Sixth Form Slimmer


This story is a complete work of fiction, but is something that could just possibly happen. All characters are 18 or over.

Don’t try this at home! If you are not careful, hypnosis can have unpredictable consequences … as you are about to read.


“Hi daddy,” said Emily, as soon as I came through the door.

Most days if she was home I would get a hug and a huge kiss on the cheek as soon as walked in from work. Even if I’d had an asshole of a time at the office, Emily’s cheerfulness and greeting made my day, perked me up and readied me for whatever lay in store at home. Always as a bit of fun I’d pat her on the bottom – I’d done that since she was a kid.

More recently if I’d tried leaving my hand there a bit longer, she’d say “Daddy! That’s naughty!” And wag her finger. But she never stopped me doing it.

As usual, a wonderful aroma came from the kitchen.

“Dinner will be in 5,” came an equally cheery voice from somewhere near the oven.

Emily’s enthusiasm for life ran 24/7, she even smiled in her sleep. A bubbly, very popular girl in the 6th form she was doing well in her studies. As usual she was still in her statutory white school blouse with a blue, red and narrow yellow striped tie which identified her as Norbury High. Complement that with a pleated dark blue skirt and white knee-hi socks and you had my perfect schoolgirl.

Her popularity was echoed by the 50 plus friends she’d invited to her 18th birthday disco and the large amount of presents she’d received. That was 7 weeks ago and now the excitement was over she was getting her head round some serious exam swotting.

Anna, my wife of 22 years, brought dinner through. She’s the perfect woman and far too good a cook. I was just under 11 stone when we married and it stayed that way for a long time. When she was expecting Emily, she seemed to not only eat for two but also cook for three … And she always seemed to overestimate. As Anna piled on the pounds, so did I.

It never helps having an office job and driving to work. As Emily grew we all ate too much. The extra pounds stayed on plus a few more for luck. It’s not quite so easy to lose the pounds though – and after finding out my energy level was about the same as a 55 year old man, I started to seriously consider what I could do to lose weight.

In the summer Anna and I would take Emily for walks – short ones at first because that’s all I could manage without getting out of breath. We all needed exercise and to lose weight. Anna joined a slimming club and I tried to lose weight at the same time but didn’t have the willpower. My health was suffering. A colleague recommended a hypnotist who’d helped him lose weight, so I tried that. The hypnotist was good but expensive; I lost 2 stone over a 3 month period, helped by booster sessions and a tape recording which I played once a day. That was 12 years ago. Since then I’ve tried my best, but I’m nowhere near the 11 stone I was when we got married.

“So what’s happened at school today?” I must have asked that 500 times over the years – even when Emily got into the 6th form.

“Oh, nothing much.” Emily’s stock answer, often accompanied by a non-stop 10 minute digest of that day’s events. My mother’s ‘no talking when eating’ rule was rarely adhered to. Teacher moans, girly gossip, that day’s take on boys, complaints about homework – nothing got missed.

“We were talking about holidays mostly,” said Emily. “Where we were all going and new clothes and stuff. Oh! And Christine thinks I’m getting fat.”

It wasn’t the first time this had been brought up. Emily, though not yet obese, loved her food and was gradually piling on the pounds. Like many of her friends, weight was an issue. Her small height didn’t help. I made a mental note


Nothing more was said for a couple of weeks until Emily and Anna were out clothes shopping. Emily just wasn’t her usual cheerful self.

“There’s some really nice stuff but I look awful in them.” Tears were in her eyes. Her weight was really becoming an issue.

Some time later in the evening Anna came up with a suggestion.

“You know that time you piled on weight? You went to see that hypnotist.”

“Yes, still got the tape somewhere. You’re suggesting I need it again, aren’t you?”

“Well, you do to be honest. But, no. Do you think Emily might use it?”

“Not really. He mentions my name all the way through it to reinforce the suggestions. Anyway it’s just a booster, it’s not quite the same as the first few sessions I had.’

Anna thought for a while.

“Do you think you could adapt it for Emily? I mean, you write the stuff down as if it was the first session, and read it out to Emily.”

“You mean me try to hypnotise her? No it would never work! Emily would never let me anyway … No. I can’t do that.”

“But you and Emily are real close. Think about it. She’s dead keen to lose weight but she just can’t seem to do it.”

I kept quiet, but Anna wouldn’t let up. We were in bed before she mentioned it again.

“What rip her up porno if I spoke to her? Would you try?”

