Slavegirl Island 5.2


Slavegirl Island 5.2Chapter Five (Part Two)After Tariq had his fun and left, Millie and I sat looking dolefully at each other across our cell. „I shall propably be on the next Punishment Session,“ she said, her eyes misting.„Oh, why’s that?“, I asked.That cow of a woman I was sent to yesterday. A fat, middle-aged horror. Said she wasn’t satisfied with my performance.“She had all my sympathy. „Sorry…so sorry…“ I said and went across and kissed her. „Perhaps she’ll forget.“„I doubt it. Probably be down to watch me getting it.“ A sob shook her.„Oh, it’s so unfair.“„I know…Iknow…“ And it certainly was. No matter how hard one tried to obey those disgusting demands, one still seemed to get punished. We sat in silence, hopeless and defeated.About a couple of hours, Miss Pohl entered.„You’re both wanted,“ she said. Millie and I got off our bunks and stood meekly while our collar and chain was attached. I wondered what we are wanted for…but, of course, was not foolish enough to ask. „You’re on the midday Punishment Session,“ said Miss Pohl to Millie. Another sob shook the girl but she said nothing. We were led out and along the corridor, like a****ls. Then across the vast building which housed the guests quarters. Everything was luxurious. Thick carpets, heavy curtains, beautyful pictures. Such a contrast to our bare cell-block. Up the stairs we went, then we stopped at a withe and gold door. Miss Pohl knocked then entered, leading Millie with her. I was left standing in the corridor. I just had time to see Millie getting down to the standard obligatory posture before the door closed. A male voice guffawed.Miss Pohl emerged a few moments later and led me further down the corridor. „This is where you are required, Tania,“ she said, knocking and entering. I was led in and went down, at once, in the humiliating posture demanded, just having time to see a naked woman lay on the bed. My gorge rose. „I have brought you a slave, Mrs Penrose,“ said Miss Pohl. „You didn’t make any specifications, but I think she will suffice.“„I hope so,“ said this Mrs Penrose, with a hard edge to her voice. „Henry,“ she called out, „the slave’s here. Do you want to look at it?“There was a hissing of a shower from the bathroom. „No…“ called a male voice, „one slave of Bianca’s is much like another. They all know how to use their cunts.“ Mrs Penrose gave a harsh little laugh.„Thank you, Miss Pohl,“ said Mrs Penrose. My Overseer left and I remained, nose to the floor, straining my bottom as high as possible. I heard the man come into the room, towelling himself. Could this be Mr Penrose? It was quite possible. A number of wives accompany husbands to Bianca’s Island, to have their own fun. „Is that it then?“ he said.„That’s it,“ replied Mrs Penrose.„Not a bad arse,“ said Mr Penrose.„If you fancy it, we’ll keep it,“ said Mrs Penrose. „Otherwise, we’ll send for another.“„Looks ok to me. Kneel up, girl.“ I knelt erect hands on head, breasts thrusting. „Mmmmm…quite good tits too.“„All you want then, Henry.“„Guess so,“ said the man. He was about forty, lean and hard-featured. I could well image imagine him being a sucessful criminal. „Name, girl?“ he asked. „And age?“„Tania, Master,“ I answered respectfully, „aged 17.“„You’re very dark in colour,“ said Mrs Penrose. „What nationality are you?“„Half english, half italian, Ma’am,“ I said.„A nice combination,“ said Henry Penrose. „Like the mouth, Muriel?“„It looks fine. We’ll soon see how it works.“ I realised then I was going to have to perform a double act. Service her and cervice him simultaneous. Well, it had happened before.Henry strolled across the room and fondled my breasts. „You’ve got good tits, k**,“ he said.„Thank you, Master,“ I replied meekly. It often surprised me that a wife did not mind her husband behaving in this fashion. Broad-minded, I suppose you call it. I kept my breasts thrusting, letting him squeeze and maul at will. I hated him, but it was the only way. He was grinning down lecherously at me. „Nipples getting firm…liking it, eh?“„Yes, Master,“ I answered. One could’n help one’s nipples getting firm whether one like it or not.„Let’s have you up here on the bed, c***d,“ said Muriel Penrose, „you’re going to tongue me while Mr Penrose fucks you.