Sleeping Daughter


Sexual characters are above 18. This story is pure erotic fantasy.


Richard stared breathlessly through the crack in the door. His daughter, Holly, was inside, carefully studying the small buds of growing breasts in her mirror. Richard wasn’t sure what lead him here, he wasn’t sure why he had stared so long, and he wasn’t sure why watching his first born daughter made his penis swell so alarmingly in his trousers. All he knew was that, like all forbidden things, it felt so good.

Hearing the water pressure drop as his wife stepped out of the shower, Richard jolted back from his daughter’s door and hobbled back into the bedroom, tugging on his trousers in discomfort. His wife, Susan, returned to their bedroom with a sigh, assuming her husband’s erection was caused from thinking about her naked in the shower. Richard hadn’t seen Susan fully naked in quite a while.

“You can put that away,” Susan chastised. Richard’s bulge swelled enormously from his trousers.

“It’s not even out,” Richard grumbled and readjusted himself. He heaved himself from the marital bed and wrapped his arms around his damp wife. He nuzzled his face into her wet neck and bit her softly.

“Richard, I’m tired,” Susan shrugged him off with irritation.

“Of course you are,” Richard muttered and stalked out of the room. He hadn’t been allowed to touch his wife for over a year. She rejected him every time he tried to make an advance, which he seldom did. Maybe that was why he kept thinking of Holly in perverse ways. She had just grown so much recently, emotionally rather than physically he supposed. As a late bloomer, her breasts had just began to develop and she had suddenly become a slim, beautiful young woman, rather than an awkward child. She had retained practically none of her mother’s bolder features and true womanly curves, but more reminded Richard of his younger sister, who had always been very petite.

As he settled in on the sofa in the living room, where he spent most of his nights, he decided he would just have to rub one out to get rid of the insanely hard package in his trousers. The image of his young daughter’s small breasts would not leave his mind- he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to touch one, to pinch the soft nipples that rested daintily atop the tiny mounds. Although she was legally an adult now, Richard knew Holly was still his little girl and very sheltered by her own shyness, something that made more blood stir to teach that-bitch porno his jutting penis.

“Night, daddy!” Holly called up from her room in her soft little voice.

“Goodnight, sweetheart!” Richard called back, all kinds of endearing and endangering thoughts swirling around in his head. Holly had always been a daddy’s girl- Richard never pushed her, never bullied her, and he had always been there for anything she needed. Susan had never really known how to deal with their first daughter, and concentrated all her efforts on to Cheska, their youngest child. Cheska was sixteen, or sixteen and a half as she liked to tell everyone. Despite her obvious immaturity she had a wildly competitive streak that allowed her mother to indulge in a bit of constructive parenting, and Susan nurtured every exploit that Cheska had wanted to take up. The latest was dancing, and Cheska was quite good at it. Tonight she was staying at a friend’s, which at least brought some peace to the house.

Richard lay back and tried to think of other things. He flicked on the TV and switched straight to the adult section, thinking that seeing some big bouncing breasts might get the image of his sweet daughter’s ones out of his mind. Twenty minutes later and he was no closer to a solution. In fact, he kind of needed to pee.

Creeping downstairs with the lightest of feet for such a heavy-set man, Richard waddled towards the toilet, his dick standing straight out from his lounging shorts. Heavy snores from his room told him his wife was deep asleep, and the soft rhythmic breathing coming from Holly’s room told him the same. Her door was slightly ajar, and he could just see her sleeping face from the slither of light that crept in from the hallway. Forgetting his need to pee, Richard held the door and pushed it slightly open. Holly was a very deep sleeper- that she did get from her mother. Richard would wake from the slightest of stirs but both Holly and Susan could sleep through the fire alarm. The couple used to worry when she was a baby- she would sleep through the night and as a child she couldn’t be roused mid-sleep until she was shaken quite violently.

