Slaves Ch5


Slaves Ch5Chapter 5: Needles and Hot IronThe boy looked like a beat dog as he walked in between the three women who brought him. Shakia shared a smile with her comrades. There was much for him to learn yet. And they were excellent teachers.He was new and yet to be introduced to the torture chambers. The Ha’ekthe clan were just the right ladies for such an introduction.”You’re late,” she told the women as they came over.The one leading gave her a haughty glare. “We got a little carried away with him. Forgot the time.”Shakia snorted, looking the boy up and down. She smiled. Very lovely. Good body. Beautiful face. Looked nice and innocent. Sensitive. “Well, I can understand.”She proffered a hand to receive the end of the leash. When she got it she yanked hard to pull the naked boy closer. She looked at him more carefully. Ran a hand over his limp cock and balls. Not the biggest cock, she noted, but hopefully a grower.”There are still marks on him,” she observed.The other woman said nothing to that. The fat fool.Shakia shrugged. “No matter. We shall simply leave marks of our own.” She handed the leash out to her clanswomen. The boy was pulled into their midst, their hands feeling up his naked loveliness. Wicked grins.No more words were wasted. Fun times awaited. So the Ha’ekthe ladies departed with their price.They pushed the lovely young thing down on the ground before they started walking him down the hallway, making him crawl on his hands and knees. It was with utmost humility that a boy was to approach his place of torture.They took him all the way to the communal palace’s east wing where their clan had their private torture chamber. And although he did not speak a word of their language, on the way there they kept describing to him what they intended for him. How much fun they were going to have. Surely the glee in their voices, their general disposition and the way they looked at him was enough to tell him they were not kind old ladies, that he was not going to be much enjoying his time with them!Finally they arrived and entered the chamber. As he then saw the torture station at which they were first planning to play with him, with the tools in plain view, he panicked. He tried to get up and escape, but two guards trapped him in their iron embrace and from order carried him over the station. He struggled so cutely as he was dragged to the torture bench, raised onto it and tied down.The ladies giggled the whole time, so precious was his fussing. Almost as if he knew what exactly they were planning to do to him!His arms were stretched out above his head. Straps around his lower abdomen, under his pecs, around his neck and forehead, his head placed on a slightly raised platform with a cushioned leg support on each side to make sitting on his face more comfortable. His legs were spread out wide, ankles shackled to poles far out to the sides and upper legs strapped to the bench. He cried as his legs were spread out, delightfully uncomfortable. The bench only reached down to his lower back, allowing free access to his anus.The boy securely bound, he was babbling urgently in his own language. You did not need a translator to recognize the universal language of begging. Begging for them to not hurt him. To spare him. Promising he would do whatever they wanted, as if that wasn’t the case already.He was obviously terrified (as he should have been)! And from the expressions of the other ladies, Shakia could see that this amused and aroused them every little bit as much as it did her.She ordered a guard to force his jaws apart. As the big, muscular woman did so, Shakia attached and open-mouth gag to keep his jaws wide apart. He whimpered. The straps around his neck and top of head kept nice and immobile. Meanwhile, the others were preparing his cock with the two Elixirs. It did get considerable larger as it became erect, she noted with pleasure.Shakia poured some of the third kind of Elixir in his mouth, the invigorating kind that would keep him conscious no matter how bad they hurt him. It would definitely be needed!Smiling, she took pliers from the table. She inserted them into the boy’s mouth, catching the tip of his tongue. She pulled it as far out as she could, and he cried out. She then produced a long needle and entered it through the small hole on the top of the gag. The boy screamed and halkalı escort jolted against his restrains as she pushed the needle through his tongue. The needle’s tip locked into a specifically designed mechanism on the bottom of the gag, leaving the tongue out, skewered into place.Shakia examined her work, nodding, satisfied.His cock was ready too, standing up rock hard, Elixirs for involuntary arousal and increased sensitivity rubbed on. A wire around the base and tied to a loop on the floor under the bench keeping it upright. The laughing ladies were giving it little flicks, his wide-spread legs twitching as they did. Just as the rest of him, his penis was also whip-marked from the previous ladies who had inconsiderately left him unhealed. But it did not matter, he might as well have been raw already as they started.She stroked the boy’s soft cheek. Then slid her hand down, stroking his neck, his chest. He seemed to shiver at her touch. She caught a nipple in between her fingers and rolled it, drawing a moan from him. Then she took a needle. He cried pathetically as she slowly pressed the needle through. Then she repeated the procedure with the other one. Through it all, his tongue wagged as he screamed, torso kept firmly immobile by his bondage.Then she let her skirt fall to the ground, grabbed a riding crop from the table, and climbed to sit on the boy’s mouth, facing towards his cock. His warm tongue delightful against her cunt, she ground her hips back and forth so as to settle it into the groove. She smiled