Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 25


It was Wednesday morning and in spite of the fact that we had planned to depart on our several hour drive to college at ten o’clock, we were all up early. The long drive was nothing to be excited about but getting started and getting there was. The twins were visibly excited. It was their freshman year and a big step up from high school. None of their school friends were going to their college so they would make new friends.

Making friends was not an issue for either of them. Girls and guys alike, flocked to them. They were gregarious and fun and being insanely gorgeous didn’t hurt. I wished that I had those qualities, but I tended to be quiet and withdrawn around people that I didn’t know very well, and I was anything but insanely gorgeous.

Mom announced that she was off-duty, so breakfast was whatever anyone wanted to fix for themselves. I made myself a fried-egg and sausage sandwich. The twins went for the cereal. When Dad appeared, he liked the looks of my sandwich, so I made another for him. Mom was leaning against the sink sipping a cup of coffee, still dressed in her robe. She came over beside me at the stove and whispered, “What made you so hard this morning?”

I chuckled and whispered back, “I don’t know Mom. I remember I was in a dream but you know my dick; it has a mind of its own. Did you like it?” Mom grinned at me and vigorously nodded and then reached down and ran her fingers along the contour of my flaccid dick and giggled when it jumped at her touch. She kissed me on the cheeks and left the kitchen to me.

I ate my breakfast at the bar. The twins were dressed and as busy as little bees, making last minute decisions on what to take. The boxes had all been loaded in the trailer, van or my car last night so I was at a loss on what they were thinking. It wasn’t like we were going to unload so they could make changes. Dad was in his office, upstairs, doing some last-minute work before we headed out. Mom came downstairs dressed in a sexy outfit consisting of a loose-fitting skirt and a tight top revealing that she wore no bra. I’d have bet anything that she had no panties on either.

Mom gave me a sultry smile as she walked into the kitchen. She sent me an air-kiss and pushed her tongue into her right cheek several times and then licked her tongue all around her lips. The message was clear; she was anxious to get on the road.

Suitcases were at the door at the appointed time and we carried them to the van. Dad would drive the van and I would drive my car. The plan was to drive for a couple hours, get some lunch and then Dad and I would switch vehicles. It wasn’t hard to figure out the purpose of the switch?

I wondered when Mom would make her move but we talked about the summer. It had been a wild one. Then Mom wanted to talk about Sylvia and I explained our current relationship as best as I understood it. Mom asked about Reece, whom she hadn’t met yet. I smiled as I talked about Reece and Mom called me on it. I smiled harder when she said, “You light up when you talk about Reece. I hope she comes back into your life again.” I looked at Mom and nodded.

Mom’s fingers were up under her skirt slowly diddling herself. She pulled her skirt up higher and I saw that I had been right about the panties. Her eyes were closed when I reached over and laid my hand across her closest breast. Both nipples were rock hard and pushing against the tight nylon material. She moaned and rolled her head back against the headrest, thrusting her tit against my hand. She was already breathing erratically. My dick hardened in my pants and I dropped my hand off the steering wheel for a moment to unbuckle and unzip my pants. My erection pushed out of my pants and jumped up at the sensation of the cool air.

Mom pulled her hands out from under her skirt and stripped off her tight top. We happened to be passing a car to my right and the driver glanced over and nearly lost control of his car when he saw Mom’s big tits. He fell back and then tried to catch up to get another look. I let him pull up beside me and Mom put on a show for him as he waggled his tongue like he had it on her pussy. She laughed and lifted herself in the seat and pressed her big tits to the side window.

Mom laughed and said, “He’s jerking off over there.” I looked to see and sure enough, we could see his upper arm pumping. We couldn’t see his cock but it was obvious what he was doing. I thought, ‘I’d be doing the same buddy if I were in your shoes.’

When his mouth opened in a groan and his head snapped back and then forward, we knew he was cumming. I put the accelerator down and sped away. He drifted back and I saw him pull over to the breakdown lane in my rearview mirror. Mom looked back in the sideview mirror and then started laughing. She looked at me and said, “That was fun. Let me get into position and then pull up beside an eighteen-wheeler. I knew that ‘into position’ was her sucking on my cock with her stomach on the center console and on her knees in her seat, pushing her bare ass above the door panel. A trucker would have vivid porno an excellent view.

