Sisterly Love Ch. 02


At first I really thought my mother would balk at me going back to visit my sister in Manhattan the next weekend, but she had a date—a DATE! With some guy her best friend knew and recommended. What the hell? I mean, she and my Dad were only separated, and that had only been going on for almost four weeks. I didn’t think that long enough to be dating and God knows what else with some guy recommended by her girlfriend.

The thing was—and it pissed me off—my sister thought it was great. I almost cancelled and would have had it not been that Candy was looking forward—like I wasn’t—to our next session. That’s how my sister phrased it, our little session.

Anyway, I continued to slink through the halls of my high school, glancing at every clock I passed, willing time to speed up and rescue me, at least until I had to do it all over again on Monday. As it was, I kept mostly to myself, eating lunch in the farthest corner of the cafeteria, bolting from class to class and fleeing the premises as soon as the dismissal bell rang.

The week went by quickly enough. But on Thursday I noticed something—I should mention that Stephie had tipped me off a little about girls my age. She told me not to stare at them directly where they might catch me looking, but to use my peripheral vision to see if they watched me as I passed them in the school halls.

I did, and damned if they—well not all of them—but a couple of pretty cute ones did check me out as they passed by. You know, checking my goodies out. In my case they seemed to like watching my butt and then yammering away to the girl next to them—there’s always another girl there isn’t there?

So I wasn’t a social misfit. There was a certain level of interest in me and that made me walk a little straighter the remainder of the week.

I paid particular attention to several girls I had found attractive, complementing them on their attire and in one case a new hair style and discovered it opened doors I hadn’t thought possible.

In one instance, Regina, or Reggie as she told me to call her, actually stopped me near my locker to ask me how things were going. She was close enough that I could smell the spearmint gum she was chewing and I couldn’t take my eyes off her full, pouty lips working on it. I returned to reality on hearing her sigh dramatically.

“Uh, I’m sorry. What’d you say?” I stammered.

Regina bestowed a dazzling smile in my direction and said: “I wanted to know if you were going to the new film opening Friday night.”

If I’m going to be truthful, about things, I didn’t get her meaning until much later and I told her I’d be headed to the city Friday afternoon after school.

She flipped her brown hair about her shoulders and cut quick looks up and down the hall. Most of the students had filed into their classes and it didn’t appear anyone was taking an interest in her conversation with me. She leaned closer to me.

“Can you keep a secret?” Regina whispered. Of course I nodded.

“My parents are out of town tonight and my dad just stocked up the fridge with beer. You wanna come over and knock back a couple? Maybe watch a movie?”

I was totally floored at this. “Why?” I asked dumbly.

She got a semi-hurt look on her face and turned to leave. I scrambled to stop her.

“No, no, no. I mean, why me?”

Regina’s face relaxed and she shrugged. “There’s something about you … you’re different somehow. I don’t know what it is, but I want to know you better.”

Had I changed that much after the time spent with my sister and Candy?

“Err, I don’t have any plans for tonight, Reggie … I’d love to watch a movie with you. I’d have said yes to Friday night but I have a family commitment in the city this weekend.”

“Soooo,” she said, dragging the word out, “say about eight?”

She gave me her address and phone number which I wrote down in front of her and then stood there looking at her. She laughed and said, “See you later then.”

It was still Thursday afternoon when I met Mrs. Rodriquez. I must admit I had never seen Mrs. Rodriquez before that day. Although I later found out she had lived on the same block from me for over a year. But that’s Yonkers for you. People come and go and if you don’t have some personal contact with them, it’s likely you won’t know they even exist.

Mrs. Rodriquez was at least old enough to be my mother, perhaps older. It is hard to tell with some Hispanic women; but you could tell from her dress that she was not wearing anything remotely current, style-wise.

I only noticed her because she was about fifty feet in front of me, walking down the street carrying two shopping bags when one of the bags burst, sending produce and a container of milk to the sidewalk where it splattered all over her legs and the produce.

I was brought up to be of assistance in such matters, and hurried to her side to help her pick up the head of lettuce and carrots and several apples and oranges, but realized I had no place hardcore porno to put them.

“Let me carry these to your place, ma’am, I said as politely as possible. “No hope for the milk I’m afraid.”

