Skyclad With The Priestess…


Butt fucking gets old after awhile. The only reason a guy really wants it is because he’s usually told no, then it becomes a challenge to be met. If he’s lucky he gets his way and soon realizes it isn’t everything it was cracked up to be. (Pun intended) These were my thoughts as I dried off from my second shower of the day and headed back to bed.

My lovely partner Sharon had already made it back, snuggling all the pillows and smiling at me in the way that always made me dizzy. She had placed a hex on me, whether by design or chance I knew not, only that I’d be more than happy to find myself butt fucking her when we were in our eighties.

By way of introduction I suppose I should tell you that I am a spiritual gypsy. I move from belief to belief, learning what I can and then moving on. Those things that interest me or I find true I keep and discard the rest. Along the way I’ve had the fortune of dating women from all walks on the spiritual path. I’ve lived with an uptight catholic who had debilitating guilt over the fact we were living in sin, An honest to god holy roller who thought it suspicious that I wouldn’t pick up a fucking poisonous snake, A Buddhist willing to risk reincarnation to spend time in my bed and more than a few who simply didn’t find such things important.

Sharon practiced Wicca. I was surprised it had taken me so long to date a witch, then again its not like they advertise. Most don’t anyway; she carried her beliefs on her sleeve just waiting for some fool to challenge them. Pentacle earrings and necklace, Gothic dress just this side of acceptable, a dark brooding nature that seemed to ooze insight and mastery. Hell, I was in love.

When we weren’t having fantastic sex she would be teaching me of her beliefs. I learned candle magic, cleaning rituals, The Rede and consequences of violating it. I fell in love with Tarot and chose the Thoth deck as my own. Though we had only been together two months I was learning quickly and having the time of my life.

Now I found myself once again in her bed, my arms around her and her warm breasts against my side, her head on my chest and the rhythmic breathing of someone falling asleep as I myself began to drift away. For the first time in a long time it seemed my life was falling into place.

Yule was coming, the winter solstice which welcomes back the growing of the days and she and I were to celebrate with a ritual in the forest under a full moon. I couldn’t wait, though I did express a few concerns.

“So, let me get this strait.” I told her. “Were going to be naked while doing this ritual?”

“Its called skyclad.” She bahis firmaları replied, smiling at my innocence. “And you really don’t have to worry about who might see you, we’ll be alone.”

“I’m not worried about who might see me.” I said. ” I’m worried about freezing my dick off. You realize it’s the dead of winter don’t you?”

“We’ll have a fire.” She replied. “Don’t worry, you’ll be plenty warm enough.”

I was hoping that last statement meant there would be sex involved.

Though my doubts were many I still managed to overcome them, there was no way I was going to miss out on my first Pagan fireside ritual. The gypsy inside me just wouldn’t allow it.

So it came, the night I had been dreaming of for weeks. The temperature was actually warm for that time of year; I took it as a welcoming sign from the spirit of the Goddess to my own. The moon seemed larger than any moon had a right to be, an eternal clock moving across the night sky.

“You did remember to bring the matches, didn’t you?” I asked. It was more to make conversation than anything else.

“I have everything we need.” She replied.

I was hoping for more of an answer than that. We’d been walking for quite some time now, following a trail that she new and I couldn’t even see signs of. We were deep in the Ozark National Forest, it was pitch black and I was already getting nervous twitches from the experience. For gods sake there are bears and mountain lions and all kinds of wild animals in these parts. I’m absolutely serious when I tell you that I actually saw a Bigfoot once.

Finally we came to a small clearing that was surrounded by rocks and had a fire pit in the center. Fresh wood was already piled in the pit and I found that a bit odd, you usually come upon a fire pit that holds the ashes from the last fire. In just a few minutes the fire was blazing and she was preparing for the ritual.

She took a fold up broom from her backpack and extended it to full length, then began to dance softly around the fire and make sweeping motions.

“Your telling me after that long ass walk you actually had a broom? Hell woman, why didn’t we just fly out here?” I asked.

The sudden and sharp look from her told me instantly I’d better shut the fuck up. I guess some folks get a little touchy when you make jokes about their beliefs while standing in their church.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I’m new at this.”