“„I bahis siteleri understand, Ma’am,“ I said with all the humbleness I could muster. I was only a slave, there to serve. „May I move, Master?“ I asked Henry Penrose.He gave my breasts a little slap. „I suppose so,“ he said.I slid on the bed, then in between Muriel Penrose’s wide-parted thighs. She drew up her knees, presenting me with her revolting sex. I kissed it delicately and felt the cow shiver. Meanwhile, I had got my hindquarters raised high, legs open, so that Mr Henry Penrose could take me whenever he wanted. I kissed Mrs Muriel Penrose’s sex lips fervently for quite some time. Then I began thrusting my tongue. I heard her sighing happily. Meanwhile, Henry Penrose had seated himself on the edge of the bed and was stroking my buttocks…and also probing a finger into my sex from time to time.I began to work on Mrs Penrose’s clitoris.„Oh…oh…yes…yes…“ she gasped. „Lovely.“ I was glad I was pleasing the cow. „H-Henry…aren’t you going to fuck her?“„When I’m ready,“ answered Mr Penrose, still fingering at me. It made me feel sick but I kept working away at Mrs Penrose’s clitoris. Then I knew I’d got her going. Her haunches jerked and jerked; she gasped and cried out. Then she came to her orgasm. I slowed my mouth and let her rest for a while. Mr Penrose’s fingers left me and I guess he was about ready to take part in the act. It scarcely concerned me. One fuck is very much like another and I was often fucked several times a day.„More, girl,“ commanded Mrs Penrose. I put my lips and tongue back to work at once.Then I felt my flanks seized and had Mr Penrose’s knob probing at me. He fiddled around a good deal, sliding up and down my lips before finally penetrating me. „Nice, Henry?“ enquired a panting Mrs Penrose.„Not bad,“ he admitted. As he had fingered me quite a while, I was a little hot, also I was working my ass to the maximum. So `not bad´ probably meant very good. He thrust slowly and strongly. He was long but not thickly-girthed. I didn’t like him. But I had to pretend I did. I worked even more feverishly on his wife.I brought her to a second orgasm and she was threshing about all over the bed. It was impossible for me to keep in contact with her.„Steady, Muriel,“ said Henry, still thrusting away. „Ohhh…ohhh…that was so good…“ Mrs Penrose actually patted my head as I got my mouth back into contact. She was really hot and juicy. No doubt I had done a good job. „Everithing allright, Henry?“ she asked.„Fine…fine…“ he said. He sounded cool and calm. A man in charge. He was heaving a really good fuck, I was sure. But then, that was what I was there for. „Let’s have that mouth again, slave,“ said Mrs Penrose, her voice a little tremolous.I put it to work again and she moaned with delight. God, how that cow loved it! She shivered and shuddered, squirmed and jerked.She was crying out. „Hhhhaaahhh…aaahhh…hhhhaaaahhhh…“ In ecstasy.Henry Penrose was working up his pace. Thumping away. „Let’s come together, Muriel,“ he suddenly cried out. „YEEEESSSS…LET’S…LET’S…“I went crazy on Muriel’s clitoris and she spent herself wildly. At the same time I felt Henry spurting into me. Groaning and gasping. Slaking himself. To the utmost.They collapsed down together. They had their full satisfaction.And I had done my duty. Yes…poor helpless slave…I had done my duty.Miss Pohl took me back to the cell where I had a douche and a shower. Millie had not yet returned. Poor girl. I was sorry about her midday punishment but it can happen to any of us at any time. Just or unjust. I lay on my bunk and tried to make my mind a blank. Not easy. There is always what has just happened to you to think about…and then imagining about what might be going to happen to you.After about half an hour, Tariq entered. I thought he might have come to fuck me but that wasn’t so. As I knelt on my bunk he fastened on my collar and chain. „Some old buzzard wants a fuck,“ he said casually. „I reckon you’ll do him nicely.“ He spoke as if a guest had asked for a fruit drink to be sent up and I was the right flavour. A slave has to get used to such humilitations.I looked at Tariq’s lean, muscular body as he led me along. Frankly, I canlı bahis would much rather I was going to be fucked by him than some `old buzzard´. Into an apartment I went and went down in my `display posture´ immediately.