Slash Fiction Ch. 02: Space Seed


My last class on Tuesdays gets out at 2. This past week, after our first encounter, Chad was home when I got home. I changed my clothes and came out to the living room where he was watching a show he’d recorded. I told him, “I can’t stop thinking about the other night. You made my fantasy come true!”

He said, “Yeah, I liked it too. Course, I think you could tell.”

“So, what fantasy do you have?”

“I can’t. I have to be at work in an hour,” he answered.

“I didn’t mean to act out right now,” I told him.

“Oh! Well …” He thought for a moment. “Remember when you visited my college and stayed in my place? I kinda hoped you’d join me in the shower.” I didn’t react, because I was waiting to hear what he pictured. “I mean, it’s silly ’cause we’d never done anything before.”

“It’s not silly,” I assured him. “Hell, if I’d known, I probably would have joined you. What did you imagine us doing?”

Chad put his hand over his crotch. “The usual jack-off material: sucking, fucking. When I got out, I made my routine as long as I could, towel-drying my hair, shaving, even though it was a Saturday. I was hoping you either didn’t know I was in there or didn’t know I was naked and you’d walk in on me.”

“And then what? I’d see your dick and instantly go to my knees to suck it? You’ve read too many magazines.”

Chad laughed. “I didn’t think about the details. I kinda skipped from ‘see me naked’ to fucking doggy-style against the counter.”

My cell phone rang, and I had to take it. I’d been playing phone tag with my classmate about a project we’re working on. When I got off the phone, Chad had left for work. I was in my room changing clothes when I remembered something he’d said. I was so busy with my sarcastic response that I missed him saying that he thought about me while he masturbated. I pictured him lying on his bed, stroking his cock. It wasn’t big enough to evoke the word “monster” the first time I saw it, but it sure felt big when it was inside me! Anyway, I imagined the contours of his cock going in and out of view as he pumped it. I imagined a balloon like they sometimes use to show what a person is dreaming, and I was the star. In his fantasy within my fantasy, I was wearing a string bikini. He reached around to untie the top. It fell out of view, and I pushed his head to my mammoth tits. (They’re not mammoth any more than his cock is a monster, but I imagined him picturing them that way.) “Suck my tits, Big Brother!” I told him. I’ve never called him that in my life, but I pictured his cock getting even harder when he imagined me saying it. I’d tell him, “I know what you really want,” and I’d untie the strings on one side of my bikini bottom. If he had pants on at the beginning of his fantasy, they’d be off now. No guy has ever tried to pick me up off the ground, but I’m short enough and Chad is muscular enough that I figured he probably thought he could do it. He’d put his hands under my thighs and lift me. I’d wrap my legs around his and squeeze. I remembered how this came up, and I saw that we were in the bathroom in his old apartment. He’d escape by setting me on the counter. By the time I got this far, I was on my bed with two fingers in my pussy. I’d lean back and he’d slide his cock inside me. He’d probably picture himself fucking me in a frenzy. He wants to hold back and enjoy the fantasy, but it’s too late. He’s getting cum all over his hand. I walk in and ask him what he’s doing. He tries to cover himself up, but I stop him. “It’s okay,” I tell him. I’m not sure what I’m wearing above the waist, but I’m wearing a crotchless panty. I move his cum-covered hand to my pussy. Just as he got two fingers inside me, I realized it was my fantasy now. What the hell! I got three and then four fingers inside myself, pretending it’s him, and soon my hand was covered in my own juices for real. He licked his index finger and then he kissed me.

The next morning, our parents had both left for work, and I heard the shower running. I thought, “Please let this be what I think it is.” I went to the bathroom door and turned the knob. The door opened right up.

Chad was standing in the frame of the shower stall, leaning on the wall, naked and looking right at me. He was holding a face cloth, and he moved it from one spot to another, but never covering his dick. “What are you doing in here?” he said in fake terror. “I’m trying to take a shower!”

I dropped my bath robe to show that I was naked too. “Who’s stopping you?” I asked.

He stayed in the doorway, with the shower head running on the wall behind him. “Wait, I thought you were supposed to see my dick and suck it!”