dreamily. He moaned.The other ladies were likewise ***********ing whips. It was time to begin.Once everyone was ready, they gathered around the whimpering boy trying to adjust himself on the bench as to be just a little bit less uncomfortable. Failing.They laughed.Then the whipping began.They targeted his legs, his chest, his belly, and his cock and balls. The tongue moving inside Shakia’s cunt, the vibration from his keening as he hopelessly writhed under the whips’ attack, the sight of his lovely shaved boy body shaking and twitching, muscles flexing, all gave her deep pleasure as her crop kept striking his cock. She aimed mainly for the head, hitting almost every time, going at it from different angles. The more pleasure she felt, the harder she stuck. And vice versa. The cock swelling and twitching beautifully under the attack. And hers wasn’t the only whip pelting it.The boy’s reactions to whipping truly were adorable: convulsing and crying as though this was as bad as them hurting him would get! He would soon think differently.After a good warm-up whipping, the ladies produced flasks containing hot oil. Shakia took the opportunity to focus on riding his tongue, grabbing his pierced nipples as she did so. The others started to poor oil all over his naked body. He spasmed and squealed amusingly. He reacted especially strongly when it hit his cock and balls. The two women, Ezerrah and Shiah, in charge of the genitals dripped the oil with slow deliberateness, savoring his agony. They squeezed the head to force the urethra open, then poured oil down there. He screamed into Shakia’s cunt. She shivered with arousal and pleasure, twisting the needles hard.Once they were done with the oil and put the flasks away, the ladies’ ears pricked at the sound from underneath Shakia.He was weeping. A pathetic wail. Shakia could feel the tears mixing with the wetness from her cunt.The ladies shared look, then laughed spontaneously. They hadn’t even started torturing him yet!This was a very promising start.Then it was time for needles.They started with his hands and feet. One lady for each hand and foot. Ermilanda started, singling out an index finger, pressing the tip of a needle under the nail. Then pushing it in.He screamed, smasming violently. They laughed. Then the next lady went, and a needle pushed underneath the nail of a pinky toe. Same reaction. As needle after needle went in, he reacted so delightfully, giving Shakia’s cunt such a good time. She shivered with pleasure, moaning and grinding hard her wetness against him. She fucked not only his tongue but his nose as well.Needles under his nails, the ladies then focused on his genitals. They started by just sticking needles into his scrotum, forgoing taksim escort the balls themselves just for now. Needles in testicles tended to take the attention away from the other places, so great was the pain.So after the scrotum, the cock was next, namely the glans. Each lady grabbed a needle or two and simultaneously set the tips against the sensitive skin. Teasing it. They smiled at each other over the whimpering, tied-up boy. Then pressed.The boy screamed and spasmed satisfyingly as the needles were pushed into his cockhead all at once. Shakia ground her soaking cunt against his wagging tongue, digging her nails hard into his pecks. The sight of his nice abs flexing as he hopelessly fought his restraints sent her on the verge of orgasm, but she yet held back.Slowly they stuck the needles in. His fingers and toes with their own needles wiggled as he spasmed in agony. Then they took more. Pushing them in. Laughing the whole time.They stuck his glans full. Then it was more whipping. This time the focus was solely on the genitals.The whipping moved the needles in his cock, pushing them in deeper, some out from the other side, some getting pushed out altogether. Most of them stayed in, though. They kept on whipping for maybe ten minutes, and by then the screams had tapered into something more of a hoarse whine. He still struggled nicely.They stopped. The whips had caused blood to spill out from the needle holes. It was now running down the length of his ever-hard penis. Adella then walked over to the side table and grabbed bottle of heated salt solution to pour on the bleeding cock. The resulting pain was so intense that it gave the boy and immediate torturegasm, causing cum to squirt in a big arc while he screamed and spasmed. The ladies giggled at how far the cum flew! Some landing on Shakia’s thighs.They slowly pulled out the needles and afterwards rubbed the still bleeding penis with another solution to close the wounds. As it happened, that was painful too. He screamed, they giggled.And on they moved. If there were any wounds left on him, there was one sure way to close them: burning.A brazier was wheeled over. It was filled with wood-handled irons of different sizes, the iron parts resting in the red-hot coals.The women picked an iron each. Metal glowing in the dim dungeon light. A thin, long rod was handed to Shakia. She smiled at the beautiful glow.They started kissing him all over his naked body with the hot irons. Tapping his legs, his feet, his belly and chest, his arms, circling around him. He screamed with the initial shock and kept on screaming and crying, jolting violently in his binds. His tongue moving so vigorously! Shakia moved her anus on it for a little change, then her cunt again.As the other women touched him all over, she started to poke the shaft of his cock. Right, left, middle, starting from the bottom and slowly moving up. Then she reached the top, started circling the glowing red tip of the iron round and round the juicy head, which expanded with the intense pain.The others stopped their work so that the boy could fully appreciate the agonizing pain on his cock. His crying and jolting