„You asked for a slave, Sir,“ said Tariq politely. „Thanks,“ said an American voice. „Just leave it there. I’ll call you when it’s no longer required.“„Very good, Sir,“ My collar and chain were taken off; I remained on my knees, nose to the floor. It was all too familiar. I recalled how I used to tremble and sob when I first had to do this. No longer. I recalled the hideous shame I felt. That was now much reduced, though not entirely absent.There was a long silence, I didn’t think he was studying me in the miror because I head rustling of papers. Possibly he was dealing with some business matters. I think I must have knelt there for a good half hour. That was unusual for most guests, once they’ve sent for a girl, want to get on and enjoy her. At last he spoke.„Kneel up, girl.“ I did so, hands on head. He was grey-hayred and lean-looking, wearing a dressing gown. About sixty or so, I reckonned. He eyed me with what almost seemed like indifference. „Name and age?“ he said.„Tania, Master. Aged 17.“ He nodded.„I was going to have a wank,“ he said, „Which I quite enjoy. Then I thought it might be better if I had a girl wank me. And if I happen to get it up nice and strong, I might even fuck her. That’s the situation, Tania.“„I understand, Master,“ I said. I did, too. Here was obviously a man who was partially impotent who I was going to have to please, one way or another.Bianca gets quite a few guests of this nature.„My Name is Carson,“ he said, taking off his dressing gown. Big deal! Mr Carson, eh? „I once used to be very good in bed, but no longer. But I still like to have fun.“„I understand, Master,“ I said again. He had a rather shrivelled looking prick which I found rather distasteful.„Nice tits,“ said Mr Carson, fondling them.„Thank you, Master. I’m glad you like them.“ All the usual slave-girl responses. He kissed and sucked my nipples and I sighed as if I were enjoying it. Horrible old bastard. He fiddled a bit with my sex but it didn’t seem to do anything for him. „Can I do anything for you, Master?“ I enquired helpfully. I expected he would want me to suck him, but he didn’t.„Yes,“ he replied, „You can start playing with me, girl. Put some of that ointment on to your hand.“ He pointed to a jar of white cream at his bedside. I anointed my palm then got hold of his shrivelled prick. At first, moving my hand gently but persistently to and fro, I got no reaction. He was lying back with eyes closed, seemingly relaxed. Gradually, very gradually, he began to swell a little. „Good…ahhh…good…“ he sighed. Filthy old sod, I thought. He was lucky to have a 17-year-old girl doing this to him. Only on such a place as Bianca’s Island could it be happening. In the real world, a girl from my age would have run a mile from him. Gradually he swelled more. „Oh…oh…that’s lovely,“ he said. He got his hand under my bottom and began to frig me. Thought it nauseated me, I cooperated, moving my haunches back and forth. „Mmmm…what a nice young cunt,“ he said. „Do you get fucked often, girl?“„Quite often, Master,“ I replied. He was getting harder all the time. Perhaps he would fuck me after all. I hadn’t thought so at one time. Then he got really hard, even if not very big. He was shuddering with pleasure. „That’s it…that’s it…girlie…come on top of me…oh yes…but be quick!“ He was panting his list.As quickly as I could, I twisted over on to him taking his rather pathetic weapon into me. It had no sexual relevance for me. No stimulation. I just worked on it, bouncing my bottom up and down. „Ohh…oooh…yes…yes…YES…“ he was gasping out.Talk about premature ejaculation! He didn’t last more that half a minute. Then he was jerking his puny spunk into me. All the same, he seemed perfectly satisfied….running his hand up and down my back, over my bottom, mussing my hair.„Good girl…good girl…“ he kept saying. I found myself wishing that most guests were so easyly satisfied. I thought he had dozed off but then he put out his hand and took up the house phone. „You güvenilir bahis can take the girl away now,“ he said abruptly.A couple of minutes later, Tariq was back, putting on my collar and chain. „Everithing allright, Sir?“ he asked.