Making quite sure his young daughter was indeed completely asleep, something made Richard step forward until he was fully in the room. He pushed the door slightly shut again, so he could see the same crack of light resting on her skin. He quietly pulled the chair from Holly’s desk over to the teamskeet porno side of her bed. Her pale, slim arms were resting over her chest, obstructing his view. Very, very gently, he pulled her arms down to expose her torso. She was wearing a light, baggy cami top that could be easily manipulated. The straps were already falling down her shoulders, so Richard helped them on their way and tugged them down farther. With the movement, the whole cami slipped down her skin to reveal her tiny rosebuds. Richard struggled to breathe quietly- the sight of his devoted daughter’s rosy pink nipples did something strange to him and his penis swelled even more. Satisfied that she would not be able to tell a thing, Richard tugged his own shorts down and exposed his dick to the room.

Silently he grasped the base of his erection and pumped up and down, watching his daughter’s chest rise and fall. His eyes fixed on Holly’s nipples, he pumped more furiously, the sensation infinitely more sensual than when he had been watching porn. Spurred by his arousal, he reached out to feel the soft skin of her neck, and swept his hand down in between her breasts. Still pumping awkwardly with his left hand, he trailed his fingers up the tiny mound of breast until he reached a nipple. Soft and shy, it instantly puckered at his fingertips, grateful for the touch. Holly wriggled in her sleep, her sheets tumbling off her as she moved her legs. Richard froze, but he knew she wouldn’t wake.

He tugged at the tiny puckered nipple again, and rolled it in between his fingers. He couldn’t be sure but he wanted to believe he heard a small moan from his daughter’s sleeping mouth. She settled down and her legs fell apart. She was wearing baggy pajama shorts, probably a small size anyway but her petite frame could barely hold them up. They sagged over her hip bones and gaped open at her thighs. They were… gaping, Richard realised. If he just moved the leg hole slightly to the right, he would probably be able to see her pussy…

Giving his now purple dick a break, he switched hands, moving his cum-dampened hand to his daughter’s breast, and his free one to Holly’s thighs. He reached for the shorts silently, and moved them over.

Richard gulped. He could see everything. With her legs parted like this, she was completely exposed. Her virgin pussy was obviously wet, he could see her juices glistening. He had done that, he realised, from arousing her nipples. He had done that. Holly’s tecavuz porno daddy had made her wet, he thought with satisfaction. The sight of her small slit was enough to push him over the edge, but he needed more. He continued rolling her nipple and tugging at it softly, keeping a tentative, gentle pace for about three minutes, his eyes fixed on his sleeping daughter’s pussy.

Shakily, he reached his free hand forward and gingerly pushed his middle finger inside the shorts until he felt it come in to contact with her wet cunt. He could feel a gloop of her own cream at the entrance to her pussy, still pooling out from the stimulation to her nipple. Richard would give her another kind of stimulation now. He wriggled his finger around in her soft, wet heat and swiped upwards to feel her small but swollen clit. He gently stroked it, rubbing her juices over her. He stroked again and again, softly but with skill. He reached more fingers forward and pinched it. How he longed to lick it, to bury his face in her hot glistening pussy. He couldn’t do that right now, not at this angle.

He rolled his sleeping daughter’s clit around in his fingers, it slipped between them easily with all her juices. Richard’s dick jolted and he relieved Holly’s nipple to concentrate on himself again. A tiny but audible moan escaped his daughter’s lips, and Richard smiled like a cheshire cat. Encouraged, he massaged his fingers into her wetness and rubbed her clit harder, more furiously. His daughter squirmed in her sleep, she parted her legs more. Richard pumped and pumped at his swollen erection and saw his chance. He lurched forward as quietly as he could, and thrust his hips forward so the tip of his dick- salty with his own pre-cum, just touched his virgin daughter’s pussy lips. He wanted to thrust in violently and claim her but he couldn’t risk waking her. He pumped some more on his dick and still, with his other hand, grinded his fingers into her clit, releasing more and more of her cum and fixing her nipples upright. He knew she was going to cum, he could feel it in her, her legs shifted and her arms stiffened in her sleep, he edged his erection forward and jolted inwards slightly so his tip was at her entrance.

As he felt his daughter cum under her daddy’s fingers, he tugged at himself once last time until he felt his jizz explode over his daughter’s virgin pussy, soaking her. Richard shuddered and held his breath as he savoured his release, watching his daughter’s sleeping face carefully.

Richard wondered what she would think if she saw him. Although she would be shocked, he knew his daughter loved and trusted him more than anyone in the world. In that case, Richard thought, he would just have to work at taking her virginity. This time, with her awake.

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