Sleeping with Beauty Ch. 03


Prince ran rapidly, back to his damsel in distress. What did they mean exactly when they shouted out behind him ‘kiss her on the lips, the ones you find on her face?’ He puzzled, what? How did they know? Did they?

He recollected what his haggard old nanny had once confided, that though people could well be asleep they did indulge in somnambulism as well as sleep walking amongst other things. He had often wondered what those other things were and had even asked and then begged her to tell him but she had always replied with ‘Some things are best kept secretly hidden away in memory my child’ before peering off into the distance with a wistful look in her eyes then a sighing which culminated in cackling to herself and then tapping him gently on his nose.

Now that would explain a lot of things he thought to himself. Maybe the mere fact that you were asleep did not make you so much into a zombie as you might think! Anyhow! Important business literally lay urgently ahead.

Wondering why it took him so long to navigate through this maze of a castle and why there was a definite lack of signs he eventually found his way back into Beauty’s bed chamber.

Presently, he found Beauty lying on her front. ‘To prevent bedsores’ a handsome nude young male guard with long thick curly blond locks exclaimed . ‘And no! We do not touch royals in anyway other than that which is stipulated in the Royal protocols! As essentially permitted and outlined in our detailed job description! You can check their procedural regulations with HR’ He added, pointing to a sign which read ‘HR That Way’ with a painted hand pointing out the direction. The guard’s shaved long semi flaccid cock and balls swung freely between his legs as he stood to attention with his legs apart and eyes shut as he added ‘Don’t worry, I am asleep’.

Prince sat again on the little throne he had pulled up earlier. As he looked around he saw a bottle labeled NURU OIL on the dresser in the corner of the room. ‘Aha!’ He said out loud. ‘I’m of the opinion that the young royal maiden is at risk of developing a severe episode of stiffness unless she is well massaged’ He then arose to fulfill his new task and to first remove Beauty’s clothes.

Stretching Beauty’s limp soft white arms out over her head he gently lifted and eased her dress up and then off. Throwing it aside, he hooked his fingers along the insides of her panties and proceeded to tug down first left and then right carefully so as not to hurt her delicate young skin. ‘I’m sure I’ve whipped these off already, never mind!’ he said out loud to reveal again her tender moist cunt lips, before throwing them over his shoulder to land on the shoulder of the young guard. ‘Here! Take a long long hard whiff on those’ he said.

‘Why, thank you, but that’s quite alright sir, I think you’ll discover the task to have been completed already! I have to do it daily, it’s part of my routine duty to ensure she always wears fresh clothes!’ The young guard replied. ‘ I belong to the highly trusted, Order of the Royal Gusset.’ He added.

After reading the bottle label which stated ‘totally natural, no artificial ingredients, no fragrances, and totally edible’ printed in gothic bold type on it. He ordered ‘Well then oil me lad!’ thrusting the bottle firmly into the young guards hands. ‘, By the way, what is your name lad?’ ‘Why, Helmut Sir’ the young guard divulged. ‘Might I suggest you to comfort on this couch?’ Helmut, motioned Prince towards what appeared as a therapy couch covered in soft white toweling.

Prince climbed onto the couch and closed his eyes in anticipation. Helmut placed a pillow under his head. ‘Your highness, I suggest a blindfold to keep you calm and relaxed and increase brain melatonin levels. May I also suggest you place your arms and feet in these receptacles’. Helmut took Prince’s arms and guided them gently into padded arm and ankle holders. ‘This is our standard male health protocol your highness for our loving guests, please don’t be alarmed’ and before he knew what to expect prince heard clicks and discovered his arms and legs were firmly strapped. ‘What protocols do you call this Helmut! Prince shouted in alarm. ‘Why the pleasure of alarm and pain sir’ Helmut replied ‘but I guarantee you will enjoy it, ‘A little pain and anxiety is important’ is the ethos of our kingdom your highness. Might I also suggest you to wear these on your face?’ Helmut placed Beauty’s panties over Prince’s head before positioning the crotch area over his nose. Prince could smell and inhale the warm lovingly inviting scent of Beauty’s cunt which seemed to put his mind at once at ease.

