SIX HOURS OF PLEASURE AT THE STUDIOS IN LAS VEGASAuthors Notes: This is the story of my first visit to an anything goes swingers club in Las Vegas. The night of the story I was one of the first arrive and one of the last to leave. This club is a real club and it is called the THE STUDIOS and it is open 4 days a week, Thursday through Sunday. If you are in Vegas check out their website. If you have a thing for Tgirl’s, MM sex, MMF sex, or just sucking cock check them out. I finally sat down with my wife yesterday afternoon and had a talk with her about my desires to take my sexual desires to the next level and I was surprised what her response was. She told me that we had talked about this on and off since we got together and that it was okay with her if I wanted to go play. She just wanted me to make sure I followed her rules for me to do that and as I have said in the past I have no problem with the rules.So last night around 9:15 I left the house and headed over to the club. I arrived just before 10 pm and went on in. At the guest desk was a beautiful and tall and very sexy Tranny named Barbara who immediately put me at ease and explained where everything was at. I got my robe and paid the house donation and walked around the beautifully decorated house and got a feel for the place. On the TV’s that are s**ttered throughout the house were playing bi-sexual and tranny porn. I went and found the lockers and changed out of my cloths, leaving on a pair of ladies panties that I was wearing, and put my stuff in the locker. I went into the Boutique and drank my Monster and talked with Barbara the Bar tender and started to feel really at home. I had meet Joyce by now and she is a great lady. I had a really deep and personnel conversation with her later in the night and she gave me some solid advice and made me feel more at home. I watched as the other guests started arriving and there were people of all shapes sizes and types there. I watched a crossdresser who was very comfortable in his skin and cloths. A couple came in and the Lady of the two spent some time talking with Barbara and then they moved throughout the house. I must say here that if you want to drink you need to bring your own or you can get soda, water, etc. from Barbara. In next was a very beautiful lady who was wearing next to nothing at all and was very sweet and talked with everybody. I later found out that she was a Tranny and unless she wouldn’t have made that known I would have never known. Another young lady came in with red hair and a black and silver combination dress and pants on and she was hot as hell. I wondered downstairs and talked with a group of guys and the beautiful young tranny for what seemed like an hour or two. Every once in while I would get up and walk around. At one point I noticed that the Crossdresser had hooked up with a young lady and they were on one of the play beds in the basement and they were having a heavy make out session with the Cross dresser sucking on her tits and playing with her ass. The lady was not idle in that she was stroking his cock and for a little while she was sucking him. He slowly moved her flat on her stomach and took her pants off the rest of the way and put a condom on and lubed up his ridged member and slowly at first worked his hard cock deep in her ass. I heard her sigh as he entered her. By this time a small crowd was watching the action and I had my cock out and was stroking it slowly. After fucking this beautiful little tranny’s ass while she was flat on her stomach the cross dresser pulled out and pulled her up on all fours and it was at this time that I saw her hard little girl cock and her balls. As he fucked her doggy aksaray escort style her breathing became more and more excited and she started stroking her cock. After a few more minutes he pulled out and lay on his back and the girl took the condom off and started sucking him dry. She pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and stroked him to a finish on her face. After this show I meandered through the house again and ended back with the same group of guys and a tranny talking in the poll room. As we talked some more I kept noticing that the Tgirl’s dress kept coming up higher and higher. Showing her beautiful cock encased in a pair of flowered panties. As the night was going on I was getting more and more comfortable with my nudity and even had my robe open showing my semi hard cock in a pair of panties. After a little while of talking I got up and walked around a little and went in the swing room to a crowd on the bed surrounding another Tgirl. One had her cock in his hand and was stroking her and two guys were on either side of her face while she licked and stroked their cocks. Not wanting to waste an open Tgirl breast I knelt down and started licking and sucking and biting her nipples and stroking her cock. Not wanting to waste a nice hard juicy cock I went down on her and watched the other two guys that she was stroking. As I sucked on her cock I watched one of the guys shoot his load all over her face and then a few minutes later the other guy did the same. Now being the cum slut that I am I licked the cum off of her face and used a finger to scoop the rest off her face. In doing so I had cum in my stash and all over my mouth and face. It was so good and so fucking hot. As she got up I realized that this was Barbara from the bar. And thinking about the size of her cock I am sorry that I did not get a chance to ride it till she came inside of me. I finished cleaning the cum off of my face and licked it off of my fingers and headed to the bathroom to freshen up a little. I went looking around for the one Tgirl and to see what else was going on. In one of the public play rooms I found the cross dresser busy with a couple of guys and stroked my hard cock for a few minutes watching. I did not see the one lady that I had been talking with and walked upstairs to see what was going on. The only thing going was behind closed doors and so moved out to the patio to sit and have a smoke and relax a little bit. And boy am I glad I did. I was out there maybe ten minutes when the lady that I had been talking with earlier came out on the patio with another guy and sat down. She was just as friendly as before and it seemed that her dress got even shorter by this time. Now that I was relaxed I opened up a little more with her and started flirting.She made a comment about going into the window room and shutting the door and putting on a show for everybody. “If you want a volunteer I will happily jump at the chance” I told her, and she looked at me with surprise on her face and said “OHHH La La volunteers are good, very good…….”She moved to where her dress pulled up once more and showed off her panty enclosed cock which was showing signs of life. As she moved one of her gorgeous breasts popped out and showed her nipple. I sucked in a breath and just went “Hmmmm nice,” she looked at me with a smile on her face and asked me if I like what I saw and I told her yes I would love to lick and suck and nibble on her nipple. That earned me a smile and another “Ohhh la al” from her.After this our conversation turned very nasty and very quickly. “I would love to suck your cock and eat your cum” I told her as we were talking. Somehow the conversation got escort aksaray around to our past and I told her about my ex-wife “The fucking whore would cheat on me at the drop of a hat” I told her and she looked at me and asked “I thought you said she was not into the alternative life style earlier?”