It was then that I found she spoke broken English as she pointed to a building three doors down. I nodded and started walking toward the building, hoping I wouldn’t drop anything along the way. She followed about two steps behind me carrying the remaining bag, which I would later learn was twice as heavy as it was filled with canned goods.

Mrs. Rodriquez took the lead when we reached the apartment building and using a key let herself in, motioning me to follow. It turned out she lived on the fourth floor and up we climbed, with me praying that I wouldn’t drop anything on the way. I managed not too, and after she opened the door to her apartment, she said, “You come in. You such a nice boy.”

I placed the items I was holding carefully on the kitchen table and made ready to leave, when she told me to sit down. I sat down on one of the four chairs around the kitchen table.

“I’ll be right back,” she said and walked down the hall into what appeared to be a small bedroom. I sighed and stared around the kitchen thinking this woman was going to offer me money or something, which I really did not want.

As I glanced in the direction she had gone hoping to see her return so I could take my leave. I was already daydreaming about fucking Candy over the coming weekend when I caught just a slight glimpse of Mrs. Rodriquez in her bedroom mirror changing her clothes.

There it was—a naked woman slipping into a housecoat! Her smallish tits were burned into my retinas. I would never forget them. Seeing something you’re not meant to see is one of the most rewarding sights you’ll ever behold. And if it’s a naked woman—well look out—one’s mind reels out of control. All thought of leaving quickly vanished. Was it possible that I might get another, possibly better view of her nude?

She came back into the kitchen and offered me a beer. “You wan cerveza? I mean beer?”

I wasn’t a beer drinker—I had tasted it, but it wasn’t my thing at that time. I would come to enjoy beer—all types of beer, but that would be in my early twenties. I accepted it, hoping the housecoat might provide another glimpse of her tits, or even her pussy as she reached into the refrigerator.

I took a gulp of my Corona as she put away the groceries.

“You live around here?” she inquired.

I nodded as I took another gulp of my beer.

“You got girlfriend?”

I laughed and shook my head from side to side.

She laughed with me and said, “Ho, I’m asking this and don know you name,” as she finished putting the produce in the refrigerator.

Still laughing Mrs. Rodriquez said, “You want you reward, yes?”

Before I could say it wasn’t necessary, she dropped to her knees between my legs and began fumbling with my zipper. Yes, I was stunned. I had never even considered the possibility of—well never mind it was happening.

I had a middle-aged woman fumbling with my fly and then fishing out my erection—and how does one’s dick know what’s happening before you do? I’ve never figured that one out.

But out it came—all seven and a half inches of steel snake.

Without another word Mrs. Rodriquez slid my cock into her mouth. It was obvious Mrs. Rodriquez knew how to suck a cock. There I was, sitting in the kitchen chair with her head bobbing up and down and when I moaned she sent a hand in search of my balls and massaged them. It felt wonderful—so did her mouth, she really was talented in that department.

She paused for a moment, glanced up and smiled. “Es good?”

“Very good,” I replied weakly.

“Mmmm, very nice,” she added, followed by another quick suck of the oozing precum off my cock head. Then she stood up and flipped open her housecoat. Being as short as she was her small perky tits were right in my face as she stood before the chair. Mrs. Rodriquez leaned forward and pushed one her hard ruby nipples into my mouth. I swear it was for that one early moment like being an infant again. I latched onto that nipple and gave suck—it had the greatest taste to it.

With her left hand she continued to tug on my cock as I licked and sucked on her nipples. She let out a small moan signifying that she too was enjoying this professional activity. “You are such a nice boy,” she added as her other hand ran through my hair.

I never heard the door to the apartment open. I did hear a female voice shout: “MOM!”

We both looked at the doorway. I was scared shitless to see a twenty something Hispanic girl standing there wearing a business suit. Mrs. Rodriquez seemed unfazed.

“What the fuck are you doing,” the girl asked with no trace of a Spanish accent whatsoever. Why I noticed this above all else I have never understood.

“I have trouble wid de groceries. He nice. He help me.” Mrs. Rodriquez hd porno explained as she tightened her grip on my cock.

“Hi,” the girl said, apparently accepting the unusual situation. She smiled at me as she took two steps toward us and extended her hand. “My name is Rosa, and you are?”

“Howard … that is Howie … I saw your mother having a problem and …”

I realized that Mrs. Rodriquez was still jerking me off and Rosa couldn’t seem to take her eyes off my dick as her mother stroked it faster and faster.