“OK you win. I’ll try to dig out that tape. It might even help me.”

I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. If I could help her lose weight what else could I make her do?

I went to sleep with an erection.


A few days went by. Anna had spoken to Emily who didn’t think I could hypnotise her but would give it a try. I found the audio tape and the old clock/ radio which had a tape player. Rigging that up to the computer and I had a CD. With a pair of headphones on it still worked fine for me – I’d forgotten how relaxing a session could be. That and some research on the ‘net and I had a script.

“OK, I’m ready.” I told Emily. She giggled. “You have to at least believe it might work,” I said. “And you have to trust me.”

Anna thought we needed some space … and she had gossip to catch up on, leaving Emily with me. I lit a large single candle.

“OK, Emily, just get comfortable. Take a deep breath and watch the candle flicker. Watch the flame flicker differently every time. Watch it Emily … making your eyes so tired, so sleepy …

I thought at first Emily was just looking rather bored, watching the flame just to please me. Then she started to blink, eyes drooped,

“… Can’t keep them open any more. Sooo relaxed sooo tired, sleepy eyes, tired, sleepy, relaxed …”

Bit by bit it was obvious she was trying to keep awake but just couldn’t. I continued with the script.

“… deeply deeply hypnotised … you only hear me, Emily … do everything I say … everything. Without question … do you understand Emily?”

A very sleepy reply, “Yes, understand, everything you say, can’t resist.”

I needed to check if she would respond, if she would do something simple.

“When you come home from school tomorrow Emily you will not watch TV. You will start revision. You will remember every word, Emily, every single word. You will pass all your exams easily. Do you understand Emily?”

“Understand … revise … no TV … pass exams”

“When I come in, you will come and hug me, kiss me on the cheek, tell me how well you are revising. You will be happy. Then I will put my hands on your bottom and leave them there. On your bottom, Emily, but you won’t notice. You won’t tell me off. Do you understand, Emily?”

“Understand. Hug you, love you, not say anything.”

“Now Emily as I count from 5 to 1 you’ll wake up. You’ll not remember you’ve been hypnotised, you’ll not remember anything that’s been said but you will do everything I’ve told you. Whenever I light the candle and say ‘sleep’ you’ll be deeply hypnotised.”

“2, relaxed and refreshed …1, wake up.”

“Why did you light the candle, daddy? When you are you going to hypnotise me?”

“I guess it didn’t work sweetheart. Maybe we’ll try tomorrow.”


When I arrived home to following day Emily was still reading her school books. As soon as she saw me she grinned,

“Hey daddy, you’re home.” Big hug, big kiss. I put my hands firmly on her bottom, pulled her to me … paused … paused some more.

“I’ve been revising a lot. Gotta go daddy, lots to read, lots to remember.”

Over dinner I smiled to Anna. We’re going to have our second session later.


Candle lit. “Sleep.”

This time Emily was out like a light. As per the internet suggestions I successfully tried to deepen the trance.

“Your tummy is shrinking a little bit each day. Smaller and smaller. It doesn’t need as much food to fill it. Tummy smaller … eat less each day. You will not feel hungry.”

“Yes daddy, smaller tummy, eat less.”

“When I come home tomorrow you’ll hug me like you do your boyfriend. Press your hips real close and kiss me like your boyfriend. When I put my hands on your bottom under your skirt you won’t notice. My hands, underneath your skirt will feel very sexy, though you won’t know why. It will feel just like your boyfriend is touching, but as soon as I let go, you won’t remember what happened and you will object if I touch there again. You’ll just feel very sexy.”

I figured that as her boyfriend was away from home at the moment she might be missing him.

“Understand … kiss daddy, feel sexy.”

“Emily. Do you believe in angels?”

“Yes daddy. They guard over people.”

“Will angels do anything you ask them?”

“If it’s a good thing daddy, ‘course they will.”

“When I say the word ‘Dream’ your own personal angel will come to you. You can whisper ‘Touch’ and she will tickle you on your panties and it will feel really nice. But only if you want her to. Do you understand?”

I was giving Emily the choice.

“Yes daddy.’Dream’ – Angel comes.’Touch’ – Angel touches me.”

“Touches where?”

“On my panties … feels nice.”

“When she touches you, lift your skirt and point. Just point, not touch. She will tickle you wherever you wish and it will feel very sexy, rus porno very nice. If you want her to tickle harder, whisper ‘more’, tickle lighter, say ‘less’. If you want her to go inside your panties, pull them to one side and whisper ‘inside’.