and straining proved that he was sure appreciating it! Burns appearing all over on the rock hard organ.His screams and his shaking finally made Shakia cum! She put the iron away to focus on grinding her cunt in his face as the throes took her. Twisting his pierced nipples.Then the other ladies started to play with the cock with their irons, focusing on the head, and he soon had a shrieking, smasming torturegasm. There was a hissing sound as cum spilled on red-hot iron. They continued, of course, laughing at his great distress.Once they were finally done, his cock was covered in nasty burns. The glans dark purple and swollen. They then applied some healing potion to return it to a more aesthetic state.The boy was panting and wailing underneath Shakia’s cunt, shaking uncontrollably, drenched in sweat. Left to recover for a fleeting moment. It would have been pleasant to **** him then, to ride that tortured cock while he cried. But this session was about causing pain, not indulging in fucking. Just yet. They would take their turns once they were done, and ragingly horny by then. They would make that painful too, of course.After a moment’s şişli escort respite they continued the torture.They took more needles, long ones, heating them up against hot coals. The ones in his nipples were removed and replaced with hot ones. Same with the ones underneath his nails. Then hot needles were stuck through his cockhead. Shiabelle and Alansha were doing this as Adella held the shaft. They made the needles glow red before sticking them in slowly while he shrieked. Grinning and giggling. Adella’s fingers stroked his thick shaft as they did this, almost lovingly. And once they had cooled, they pulled them out and did another round. While this was going on, the other ladies periodically either touched him with irons or gave his swats with whips. Having wine in between.Shakia focused on the feeling of his screams and tongue on her cunt, twisting the now-cooled needles on his nipples.Adella then started to oil his anus, while Shiah brough out an iron with a glowing, cock-shaped end. Together they started to insert in in the anus. To massive shreaking and struggling. How helpless he was to stop them! How his conciousness refused to grant him mercy! Being ass-****d with hot iron was surely beyond agony!Ezerrah grabbed a thin rod out of the brazier and took hold of his shaft. The urethra still oily, she inserted the rod and started fucking his cock with the hot iron. The other ladies also look thin rods and used them to tap and brush all over the cockhead.Out of everything so far, being ****-tortured with hot iron so brutally easily caused the most screaming and hopeless fighting in the poor boy. And that was saying something!The ladies were sure enjoying themselves. Giggling and taunting. Taking breaks to apply healing but always carrying on the treatment right after. About as intense as torture could get. He had many torturegasms in a relatively short time! Shakia also came several times.After who knows how many minutes of this, they finally stopped, healing the shaking, bawling boy once more. As the cooled metal cock was taken out, Shakia jumped off the boy’s face wet from tears and sexual fluids and grabbed the thing. She stuck it back among the hot coals, leaving it until it got back its glow. Meanwhile she went to detach the needle piercing the boy’s tongue. He cried out as yanked the needle free.The boy seemed to be repeating some word over and over as she returned with the once more heated iron. Raising it above him, the grinning Shakia then shoved the iron into his open mouth.He screamed and gagged simultaneously as the laughing, aroused Shakia fucked his mouth and throat with the scalding hot cock. Tears streamed from his eyes.Alansha roughly stroked his cock and balls. Ezerrah was r****g his anus with three fingers. Adella and Shiabelle playing with the needles on his nipples. All smiling so wickedly at his suffering. How Shakia loved spending such quality time with her lovely clanswomen!Once the fun started to wear off, she put the iron away and climbed on the table again to squat over the boy’s face. To help him cool down, she pinched his nose closed and pissed into his open mouth. To keep from choking he had to swallow all of it. The ladies giggled at his desperate gurgling.After pissing she hopped off and went to take over jerking his cock. Felt good to feel him in her hand. She made sure to use plenty of nails as she started to stroke with both hands. The others kept stimulating the rest of him while also taking turns in pissing into his mouth.And he soon convulsed in cumming. After everything they’d already done, it seemed to still cause him great agony. Almost choking on piss as he cried!Post-orgasm torture was then done with more hot irons, and soon that led to another torturegasm. And another. And another…After much fun had with the boy, the ladies decided to attach him to another, more comfortable table (comfortable or them, of course, not for him at all) to thoroughly **** him. Then they would heal him and take a break for something to eat. After that, they would return to play. The dungeon was full of different devices for restraining him in different interesting ways and they felt like trying them out.There were so many things they could do to him. Definitely some electro treatment: perhaps they would test just how much of it he could endure. This boy was delightfully sensitive to pain, yet clearly was able to take much. They would deliver the maximum amount, for as long as they could. They could experiment with chemicals. Use the new testicle crusher. The barbed whips. Maybe some knife-play. Some drowning for flavor.Lots of options in the well-stocked dungeon.The fun, after all, had only begun.

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