Snippets: Houseguest


This is the continuing saga of C and Jack

C came home this afternoon and brought someone with her. He slinked into the house and stood by the wall near the door watching her as she dumped her stuff on a chair and then ran upstairs. I eyed him from the kitchen. She ran back down the stairs, not saying hello or anything, took his hand and ran back out the door.


“Who was that this afternoon?”

C was sitting at the dining room table paging through catalogues that had arrived in the mail. She glanced up at me.

“A boy.”

“A Boy-friend?” I pressed on. She was unusually noncommunicative. I detected a slight smile on her face as she looked back down, put her hand on her forehead sort of shielding herself from me. Her blonde hair falling around her hand.

“No. None of your business. A friend.”

I looked out into the dining room at her, and paused. She said nothing as I watched her, so I went back into the kitchen.

In a beat I heard her call in as I vanished from the doorway, “Where’s Sam?”

I just barked, “Out.” Two can play this game.

She rose from her chair and stepped silent into the kitchen. I was standing at the fridge with the door open, staring. Trying to be nonchalant, not looking at her.

“It’s no big deal. I met him at work. He’s really nice…He asked to do something with me. I haven’t been with a boy in awhile.” I glanced back at her.

She caught my eye, “Jealous?”

“Jealous?? No.” I closed the door, maybe a little too hard, walked to the sink and turned on the water.

I was breathing hard, I was angry. Stay calm I kept saying to myself.

I could hear her padding the floor, could feel her presence behind me.

She leaned in whispered in my ear, “If you weren’t my brother.” I continued what I was doing.

She leaned in again, a slight singsong in her voice, “If you weren’t married.” I glanced at her, my hand was trembling.

She leaned in again, “It would be so different. You know that Jack,” and she stayed at my ear just then. I could feel the warmth of her breathing at my ear, her breath tingling down my spine. The heat radiating from her cheek. She hooked her finger in my belt and then let go, walked out of the kitchen.

I turned the water off, stared out the window. My mind an utter blank. What was happening? I could picture those words, as if floating above the tree line.

Those words kindled a fire. They burned in me, left their mark. Hurt. What was happening to me? Most of the time words flow past, you listen and immediately forget. There are so many. But this time.

‘If you weren’t my brother.’

‘If you weren’t married.’

I turned it over in my mind,

*It would be so different*

Just five words.


She had the TV on now. And I watched her from the other doorway, standing just outside the room. She was sort of ignoring me, knew I was there. You could feel the tension. Waiting. Watching her watch the TV, swinging her foot up and down off the end of the sofa. I said nothing, turning to go back in.

“What did you think of him?” she caught my eye pulling her hair back over an ear.

“He looked like a turtle.”

“A turtle!” She laughed. “Where did you get that??” I love her laugh.

“He just does. He’s bald and …”

“He’s not bald! He shaves his head. Lots of guys …”

I interrupted, “He’s bald and he holds his head down from his shoulders. Like this.” And I stepped into the living room mimicking him. “Like a turtle in a shell, sticking way out.”

“That’s so….”

I let my head swing back and forth.

“That’s so MEAN!”

She jumped from the sofa and ran toward me. “You’re jealous. Oh my god! I can tell. You are!!” She was wagging her finger at me and smiling, giggling. “Don’t lie to me buster. Ain’t it Sa-weet.”

“Go on, leave me.”

“Widow brudder. My po widda-puda.”

She was mocking me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders from behind, trying to hold on to me as I walked back into the kitchen, dragging her along. I wouldn’t stop, I guess I was mad and then she jumped onto me holding around my neck and riding on my back.

I reached back and held her legs, flailing my arms comically like I was trying to get her off me.

She was pulling herself up, holding on, “Jealous, jealous, jealous.” Wrapping her legs around, hooking them on my legs.

“Stop it! I’m trying to do dishes here.”

“Looks like you were just turning the water on and off. Sort of like opening and closing the fridge.” She continued, “He’s just a boy. I’m not jealous of YOU.”

“What! What have you got to be jealous of??”

“You fuck Sam. Here in this house. I don’t mind.”

I stared back at her, her arms wrapped around my neck. Just hearing the word was making me hard. The look of her mouth as she said it.

“You probably fuck her every day, don’t you?” She sensed the effect of her words. “You probably fuck her before you come to MY room … or do you fuck her after?”