I pushed him, and he stepped back into the shower. “All in good time,” I told him. I saw a bar of soap in the dispenser and started lathering him up. I did his hairy chest first, which turned me on more than I expected. I worked my way down to his balls, taking the time to stroke his cock once. I bent my knees so I could wash each leg, circling around the thighs and then the calves. I got between his student sex parties porno knees. He must have sensed what I had in mind, because instead of pointing his cock down toward my mouth, he lifted it. I sucked his balls into my mouth, first one, then the other and then both at once. He let go of his shaft. I moved up and licked the underside from the balls to the head. I licked a circle around the head. The stall wasn’t very large, so he didn’t have to push my head down. All he had to do was step forward a little, and I couldn’t help getting a mouthful. He wasn’t choking me; I could feel his cock head on the roof of my mouth, a comfortable distance from my throat. I put my hands on his butt, and he thrust in and out. He did reach my throat, but only for a moment here and there. My pussy was getting hungry. I rose slowly, letting his cock drag a line down my chest until the shaft was matted against my bush.

Chad pulled back and moved forward. It was between my legs now. He pulled me close, leaned down and kissed me. Without looking down, I separated my thighs and pushed his cock between them. “I want you, Chad. Pick me up.” I didn’t know whether he could do it, but I wanted to try.

He put his hands under my butt and lifted. I could feel his cock underneath my pussy. “I want you too, Judy,” he said.

I moved my hips a little, trying to get his cock inside me. “I want you inside me,” I whispered.

“I want to, but I don’t have a condom, and I don’t know how well they work in water,” he answered.

“Dammit,” I thought. “Why do I have to get the guy who’s responsible?”

He eased me down. “I do have an idea, though.”

“Yeah?” I answered.

“If anything’s as beautiful as your pussy, it’s your ass,” Chad said. He put his hands on my hips and turned me around. I could feel his cock between my thighs again. “Would you like that?”

I didn’t say a word; I just nodded quickly. Chad found the soap and wiped my back. He reached around and soaped up my tits and then my pussy. Finally, he came back and ran it over my anus. “Oh, yeah,” I sighed. He put his cock between my buttocks. “I don’t think I’m ready yet,” I told him.

He pulled back and said, “Oh, well, I don’t mind waiting till another day.”

I pushed my ass back until I felt his cock again. “No, I just mean I’m not loose yet. I need more of what you were doing.”

“Oh. Wonderful!” He was rubbing his cock head up and down between my cheeks, using it to soap me up a little more as he went. “Did I tell you what a great ass you have?”

I was in heaven. “Yeah, but I don’t mind hearing it again.”

Now he was running his whole cock between my buttocks. “Your ass is so sexy. Every little contour. And your hips. They’re not part of your ass, but they just … I don’t know, they accentuate it somehow.”

I know my body type. “Wide without being fat, right?”

“Exactly. I’d love to get you on a dance floor and just hold your hips while you move that sexy ass around for everyone to see.”

I didn’t tell him that I have two left feet. If it meant more masturbation fodder for Chad, I was going to let him think I’m a ballerina. “Aunt Louise says they’re good for birthing,” I said. I bent over so he could see both my ass and my pussy. My sexy brother could take me wherever he wanted to.

“Let’s not find out just yet,” Chad said. It wasn’t completely effortless getting his cock head into my asshole.

“Sorry, I guess we should have lubed a little more,” I said.

“Did it hurt?” Chad asked. I could tell his concern was genuine.

“Fucking me didn’t hurt, but the way you had to hold me was a little awkward.” He moved forward, and I could feel the bottom ridge on my pubic bone. “It was worth it, though.” He pulled back a little without coming out and then went back in. He hit a sensitive spot deep inside me. “Was it ever!”

He moved his hands from my hips to my midsection and pulled me up. “You love that, don’t you?” he asked gruffly.

“I do,” I answered.

He put his hands over my boobs and caressed them. “You love this, too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“And you love your brother, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I said with a smile.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” he said.

“I want you to fuck me,” I told him.

“I am fucking you,” he pointed out, and he picked up the pace.

“I mean my cunt,” I pleaded. I didn’t know how hard my nipples had gotten until I felt his palm on one of them.

“Tonight,” he said.

“What if Mom and Dad are home?” I asked.

I could feel his balls slapping against the back of my thighs. “We’ll wait till they’re asleep,” he said. He held me close and kissed me on the side of my neck.

“So you’ll take me in your room?”

“Or your room. Whichever you want.”

“Yours,” I said. “I wanna look at the pictures of women you’ve got hanging up and know that you think I’m sexier than they are.” He didn’t say anything. “You do think I’m sexier than they are, right?”

Chad’s submissive cuckolds porno hands were back on my hips. I felt as though they belonged there. “No one is sexier than my beautiful sister,” he told me.

