently milking my still weeping cock and flashing me that sexy little smile of hers.

Then added coquettishly, “But I got you, didn’t I?”


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