A little more chanting and some sacred offerings tossed into the fire and we were ready to get naked and enter the circle. I’m not an exhibitionist and getting undressed in a public place, even in the middle kaçak iddaa of the wilderness didn’t come easy for me. Still, I finally found myself stripped bare and waiting for her next words to see what I was suppose to do next.

Sharon led me into the circle and then she stepped in and began dancing and chanting around the inside of it. She hadn’t explained allot of what to expect beforehand and I was getting somewhat confused. Not to mention I could now hear every snap, crackle and pop that the forest was making. As I looked out around us I swear eyes were looking back. I kept taking deep breaths to calm myself cause I was about to fucking freak.

It’s difficult to really learn the intricacies of a ritual when your mind is racing with every new sound that came your way. I couldn’t get past the fact that I was deep in the forest in the middle of the night and all I had for protection was a lit candle and my lucky Mr. Snowman underwear, and I didn’t even have them on.

I get flashes of memories, but not much else of the ritual itself. I remember staring across the fire and being mesmerized as the shadows of the flames danced across her naked body. She passed me a chalice and I was grateful cause dear lord did I ever need a drink. It was empty. I have no fucking clue what that was about. I recall that her eyes were closed and she was whispering a spell or chant or something and I thought to myself, if I knew the way out of here she’d open her eyes and be wondering where the hell I’d gone

Finally she rose and began to dance in the opposite direction around the fire. I wanted to tell her to forget the dancing, lets just put our clothes on and get the heck out of there, but it just didn’t seem like a smart thing to do at the time. I wasn’t even bothered that we didn’t have sex. I just wanted to leave.

Finally we’d made it outside of the circle and after a bit more dancing and chanting on her part the ritual was over.

“We can dress and then we’ll need to get the fire out.” She said. My clothes were already on. Hell, I’d already tied my shoes.

While she began to get dressed I walked over and proceeded to do what I always do when I need to put out a fire, I pulled my dick out and got comfortable.


“You realize you should have explained more of the rules before we got here, don’t you?” I asked. She didn’t answer. Her mood seemed to be turning foul and mine wasn’t much better.

It took awhile but after stacking various rocks and scooping dirt on top of the fire it finally died out. Once again we were in the pitch darkness of kaçak bahis the forest with just our flashlights to get us safely back to the sane world.

She led the way and I followed not an inch behind as we made our way back to the car. I kept flashing my light behind us at every squeak and pop that seemed to roar from the forest. I could hear footsteps and I swear they were not ours. Something was following us.

She walked on without a care in the world as I prepared to fight to the death with nothing more than a flashlight and whatever was in the heavy ass backpack she had me carrying. Then I remembered the knife she had used during the ritual. I had no idea what she used it for but I knew it would feel really good in my hands at the moment. I fished around in the pack for it but it wasn’t there. Stupid bitch must have kept it for herself.

The walk out seemed to last an eternity. She walked in silence, I stayed close behind and whatever creature from the dark that followed kept pace.

Finally we came to a spot of the woods that I recognized. We were almost out, another three or four feet and we’d be in the clearing and then we could run across the field, jump in the car and scream back to the safety of the sociopath lunatics that were our friends and family.

She stopped.

What I didn’t know and she didn’t tell me was that a huge spider’s web was strung out before her. In the middle was a huge spider. She was looking for the safest way to go around it.

“Will you get going?” I asked, trying not to show the rising panic I felt. “There is something back there.” I was waving my flashlight at the trees behind us.

“The trees creak like that when the wind blows thru them.” She said, as if she had no worries in the world.

“The trees also creak like that when they’re sneaking up behind a mother fucker.” I shot back, but it didn’t help. She still didn’t move.

All I can say is what I did next seemed like the most logical and life preserving thing to do at the time. I placed my hand firmly in the center of her back and a few quick steps later we were out of the forest and in the clearing.

Quite frankly, I was glad to be there.

She on the other hand was screaming hysterically and beating her body like she was having a seizure. I still didn’t know anything about any spider; hell I thought the trees had got her. I would have run for the car but it was locked and she had the keys.


There’s really no point in going into the ugly details of how the rest of that relationship went. Suffice it to say I’m still woefully lacking in knowledge when it comes to the goddess. That bothers me too, Wicca is still a path I’ve yet to truly explore.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Someday I hope mine will.

Love and light to each of you,

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