‘Do you understand, Emily?’

Even her deeply hypnotised state, Emily smiled. “Yes, understand.”

“Emily, would you like your angel to come now?”

“Mmmmm. Yes.”

“Dream Emily, dream well.”

Just the very slightest whisper, “Touch” Emily pointed.

After a few seconds, my daughter’s face was a picture! Her legs opened and her hips began to move. “Down,” her legs opened wider. “More”… “More” … She bit her bottom lip as if in full concentration. More commands followed. Her breathing deepened. She shuffled down a little more to allow her legs more freedom, lifted her skirt, pulled at the elastic of her silky panties. “Inside.”

I could clearly see Emily’s pussy, hardly obstructed by what was possibly 2 weeks of hair regrowth. I could see her slit and below, a very nice, very moist pussy.

“Inside, inside, more. Here! Yes. Mmmm.”

“Emily, I’m going to leave you with the angel for a few minutes. You must direct her alone, but you MUST NOT cum. Is that OK?’


Did I sense a touch of disappointment?


I needed a break; I took a can from the fridge. My mouth was very dry, the beer helped greatly. When I returned Emily was whispering ‘less’ in a very sleepy voice. She still had her panties aside; her juices were in full flow.

‘Emily,” I lifted up her hand and put mine into it. “This is the angel’s hand. Move her fingers where you want. She will know how to make you cum. Whilst you know her fingers are touching you, every touch will be 10 times more powerful, 10 times more sexy.”

This was beyond my wildest dreams. Emily was so greatly aroused I had no difficulty at all locating her clit. Ever so gently I circled, but … ‘more’ … I speeded up, … ‘more’ … ”more’ ….. ‘mmmmm.’

I had imagined finger fucking Emily in the past, but it had always just been a fantasy. Here I was now, 2 fingers coated in girly-cum. Emily was so out of it I wasn’t really sure she knew she’d cum. Her juices told differently.

“Emily, every time you lose 1 pound in weight, the angel will come again, in bed. All you have to do is whisper ‘Angel come.”

“If you have enjoyed the Angel visiting, leave the panties you’re wearing now hidden in daddy’s jacket pocket, but make sure mum doesn’t see.

“… 3 … 2 … 1, eyes open and awake.

Emily opened her eyes, yawned and a sudden shiver passed through her. I asked if she was OK.

“Yes, daddy, I’m fine, but I just need to go to the bathroom.”

A few minutes later she returned, more composed and smiling. She kept looking curiously at the candle.

“I guess I must have fallen asleep, I just had this weird dream. Maybe we will try the diet thing tomorrow.”


I’d totally forgotten about the panties until I got some change for a coffee from an inside pocket. I snuck off to the gents. I hadn’t bargained for the stain, the sweat and the pee after being snug up to her pussy all day at school. Beautiful, to look at, with a heavenly scent. I shot my cum into the toilet bowl with the speed of a missile rocket.

When I arrived home later that day Emily was again busy studying. As soon as she saw me she rushed over.

“Hey daddy, you’re home.” She gave me a great big hug.

“I love you lots daddy,” said Emily, and gave me a huge kiss on the lips, mouth slightly open. I put my hands behind her and touched her bottom. I’m sure she hadn’t even noticed.

She gave me another big hug, this time moving herself close to me and rubbing up against my groin. I slowly moved my hand down and under her skirt. I could feel the bare skin of her bottom and when I moved my hand further along I could tell that today she was wearing a thong.

Slowly I moved my hands around gently caressing her bottom, then sliding my fingers further down to where the scant material covered her pussy. Deciding to try my luck whilst she was very much awake, I pushed a little harder; I could feel the warmth and wetness inside her cunt. Thinking that Anna might come through at any time I let go.

A few minutes later we were all sat around the dinner table making small talk about the day.

Three quarters through her meal, Emily suddenly put her knife and fork down. “I’m sorry mum I just can’t eat anymore, I’m full.”

I winked to Anna.

A little later I said to Anna “I think this hypnosis is working, I’ll try again tonight. Oh, and I also suggested she studies a bit harder.”

Anna smiled. “I wondered why she went straight to her books.” A big kiss, “You think of everything.”

A bit more than you know, I thought. I wouldn’t dare tell her the other suggestions I had made to Emily.

“Oh, by the way,” said Anna. “Some months ago the girls were talking at school about everyone having a Guardian Angel. She’s now sert porno convinced her Angel came to visit her. Emily’s convinced her Angel is going to help her lose weight.”

