Slow Ride in the Elevator


It was almost five o’clock and I was trying to get all my paperwork done so I could leave on time. I am an account manager at a smallish marketing and PR company. We have the office divided up into teams but lately I have been overseeing another team in addition to my own since one of the other managers left unexpectedly. I had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship but wasn’t really one the hunt yet. Jill, one of the junior members of the new account team walked over to show me some copy she had been working on. Jill was a recent hire from down south, I have to admit, I never really paid that much attention to her while was with my former girlfriend but in recent weeks I have been watching her a little more closely. She was about 5′ 4″ and very curvy, she had an amazing chest, flat stomach and a very round ass. One of the things that I noticed about Jill was that she always wore open-toed shoes, even when it snowed. I guessed that to be a product of being from the South, when I first met her, I thought it was a little odd and impractical but lately I found it intriguing. It was like she was not going to let the weather get in the way of the way she wanted to look.

So here it was the end of the day and she was leaning over my desk with me asking my advice.

“So what do you think of this?” she asked.

“Overall, I think this hits the brief pretty well, but the text dawdles a little towards the end…” I started thinking about it but was more than a little away of how close we were.

I turned my chair slightly so I could face her to make my point more specifically and she straightened up. I found myself staring right into her midsection which was about 5 inches away. The bottom of her camisole was peaking out from under her top. For some reason I just stared and let my eyes travel upwards to her ample cleavage. I could totally picture grabbing her and pulling her onto my lap and burying my head in her tits. It seemed like an eternity so I quickly rotated back to my desk and started talking about the work again but had lost my point entirely

“Why don’t you just remove this sentence and I think it will actually flow pretty good.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I looked up at her and she hadn’t moved an inch. She had an expression on her face that looked very similar to the one my ex-girlfriend would give me right before I would go down on her, I am not sure how to describe it, sort of intensely curious. She took back the paper I was holding out to her and turned around and walked back to her desk. I realized I was beet red in the face and had built a sizable erection in my pants. I grabbed my jacket and marched out the door to my car.

What the heck was that? I thought. Now while I think I am a pretty decent looking guy a little taller than average height, slightly athletic, I hadn’t played any sports lately so I was getting a little soft but nothing bad. But office romance was an idea I have never entertained, especially with a subordinate. And I wasn’t even sure what had just happened, I had starred at her a little too long–she didn’t seem to mind–and she had a look on her face that reminded me of something else but that doesn’t mean that was what she was thinking about. Did it?

The rest of the week was pretty much uneventful until Friday morning. I came in early to try to get some stuff done before a slew of meetings. As usual, I walked passed the elevators to the back hallway to take the stairs, just as I was going bahis firmaları around the corner, I walked smack into Jill. Her hair was wet and she was toweling it off and I couldn’t help but look down at her tits in the low-cut tank-top she was in.

“Boy, really sorry Jill, didn’t expect anyone was here.”

“Oh, I usually come in early and go for a run. The downstairs bathroom has a shower.”

“It does? I never knew.”

“Yeah, pretty convenient,” she replied and started to put on her suit jacket. “Well, you going up the stairs? The elevator went out last night. Robert from HR was stuck in it for 30 minutes.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“No, he was banging on the door the whole time, I guess he is claustrophobic.”

“Yikes… well, after you then,” I smiled and pushed open the door.

She started up the stairs, I lagged a bit so I wouldn’t have my face right in her ass but of course I couldn’t help but look. Her suit had pin stripes and the suit jacket was a short cut so it rode just on the curve of her ass. It was tantalizing watching the stripes sway back and forth as she climbed the steps. I kept looking away just in case she turned around but she was just chatting away all the way up to the fourth floor. At once point, she half turned and I thought I detected a smile but then she kept climbing. I have to admit, I don’t even know what she was talking about. I just wanted to run my hands over that ass, feel how tight it must be and then take those pants off…slowly. Once we got to the top landing and I leaned over to open the door for her.

“Such a gentleman,” she said and flashed an amazing smile at me. I winked at her but thought to myself that I wasn’t thinking such gentleman-y thoughts. Thank god, I had my briefcase to hold in front of me.

The rest of the morning was pretty much a disaster, I couldn’t focus after that walk up the stairwell and some members on my team hadn’t prepared well for the meeting so it was a whirlwind getting to the meetings on time.

The meeting had been on the second floor, after I had collected my things I decided to take the elevator, I was beat. The door opened, Jill was inside. The back wall was mirrored so I took a quick look at Jill’s ass before stepping in.

“Hey Jill, thanks for helping out today. I think the presentation went well.” The doors closed and I started to hit ‘4’ but realized it was already lit.

“Glad I could help. I walked the team out and they seemed pretty happy.”

Just then the elevator stopped. I looked at the panel and it still said ‘2.’ I turned to Jill, “what were you telling me about last night?”

“No way,” she said staring at the panel. I looked at my watch, it said 5:30.

“Do you have your cell, mine is at my desk.”

“Yeah, hold on.”

“See if someone is still at the front desk.”

She started dialing and I loosed my tie and leaned back against the wall.

She closed her phone and looked at me. “She said the maintenance people won’t be here for an hour… at the earliest.”

I laughed a bit, “glad its a Friday.”

“Yeah, well since we are here, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What’s that?” I asked looking at her.

She took a few steps towards me, “I wanted to know if you wanted a closer look at me since you have been checking me out all week.” She then took off her suit jacket, stepped close to me and pressed her tits up against my chest.