She moved closer, was holding her mouth to my ear again, running her arms down my chest, czech amateurs porno I could feel little scratches there. She was enjoying letting that word out. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

She let go and dropped off my back, “And I’m just your little cock tease. For HER.”

Feeling the warmth of her, her breath. Feeling her weight against me. My mind instantly picturing her naked body, of me touching her, kissing, her taste. So we were intimate. I loved her body, loved listening to her, the sound of her voice. Intimate…But, Fucking. I was imagining myself laying on her, pressing into her. I could smell her, her legs open, that little blonde puss. She said it, ‘It would be so different.’

“That’s different.”

“oHHHHH, Is it NOW?” Her voice was suddenly sharp. She moved to the door. “Not from where I’m standing. I’ve been with…boys you know, since I’ve lived here. You have no idea. And you’ve been with Sam. It’s the same.”

She held her hair back, “Jesus Jack! Listen to yourself,” and she left.

I could hear her as she went up the stairs, “Oh, and the Turtle’s coming for dinner tomorrow.”

So she was jealous too.


Next morning I went up to her room, tapped at her door, went in. The room was warm. She was still asleep, lightly covered in her white sheet, bare arms above her head. I could see the short whisps of hairs under her arms, the room bright with morning sunshine. She just lay there with her eyes closed.

“I wanted to apologize about yesterday.”

“S’ok.” She yawned and stretched, letting the sheet fall off her front as she sat herself up in the bed, giving me a perfect view of her breasts. The sheet bunching up around her hips as she scooched back and I could see her from the side, bare soft skin rising up the length of her.

“No big deal.”

I sat near her, “Friends?”

“Never enemies.” She turned to me and looked right into my eyes, “God Jack, you going to get like this every time I bring a boy home?”

I shrugged as she rose from the bed, her nakedness passing me, casually striding to her closet. I watched her blonde bare puss, those light blonde curls, just a little triangle above her slit. Her small shoulder blades and the line of her ass parting at her thighs. God, I never tired of looking at her.

“No…It’s fine. I wasn’t jealous.” She looked back at me. “It was just, unexpected. Really, the thing wasn’t even about HIM.”

“The Turtle you mean?”

I laughed. “It’s just that, you. You came home and just went up the stairs, you didn’t stop, you didn’t say hi. Didn’t find me in the house. I’m used to a sort of pattern with you. You were so different. That’s what it was.”

“I was in a hurry Jack.” She opened her drawer and pulled out two pair of panties to me, held them out. Yellow and red, both small.

“The red ones,” I said. She put the yellow ones casually into the drawer and pulled the ‘red ones’ up her legs and on, hooking them around her hips. I watched her pulling on a T shirt, watched it falling to midrif, raising her arms and letting the fabric fall around her, no bra, and then she walked back over to the bed slid in beside me.

“I was in a hurry. Just like right now.”

“I woke you.”

“Yeah. Good thing too. Rob’s teaching me how to skateboard today. Early bird gets the… worm.” She touched her nose.

I could feel my blood rise. I could not help thinking how I had just picked out those panties she was wearing, for this other guy. That’s what I thought anyway. My face was reddening.

She was eyeing me again. Sitting in front of me still in her panties and T. She took my hand, pulled me closer, pulled me up between her legs.

I looked at her, silent.

“We have something Jack. It’s…” she paused, “Fun.” I frowned at that. “It’s … more. Come on! I like what we have. I wouldn’t … You would not be here right now if I didn’t know we have something. But you know what? You’re not the only thing, not the only *one* in my life. Don’t ruin this.”

“You have…sex with him yet?”

She was getting mad, let go of my hand.

“I have sex Jack. And you are married. Do you have sex with Sam?”

I was silent.

“Listen to me.”

She took my hand again and leaned to me, close. “Don’t ruin this.”

I put my hands around her waist and tried to pull her onto my lap, but she rose to her feet and it turned into a sort of awkward hug, me sitting, she standing. I wrapped my hands around her ass and rubbed up beneath her T shirt. She kissed my head and ear.

“I’m cutting you a lot of slack here Jack, giving you a lot of credit. I’m trusting you here.”

I looked up at her, and she leaned in and kissed me, turning her head into me, opening her mouth, we touched our tongues together, lightly, delicately. For a short moment time froze between us and we simply held to each other.

Finally after *forever* she moved from me, pulled on a pair of short shorts, pink socks, a pair of white sneakers and paused at the door.