I just smiled.


Emily was unexpectedly eager to start her third session, asking when we could sit down and light the candle. We went through to the lounge.

Candle lit. “Sleep,” I paused. “Deeper and deeper sleep. Every time I count downwards you will be 10 times more relaxed than ever before. You will obey everything. Obey everything, Emily, but you will remember nothing after you awake from this session … 10 … 9 … … 2 … 1”

Emily lay like a rag doll, as if every muscle in her body had relaxed fully.

“Tomorrow, at school, all through the day you will feel so sexy, and when no-one is looking you will want to rub your pussy so much. Every time you rub you will feel even sexier but you won’t be able to cum. When I come home you will realise just how much you miss your boyfriend. You will show daddy how much. Every kiss, every touch, every hug will be like the best ever time you’ve been with your boyfriend. Every time you kiss or hug me you feel one hundred times sexier than ever before. You will not resist any touch from me.”

“Do you understand?”

Her reply was slow, as if struggling to find enough energy to talk.

“Mmmm understand … love daddy … miss boyfriend …love daddy lots … mmm”

“Good girl. Now next time mum is out, you will decide to take a shower. But when you have finished you have to call daddy. You won’t be able to find the towel and you will want daddy to dry you all over, slowly. Every little touch of the towel will make you feel sexy. You will insist I check you all over before I go. You’ll also ask daddy to take your dirty panties to the linen bin. As soon as I leave the bathroom you’ll forget I was ever there and you will finish drying yourself.”


“As your reward, the Angel is going to visit you now. ‘Dream’. The Angel has given you permission to cum. She will invite you to use you own fingers, so you must cum hard for the Angel and you can cum as many times as you want. Every time you cum it will 10 times more powerful than the time before”

I knew Anna was going to be out all next evening. I left Emily for a full 30 minutes of uncontrolled erotic dreaming.

“3 … 2 … 1 … awake.”

Emily yawned, rubbed her eyes, stretched. She kept flexing her fingers as if cramped. Her skirt was still pulled up and her pale green panties showed a big damp patch.

“Wow. I feel so good, like I’ve slept for a week.”


As I walked in the following day, Emily rushed over. I told her I was busting for the bathroom and she even followed me up there. I just didn’t know when she was going to let me go. Her kiss was something else, searching every part of my mouth. Maybe I need some tips. Frustrated by the secret masturbation at school that I’d suggested, she would be so ready for sexual release. She ground her hips time and time again into my crotch. Lucky boyfriend. With her breasts so soft pressed tightly against me I nearly came in my pants.

She was so close I just moved my hands down under her skirt. Her bottom was bare until I found the thin fabric of her thong. I went as far as I dare, letting a finger of one hand firmly push just slightly into her bum hole, the other hand under the dampness of her cunny. Two scents to savour later. She kissed me again as if she was kissing her boyfriend. I envied him.

Again at dinner table Emily left food, even though Anna had given her less. Anna left for her regular night out with friends at 7pm. She would be down town till very late.

“Daddy, my hair’s a mess. I might as well get a shower.”

“OK. Have fun!”

I still had both scents on my fingers from earlier. Both were arousing, depending on my mood. I rubbed at my pants anticipating the call from Emily.

Emily loved her shower. Even when she was younger she stayed in as long as we let her. 10 minutes passed, 15 … Then the shower stopped.

After a moment or two she shouted, “Daddy, daddeee!”

“What sweetheart?”

“I forgot the towel. Please daddy, can you get one.”

I went in the airing cupboard. I took one and knocked on the bathroom door.”

“It’s here Emily, I’ll pass it through.”

“Oh daddy. I’m wet through. Bring it in please.”

What awaited me took my breath away. There stood my precious 18 year old wet and naked daughter. Not strictly perfect shape but I hate anorexic.

I handed her the towel, my eyes popping out of their sockets as she made no effort to cover up.

“Please, daddy, can you help. I can never reach everywhere.”

For one of the very few times in my life I was speechless.

“OK,” I said, dabbing her face and light brown hair first, “I’ll see if I can get you really dry.”

Apart from lifting her arms and spreading her legs, she stood motionless. Very carefully, very gently I caressed her skin with the towel. Her neck, shoulders, 32c breasts with edible nipples. As I dried the sides of her breasts she gave a little shiver.

She started giggling, “That tickles.”

Her sides, tummy.

“Daddy you’re doing it far too fast. And you’ve missed under my boobs.”

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