Prince could hear Helmut rustling away at something in the distance before hearing his footsteps approach. He felt Helmut’s fingers move across his cock, barely touching his skin and then gently tugging and pulling his foreskin back to uncover his glans. ‘Hmm! Interesting’ bahis firmaları Prince thought to himself. He then felt a feathery touch move slowly down along his shaft to approach his glans, it encircled his corona and then up and along the center of his cockslit. Presently he could feel a slight stinging and burning sensation along his cock. ‘What the fuck!’ He thought, ‘Helmut! Why’! what the fuck is that? The tingling started to increase into a violent pulsating but curiously pleasurable sensation. Prince felt a painful weakness growing in his knees as the sharp stinging increased. Helmut then started to thresh prince’s cock, glans and cock slit lightly at first and then more vigorously. Each time a new surge of warm pleasure arose into Prince’s abdomen.

Prince felt Helmut’s light finger touch his nipples before he once again felt the light feathery touch culminating in tingling stinging first on his left nipple then the right.

‘What is that Helmut?’ He groaned, ‘Just stinging nettle Sir, it’s good for the circulation and nervous connections, you see, by doing the nipples and penis together we begin to elicit and establish a connection between these two areas in the male body, it’s a bit like the breast clitoral connection in females sir! The sensation can last a couple of days but you’ll truly learn to love it!’

Prince’s cock felt on fire and it felt like his foreskin was rolling around his coronal ridge. He felt Helmut’s fingers on his glans and then a stroking and an insertion into his cockslit resulting in a tingling and smarting now inside his dick. ‘Helmut?’ ‘Oh just nettle stem Sir, to almost complete the protocol’. ‘Almost?’ ‘Yes your highness! Just one last area to finish’ and before he knew it prince the nettle brush against his soft anus resulting in a throbbing extending to his cock which now pulsed in pleasure.

Helmut released the arm ankle clips now applied the oil over Prince’s body. Being completely neutral, the oil had no fragrance. He then cupped his balls, pulling and stretching them, squeezing the sac firmly in his fist, to squeeze down upon Prince’s balls making the sac stretch tight and his balls pulled low. He then poured some oil over Prince’s cock and massaged it with between both palms rubbing them together. Pushing back on the cock skin with his left hand he then deftly milked the shaft firmly by an o-ring formed between his fingers and thumb, lengthening and engorging Prince’s cock into a turgid, thick veined state, which was now capped with a dark red bulb glistening with Precum from it’s open slit.

With foreskin restricted by being forced tightly back between his palms, the young guard rubbed upwards on the undersides of Prince’s engorged purple glans. First with both his thumbs and then skimmed around and under the corona with the webbing between his thumbs and index fingers. He then pushed his thumbs deep into the dip running along the shaft and pushed the tissue apart with his thumbs. Prince groaned into new sensations being elicited in his whole being. His body tensing and relaxing in waves.

He then pulled his balls up and cock down on one side before reversing the stretch on the other side. ‘There you go! All ready to go slide!’. Prince’s cock, balls and nipples were tingling and engorged as he almost tumbled off the couch on quivering legs.

Prince took the bottle from Helmut’s hands and staggered over to Beauty. He decided to start on her front, uncorking the bottle he dripped a thin trail of oil from her neck to criss cross over her breasts, waist, navel, groin, legs, feet before adding a bit to his own hands and briskly rubbing them.

He started by gently rubbing the sides of her waist upwards before moving up to cup and encircle the small round mounds of her breasts between his thumbs and fingers, gently squeezing and kneading them upwards with his palms. Holding her breasts on their sides he ran small firm circles around her nipples with his thumbs, feeling them harden under their touch, then squeezed them firmly between his thumbs and fingers until her breathing became deeper and heavier. Moving down to clasp her hips, his thumbs followed the crease to her crotch. Easing her legs apart, his thumbs moved down the V to meet at her pink ass hole, crossing over it before moving back up. They pressed upwards against her mound and crossed over her clit, now rolling his thumbs firmly over her slit they moved up and rolled over her clit, ‘aahhhhh,… I like it when you do that’ she whispered. Her juice seeped over his thumbs making them even more slippery with the strands rolling between them.

‘Aahhhhhh, Now, use your, …tongue…aahhhhhh’ she gasped out. Prince bent her legs and rolled her thighs up onto her chest and nuzzled into her, his tongue, held flat, licked up her gash and slid around and in between her petals before flicking and sucking her clit.