“You’re trouble you know that.”

I don’t know where what I said next came czech bitch porno from, what conceivable corner of by brain, but I said it. “Be careful Skateboarding’s dangerous.” I could not believe it even as the words left my lips.

She breathed out looked at the ceiling and left, “Ok, Daaaad.”


I always fix dinner and I decided to fix a nice one. Show C that I was ok with everything. Get things back to normal, whatever that was.

It was a beautiful summer day so I also decided to put the dinner in the back yard in our gazebo that was set off away from the house. It looked great, wonderful sunshine, green, a perfect day.

When C came home she found me and dutifully sought me out and said “Hi.” I actually think she was doing it extra special to keep me happy.

When HE arrived C actually looked a little nervous. She liked this guy. She came downstairs in this fantastic little black skirt and a pale yellow halter. It was a hot day but damn she looked good. She was barefoot too and I could not stop looking at her, oogling her. She seemed to like the effect she was having on me, kept brushing by.

I whispered to her, “Trying to make me crazy.”

She looked down at herself and then at me, smiling her teeth at me, tipping her head. Placing a hand at her bare hip, “What? This.”

“Dressing up for the Turtle like that?” I whispered to her.

She bit her lower lip, “Shh, he might hear!” She stepped closer, “Besides. Who says it’s for him.”

She cocked her head and as she left me cutting vegetables, flipped the back of her skirt up giving me the most perfect vision of her bare ass.

She turned and leaned through the door again, “You know I don’t like to wear panties.” Big smile on her face, “Friends?”

My heart in my throat, I croaked out, “Forever.”


So The Turtle was here.

I could not for the life of me figure what anyone could see in him, aside from the fact he was young, tall, good looking. Even I could tell that. He was taller than me. But nothing else. I wasn’t like that when I was his age, was I?

Being polite I went in to chat.

“You going to school?”


“What do you do?”

“Nothin much. Hang.”

“Uh, live near here?”


“How was the skateboarding today?”


So much for conversation.

C bounded in the room. “Rob, we’re eating out back. Come on.” She took his hand and I watched him caress her back as they passed through and into the yard. This is fine, its perfectly fine, no big deal I kept telling myself.

Sam came in the kitchen next.

“Anything I can do?”

“No everything’s fine.”

She leaned in and kissed me, we touched tongues.

“Looks great,” She looked at me a moment adding, “You ok? You look flushed.”

“I’m fine. I’m cooking…you just kissed me.”


And then she went out and sat in the gazebo with Rob and C. I watched them all from the window above the sink.

I felt so guilty just then. What was going on inside me?


My heart started when I watched C bound away from everyone toward the house. I watched her body in that outfit, the way she moved, like a flower in the wind. What did she do to me? She was wearing two things, the skirt the top.

Nothing else.

I could see her rising this morning from her little bed and pad by me naked, her blonde pussy, transparent hairs. That perfect ass, small breasts. Her lithe little frame. I could feel my cock stiffen as the screen door slapped shut.

She entered asking, “How much longer? I’m the host tonight. I’ll help. I can…carry things out.”

I eyed her, lust in my eyes. She knew.

“Come here. Here’s some wine, white and a red.” I gestured to where they sat by me, my heart pounding in my chest.

She padded slowly over to me, her bare feet touching each tile, moving like a cat. As she approached me, standing close facing me, I reached out and cupped her breasts softly, began squeezing her right there through the fabric.

She looked down at my hands, “Hey!” But standing still, not moving, with one hand on the red wine. I drew a line from her collar bone down through the swell of her breast pressing into her softly. She watched my hands as I caressed her, and then wrapping my hands under her arms, held her there working her nipples with my thumbs.

I could feel them stiffen. She liked her nipples rubbed, and I felt her sink back into my hands letting me hold her up, closed her eyes. I watched her cheeks pinken.

“You’re making me nip out.”

“I want to do more than that.”

“You do do you.”

I let my hand drift down to her bare tummy and to the edge of her short little skirt, and reaching, reaching underneath lay my hand ever so lightly over her pussy mound; feeling the soft blonde hairs, so short, the small curls tickling me. I could feel her mound curve out into the palm of my hand, her little lips opening below, soft folding into her thighs. Just holding her there as she lay her hand on my arm.

She opened czech casting porno her eyes again, looked out the window at Rob and Sam, and then at me. Her lips were so red.