I was totally taken aback, not only kaçak iddaa for being caught staring at her but for her forwardness. She was looking up at me, playfully biting her lower lip. Then I thought, well ‘when in Rome’.

“I want you to do something for me,” I said quietly.

“Oh?” she said and I detected a hint of hopefulness.

I put my folders on the floor, moved behind her and whispered, “don’t move.”

“Mmmm,” she said.

I stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I ran them slowly down her back until I got to her ass. I moved my hands around the sides of her ass and then brought them together and brought them up the center. I slid one hand down between her legs while the other hand continued to move around the curve of her ass. She was breathing slow but deep and started to move her ass just a little with the movement of my hands.

I then pulled her top off over her head to reveal her size D tits, barely restrained by a dark rose colored lacy demi cup bra and started my hands on her shoulders again, this time running them down over her front to her luscious breasts. I cupped her tits and worked them back and forth until I could feel her nipples stiffen through the material. I pressed my body up against her so my now fully erect cock was pushing at her ass.

“How long did you say until they come to fix the elevator?”

“At least an hour,” she breathed.

“Nice,” I said.

She started to turn around.

“Hey, I didn’t say you move,” I said.

“Oh” She said quickly. She giggled a little and then said, “Sorry.” I could feel her nipples get even harder when she said it.

I bent down on one knee and kissed the small of her back. My hands reached forward and unbutton her pants. Just what I was thinking of in the stairwell this morning. I slowly pulled down her pants, she had on pair of matching boy shorts that perfectly complimented her curvy ass. I kissed the skin right above the panties and slowly ran one hand down her ass and between her legs to cup her mound. I could feel a damp heat and her breathing got a little heavier. I kept that hand there and started moving it in a circle with light pressure and she started slightly moving her hips with my hand. Back and forth, round and round.

With the other hand, I began to pull down her panties so I could lick the crack of her ass but not all the way off. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I really wanted to spend some time on her tits so I stood up.

“Turn around” I said

She slowly turned around and leaned back against the wall. She was biting her lower lip on one side and her eyes were wide open in arousal.

“Take it off,” as I gestured at her bra.

She reached behind and unhooked the clasp of her bra. Then she cupped her luscious breasts and let the straps fall off her shoulder. It was evident by the look on her face that she was enjoying this slow pace too and was going to tease me a little back.

She dropped her hands just enough so her nipples peaked out from the top of her bra.

“You have to take off your clothes before I drop this any further,” she said.

I grinned and pulled my tie off and started unbuttoning my shirt. As I dropped my pants she let go of her bra and it fell to the floor but her hands remained covering her nipples. She started tracing her fingers around her tits and my erection was bulging at the fabric of my boxers. The sight of her leaning against the wall with her panties slightly kaçak bahis pulled off and playing with her tits was amazing, I felt like I was on some photo shoot for a men’s magazine. I tried to burn it into my memory.

But I also really wanted to fuck her.

“Show me how wet you are” I instructed.

She dropped on hand down to her panties and slowly pulled it down further. She had a tightly trimmed patch but I could see her lips perfectly. She slid one finger down her slit and buried it in her cunt and then brought a second finger in. She slowly pulled them out, staring at me the whole time and traced a line up her stomach to her tits. I could see the trail glistening. She then sucked first on finger and then the other.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and went over to her and grabbed her forcefully with both hands on her ass and pulled her tight to me. I then grabbed one of her tits and bent down and started sucking on her nipple. She gasped loudly. Her hands began pulling off my boxer shorts and grabbed my cock. One hand of hers reached down and cupped my balls and it was my turn to gasp.

I kneeled down and slowly kissed down her belly to her pussy. Her musky aroma was intoxicating and by now she was visibly wet. I slid my tongue down her slit and she lifted on leg up and put it over my shoulder so I would have better access. I flattened my tongue and pushed it back and forth between her hole and her clit and she was moaning now and clutching at my head.

“Oh god!” she was breathing.

I looked up at her seeing those amazing tits with her erect nipples and her face staring back at me with that same look she gave me earlier in the week when she caught me staring at her at my desk.. and it was about all I needed. I gave one more thorough lick and stood up. I turned her around and placed her hands on the elevator railing, pulled her ass towards me. She reached back with one hand and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

“Please!” she whispered.

I placed the tip of my cock between her fingers and slowly but strongly buried it in up to the hilt in her now sopping pussy. God she felt good. I took my cock out all the way, paused for a minute until she whimpered and drove it back in again. We started a slow steady rhythm and she was bucking her hips up and down on each stroke, driving me wild. I leaned forward to massage her tits which started to put her over the edge. Her arms started moving around, trying to find a better grip on the railing and she started moaning loudly. She then reached down and started rubbing her clit.

I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out, watching her face in the mirror and the movement she was doing to my cock was amazing. Just then she shuddered strongly and cried out and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she came. I kept the rhythm going but I could feel her growing limp in my arms. So I shoved my cock in deeply one more time and unleashed a torrent of cum in her pussy. We fell in a heap on the floor with her laying her head on my chest.

After a few minutes, she broke the silence of our recovery, “what time is?”

“Those maintenance guys should be here soon,” I said looking at my watch.

“I suppose we should get dressed, it would not be good for the office rumor mill to be caught like this.”

I laughed, “no, it would not.”

Not five minutes later, we heard banging and the elevator lurched and went down. The door opened and two maintenance guys looked in.

“Sorry guys, you okay?” One asked. Everyone in looked at each other in turn, I was sure they could smell the sex in the air.

“It was a fucking blast,” Jill said to them and winked at me as we walked out.

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