A sexy guy had his hands on my hips, he was stimulating new parts of my insides, and he was telling me no one’s sexier than me. I couldn’t resist. “Oh, shit!” I moaned. “I’m coming.”

He kept one hand on my hip and pulled me back up to kiss the other side of my neck. “Me too,” he told me, and I could feel that he was.

When I came down from my high, he was almost down from his. He’d gone soft, and he wasn’t inside me any more. I said I needed to turn the water off, but it was an excuse to turn around. I was half-hoping to get a little bit of cum onto my pussy and maybe into it. “Will you come in my cunt tonight?” I asked. “Please?”

He held me close. I could feel his hairy chest against my boobs, and it felt warm and comforting. “I’ll buy some Trojans. If you still want me to come in your cunt, I mean directly into your cunt, I will.”

I kissed him on the mouth and said, “I love you, Chad.” I hadn’t put the words together, but I wanted to say, “I love that you’re willing to do what I want but still want to protect me.” I heard the cuckoo clock down the hall. “But I need to get ready for school!”

Chad put his hands on my breasts and said, “I love you, too, Judy.”

I could hardly concentrate on my classes that day. The thought of lying on Chad’s bed while he seeded my womb had me positively giddy.

We were lucky. I didn’t pay attention to the details when Dad told me, but Mom’s company had an emergency out of town, and they needed her to run the operations for a few days. Dad bought a couple pizzas so there would be some left for Chad when he came home from work. As soon as Chad was home, Dad went to bed. Chad put a duffel bag in his room. Once we heard Dad snoring, we went into Chad’s room. “What’s your fantasy this time?” he asked.

“A tall, handsome man takes me out on the town and then makes love to me,” I told him.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to do,” he said.

I punched him on the arm and said, “What do you mean? You’re tall.” He looked at me. “And handsome. And going to make love to me.”

Chad took my hand. “But first the taking you out part.” When I stood up, he asked, “Shall we dance?” We scooted around the room together. I enjoyed his hands on my ass and the occasional feel of his hard cock against my pussy, up until the moment he dipped me. I fell to the ground and we laughed. He held his hand out. It was empty, but he imitated the guy from the Old Spice commercial and said, “Now they’re tickets to that thing you love.”

“Oh! I guess I need to get dressed, then,” I said.

“There went that plan,” Chad said in mock disappointment.

“Not really,” I told him. “That thing I love is Hair.”

Chad started to take his shirt off and said, “You’ve really got a thing for my chest, don’t you?” but I had already started singing “Aquarius”. “Oh, the musical!” he said.

“Yeah, and we’ll dress accordingly,” I said.

“Ohh!” he said delightedly. We both took our clothes off.

Chad’s closet door was open, and I saw both our nude bodies at once in the mirror. “Damn, we’re a hot-looking couple,” I said.

“And you’re remarkably trim for someone who ate an entire lobster dinner and crème brûlée,” Chad said. He stood behind me and kissed me on the neck again. He reached around and held my stomach tight.

I listened to what I’d just said. I’d called us a couple by accident, and Chad didn’t balk. Now I looked at myself in his mirror. I was too preoccupied with my own body to see his chest, but I could feel his hair against my back. He reached between my legs and started stroking my pussy. “I can see you’re ready,” he told me.

“Pick me up like you did in the shower,” I said.

“I don’t know if I can do that without a wall,” Chad answered. “But I know what’ll work.” He motioned me over to his nightstand. He lifted me up, just I like I imagined him imagining, and set me on the edge. I wrapped my legs around him and he kissed me again. I could feel his cock under my pussy, but this time the only moisture was the early sweat of passion.

“Make love to me,” I whispered.

Chad took me to his bed and laid me down. I spread my legs, waiting for his cock, but I felt his tongue instead. I always like being eaten, but being eaten while I was waiting to be fucked was a sweet new kind of agony. “You have such a sexy pussy,” he said.

“Yeah? What else is sexy about me?”

“What isn’t?” He licked a circle around my clit. “Your whole mound is beautiful. I never knew there was a perfect height to rise above your clit until I saw it. You’ve got just enough hair to play with, and it’s so soft, I can sift through it as easily as I can pull back the hair on your head.” He teased my pussy hairs with his fingertips. “Your hips are sexy. Your tits are sexy.” He slid his taboo heat porno index finger inside me and kissed me on the lips. “Your mouth is sexy.”

I looked down, hoping I’d see his hard cock, but he was leaning over the bed to please me. “Come up here,” I told him.