“You have to stop.”

But no movement, still clinging to me I continued to press between her legs palming her cunt with my open hand. She brought one leg out, putting her weight on one leg, her hip tipping up. She bent her knee out hooking it around my leg, I could feel her slit opening.

She was squeezing her cunt around my finger and rocking her hips ever so slightly against me. She closed her eyes again.

“They can see us.”

“They can’t see us.”

I began pressing my middle finger into her, wiggling it in I could feel her warm wetness open around my finger, her blonde hairs giving way to a liquid center.

I let my finger slide back between her legs drawing a line, opening her wet cunny, then drawing forward again touched her clit, drew my finger across it. I loved her clit, the most perfect round little erection hanging down right at the front of her pussy, buried inside a little pink hood.

“Jack!” She jumped, eyes wide.

I looked at her, “Your so wet.”

She was trembling, backing away, “I’ve been in here too long.”

I let my hand drop away from her. She grabbed both bottles of wine, and taking a deep breath headed for the door using the bottles of wine to smooth her skirt back down around her legs.

I heard her as the screen door opened, “I’ll be back for the next course.”


After a few minutes of getting everything ready, organizing and setting each item in place, I went out to the gazebo myself. I could drink for about ten minutes and then, the next course. And I needed a drink.

I sat down across from Rob, C on my right and Sam on my left. I poured myself a red wine and took a large swallow. I felt flushed.

I could see C filling her second glass and take a large sip in time with mine. She had her hand across the top of the table holding Rob’s hand, they were playing with their fingers. How quaint.

Sam slid herself closer to me and lay her hand on my leg. We were this cute pair of couples out in the summer sunshine enjoying our wine and each others company. I tried to be present. I did. But my breath caught in my throat, my mind was swimming, it felt like all I could see were colors and shapes. Slowly, the wonderful wine working its magic, I began to calm down. I took Sam’s hand, played with her fingers.

After about ten minutes of rambling conversation, I rose from my chair, “I’ll be right back, I need to check some things and get the bread and salad.”

As I walked from the gazebo I heard C, “I said I’d help,” and she reached the door at the same time as me.

When the door closed I turned and we literally fell into one another. I was holding her, in a moment we were kissing, clinging together.

I had my arms around her waist, tipping my hand under her top, pulling her in so close she was arching her back. I had her pressed against the wall, and lifting her up held her there with my hips. She was holding me around my neck, her hair hanging down around our faces as we held our mouths open, just touching our open mouths together, touching our tongues.

I leaned myself back from her, “You wanted to help me?”

She was brushing her hairs out of her mouth, “What do you want me to do?”

I was still holding her up looking into her almond eyes, leaning toward her as I said, “The bread and salad is over on the counter. Take them out to the….” leaning in as I spoke we were kissing again.

She giggled, whispering to me between our kisses, biting my lips as she said, “How do I get all the way over there, Jack? I’m not touching the floor..”

I let her down and followed her as we went into the kitchen. I stayed close, moving up behind her and wrapped my arms around her bare tummy placing both hands just below her navel and tipping my fingers beneath the line of her skirt. I began pulling her back to me, feeling her struggle forward, but then yielding, falling, caressing her back up against me. I wrapped my arms around her.

She giggled again, “You’re being so bad.”

We were spooning, and holding her to myself I began to grind my crotch into her skirt. She could feel the line of my cock along her ass.

“Jack!” She pushed back against me hard, as if to bounce me away while reaching up and steadying herself on the counter as I held her hips. I could feel her hips tipping back and up, then down again; rocking her bottom against me.

I bent over her, put my mouth at her neck, and held her to me biting into her, breathed, “Let me fuck you.”

She giggled curling her cheek to me, “Ahh, Jack, That tickles!” And then twisting, struggling in my arms, “Oh, jack. We can’t. Not now.”

I was reaching lower as I said this, putting my hands between her legs, her skirt bunching around my hands, holding her up against my crotch, and pulling her cunt open with my fingers was softly pressing into her pink center.

Her body was on fire, the heat of her, the sound of her breathing the way she was moving, laying her pussy in my hand. I curled my fingers into her, reaching between her legs and touched her vagina, pressing in one finger then two. I could feel her squeezing her thighs. I began to work my fingers in a fucking motion inside her, held my hand there as she was squeezing her thighs.

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