Turning kaçak iddaa Beauty onto her front he poured a thin stream over her shoulders, back, bum and legs. Applied sweeping strokes across her shoulders and back before reaching her butt and thighs. His thumbs pushed upwards along her thighs till they reached her butt cheeks where they pulled and followed her crease to the sides. His palms cupped and gently squeezed her butt lobes, pushing them together and then pulling them apart to reveal her pink arse and open cunt lips. Prince drew her legs slightly apart and continued the pushing together and pulling apart of her cheeks to watch her cunt lips closing and opening. He then proceeded to firmly stroke her outer lips upwards and outwards, gently tugging them apart with his thumbs to reveal her delicate pink petals hidden within.

Using fingers of both hands now, he massaged firmly downward on either side of her crack before pushing his hands together to pull upwards, pushing her butt into the air while pressing her inner lips out from their fleshy cover. Continuing till they engorged to lay like butterfly wings on each side of her cunt. Finally he slid his finger along her crack to watch her dripping love juice wet the sheets below.

Turning her onto her back again Prince now allowed his body to rub up against over and along her. His cock entered the furrow to engage in cock-sliding or hot dogging as he’d seen it referred to. Sliding along her lips without entering her. His cock head meeting and sliding against her engorged clit! while his chest touched and slid against her nipples. Now turning onto his back, he held her sides and slid her across his own body, allowing his oiled and cock drool cunt grool slicked cock to slide over her mound and up to her belly. His arms now stretched low to clasp her arse while his fingers stroked and caressed her cunt lips from behind easing gentle moans of delight from both himself and his girl. He turned to the side to witness a smile arising on Helmut’s face and glancing down noticed thick Precum ropes with rolling beads dangling from his still semi flaccid cock!

Beauty arose, and turned around, her back facing him, squatted over Prince’s cock to massage his cock between her cunt lips by rocking her hips. Her wet cunt left a moist trail over his belly, chest and neck as she moved to sit over his face. Her feet and calves under his armpits held his arms firmly under the weight of her thighs.

‘Boy! Secure him! Now!’ She ordered, and the young guard secured Prince’s legs and arms with leather straps firmly to the shiny, ornate, silver ring adornments on the four posts of the bed, immobilizing him, his arms and legs stretched out. Beauty slid down to slip his cock between her lips while her cunt rocked over Prince’s mouth and nose. His tongue lapped between her folds as his lips and mouth gorged greedily on her fruit, her engorged, nectar filled fruit, the slippery stringy juice of which burst into a flood overflowing his mouth and lips to roll and pool into the dip of his neck! Beauty’s wet slippery cunt squelched as she vigorously pressed herself down fucking his face. Her cunt covered both his nose and mouth while she continued to suck on his engorged cock. Prince suddenly found that his nose and mouth were entrapped within her slippery petals and he was unable to breathe or scream! He was drowning in her grool and going to suffocate in her cunt! His face and lips started to tingle and become numb, stars flashed before his eyes while he heard the faint scream of Beauty’s orgasm in the distance as he blacked out.

Prince felt drips of cold water landing and splattering across his face. He opened his eyes trying to focus his blurry vision on the faces so close to his. ‘Waa, were, where, am I? Nn, who are you?’ He arose in panic and realizing his nudity quickly tried unsuccessfully to cover his cock, balls and pink glans dangling in open view to all gathered around him. ‘Oh!…It’s, Ok my lord, …please don’t worry, … everything is fine’. A softly spoken voice from a beautiful young girl stated. ‘You had merely fainted, she continued, while blushingly, peering down and away from him, her hand covering her mouth with what appeared to be a sense of embarrassment.

From the back of the crowd appeared a young richly dressed couple, stepping forward from the now parting, bowing and curtsying crowd. The handsome man wore a light gold crown while his consort wore a silver jewel and crystal encrusted tiara.

‘We thought you were dead,’ his deep voice said. ‘But, Gretchen here, gave you the kiss of life on your lips in the nick of time, saving your life!’ He added. ‘She found you collapsed in our castle’.

‘My clothes?’

‘Sorry we found them lying scattered around the room and have sent them to the laundry, but, No harm done! You will get new ones’ The Queen replied, looking into his eyes, with a knowing kaçak bahis smile.

Prince was totally confused. ‘What was this all about?’ He thought.

‘And Gretchen! What do you make of this here, fine young lad?’ The king asked abruptly.

‘Not bad! Papa!’ She quickly replied eyes meandering from his toes to head, briefly but visibly pausing at the bright pink glans of his dangling cock.