In fact, Rosa shrugged her shoulders as she looked on, even licked her lips once or twice. My hopes began to soar even higher.

“Mom gets this way,” she explained. “I guess we all do,” she chuckled.

Mrs. Rodriquez grunted her agreement and sank back down to her knees and inserted my cock back into her warm wet mouth. I stared at Rosa for her reaction. She bit her upper lip as she watched her mother suck my dick into her mouth.

To my astonishment, Rosa began undressing right there in the kitchen. The dark blue business suit came off remarkably fast. This girl was hot. She had nice melon sized tits with dark nipples and a perfect black triangle of hair around her pussy. She leaned back against the kitchen counter and began rubbing her pussy against the counter while her mother mom licked my shaft from the head down to my balls.

I couldn’t imagine this stuff if I were jerking myself off at home!

Another glance over at Rosa found her rubbing her clit furiously while still grinding her snatch against the counter top.

I turned my attention back to Mrs. Rodriquez as she continued to attack my dick. Moments later, Rosa appeared at the table, took a moment to clear some flowers in a vase off of it, and then hopped up on the table and slid across until her pussy was just to my left. She grabbed each knee and spread her legs inviting me to lean in and eat her pussy.

Mentally I gave thanks to Candy for teaching me how to handle such rare moments. I was on her like a bear on a fallen bee hive, gnawing at her pussy after twisting my torso to allow Mrs. Rodriquez to continue working my dick.

Rosa’s pussy had a distinctly different flavor than Candy’s. Perhaps it was the different foods they consumed, I don’t really know, but it was markedly different, but just as pleasant.

Her hands took hold of my head and sort of guided my mouth around her erogenous places and I gripped the globes of her ass to bring her ever closer to me. Rosa moaned happily and loudly when I found her dark pink clit. So loudly, in fact, that her mother stopped sucking my dick to admonish her not to disturb the neighbors.

I kept at Rosa’s pussy, sucking and licking. She got so wet that my face was covered with her juices. A small puddle of her fluid was pooling on the kitchen table under her ass crack. I discovered this when I sent my tongue back down the other way towards her ass, which, by the way, smelled remarkably sweet.

Mrs. Rodriquez had left off my dick and was sampling my testicles, and that felt soooo good for two reasons: one, halting her blowjob kept me from cumming just then and two, it felt sensational for she was teasing my asshole at the same time.

I must have been servicing Rosa even better than I thought I was—after all what did I really know about eating pussy other than being directed to lick here or there?

I say this not to brag, but to relate her reaction to my cunnilingus technique at the time. She was bucking and moaning and the small kitchen table was shaking. Rosa shuddered but didn’t loosen her grip on her knees—I later learned she’d feared her legs would close, and her position would prevent her opening them again.

In a near panic, Rosa howled, “Mom, we need to move!”

Mrs. Rodriquez looked up and saw her daughter’s precarious situation and stood up, wiped the accumulated saliva from her face and mouth and said, “Living room.”

“Let’s go,” Rosa chirped as she hopped off the table. I stood up and my jeans fell around my ankles. I slid the jeans over my sneakers, kicked both off and followed the curvaceous Rosa’s nude form down to the other end of the small hall with Mrs. Rodriquez a step behind me dragging her housecoat on the floor.

As we reached the small living room Mrs. Rodriquez draped the housecoat over a chair and I peeled off my tee-shirt. Now the three of us were entirely nude.

Rosa lay down on her back on the bare linoleum and parted her legs again.

I got down on my stomach between her legs and resumed munching away at her delightful snatch.

Mrs. Rodriquez squatted over her daughter’s face and lowered her hairy dark pussy onto Rosa’s mouth.

At this point I had no idea if I was dreaming or if it was really happening. Okay, okay, I knew it was reality; I just had a problem with the daughter eating the mother with me in the picture too.

Obviously they had done this before, but soon enough I managed to lose myself in Rosa’s honeyed cunt latina fuck tour porno and brought her to a tumultuous orgasm. She managed to control herself in that while moaning she kept her mouth adhered to her mother’s twat and sent her off as well.

Rosa’s cunt was dripping like a leaky faucet at this point. I used my fingers to spread her lips open and took time to fully examine the coral colored innards of her vulva, something I hadn’t had time or nerve to do with Candy or my sister.