As Mom pushed across the console and got to her knees in her seat, I looked ahead for a trucker for Mom to flash. There were several a half-mile ahead. I was already gaining ground on them so I let Mom get into her blow job before I pulled up beside the closest one.

Mom jerked on my cock several times before she lowered her head into my lap between my stomach and the steering wheel. I groaned and expelled the air in my lungs as she pushed her tightly pursed lips over my firm, spongy knob. She stopped there and lashed her tongue around my shaft concentrating on the ‘spot’. She was already fingering her pussy, which was on full display in the side window.

As I pulled up alongside the trucker, I was giving Mom a running commentary. She had swallowed my cock and was furiously bobbing up and down my shaft. At first, the trucker didn’t even glance at my car. He probably assumed I was going to cruise right past. When I didn’t pass him, he looked down from his high perch and his eyes went wide. I was glancing between him and the road and telling Mom what he was doing.

The first thing he did was blast his air-horn a couple of time and then I saw the microphone of his CB Radio at his lips. He was surely relaying what was going on to his trucker buddies. I suspected that Mom would be performing for a convoy before too long.

The trucker stuck out his tongue like he was trying to reach Mom’s pussy from there. Mom giggled around my shaft at that. I reached my right hand across Mom’s back and stuck my index finger into her anus. She groaned hard around my cock and bobbed her head faster as she waggled her ass at the trucker.

I laughed as I told Mom that the trucker had stood up higher in his seat to show us his cock in his hand. He was furiously jerking himself off and trying to show his junk. He was obviously proud of it and it was bigger than average. Mom pulled her lips off my cock and turned to look. She made eye contact with him and lashed her tongue like she was licking his cock. That was enough for him as he sprayed his load on the side window. Mom giggled and went back down on my cock. I sped forward, leaving him in the dust. He tried to catch up but he was hindered by the truck in front of him, who had slowed down to respond to the CB call.

The second trucker blew his air-horn and Mom waggled her bare ass, with my embedded finger, at him. I wasn’t going to last much longer as Mom was doing her deep-throat blow job. Her head was jackhammering up and down in my lap. The second trucker was obviously jerking off too but he didn’t attempt to display his junk like the first trucker had.

I had to slow down as my balls loaded up for my orgasm. The trucker slowed as well. My head snapped back against the headrest as my mouth opened in a groan as I pumped my load deep in her mouth and throat. She gagged a little but she didn’t pull off. She swallowed twice and when I was done, she pulled back and slid back into her seat showing her magnificent tits to the trucker. His facial expression revealed that he just blew his load. Mom cupped her tits and held them up for his view and then pushed my remaining load out on her lips to show the trucker. He mouthed the word, ‘FUCK’ and he pursed his lips like he wanted to kiss those gorgeous globes. Mom sucked the cum back into her mouth and made a big show of swallowing it. I sped away and left both truckers behind. They were both blaring their air-horns as we pulled away.

I wondered what the twins were doing to Dad and smiled as I envisioned June or Julie kneeling between the two front seats on the floor sucking Dad’s cock just like Mom was sucking mine. I had lost some ground to the van and I accelerated to move in behind him.

Mom sat back in her seat and I could tell she was feeling pretty horny. Her fingers were back in her pussy. She kept glancing over at my cock as it steadily softened and dropped back to my left thigh. It was wet with mixture of cum and her saliva. I knew she wanted it where her fingers were but there was no way that could happen. We had already experimented with fucking while driving. It didn’t work very well. If she pushed her pussy down my shaft while facing me, her ass dragged on the steering wheel. If she did the same facing forward, her thighs dragged on the wheel.

She wasn’t about to give up though. She crawled across the console and told me to push my seat back as far as I could as she took my cock in her mouth again and sucked me up to full size. The seat was already pushed back. It was a struggle, but Mom moved her left leg across me to stand on the seat, bent forward with her hands on the dashboard. I had to maneuver to see past her. Then, she put her feet on my thighs and pulled her knees to her shoulders and guided my cock into her and groaned hard as she settled down in my lap. She laid her head on my left shoulder so I could see but then she took the wheel and she was steering, while I operated the gas and brake.