Chad did something no guy had ever done. It’s probably not that unusual, but in my short sexual history, this was the first time someone made a line of kisses. He kissed and licked my pussy several times, before he moved up to my belly. I resisted saying what I hoped would happen in there. He kissed the area under each boob before he kissed the nipples. By now I could feel his dick against my knee. He kissed the upper chest and then he kissed me on the lips. I put my hands around his waist while he did this. I hoped he’d just slip into my pussy, but when the kiss was done, he got off the bed. He pulled a box of rubbers out of his duffel bag.

“Twelve, huh? Looks like we’re going to be busy!” I joked.

“I figure these oughta last us till the weekend,” Chad said. He opened the box, pulled one out and looked at me.

I nodded. He opened one up and started to unroll it, but I said, “Wait!”

“You really want me to-“

“No. I just wanna try something. I’ve never done this before.” Chad came over to me. I felt which side had the liquid on it and put the rubber in my mouth with that side facing out. Chad put his hard dick in my face. I moved forward and tried to get the rubber onto him, but I was so bad that it ended up at the back of my throat. I pushed Chad away and got the rubber out of my mouth. “Never mind. Fuck me!” I told him.

I lay down again, and Chad knelt between my legs. I squirmed in pleasure when I felt his cockhead at my pussy lips. “You’re sure about this?” he asked.

“Positive,” I said.

“‘Positive’ is what I’m afraid of,” Chad said, making a plus sign with his fingers.

I sat up and said, “You win. For now.” He got up and put a new rubber on. I lay back down and soon I felt my wonderful, sexy brother’s cock inside me again. I wrapped my arms around him, and he put his arms as far under me as he could get them. I usually hate rubbers, because I hate the way the material feels, but now it reminded me how much Chad really cares about me. I urged him on. I swear his dick took up even more room inside me this time than it had the first time, and it felt wonderful. On one thrust, he was almost outside again, and all I could feel was his hairy chest against my chest. “Oh, God,” I moaned. “Fuck me hard! Don’t ever come out of me!” He thrust in hard, but he didn’t pull back. “Come inside me, Chad!” I wanted to shout, but I was afraid of waking Dad.

“I’m coming, Judy!” he whispered intensely.

“I can feel it,” I told him. Even with a rubber on his dick, I could feel the cum coursing through it. As it died down, I moved him onto his back. I slid forward and fed him my tits. When he sucked on them, all I could think about was how much I love him. I got up, pulled the condom off his dick and threw it in the trash. I took another one out of the box and unwrapped it. I set it on the bed next to Chad and started stroking his cock. He was moving his hips around in response. When he was hard enough, I put the condom on his dick. I could see the relief on his face. “Tonight we’ll do it your way,” I said. Once it was on, I climbed over him. He held it up straight so I could get the head in, and I slid down until my butt met his thighs. I leaned down and said, “This morning you made me tell you how much I love you. Now it’s my turn. You love fucking your little sister, don’t you?”


“You love her pussy, don’t you?”

“The sight, the feel and the taste. Even the smell.”

I leaned down further, not quite getting my tits close enough for him to lick. “And you love her breasts, don’t you?”


I leaned back and bounced up and down on his cock. “Tell me you love me, Chad.”

“I love you, Judy. You know I do.”

“How much?” I asked.

“I don’t like where this is going,” Chad said.

I leaned back in hopes that a sexier pose would get me what I want. “Damn you,” I growled.

Chad sat up and pulled me toward him. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled myself forward until his cock was all the way inside me. “I love you too much to watch you make a life-altering decision in the heat of the moment,” he said.

I tried to push Chad onto his back again, but all I did was lift myself up. He moved his legs in, and now I was sitting on his thighs. This position enable him to hit a new spot. “Oh, God, I’m coming,” I told him.

“Me too,” he said.

“I can feel it,” I said. I moved back a little and watched his cock pulse as his cum poured into the condom, blocked from where I wanted it. Then I put my arms around him, and we shared a long, open-mouth kiss.

“Judy, you’re nineteen,” Chad said.

“I know how old I am,” I told him. “Gramma told me her mom was nineteen when she was born.”

“They were already married,” Chad pointed out. “And they didn’t have the options you do.” I didn’t say anything. “When you made the comment about birthing, I said, ‘Let’s not find out just yet.’ I didn’t say never, just not in our current situations.” He could see I wasn’t budging. “What do you want me to do? Do you really want me to get you pregnant?”

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