“No she did not like or even accept that people in her family were gay or bi-sexual but since I worked nights a lot she would fuck anybody she could and tell me about it later. She told me once that if I wanted to keep her from cheating I was not to work nights.”As I said this I saw the lights go on in her eyes and I knew I was in for it as she gave me a wicked smile “you were a cuckold weren’t you?” she asked as I looked down and whispered “Yes,”.“What was that? I did not hear you.” She said.Now knowing that she is a dom in real life and having been around that in a 3D game I play on the internet I answered her “Yes Mistress” still looking down. From that moment on I was hers for the next hour and it was pure pleasure and torture for me. She spread her legs and started rubbing her cock all the while giving me and the guy with us a show of playing with her beautiful tits. She invited the guy to rub and play with her tits and I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it all the while. I had a raging hard on and wanted so much to suck and lick her nipples and reach my hand into her panties and pull out her cock and stroke it. She was looking at me all the while. Pulled out my pack of smokes and lite a cigarette and sat back stroking my cock and enjoying the show. After I had smoked half the cigarette she stood up and walked over to me. As she did she picked up the ash tray that was sitting on the table and held it out. I reached to take it and she pulled it away, knowing what she wanted I took one final puff off of the cigarette and put it in the ash tray. She picked up the cigarette and threw it down and stomped on it. “You do what I say and if I say you can have one you can have one!”“Yes Mistress,” was all I said in return to her. She sat back down and spread her legs and pulled out her cock. “Would you like to be my cuckold?” She asked, and all I could say is “Yes Mistress”. When I said this my cock sprang out and I was rock hard instantly. She beckoned me over and I moved to her cock and she pushed my head away and pointed towards her foot indicating that she wanted me to lick and suck on her toes. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on her toes she said that was enough and for me to sit back down. I sat down and watched as she played and teased the other guy. By this time both of us were rock hard and begging for release, now me being a good cuckold I did it quietly. Finally she pulled up her panties and down her dress and covered her breasts and said let’s move this someplace a little more private, as I got up I tried to cover my raging hard on and she stopped me and told me I had to follow her like that. I felt my face turn red but quickly got up and followed her and the other guy allowing both of them to go before me.We went into the Lips room and she had us sit down on the couch and the three of us started playing together. It started with her teasing and rubbing against each of us and get us even more hot and horny. We started to rub her body and play with her cock and balls and rub her ass and breasts causing her to moan with pleasure. She sat down between us and started stroking our cocks while we stroked hers and played with her balls and breast. She never allowed us to suck her cock and only allowed brief flicks of the tongue on her nipples. She was in charge and we both knew it. She finally got up and positioned aksaray escort bayan herself in front of us and told us that she wanted us to cum all over ourselves and that would be so sexy for her. I jerked like crazy wanting to cum to please her. But it was not to be, neither I nor the guy was able to cum and he told her that he wanted to fuck her. Her expression turned dark and she said with venom in her voice “I don’t fuck”. She started to get dressed and I just sat there and watched her. She waited for me to get up my cock now deflated and told me to walk around the rest of the night without any panties and to leave my robe open. I complied with her wishes and got up and gave her a hug and told her thank you. A little while later I was able to talk to her and told her that she had rocked my world again and thank you. Even though I was not able to cum I get hard just thinking about the pure erotic nature of our time together. Before I left for the night I would have one last tryst at being dominated. As I was walking through the swing room one of the girls asked if I like to suck men’s cocks or girl cocks and I told her truthfully that I like to suck both and I like both up my ass. She told me to get on my knees and to suck the cock of the guy that was with her. I did this with pleasure and went to work hungrily on his large member. Although I was not able to deep throat him I took as much in my mouth as I could and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock while stroking him vigorously working with all my power to make him cum. All too soon he shot his load down my throat and as I swallowed his load and cleaned him up the Tgirl that was with him brought another cock for me to suck. In all she brought me a total of four cocks to suck including the first guy. I sucked all four off and took four loads of cum down my throat All the while with my ass hanging out ready to be fucked and a raging hard on. The rest of the night I just walked around and watched the action not really wanting to play much more. I did watch a sexy Tgirl suck another one while we were all sitting on the patio smoking and in some cases drinking shots. At one point one of the Tgirl’s started sucking the cock of another Tgirl and I started stroking my cock watching them on the Patio. By this time several couples were playing in private rooms and the hottest action was on the patio. As I watch these two beautiful ladies go at it I kept imaging that they were making out with me and that it was my cock getting sucked. The more she sucked the faster I stroked and the more I wanted to cum, it had been a long and fun filled night and my balls and cock were begging for release. I was stroking faster and faster and when she finally shot her load into the mouth of the girl sucking it was too much for me and I had one of the most intense cums that I have ever had. It felt like I had been sucked off for the first time in days and I was totally drained. I licked cum off of my hand and scooped cum off of my stomach and ate it with joy. It was my most intense orgasm that I had ever had. I just wish it was the cum of the Tgirl who had shot her load that I tasting. As I recovered the two ladies looked at me with questioning looks and I just smiled at them and said that was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I went on to say “I just wish I was swallowing her load after she made me her slut.” It was all I could say by this time having been up since 5 am and having worked all day I was totally drained and worried about getting home safely, something I had not done in years. I sat around for a while to relax a little and watched the Tgirl that was sucking go downstairs with a guy. After she finished with him I watched her leave and as it was almost closing time I decided that it was time to get ready and leave. I was totally satisfied and extremely tired. I knew that I would never be the same and I would be back no matter what.

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