With woodman casting porno her weight on my thighs pushing my legs down, I nearly ran into the back of the van. I made the adjustment just as Mom started fucking herself on my cock. She was sopping wet and she slid on and off my cock with virtually no friction. Mom moaned out, “Oh fuck Baby. I needed this cock in me. Oh my gawwdd this feels incredible.” She was grinding herself down hard and one hand came off the wheel to run her fingers under my balls.

She was tiring quickly and I used my free hands to assist her up and down motion. I also tried to rock my hips forward and back to drive my cock deeper in her pussy. As she tired, her knees dropped and her thighs began to apply friction to the steering wheel, just like in our experiments. She pulled her knees back to her chest with her hands and I took control of the steering wheel again.

She was getting close and she started chanting a long chorus of “Oh Jesus God… Oh Jesus God,” as her head rolled around on my shoulder. Then she heaved up and exploded into her orgasm. It was a big one and it lasted a long time too. I didn’t want to disrupt her climax but as her pussy throbbed on my cock, I could feel the tension in her leg muscles collapsing and I had little control of the steering wheel. It wouldn’t be long before I couldn’t turn the wheel at all, so I slowed and eased us into the breakdown lane and stopped. I noticed that the van was doing the same several hundred yards ahead of us.

Mom’s spent body had collapsed fully onto the steering wheel and I had no control. She was gasping for air as the last vestiges of her orgasm washed through her. My cock stayed hard as she continued to clench her pussy on it. Between her gasps, she muttered, “Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh fuck.”

I put the car in park as the van was backing up to our position in the breakdown lane. The two truckers blew past blowing their air-horns. The twins appeared from behind the van and my passenger door opened. Julie slid into the passenger seat and looked at our strange positions and said, “Holy Shit. Mom. You figured out how to fuck like that? Cool.”

June looked in and said, “I bet that would be a whole lot easier in the van.” I could see her gears turning behind her wide eyes.

Mom was smiling at the girls and then resolved to get herself back to her seat. Julie stepped out beside June. Her own juices drooled from her wet pussy. I hadn’t cum in her. The distractions of trying not to get us killed had prevented that. My cock was still hard though and Julie was the first to notice.

She came around to the driver’s side and opened my door. She went right to her knees on the pavement and leaned in and sucked my erection right down into her throat, groaning as she went. Mom and June watched from their spots.

I sat back hard in my seat and lifted my hips to give Julie better access. She bobbed her head on my cock for several minutes before I felt my balls reloading and I groaned out, “YYYUUNNGGGAAAHHH,” as I pumped many strong surges of cum down Julie’s throat. She gagged and pulled back and the last two shots streamed across her shirt from right tit to left and on to the open door-panel. Julie just rubbed the cum into her shirt and then stretched up to kiss me. She got a kick out of feeding me my own cum. As always, I let her do her thing and I didn’t react.

Another trailer truck blew past blowing his air-horn. It was obvious what Julie was doing. The compression of air from the passing truck blew the door wide open and Julie fell from her knees to her ass. She was startled but she laughed as she pulled herself up by the open door and brushed off her knees and butt.

It was nearly noon and we decided to break for lunch. A fast food place was good enough and we found one at the next exit. We ordered at the counter and Mom and the girls went to the lady’s room to clean themselves up. Dad and I would do the same before we hit the road again.

Dad and I took a seat at a round table. He said, “I think you need to take the van. I do my best, but I can’t keep up with your sisters like you can. I don’t know if I can keep up with your mother either. I hope you took some of the need out of her already.” I grinned with a mouthful of a burger and nodded.

After eating, I went to the men’s room and relieved my bladder and then stepped to the sink and pulled my sticky dick out and flopped it into the sink. I washed it and my hands and then dried everything with paper towels. As I came out, Dad was going in, presumably to do the same thing.

The twins and I headed for the van and Mom and Dad went to my car. Mom was already fondling Dad’s junk as they walked across the parking lot. Julie had the van keys and she stepped up into the driver’s seat. She smiled at me and said, “June’s got other plans for you.” June slid back the side door and smiled seductively as she motioned for me to step in. The aphorism, ‘Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly,’ flashed through my mind. I stepped türkçe alt yazı porno up and sat down on a long bench seat behind Julie. June stepped up behind me and slammed the sliding door.