The king now unclasped the two gold rings hanging from the ribbons tying either side of his ornately decorated codpiece.


‘Oh yes please!’ Beauty bounced in the air, rapidly shouting her reply out in eager anticipation, before the king had even stated his question.

‘Well, in that case! I have no choice but pronounce you man and wife!’ The king said, with a curious smile on his face, as he gently but reassuringly leant forward to pull Prince’s hand into his own, up and away baring cock and balls to all standing around them. He then placed Beauty’s hand, holding the ring, over Prince’s.

A faint ‘Huh?’ Of disbelief gasped out of Prince’s mouth.

‘Oh! And you must! now kiss your bride!’. The king added.

With a ‘Ba, your maj?’ Barely making it out of his mouth, Prince was stopped by a familiar soft pair of lips planted over his own. Lips bearing a familiar musky sweet aroma which emanated from her mouth and tongue to soak into him.

‘And now to business!’ The king declared, with two rapid loud claps in the air, causing the guards to help him his wife and daughter to disrobe before starting to disrobe themselves! ‘Now, cold shower him first!, scrub all that heat and sweat off him!’ He ordered as soap bar clutching hands pushed him and Beauty towards their centre. Carefully soaping his back, front, legs, arse, manhood and balls before giving them a squeaky clean and very close shave.

The king then pulled back a curtain revealing the ‘On-suit Shower this way’ sign with hand pointing to the room they were all in, before the guards carried and dropped them both onto the center of the bed! ‘Now! It’s, Fuck time! He roared! Before an orgy unfolded around them. Beauty climbed to sit on top of Prince clasping the sides of his head by his hair, looked down straight into his eyes saying ‘It’s time to Fuck me! I need you badly to fuck me hard!’

Grind her Clit!

Grind her good!

The chant managed to suddenly wipe clear the amnesia, to return all his memory into a beatific sharp focus. A smile dawned in Prince’s eyes as he peered longingly upwards into his Beauty’s, causing a smile to arise across her face, the moment marked by each other’s hips suddenly crashing together to move in synchrony. Prince’s glans slid up to find it’s way to embed within her wet slippery petals before finally meeting and driving it’s way past Beauty’s thin membrane. His cock finally attained a deep pleasure from her soft warm and moist grip. His now engulfed cock, moving in rhythm with:

Grind her Cunt!…

Harder! Harder!…

Fuck her Cunt!

Harder!… Hard!

Grind her! Cunt!…

Harder! Harder!…

Fuck her cunt!

Harder!… Hard!

Prince held Beauty’s hands, their fingers intertwined, his arms pulled apart to gently bring Beauty’s face down towards his so he could finally kiss her. His thumb stroked and encircled the sensitive inside of her lips as he held her cheek to gently touch and flick her lower lip with his own. Their tongues touched and tasted as they drank each other dry.

Beauty stretched upwards, prince glanced up to see her eyes roll up as her mouth opened, expressing her intense orgasm. And the mouth of her throbbing cunt squeezed and sucked on the embedded cock as her body juddered. Her panting gasps and groans turning to squeals.

His thrusting hips making him sputter out, ‘And!, they!, all!, lived!, happily!, ever!, after.?’.

‘And!, they, All,! Fucked, happily, ever, after’. Whispered the Queen’s warm moist breath, closely into his ear. The fingers of one hand playfully stroked, caressing and twisting his hair, while the thumb of her other, now softly brushed his ear and cheek to gently cup his chin and tease his bottom lip.

Sitting at the foot of the bed and looking lovingly across to his Queen, the King watched where the glans met and disappeared into his daughter Gretchen ‘s eager cunt. He gently held and stroked Prince’s, wet, slippery, love juice and precum drenched, balls. His thumb made a slow upward stroke along the shaft, briefly pausing to feel the stretched skin along the entrance to where the cock slid in and out, feeling the cunt’s tight skin getting dragged in and then getting pulled out by the cock, before caringly continuing it’s journey between and along the delicate petals, up to her arse crease to it’s final two destinations of his nose and mouth.

Now Grind!… Grind!…

Grind my Cunt!…

Grind my cunt! …Harder! Harder!…

Fuck my cunt!

Fuck me Hard!

She added to Prince’s ear. Looking up, her gaze met and looked longingly with love into the King’s soft eyes!! And said thanks dad for the best birthday present ever!

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