„Quite satisfactory, thank you,“ said Mr Carson. He was already picking up his business papers again. Not even looking at me. Not caring. I was simply a female object which had briefly satisfied him.Tariq led me out, then turned grinning at me. „I bet he gave you a whale of a time, my pretty,“ he said.„I satisfied him,“ I replied.„But did he satisfied you?“ asked Tariq.„Hardly,“ I replied.„Well, I think I cam remedy that,“ said Tariq. To be honest I was no altogether displeased by this announcement.Millie was still absent when we got back to the cell. Then I realised it was time for the midday Punishment Session.„Get your arse up, girl,“ said Tariq, removing his bulging pouch. His massive cock swung down, I shivered. Fear? Anticipation? Perhaps a bit of both. Tariq grinned at me. „Now you’re going to get a proper fucking,“ he said.I got up my bunk, thrust my bottom high and parted my thighs. He came up behind me, fondling my buttocks. It didn’t take him long to get an erection. Then I felt him running his big knob up and down between my sex lips. Third fuck of the day, I thought, and it was only just past mid-morning. Then tariq thrust fully in, stretching me to the limit. As I usually did, I cried out. Oh what a size he was! He remained for a good half a minute or more, savouring me as it were. Then his haunches began to move. Long, slow lunges which soon had me moaning.„Good, eh, girlie?“ he asked, squeezing my tits.„Yes…oh yes, Sir,“ I had to admit. There was no point in pretending otherwise. This man conquered me always. But perhaps you can imagine how terrified I was when I first had to serve him with my mouth and my pussy. All that had changed. Now, I have to confess, I wanted him.„You like a nice big prick, don’t you, Tania?“ He had started to lunge slightly faster,„Yes…yes…Sir…“„Like mine?“„I…I love your prick, Sir,“ I said, beginning to pant. He was bringing me to my first orgasm.„There’s a good slave,“ he said, patting my flanks. The pace increases further.„Hhhaaahhhh…aaaahhhhh…“ I gasped. „Oh…OOOOOH…I’M GOING TO COME!“„Come then, my pretty,“ urged Tariq. „Get nice and hot and juicy.“ He really began to pound into me…and I was lost. I spent and spent like mad, wriggling all over the place. I bet he enjoyed that.Tariq slowed, but he didn’t stop fucking me. I knelt there, weak but content. As a slave, if you’re going to be fucked, you might as well be properly fucked. The great solid truncheon continued to ravage me. Then I heard the cell door being unlocked. Tariq just went on with his good work. I heard the sound of sobbing and realised Millie was being brought back. I glanced across the cell and saw her weal-striped buttocks. It looked as if she’d had a dozen. Well, she could scarcelyhave expected less. Miss Pohl removed her collar and chain and she slumped down on the bunk. Face down. Without so much as a glance at Tariq and I, Miss Pohl left the cell.Tariq went on fucking steadily. „Had a good hiding, Millie?“ he asked.„I got a dozen, Sir. With the Number 2.“„Could have been far worse.“„Yes, Sir,“ said Millie with a little sob. What Tariq had said was true but, as I know, a dozen with the Number 2 is still very painful. I wonder, sometimes, if Trainers and Overseers realise quite HOW painful it is. „Coming again, slave?“ Tariq enquired of me. „S-Soon…aaaahhhh…soon…Sir…“ I answered.„I’m going to let you have my lead this time,“ announced Tariq. „So start really working that lovely arse of yours, girlie.“I did just that, giving him everything I could, driven to new heights by his overpowering driving. I mounted, mounted and mounted. Gasping, squealing. Lost.As I came to a peak…a verytable jelly of lust…he explodes within me. It went on and on, with Tariq groaning hapily. Nice for a slave-girl to be able to satisfy her Overseer so completely, isn’t it?Before he departed, Tariq went over and examined Millie’s bottom.„Miss Pohl give it to you?“ he asked.„Yes, Sir.“Tariq gave a little laugh and slapped Millie’s bottom hard, several times.„Lucky it wasn’t me,“ he said. „It would have hurt a good deal more!“Then he was gone.I heard the cell door lock.The day was not half done.How many times was I going to be fucked, I wondered?END OF CHAPTER FIVE

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