She raised her ass in the air slightly as I ran my tongue between the cleft of her ass. I made it to her asshole and was trying hard from this position to get my tongue into her ass. I glanced up to see Rosa giving her mom a hell of a licking as well. She had better access to her mother’s rear than I did hers as Mrs. Rodriquez was squatting over her while I was in a prone position.

It became obvious very quickly that both women liked liking assholes. Well, I was gaining an affinity for it as well so no harm there, eh?

I looked on with interest was Rosa inserted a long red fingernail into her mother’s ass.

Mrs. Rodriquez had a look of ecstasy about her face. The fingernail disappeared only to be followed by the rest of the finger to the second knuckle anyway—as I realized for the first time that I had yet to cum myself.

I decided I wanted to fuck Rosa more than Mrs. Rodriquez, but not by a large margin, so I got to my knees, placed my cock at the swollen, glistening entrance of her pussy and wet as it was, slipped right in.

“OHHHH!” she gasped somewhat surprised while my hand encircled her breasts and felt her thick, distended nipples for the first time.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Rodriquez asked thinking her daughter might have broken a nail while poking around her ass.

“He—he’s fucking me, Mom!”

“About time, don you think?” Her mother replied with a lewd cackle.

I leaned forward on my palms and thrust deep into Rosa’s twat. A moment later I realized I could still sample Mrs. Rodriquez’s tits so I craned my neck a little and filled my mouth with her right teat. Mrs. Rodriquez held my head so that I maintained position in sucking her tit while slowly rising to her feet.

“Enough for now, Chico, I take charge now,” and with that, Mrs. Rodriquez reclaimed her breast, moved behind me and stuck her face where my cock was sliding into her daughter’s cunt. First Mrs. Rodriquez lathered my balls. It felt great to have a mouth down there while I was fucking this incredible Hispanic beauty; then Mrs. Rodriquez spread my ass cheeks apart and began to lick my asshole and I literally saw stars as I came big time, flooding Rosa’s snatch with my load.

“Ha-Ha-Ha!” Mrs. Rodriquez chortled, still tickling my asshole with her very talented tongue. “You fill me next, huh big boy?”

“You bet,” I managed to pant as I dropped away from her daughter to rest and watch them go at it woman to woman.

Finally Rosa called out “Oh my fucking GOD!” god,” and bucked wildly at her mother’s face seemingly glued to her cunt.

With a certainty that hinted they had done this before, Mrs. Rodriquez turned her face away from her daughter’s cooze and sent two fingers into it.

Almost instantly my jizm and Rosa’s juices began flying out and splattering everything in sight.

Rosa’s orgasm swept over her, “Más, Más,” she moaned, obviously wanting more.

“You fuck now!” Mrs. Rodriquez huffed at me. I glanced at my dick, found it still reasonably hard and sent it back into Rosa’s tight little furnace.

She came again almost immediately. Having just ejaculated, I knew I would last quite a while and so I did my best to get the Spanish beauty off as many times as possible while I could.

“YES! YES!” Mrs. Rodriquez shouted as she watched her daughter jerking and bucking under my powerful thrusts.

“Do like doggie!” the mother shouted gleefully moments later. I nodded and turned Rosa over so she was on all fours and entered her from behind. Two deep strokes later she was cumming again as I was hitting different spots within her vagina.

“One more then my turn!” Mrs. Rodriquez yelled happily and within a minute or two, Rosa did achieve another powerful climax and Mrs. Rodriquez roughly shoved me off her daughter and shoved her hairy cunt against my throbbing dick.

I should mention that this time I was on top as I entered her—balls deep right off the bat. She gave out a loud grunt. I heard Rosa giggle and wondered what she found funny. A second later I landed several feet away on my ass, wondering what the hell had just happened.

“She’s like a fucking bronco!” Rosa said while shrieking with laughter.

“Come on—Come on—Come on!” Mrs. Rodriquez shouted.

I remounted as it were, and this time found a hand hold by grabbing the back of her neck and off we went again.

I was actually in the air half the time, plowing down into her snatch on landing each time with a whomp—whomp sound that Mrs. Rodriquez evidently loved.

“HO, BABY! HO, BABY—GIVE ET TO ME!” she screamed imploring me to even greater feats of fucking.

Lord knows, I tried, but I was tiring fast and thank goodness, Rosa noticed and joined in trying to help me and her mother out.

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