Dad and Mom took the lead and Julie followed. It wasn’t long before we could see Mom’s head disappear across the front seat and down into Dad’s lap. The realization of what Mom was doing got June going and she reached over and yanked open my belt and then unfastened and unzipped my pants. I knew the drill and I helped by raising off the seat so she could get my pants down off my feet. Julie adjusted the rearview mirror so she could watch.

I watched as June pulled her shirt over her head and massaged her firm tits. Her nipples were already hard. I reached over and displaced one of her hands with mine and she moaned and writhed. My cock was hard before her shirt came off and her displaced hand wrapped around my shaft and squeezed. I flexed back at her pressure and she giggled.

Julie loudly said, “Whoa there Dad. Keep it on the road.” I looked out the front window in time to see my car swerving back into its lane. I knew from experience how hard it was to keep concentration on the road when Mom was sucking on your crank. My concentration went back to my crank as June came up on her knees on the bench seat and dropped her lips down my cock. She slowly descended as I ran my hand down over her incredible ass and rimmed her anus with my index finger for a moment. She went rigid, anticipating that I would push it inside her. I bypassed that and pushed it into the wet vagina. She groaned hard around my cock but she didn’t pull off. She did pull up to the ridge of my glans and started jacking on my cock with both hands. I moaned and laid my head back against the headrest. Julie was giggling as she watched my reactions.

June was going to be content with a mouthful of jizz but I had different ideas. The faint stirrings of an orgasm appeared and I pushed June back away from my cock. It was frothy from her blow job and hand job. She giggled and lapped her broad tongue from my balls to my knob to slurp up her saliva. I maneuvered her onto her back across the bench seat and she moved one leg up over the back of the seat and hooked her foot on a headrest. She was spread wide for me as she grinned up at me.

I bent down to kiss her and I thought she’d eat my lips off. I pulled away as she tried to follow. I kissed her neck and she moaned and smiled. Her eyes were closed as I continued my tour of her amazing body. I kissed down to her firm breasts and tongued her nipples. Her hips lifted as an invitation. I moved lower and kissed her clitoris and she yelped as her hips launched upward. As a tease, I moved and kissed down one inner thigh to her knees and then back up the other. She had lifted her head off the bench seat and was watching me. She was on fire and already heaving air in and out of her lungs raising and lowering her big tits. She smiled down at me as I looked over her pubic mound into her eyes. I grinned at her and drilled my tongue into her pussy. She screeched and thrusted her hips up hard, driving her pubic bone onto my nose. It hurt and my eyes watered but I flailed my tongue in every direction across her sex. June reached down for my face but she didn’t linger there as she pulled her hands back up to her tits.

My tongue and lips attacked her clitoris, pussy and anus until she groaned hard into an orgasm. Her hips writhed on the seat as her juices bubbled from her pink inner folds and I slurped up as much as I could get. I hadn’t even realized that June had gone rigid until she relaxed those rigid muscles and slowly drifted down to the seat. She muttered, “Oh my God, Dex. I’m destroyed.”

I got off my knees and placed them at the edge of the seat and leaned over June. She watched as my cock approached her sex, which was still randomly twitching from her orgasm. She alternated her attention from my face to my cock. She reached for my cock when it was within her range. I gave it to her and she pulled it to her pussy, which is where it was heading anyway. She dragged my firm, velvety crown through her sex and let out a sigh as she dragged it across her clitoris.

She groaned and writhed again as my knob pushed inside her. Her eyes glistened in pools of tears as she looked up at me perched at the ready above her. She pursed her lips and gave me an air-kiss. I bent over her and kissed each salty tasting eye, then her lips. She flicked her tongue on my lips to taste the saltiness. With my glans still embedded, I kissed each nipple and then slowly pushed my cock down. She flinched once and pulled her lower lip between her teeth. I hit her bottom and stopped. The tears were back in her eyes as she stared up at me.

Julie was braking and I held June on the seat. I didn’t look to see what was going on. At that moment, I didn’t care. I slowly pulled my cock back and then started a normal fucking motion. June moaned and closed her eyes tight, squeezing the tears out onto her high cheekbones. She pushed her hips upward as I came down. June moaned, “Oh my God, Dex. Give it all to me. This is incredible.” I smiled at her and continued at the same pace with my thighs resting on her inner thighs as I leaned over her. She absent-mindedly ran her fingers through the peaks and valleys of my abs.

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